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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 118)

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waiting 4 ur nxt updt!!

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Waiting dear...update pls...
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Whr r u??????
Eagerly waiting for d update
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Never Ending

update plzzz

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soumya update na plzzz
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HEllo Everyone,
Here is the next update...!!!!! TongueBig smileLOL Its a short one. Will try and make a long update tomo,

Chapter 74

The next morning was a pleasant one for everyone at the Khurana Mansion. Everyone smiled as they saw Geet walk into the living room, holding up her lehenga a little above her anklets, in order to not trip and fall. She looked graceful and she smiled as she walked the huge marble staircase of the Khurana Mansion. Maan looked at her lovingly, while Daadima looked at her with pride. Afterall, she was and is the badi bahu of the Khurana Khandaan.

"Good morning everyone", she said as she got down the final step of the marble stair case.

Kiara and Naintara walked to her and hugged her. Dev and Geet exchanged "hi's" and Maan continued to look at the admiration the Khurana clan had for Geet. Daadima, on the other hand, got up from the couch to go and sit beside Maan.

"Ahem", she cleared her throat, while he continued to look at Geet.

"Yes Daadima", he said, still looking at Geet talking to Kiara, Naintara and Dev.

"Don't you think you should go to the outhouse now. Devanshi can walk into the living room anytime", she said.

"Oh don't worry. I told Nakul to inform me when she leaves her room", he said, still looking at Geet.

"Nazar lag jayegi, itna ghoorna mat", said Daadima, laughing.

"Chup rahiye aap", he hissed.

"SO, what next?", she asked.

He finally turned to look at Daadima. "Meaning?"

"Meaning, you fool, flatter Devanshi while she is in the mansion. Once they get back to HP, and once the other Handa's come, then it might be difficult to convince Devanshi about Geet and you", she said.

"Hmmm", he said.

"Remember she holds all the control in the Handa household", she said.

"Haan haan jaanta hoon", he said.

"How do you know?", she asked.

"Daadima isn't it the same in the Khurana household too? You hold all the control", he said and winked.

Daadima rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah right Mr. Khurana"

"Daadima, alright lets get to the point", he said, "When do you think is the right time to talk to Geet's grandmom", he asked.

"Maan, you already know she does not have a good impression about you. SO first, you have to correct the perception they have about you and then ask for their daughter. No parent or no family on the planet would like to get their daughter married in a house of which they have no good opinions", she said.

"Hmm, I understand that", he said and turned to look at Geet and only found Naintara and Dev talking to her. His eyes looked around the living room for Kiara, when he found her standing behind a pillar and texting someone.

He observed Kiara for a few minutes and then turned to look at Geet again. He then saw Dev turn and look repeatedly at Kiara and smiled. He shook his head knowingly and smiled.

"Kya hua?", asked Daadima, who was pouring some coffee into her cup, all this while.

"Kuch nahin", he said and thought about what he should do next.

"Arey aap log bait ke baatein karo", said Daadima in a louder tone, to Naintara, Geet, and Dev. They had been standing and talking ever since Geet came down the staircase.

"Oh yes", said Dev, led the women to the couch, and turned to look at Kiara. "Kiara, now enough. Come", he screamed out to her.

"Yes Bro", she said and sent one final message and came and joined the rest.

"Okay I'll leave now", said Maan, getting up from the couch.

"So soon?", asked Daadima and Kiara together.

"Haan, have to go to office, have some meetings", he said.

He bid everyone a "bye" and walked out of the sitting area and then walked back.

"Phir se wapas kyun aaya?", asked Daadima and winked.

"Obviously daadima, geet se baath karni hogi", said Kiara, pulling Geet's cheeks, while Geet's face flushed red.

"No, you are wrong. Mujhe Geet se nahin, tumse baat karna hain.Come with me", said Maan to Kiara.

"Mujhse kyun?", she asked, wondering why all of a sudden he wanted to talk to her, when his love was right there, dressed so beautifully. Geet turned to look at him and she understood it was something important. She did not object. She only smiled, afterall, Kiara was his sister and though Maan never expressed It, Geet knew he loved his sister very much.

"Just come", he said and walked away. Kiara looked around to see Nainatara. Naintara only gestured by nodding her head, to go and talk to Maan.

Dev wondered if Maan had the same doubts that he had been having for a long time now.

The minute Kiara walked out the living room into the portico, Devanshi entered the living room. Daadima sighed in relief for Maan had left the living room, at the very right time.

