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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 102)

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wow soums i loved the updated very much... a thousand hugs and kisses to dadi ma

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waiting di 4 the next update.
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Sowmya when are you updating the next part..i'am eager to read the next update...Smile
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Soumya where r u?
u cant leave at this cliffhanger longer plz...

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Alright people, here is the next chapter... Its a long one- 8.5 pages in a word document. Big smile Hope you like it...!!!!!
Chapter 73

"Good morning Mk", she said, smiling and Maan smiled back too. "Good morning, Daadiji", she said, turning to Daadima, who simply smiled and acknowledged her greeting.

"Good morning", he said. She sat down and asked the man who had accompanied her to sit down too.

"MK, this is Anurag Nanda. Remember the CS I was talking about", she said.

Daadima stopped her smirk and Maan's expressions changed from being calm to being angry.

"Oh Dear, I just hope this fellow goes out of his chamber, alive", she thought to herself and Sasha bragged about how good Anurag was in his work and how dedicated he was.

Maan listened to everything patiently and said, "Nice meeting you".

"Thank you Sir. Nice meeting you too", he said.

"If Sasha's speaking so much about you, then that means you are indeed really hardworking and dedicated", he said and Sasha blushed.

Daadima smirked even more. She knew precisely where Maan was heading. "One shot two birds", is all she could think of, then, analyzing Maan's behavior.

"Thank you Sir! I am indeed honored at the appreciation I get from Sasha Ma'am", he said, smiling slightly.

Maan acknowledged by nodding his head and then continued, "But you made some mistakes".

Sasha and Anurag looked at each other and then looked at Maan. "Sir, I apologize but I don't understand", he said.

"MK", said Sasha and Maan gestured her to keep quiet with the gesture of his hand and she fell silent.

"I am talking about the mistakes you have committed while drafting contracts related to KHurana Constructions", said Maan.

"But MK he is new to the job and he is just an intern", supported Sasha.

"Sasha, I don't accept excuses and you know that. So what if he is an intern. He has to learn from his mistakes", said Maan.

"But MK that was just one mistake in the contract and..", she was cut off my Maan.

"Miss Sasha Shergill, one mistake can cost Khurana Constructions a few hundreds of crores and Maan Singh Khurana will not tolerate anything that will cost him his reputation", he said, raising his tone a little, yet maintaining a calm expression on his face. Daadima knew Maan was trying to keep the conversation very professional but if Sasha or Anurag pushed him to the core, Maan would indeed kill the both of them.

Sasha's eyes opened wide in fear for Maan never until date addressed her by her full name. indeed, he never even had to tell her what could actually bring about losses to Khurana Constructions.

Sasha did not dare to open her mouth after that and Anurag thought he had to take the situation in his hand.

"Sir, you are right. I have to learn from my mistakes. I'm sorry yet again for the mistakes in drafting. I will make sure I will not commit any in the future", he said.

"Hmmm", said Maan and did not say anything. The room fell silent for sometime and Anurag spoke again.

"Sir, I would need lea'" and had to stop because Maan received a call and quickly attended the call. his call went on for about 15 minutes and by the time he hung up, Shreyasi walked in, with some papers and cheques for Maan to review and sign.

Maan got busy with them and then suddenly looked up at Anurag and Sasha.

"DO you have any thing else to ask or say or talk?", he  asked, while looking into the papers again.

"Ah no, MK", said Sasha, very softly.

"Ok then, I'll see you later", he said, indicating they should get out of his sight now.

Both of them got up and left the room and Maan signed all the papers and cheques. He handed over some cheques to Daadima for some trust work.

"Maan do I have to remind you" and Maan immediately answered, "No you don't have to. I might be very angry with him that he too is in love with Geet, but I would not mix my personal and professional lives. He did commit genuine mistakes and you very well know I don't forgive myself too, if my company's reputation is at stake", he said.

"Ok, that's precisely what I wanted to hear, Son", she said and patted his shoulder gently.

"Daadima, your grandson isn't weak, don't worry. You've taught me to face issues head-on and that's what I've always been doing and will always do", he said. "And this is no different".

"Alright Son, I'll see you at home", she said, standing up.

"Daadima main late aunga, ghar", he told her. She smiled, nodded, and left the chamber.

Maan signed the papers and Shreyasi gathered all of them. She was about to leave the chamber, when she turned back to look at Maan.

"You're welcome Sir", she said.

Maan looked at her thoughtfully and then understood what she was saying. "Oh thank you Shreyasi. You got the papers and the cheques at the very right time" he said and smiled.

