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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt**

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Hello Everyone,Tongue
This is the new thread or rather the sixth thread. 
The link to Thread 1- Part 1- Part 19-
The link to Thread 2- Part 20- Part 29-
Thank you all, for the wonderful comments!!!!
HEre is the next update in the new thread-

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HEllo Everyone,
Here is a long update to compensate for these days of not updating.
The story is going to move a little fast now. Hope you guys dont mind. Big smile

Chapter 64

Luckily, for Geet the next day was a holiday. Niharika was already getting ready to go to the bank when Geet got up.

"Kya baat hain Geet, aaj toh holiday hain, so jaa", said Niharika, standing in front of the mirror, putting her earrings.

"Hmmm", said Geet and fell back onto the pillow.

Niharika looked at her and smiled. She picked up her handbag and shouted a "bye", before leaving the room.

"Bye", replied Geet.

While Geet tossed and turned the pillow for over an hour, while trying to catch up sleep, her phone rang.

She picked it up without seeing who it was.

"I'll be in front of your house, in fifteen minutes, Geet", came Maan's voice.

"What? Why?", she asked him frantically, kneeling down on her bed, with her hair all over her face.

"Geet, you seem to have conveniently forgotten, honey. What did I tell you last night?", he asked her, while slowing down his car at a speed hump.

"Dang it", she screamed, "Bye Maan", she said and threw the phone on the bed and ran into the bathroom. She quickly got ready and ran downstairs, when she realized she forgot her slippers and watch. She ran upstairs again and searched for her watch.

"Gosh, where is it?", she mumbled, searching in her cupboard and under her pillows. Having finally found it, she rushed downstairs. She told Niharika's mom that she would not be making it for lunch and that she is going to meet some of her school friends.

Before they could even respond, she was on her way out. Niharika's dad was standing outside and watering the plants, when he saw Geet get into a black colored Porsche and was a little confused.

There had been a lot of instances when Niharika and Geet would go to meet their college friends and school friends but never has anyone come to pick them up. And all their friends would always make it a point to come into their house, say hi to theor parents and then leave.

He stood there watch the car, drive away and turn left at the end of the road. he came in and told the same to Niharika's mom who told him not to think much about it.

He nodded and walked away to do his work, but somewhere he had some doubt.


"Why are we having such early breakfast?", said Kiara, yawning.

"I dunno, honey", said Daadima, "Maan wanted us to have breakfast as soon as possible. He said he would be back in half hour", she said and drank her juice.

"Good morning, ladies", came Dev's voice, closely followed by Naintara.

Both of them sat and had their breakfast too.

"Kya plan hain?", asked Dev, "Why are we here so early and why is the person missing, for whom we literally dragged ourselves out of bed?", he asked.

"What do you mean dragged your slef out of bed?", asked Daadima, "Don't you have to go to the office son?", she asked.

"Oh yes, I would have to, but then you know not so early", he said, slooking at his watch.

"It 9:06am, Dev", she reminded him, "Had your bro been here, you would already be in office at this time".

"Yeah, he's too particular about time. But anyways, I am waiting because he told us to wait", he said, smirking.

Kiara got a phone call and she excused her self and left the table, when Dev shot an angry look at Naintara and whispered, "tumne pata lagaya ki nahin? Kya chal rahan hain?"

"Dev, its her life. How can I ask?", she whispered back.

"Naintara don't give me all that. You are her bhabhi you gotta take care of her. She might not confess everything to me, but to you she will", he said.

"Dev, I'll talk to her when the time is right and just relax", she told him, while applying some butter on the toast.

"And when is the time right? Kahin der na ho jaaye, tumhare right time ke liye wait karte karte", he said.

"Hmmm", said NT.

They finished breakfast and all of them waited in the living room. Maan's car drove into the mansion and he got out. He walked in and so did Geet, right behind him.

"Hi Maan", said Daadima, "u're back", she said, smiling.

"Yes" he said and smiled.

Naintara and Kiara ran down to hug Geet, who smiled and hugged them.

"Hi Geet", said Daadima, and Geet ran to her and hugged her too.

They spoke for sometime and before Kiara could talk anything Geet phone's rang.

"Geet ignore the call", said Kiara.

"Who is it from, anyway?", asked Daadima.

"Haan actually, Maan Bro, toh yahin hain, to aapko phone kar rahan hain, Geet?", said Dev, "bhabhi", very softly that only NT and Kiara could hear. They smirked and looked away to control their laugh.

"Pata nahin", she said and took the call. Since she could not hear what the caller was trying to tell, she had to get up and go to the corridor on the other side of the living room.

"Geet", came Anurag's voice.

"Haan", said Geet, "aap kaun?", she asked, very softly.