As Maan and Kiara walked in the lawn, towards the outhouse, Maan just asked her one question and she stood there shocked and in disbelief.

"What's his name?", he asked and did not turn to look at her for an answer. When he realized she was not walking with him anymore that's when he stopped, but did not turn back to see her.

"Kunal", she said.

"Kunal Garewal?", he asked.

"Ji Veerji", she said.

"Hmmm, okay. Go back to the mansion. That's all I wanted to know", he said.

"that's it? Nothing more?", she asked, frantically.

"Kiara, if I ask you something more, you would obviously tell me that he is a great guy and you cannot get anyone better than him etc etc. And While I trust your choice sweety, I do have to do my own research about this guy his family etc. We cannot get you married in a family that we do not have enough information about", he said, finally looking at her.

"You are okay with this relationship then?", she asked, smiling a little.

"Don't jump to conclusions yet. You are my sister and I have the responsibility to take care of you. I cannot leave you for the rest of your life, with a person who is not serious about this relationship the way you are", he said.

"Ji Veerji", he said. She very well knew that Kunal would have to work really hard to impress Maan and she also knew that he would be successful. Afterall, she was Maan Singh Khurana's sister. Like him, even she never made mistakes in identifying people.

"Alright, I got to go now. You take care", he said.

"Veerji can I ask you a question?", she asked.

"Yes, quickly", he said.

"Geet looked so beautiful today. But you just did not express it- not even through gestures, eyes or words. And you did not even talk to her for a second, in the living room. She's leaving now to Niharika's house and dunno when she'd be back", said Kiara. "May be you should have spoken to her for a couple of minutes atleast", she suggested.

Maan smiled and moved forward to kiss Kiara's forehead, saying, "I dint know you are so matured enough to tell your brother what to do with his girlfriend".

"Veerji", said Kiara, hitting him on his chest.

"Kiara, well to me she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known. She knows that. I don't have to express it very often. Though it might make her feel happy. But I'm comfortable this way. And as far as speaking to her is concerned, sometimes you don't need to really express yourself in words. The feelings and emotions get across to the other person automatically, when you are emotionally very attached to the person. And it does happen a lot of times, in our relationship. So she's going to be fine and so am I", he said, smiling.

"Hmmm, interesting":, said Kiara.

"Yeah it is", he said, "any more questions or can I leave now?", he asked.

"Nope none at all. Just waiting for your wedding now. Its high time", she said and laughed.

"Yes", he said laughing and winked.

"Bye Veerji", she said and hugged him and ran back to the mansion. She was relieved that finally she had told Maan about Kunal and her. Now she did not have to worry. She knew her veerji would take care.

Maan walked back to the outhouse, wondering how fast things were changing. He was in love and waiting to make Geet a part of his family, not that she is not, but officially. Moreover, his sister had grown to a stage where she was getting ready to become a part of someone else's life and family. He smiled at how he always thought she was a kid and now she had shown him today that she has grown up, too.

As Maan sat at the dining table for breakfast, his phone beeped. He knew who it was. He looked at the message that read, "Breakfast karke office jaana".

"Hmmm", he replied back, smiling yet again, at the concern his love had for him.

"I'll try coming back early. Will you stay awake till I come back?", she texted him.

"Is that a question to ask?", he replied back while he took a sip of his juice.

She smiled at his reply and texted him back, "Love you Maan. Agar zyaada late ho gaya, to so jaana. Don't wait. You would be pretty exhausted".

"Geet, when I know you have to come back ultimately to the mansion, then how can I not stay awake? I will be awake, irrespective of what time you come and how tired I am", he replied.

"Ziddi hain aap", she replied.

"Cant help. I'm not changing either. Cos you love me anyway ;) ", he replied.

"Hmmm, woh to hain", she texted.

"You take care and have loads of fun", he texted her.

"Sure", she said, "I'm leaving the mansion now, so ttyl".

"Yep, bye honey", he said and finally put the phone down to continue his breakfast.

Precap: "What are you doing in the snooker room?"


Thanks a ton for all the wishes people. The wedding went well and I had loads of fun. too bad my sister has to stay in the different country now. Anyways, I'm back now to Maan and Geet's world again. So, will make an update , a long one, tomo.

Actually I'm pretty exhausted but then I thought I've already been inactive for so many days, so might as well give a short update atleast.





HEre is the next update in the new thread-

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Awesome part, loved it. Hope geet's dadi like maan.
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Originally posted by 123pritha

Never Ending

update plzzz
niceSmile where u it?

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