Shreyasi smiled and said, "Sir, I've been working with you for so long now that I exactly know what you would want and when".

"Hmmm, that's good. Thanks", he said.

"So Geet is her name", she asked.

"Yes", he said.

"Now, what if I go and leak this piece of information to your employees and to the press?", she asked, smirking.

"Go ahead", he said, smirking, too.

She tapped her feet on the ground and said, "I hate it when you have so much confidence that I wont betray you", she said, "Makes me feel more responsible and adds extra burden on my shoulders".

"Shreyasi, its not just you who understands me, I do, too, afterall you've been working with me for so long", he said.

She smiled and said, "Congratulations".

"Don't congratulate me, yet Shreyasi. I have a long way to go", said Maan.

She smiled and said, "Alright then, good luck!". He smiled and she walked out of the chamber.

Anurag and Sasha were in her cabin and Anurag said, "Ma'am I had to inform him about my leave for my wedding. But he got busy".

"Hmmm, you should have informed. MK usually does not bother about leaves and all that, because I take care of them. But considering the fact that MK was not happy with the contract part of it, I guess you ought to inform him for sure", she said.

"Yeah, but when do I do it? Will I get his appointment again?", asked Anurag with a sad face.

"Oh well, we'll try", she said and picked up the receiver and called Shreyasi.

"Can I get an appointment for Anurag with MK tomorrow morning?", she asked.

"No, he has a breakfast meeting and then he is going to meet some of his clients. After that he has kept the entire day for his personal work", she said, "So, he would have to wait until day after tomorrow evening", she said, point blank.

"Ok", said Sasha and hung up. Shreyasi chuckled yet again. "Oh dear Sasha you are so finished", she thought and continued with her work.

Anurag was very disaapointed that his meeting with Maan did not go well and that he could not inform Maan about the wedding. However, he was also excited that Geet would be in India in a few hours. He did not know if he was supposed to be happy that he would be meeting Geet or sad because Maan wasn't very impressed with him.

Anurag walked out of Sasha's chamber, went, and sat at his cubicle. He was in no mood to concentrate. He was only thinking about talk to Geet and how to spend time with her. On the other hand, Maan did not even think once about Geet. He did not have to, she would inevitably spend some time with him and even if she dint he would make sure she would come to him.

It was almost evening and Maan got a message from Geet, "Just landed. Heading straight to Niharika's house".

"Good, see you soon", he said.

Maan was heading out for a meeting and then had thought of going home. He was replying to his emails, walked past Sasha, in the car park area, and did not even notice.

"MK", she called to him.

"Yes", he said and stopped, but did not look at her.

"Ah I wanted to ask you about Anurag's leave", she said.

"Leave for what?", he asked, still replying to his emails, on his phone.

"His wedding in about less than a week and he still comes to office", she said, as though pitying him and blaming Maan for it.

Maan looked up and smirked and said, "Wedding huh?"

"Yea", said Sasha. Sasha did not know that Maan already knew Anurag is interested in Geet.

"I don't think he would need any leave", he said, very arrogantly.

"Meaning?", she asked, confused and shocked.

"Oh Sasha, c'mon. Don't act so dumb", he said and winked. Sasha almost fainted at the wink he gave her.

She did not speak anything except for ,"I don't understand".

"Sasha, when Geet is getting married to me, why would Anurag need leave? Unless he wants to attend our wedding", he said and smirked.

Sasha's eyes popped out in shock and disbelief. "Sasha since he listens to everything you tell him, tell him not to meddle with Maan Singh Khurana's love. The damages for him, would be beyond repair. And Sasha you take note of this too", he said, folding his hands across his chest.

"How can you'..?", and he cut her off.

"Sasha remember. I have those secrets relating to your personal life and recently I found out some relating to Anurag's personal life. I can use them against the both of you as and when I want and trust me, you will not be able to do anything", he warned in a deep tone.

Sasha was furious, "MK you call me your friend and'"

"Ahaan, correction. You were my friend. But Sasha you did not respect the friendship. Anyways, its over now. Ask him to take care of himself and you do the same, dear. Don't let me take care of the both of you. I;'m sure you guys wouldn't like it", he said and got into his car.

"I thought you don't speak personal issues in office", she said.

"Who said I'm in office?", he said and turned back to look at the main office building of the Khurana's that was like a kilometer away.

"I am not in office. That's exactly why I made you walk till here", he said with a lopsided smile.