"Ji main Anurag bol rahan hoon. I had called you the other day too", he said and before Geet could respond, and she felt Maan's strong arms around her, hugging her from behind.

She smiled and forgot she was on phone. She turned to face him and looked into his eyes. Maan showed her the phone and reminded her of the call. she hit her head slightly with her fingers and put her phone back on her ear.

"I'll wait for you in the living room, come soon", he told her and smiled.

Yep", she said and nodded her head. Anurag thought the indication was for him, telling him that she remembered him.

"Thanks Geet, for still remembering me", said Anurag.

"Ji? Anurag? Kaun Anurag?", said Geet, getting out of Maan's world and coming back to reality.

"Geet abhi toh bataya tha", he said.

"Oh yes, sorry, yes, Anurag. Tell me. You back to India?", asked Geet, wondering about the effect Maan's presence had on her.

"Ah well, I wanted to know if we could meet sometime", he said, fumbling.

"Meet for what?", she asked, casually.

"Ah well", he said, and paused not knowing what to tell. "Ah.. actually, I wanted to talk to you", he said, wondering if he made sense to himself at all.

"Haan Anurag, meet for what?", asked Geet again.

"Ah well its about internships and some personal talk as well", he said.

"Oh. I'm not at all free this week, yaar. Maybe sometime next week. Because my week schedule has been prepared for this week by my supervisor already and I cannot change it. Hope you understand", she said.

"Yesh, I do. Alright, enxt week, then", he said.

"Well, if you want, we can talk it over phone. Cos meeting n all can be a little difficult given some time constraints", she said thinking to herself, "If I had so much time to meet some stranger wouldn't I be sitting in Maan's arms every second of my life?"

"It's not something that can be discussed over phone. Well, whenever you are free, we'll meet. No issues", he said.

"Okay fine", said Geet, "I'll let you know".

"Thanks", he said, "Well, I should hang up now", he said.

"Yeah", said Geet, in the flow of the conversation and bit her tongue for saying it.

"What?", he said, confused.

"Oh no, nothing. I gotta go now", she said, "TTyl", she said.

"Yeah sure, bye take care", he told her and hung up.

He called up his parents immediately and told them that he would be able to meet Geet until next week. He hung up and then got back to work.

Geet, on the other hand, went back to the living room and found the entire living room empty.

"Sab pool side hain", came Nakul's voice from behind.

"Thanks", she said and went to the pool side.

Maan saw her walk down and went to her side. He held her by her waist and everyone looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Maan leave me", she hissed.

"Shut up", he said, casually and guided her, while holding her waist, towards his family.

Everyone looked at him waiting for him to say something, when all he did was smile.

Calmly and cooly he took a deep breath and said, "I proudly introduce to you all, prospective Khurana member and my fiancee".

Daadima smiled as though she had expected it and Geet smiled, since they had planned about telling the family very soon.

"So everyone, meet, Ms. Geet Handa, very soon to be called, "Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana", he said.

Geet smiled as the words Geet Maan Singh Khurana rang in her ears.

She looked at him and he looked back, and while they continued looking at each other, Dev shouted.

"Gosh, I don't believe this. Bro, you're all set to get married and destroy your life too?", he said and winked.

NT pinched him from behind and he screamed in pain.

"Shut up Dev", she said and went to hug Geet and addressed her as "Welcome Geet bhabhi ji" and winked.

Geet blushed while Kiara ran to hug her brother. Daadima sat back on the couch and smiled looking at everyone so happy. She looked at the sky above as though thanking all the forces on the planet for convincing Maan to finally get married and that too, to Geet.

After everyone settled down finally comprehending the fact that they were not dreaming and that it was a fact, Daadima spoke up.

"Alright time for some mithai now, for my to be bahu", she said and called Nakul to get some sweet.

Both Maan and Geet took Daadima's blessings and hugged her. Once Nakul got the sweet, literally Kiara, NT and Daadima put a spoonful of sweet and Geet nearly choked. She finally managed to finish the rest of the sweet in her mouth and looked at the others, who were smiling at her. She blushed.

"Alright Maan, time to tell Geet's family too", said Daadima. Maan and Geet looked at each other, and Geet's face changed from the blush of pink to a color of red that was due to fear.

"Yes Daadima", said Maan confidently.

"Shall we do that now?", she asked her grandmom.

"No not now", screamed Geet, "Later", she said.

"Later when?", asked Maan.

" I dunno but not now", she said, looking down.

"Geet, when you know they would disagree any which time, and that you and me would have to struggle to convince them why not start the process now itself?", he asked.

"I dunno Maan. bUt this is not the time", she said.

"Ok Geet, as you wish beta", said dAadima

"But Daadima", said Maan and Daadima cut her off, "Maan, we will go as per Geet's wishes here. I guess she knows her family better than we do. So let's leave it to her", she said, calmly.

