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RainbowWarrior IF-Dazzler

IJSMB Banner Contest Winner.
Joined: 13 October 2005
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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Hey Ninja's,

Just realised that we don't need to answer those questions at all, only mark them. Any guesses on what Xoxo's question is? I'm gonna work on it right now and send the compiled answers as well. Everything has to be done today and only 2 hours are left in my today. LOL

PM please if anything or post on the thread ASAP. I'm going a bit mad with all this answer compilation Confused


RainbowWarrior IF-Dazzler

IJSMB Banner Contest Winner.
Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 3769

Posted: 23 December 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
FINAL compilation!

Question 2: 

(1) Story tellers

Option 2: Men marry women with the hope that they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.


Early morning in the Carter household and Emily is running up the stairs shouting at the top of her voice. "Richard! RICHARD! Wake up already!", cried Emily, yanking the sheets off the slumbering bundle on her bed.  

"Whassamatter? Quack? Quack??!"
"Did you just... quack? Like a duck?" asked Emily, barely stifling a giggle.
"No..." answered Richard groggily. "I meant quake"
"Earthquake? No such luck for you" said Emily smiling brightly. "You're just late for work, again and with no pretty excuse like an earthquake to save your neck."
Richard groaned and stepped out of bed, walking straight in to the shower.

He walked in to the kitchen downstairs ten minutes later, fully dressed and ready for a quick bite before he left.  "Waffles?" he asked, "For breakfast?"
Emily eyed him over the stack of waffles on the kitchen counter.
"What?" he asked defensively and then spotting the honey jar, he picked it up and shook it from side to side. "Yes, sweet husband of mine. Waffles with honey" replied Emily pointing at the waffles and honey jar in turn. "Since it's your day to cook and you're late as usual, I get to fill us up with whatever I like" she finished smiling sweetly.

Richard sighed and sat down. "I don't like waffles in the morning much" he mumbled quietly. "Change is good" said Emily, "and you could try waking up early, and then you can make me eat, whatever you want to". "When are you goanna quit on wanting me to change?" he asked cocking his head to one side. "When you have changed", replied Emily, mimicking his head position. They stared at each other for a full minute, when suddenly a fat tabby cat jumped on to the table, knocking over the honey jar and the plate of waffles to the floor. 

"Maxi!" cried Richard, grabbing the cat off the table.
"Monster!" screamed Emily, grabbing a towel to mop up the honey that was slowly dripping on to the ceramic tiled floor.
Richard scrabbled to the door with the struggling cat in his hands and let him out in to the back yard. "He meant no harm" he started to say but Emily gave him a dirty look from the floor and he stopped. She was on her hands and knees cleaning up the mess. Then she grinned and spoke in a high-pitched cackling voice "You have taught him well, my love".

Richard burst out laughing and scooped Emily off the floor, hugging her tightly. Emily blinked, startled but pleased. "Too many waffles will make you fat" he said in a low sugary voice. Emily rolled her eyes at him. "You're late for work, remember?" she reminded him. "No, for once in oh-so-many-years, I'm not", he said beaming at Emily. Emily looked confused, while Richard merely pointed at the clock.

Emily looked at the clock and back at Richard and then it dawned on her. She hadn't turned the kitchen clock back for daylight savings. Richard was in fact an hour early for work this morning.

"I'm impressed" she said giggling.
"You made a much bigger impression on me, trust me."
"What are you talking about?" asked Emily, sounding incredulous.
"When you yanked off those sheets, I was sure it was an earthquake!" barked Richard in reply followed by his patent booming laugh.
Emily frowned and pulled away from him a little to look at his face properly. "You know," she said seriously, "those jokes were only funny in college".
"But you loved my jokes back then" Richard protested looking slightly hurt.
"Yes, I did" said an exasperated Emily, "But you need to grow up some time"
"Oh, no" said Richard, dropping his hands from around Emily's waist and backing towards the kitchen door. "I feel a 'change lecture' coming on" he said with his hands raised in front of his face in defence.
"Oh, come on Richard" said Emily, "You know I love you"

Richard dropped his eyes and looked in to the face of the woman he had loved for the past eight years. Those three little words always disarmed him and in two quick long steps, Emily was back in his arms. "As I love you" he said holding her close.

"I'm fine with the way you are Richard" said Emily, "Really" she added. "Oh no, you're not", whispered Richard right in to her ear. "But don't you worry, a BIG change is coming" He drew his head back and looked straight in to Emily's eyes. "I'm going to confirm everything and tell you tonight, ok?" Emily looked surprised but seeing the quiet confidence in Richard's eyes, she simply smiled and nodded.

While Richard was work, Emily spent the entire day at home wondering what his surprise could be. She knew she should be working on her novel but she couldn't get her mind on the writing today. Richard loved giving surprises and there was no way to get him to reveal the surprise until it was done. He was crazy like that, but Emily loved him all the more for his silly quirks.

'I hope it's not a Chihuahua', she thought to herself. Her last birthday had ended with her in a hospital because she was allergic to dog hair but only some kind of dog hair it seemed. She smiled recalling what her brother-in-law has said while all the guests watched in horror as she had turned red and swelled up like a balloon 'You've finally got her pregnant baby brother'. Emily wished it had been true but after numerous tries and treatments nothing had worked. 

Emily wanted to adopt but Richard had been resisting. 'May be he's finally changed his mind' she thought happily.

At 6'o clock sharp, Richard was at the door. "Honey I'm home" he called out as he entered the living room. Emily chucked a pillow at him. "Ow!" cried Richard, "What was that for?" "For the cheesiest line in the history of the 21st century" replied Emily, sticking her tongue out him. Richard laughed and sat down on the couch next to her. 