"Bye Sasha, take care", he said and drove away. Sasha was shocked and scared at the same time. She knew the consequences of meddling with this man and he was right- the damages would be beyond repair.

Geet and her Daadiji walked out of the airport and Daadiji identified the driver, who had come to pick them up, while Geet called her brother and informed them that they had safely landed in Delhi.

Geet got into the car and continued talking on phone with some of her friends,  "girls", ofcourse. She did not bother to take note of anything happening in the surrpoundings or even where the car was heading. After about two hours, her car came to a halt and she saw Niharika waiting in the corridor outside her house. Geet hung up and ran out of the car and hugged her.

"Awww, how beautiful you look. Kya baat hain, shaadi ki wajah se, teri chehre pe itni chamak", she said, teasing Niharika, who only blushed and pinched Geet on her cheek.

"Aye meri jaan, ab tu meri nahin rahi", said Geet and Nihu said, "Chup kar.  Ab andar chal".

Niharika went to greet Daadiji and helped her come into the house. The house was full of guests. Nihu's cousins and other friends had also come and Geet knew all of them very well. She met all of them. She quickly ran upstairs and freshed up. She changed into a sari. Niharika had come into the room dressed in a sari, too.

"Kya plan hain", asked Geet.

"Pooja hain", said Nihu.

"Accha, how long?", she asked, putting her earrings.

"About two hours. Anyways, Geet yeh sab chodo. Daadiji was telling us that the both of you would not be staying here, tonight", said Nihu.

"Kya? Then where are we staying?", asked Geet, turning to face Niharika.

"I dunno. Yahin raho na Geet", said Nihu, making puppy faces.

"Yaar Nihu, I would die to stay here. Nevertheless, at this point of time, I cannot take any risk With Daadiji. Majboori hain, yaar", she said, sadly.

"Accha okay. Let's have fun in the time we have", she said, like a very understanding friend and hugged Geet. She too knew, that Geet would be in trouble if she went against her Daadiji. As it is, Geet was already in trouble for not telling the truth about her being in love with someone else.

 "Hmmm", said GEEt and both of them walked downstairs for the pooja. While Niharika performed the pre-marital poojas and other ceremonies, Geet ran around the house helping Niharika's mom and also taking care of the guests. It was like she was a part of the family.

It was ten minutes past 11, in the night,  when the guests had left after dinner. Geet was too tired but not hungry. She sat at the dining table with Nihu's parents, her grandmother, and Nihu's grandmom, who were all equally tired.

"Kha lo beta", said Niharika's mom, very softly.

"Aunty I just wanna get to bed", she said, "Not hungry".

"Haan, eat little and we'll go home and you can rest", said Geet's Daadiji.

"Where are we going?", asked GEEt, lazily, making circles in her plate.

"Beta there are already enough guests here, we don't want to trouble this family, so I have made some accomdation plans", said her Daadiji, "will be staying at my friend's place".

"Par Daadiji, you don't have to worry about all that. You can stay here comfortably", said Niharika, walking down the stairs after changing into her night suit.

"Nahin Beti. Don't worry, we'll be here tomorrow morning, even before you wake up", said Daadiji.

Geet and Niharika knew there was no point arguing, though Geet was extremely tired and was in no mood to go to any friend's place. She finished her dinner, picked up some of their stuff and wished Niharika good night.

"I'll come tomorrow morning", she told Nihu and lazily walked to the car and fell asleep as soon as the car started.

It was another two hours journey when Geet was woken up by her grandmom. "Daadiji mujhe sone dijiye", she said, lazily but opened her eyes slowly because of the intensity of the light that fell onto her eyes.

She could not believe it or was she dreaming too much. the car was parked in front of Khurana Mansion and Geet jumped up. her sleep had disappeared. Daadiji got out of car and Geet saw Savitri Khurana walk down the stairs outside the mansion, smiling and greeting her grandmom.

Both of them hugged each other and said, "Long time".

"Late ho gayi. Guess everyone is sleeping", said Devanshi.

"Oh yes, it's 1:40 am. So everyone is fast asleep", said Savitri Khurana.

"Oh no issues", she said, and turned to look at Geet, who was in complete shock.

"Come", she told Geet and then turned to Savitri ji and said, "She's extremely sleepy so I guess she doesn't understand we're home".

Savitri smiled and walked to the car and opened the door. Geet got out and hugged her.

Savitri Khurana whispered, "Honey this is no dream. Don't be so shocked. Relax".

Geet hugged her tightly and smiled, "Love you Daadiji".