Geet thought she could not have been any grateful to Daadima for this. They had lunch together and Maan did not speak a word to Geet.

Geet did not try convincing him either. He dropped her back and she went in, without looking back.

Daadima, who was in her room, thought of everything that happened. She decided to call Devanshi handa, anyway since she had not spoken to her for a long time.

She looked at the watch and realized it was a decent time to call the Handas in Singapore.

She called Devanshi and Devanshi answered the call in like one ring and greeted, "Hello Savitri, kaise hain aap?"

"Hum btheek hain, aap kaise hain?", asked Daadima.

"Great Great. What can go wrong when you are with your family and when everything is going the way you want?", skded Devanshi proudly.

Daadima sensed something not right about the statement but decided to ignore it anyway.

"Ofocurse, family matters", she said.

They spoke for sometime about weather, news, politics, sports and then Devanshi finally said, "Savitri I have some great news for you".

"Oh what is it?", asked Daadima excited.

"Geet ke liye rishta aaya hain, and it is almost in the final stages of talks. So, my little grand daughter will finally get married very soon", she said, very happily.

Daadima smiled and thought to herself, "Ahaan, exactly what I wanted to hear. But honey, that's not happening, because my grandson likes her and there is no way you're little grand daughter will marry some one else".

"Oh that's wonderful, Devanshi. Itni badi baat ho gayi aur aapne hume bataya nahin", said Daadima, sounding as cool as ever.

"Haan, thought I'll confirm and then let everyone know. Because when I spoke about Maan's rishta for Geet, I had told everyone and then your grandson rejecting her and all the drama that happened later on, was not very pleasant. So, this time I decided to not tell anyone, until the rishta is pucca. And this is almost close to being finalized, I told you".

"Oh ok", said Daadima, wondering what new twist was awaiting Maan and Geet's love story now that, Geet's family had almost finalized a guy for her.

"So, does Geet know about this?", asked daadima, very confident that Geet, would not know, else she wopuld have taken some drastic steps by now.

"Nah, that girl is not reasy for marriage yet. But I don't wish to sit and listen to what she says. Last time, itself, we've had enough drama about her goimg back to studying because Maan did not like her etc. etc", said Devanshi.

"Yeah", said Daadima, not knowing how else to react in the situation.

They continued speaking for some more time about how wonderful the family is and how wonderful the guy is. But Devanshi was very careful not to mention any details about the family or the guy. She very knew Savitri's contacts and network.

They hung up in some time and Daadima rested on her massage couch and thought back, with a determined look on her face.

Later at dinner, there was excitement in the dining room. Kiara and Dev did not leave a chance to talk about Maan and Geet. Luckily for Maan, he was stuck in a meeting and his secretary Shreyasi had informed the other Khurana's that he would not coming home for dinner.

While they continued, Nt noticed Daadima being quiet and asked her what the matter is.

Daadima narrated the entire conversation with Devanshi to the others.

"God ab aur ek twist?", said Kiara.

"Daadiji, aap Devanshi Handa se baat kyun nahin kiya? Meaning, I guess you should have given a hint atleast about Maan Bro and Geet", said Dev.

"No Dev, such matters ought to be given some thought before letting out even the slightest of the hints", came NT's voice.

"But Naintara, this is related to someone;s can you delay?", said Dev.

"Naintara is right, Dev", said Daadima and all of them looked to see her. "Maan has to win his love by himself. And how he plans to do so, is his choice. This is a completely different ball game altogether and Maan has to get through this, if he wants Geet as his wife", she said, in a stern voice, that no one dared to question.

That's it for now. Have fun and thanks for all the wonder ful comments...!!!!!
Do let me know what you think of this update. Thanks...!!!

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
congratulation for new thread
awesome part
loved it
continue soon
honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
awsome as alwaysSmile

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meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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pretty paced up . But update was absolutely enjoyable and cute . many things happened at  a tym .Breaking gud news to family , dadima speaking to geet beeji and knowing the cuming twist . Anurag calling up her again ...bahut kuch ho gaya .
Maan has to win his love by himself. And how he plans to do so, is his choice. This is a completely different ball game altogether and Maan has to get through this, if he wants Geet as his wife", she said, in a stern voice, that no one dared to question.
Loved her Lines . and she knows her grandson more than anyone . she knows he will win the race and bring geet as her daughter in law . I loved her confidence . great going  and curious soul to know the next Day Dreaming

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congratxxx for d new thread 
  thanxxx for updating
   and an amazng updae
     at last maan told everyone abt dere relation
        hope geet family understand too widout n e drama
libra25 IF-Rockerz

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congo for the new thread..
a lot happened in this part..
loved it..
plz continue soon

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