"Hmmm, love you too, beta".

Three of them walked to the mansion, while the helpers let Daadiji's luggage in the guest bed room downstairs. Geet was about to walk towards her old room, when Daadima stopped her.

"Beta, your Daadiji will sleep in that room. I have gotten a bedroom on the first floor ready for you- the one beside Kiara's room", said Savitri.

"Oh ok", she said and wished them goodnight, "I'll talk to you tomorrow. I need some sleep", she said and both of them nodded. She ran up the stairs.

"Thanks Savitri", said Devanshi.

"Oh no issues", said Savitri.

Geet walked into the bedroom and the helper left some water for her to drink. She closed the door and decided against changing. She switched off the lights and went to bed. However, could not sleep. The AC was turned on and she wasn't comfortable.

She got up and switched off the AC. She walked towards the windows and opened them. As soon as she opened the windows, she saw the snooker room and smiled.

"Each corner of this mansion has some memory or the other, that connects to you, Maan", she thought. "I guess you don't even know I am here, so close to you, yet so far", she thought.

She stood by the window for a few seconds. It was a no moon night and the sky was pitch black and so was the room. The only light that came into the room was from the other window, which was only partial because of the tree branches blocking the light from entering the room and making it bright.

"Not missing me huh?", he whispered in her ears, as his hands went around her slim waist. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt she would choke.

"I thought you were sleeping", she said, softly, holding his hands on her stomach.

"How could I? I wasn't sleepy when you were away and I cant even sleep now, because you are so close", he said and kissed her shoulder.

"Maan", she said, softly.

"Bolo Geet", he said, now kissing her cheek.

"I'm tired", she said.

"I know", he said and turned her towards him. "You have not changed", he asked.

"Was too lazy and plus the pin got entagled and I wasn't able to get rid of it. So just left it", she said.

"Hmmm", he said and she turned away towards the window again. And in a few seconds, her pallu slipped off in the front. She bent forwards to hold it, not understanding what happened.

"Done", he said, now change and sleep comfortably. "I'll see you tomorrow morning", he said.

She quickly reset her pallu and turned towards him, "Shameless you are".

He smirked and said, "Geet, you should thank me, I waited for you to turn the other side and then removed the pin. What if I had done it while you faced'" and she did not let him complete the statement. She kissed him and whispered, "I'm all yours and only yours Maan".

He smiled and hugged her. "Go now. You need to get ready and leave in a few hours", he reminded her.

"Strange it is", she said, kissing him again, "I come to you, I don't feel like going anywhere else. I go to Niharika, I don't feel like thinking about any one else".

"Hmm, it happens", he said.

"How did you know I would be coming here?", she asked, while still hugging him.

"Geet, daadima told me during dinner. I waited and walked into the mansion from the back door, just to make sure your Daadiji does not see me here and sneak you away to another place. I will not come in front of her for sometime. That is what my Daadima wanted to. In fact, your Daadiji had put a condition that Maan Singh Khurana should not come face to face with Geet or with her. Daadima agreed, but she knows me very well", he said and winked.

Geet hit him lightly on the shoulder and Maan held her hand and kissed it.

"I don't wanna sleep now. Look what you do to me. You've taken my sleep away", she complained.

"This is exactly what I whine about every night, "Geet why have you taken my sleep away"", he said.

"Ok. I'll change and come", she said, getting uncomfortable in the sari.

"Hmm", he said and let her go. She quickly changed and came back.

"Now go and sleep", he said.

"Hmmm", she said and hugged him. He brushed his fingers into her curly hair and she smiled. "Feels so good to be back home".

He smiled. He knew what she meant- this was indeed her home and he was hers too.

He scooped her into his arms and let her on the bed. He pulled the quilt over her and kissed her "good night".

"Maan I want you here, by me. I don't want you gone", she said and held him tight.

"Geet, I wish I had a choice. But I gotta go back, because you need some rest", he said and slowly loosened her grip on his shirt.

"Hmmm", she said, sadly and let him go.

He kissed her again, walked out of the room, and closed the door behind him and she fell asleep.



Okies, now since Geet is alseep, its time for me to get to bed as well...!!! So im done with the update. Now ur turn to leave your comments and thoughts...!!!!!


cant think of a precap- but loads of romance in store... afterall Maan and Geet to be in the same frame for sometime...!!!! LOLWinkBig smile



Next Part: Page 143-

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eagerly waiting!!

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Waiting for it sooo eagerly... :D :D
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