Emily watched as he fidgeted with the inside of his coat and drew out a photograph. A girl in her early twenties who looked uncannily like Emily was smiling in it. "Who's this?" asked Emily. "She's the mother", said Richard smiling at Emily, "of our baby". "Oh my goodness, Richard!" squealed Emily and jumped on him hugging him tightly. "I love you, I love you, I love you!" Richard chuckled. "I know sweet cakes, I know. Look, isn't she pretty?" 
"Look, she has your eyes"
"Yeah, where did you find her"
"What does it matter? I did and the baby is ours"
Emily hugged him tighter. "I'm so happy" she said.
"I knew you'd understand" said Richard
"I've wanted to adopt forever Richard, of course I understand!" 
"Adopt? Who said anything about adopting", said Richard, "I know how I feel about having a stranger in my home Emily"
"What do you mean? We can't just take this woman's baby"
"We're not going to take it, I have custody"
"Custody?" asked Emily, confused and looked back down at the photograph.
"Yeah, I'm the father", said Richard.
"Oh ha-ha, very funny Richard. You know I hate your dumb jokes"
"I'm not kidding. You wanted me to be more considerate towards your feelings of being a mother and this is me being considerate. I've changed. You don't know how hard it was to find a girl who looks like you. Well, not looks like you as you are now, but she's so much like your younger self. So slim... and soft".
Emily looked at him horrified and unbidden she felt the tears coming. "This isn't funny, Richard. It's really not"
"It's not a joke honey, no more jokes from my side. I'm a changed man. I know how much you wanted this. I did this for you" he said taking Emily's face in to his hands.
Emily shook his hands away and walked away from him. "You... you...", she stammered, unable to form the question that was burning her inside out. "Yes, how else do we make a baby?" Richard answered her silent question.
"Get out", said Emily in a barely audible whisper. "What?"
"I said get out!" she screamed.

Richard shook his head and turned to leave scooping the fallen photograph from the floor. "I thought you'd understand. You wanted me to consider your emotions" he said from the doorway.
"I was wrong", said Emily through fresh tears, "I was wrong."

(2) Picture captions
Picture 1 -
Is it just me or this shoe smells like feet?..crap, yup it's the shoe

Picture 2  -
Oil costs money! This, we'll give you for free. That's right, we're generous like that.

Picture 3  -
Wait a second, who the hell has such orange hand...oh never mind, it's Snooki!

Picture 4 -
Adults... I have such a cute face and they insist on showing off my tiny feet

Question 3: Born lyricists

Song 1) Chamak Challo
Electrodes making DC rings,
Not my cup of tea
The way the pendulum swings,
No, not for me

Will you be my Physics project?
Ho hoo hooo
Wanna be my Physics project?
Ho hoo hooo

You are my sweetest project
With you, I direct connect
Gimme, gimme some  respect
Ho hoo hooo
I want you be my Physics project!

Song 2) Kolaveri Di
yo losers I am singing song
game song
justice song 
why this game very, game very, game very hard jee?
why this game very, game very, game very hard jee?
ekdum correct
So many-la rules-u rules-u 
rules-u not-u fair-u
purple font our team-u team-u
favorite-u color-u black-u

Shad: ok ninjas now stop whining-u
Pyaari shad-u
only english eh? 

Lovely shad-u
You PM me-u
Eyess-u Full'la Tear-u
Empty Life-u, Shad come-u
Distract me from exams-u
Love-u love-u...oh my love-u
You better make me win-u
Cow-u cow-u holy cow-u
This game addicting-u
God I am playing now-u
She is happy now-u
This song for justice-u
Guess we don't have choice-u

We will play this game very, game very, very nicely
If you can stop us, try stopping us ninjas jee!

Song 3) Sheila ki Jawaani
(those who watch Bigg Boss will get it)

I know you want it 
You're obviously gonna get it
Tere haath main aa jaani
Maane na maane koi duniya 
Yeh saari, mere po*n ki hai deewani
what's my name
what's my name
My name is Sunny
Sunny ki jawani
Oops that's my film's name
Where I played sky's maid.

Song 4) Stronger
Spread it, make it, taste it, eat it
Quicker, nicer, better, tastier

(Spread it quicker, make it better)
T-t-too much mayo won't kill me
(Make it thicker, more tastier)
Can only make it tastier
(More cheesier than ever)
I want you to pack it in now
(That spread is nearly over)
'Cause it won't stay good forever

Let's stay in, this night
You could be personal chef, that's right

Song 5) Friday
Please note: This is from Juhi's point of view, so imagine her singing LOL

8 a.m., waking up in bigg boss
Gotta go dishes, gotta whine a little
Put make-up on, gotta grab serials
Ekta's seein' everything, Sky is babbling on and on, 
everybody's fightin'
Gotta get laid when I go out
Gotta catch herpes.
I see my Sky

Kickin' hard the ass of Sid
He swears he will make him bleed
Gotta make my mind up
Whose side will get me TRPs?

It's Bedi, Bedi
Gotta steal Sky from Bedi
Everybody's lookin' forward to the romance, romance
Bigg boss, Bigg boss
Gettin' down on Bigg boss
I'm lookin' forward to stayin' stayin'.

Question 4: Debaters tongue
1 -  If you were participating in big boss/big brother ' What exactly will you do to raise TRP for the show and what strategies will you implement in order to win the show?

Ying Yang  point 1   (for)
Bigg Boss is a rocking show and will be all the more awesome with my celebrity presence in it. If I'm in big boss, I would definitely want the show in which I'm participating to be a bigger hit so for this I'll perform a multitude of personality tricks which will leave the housemates guessing on my next move and the audience entertained. TRP ke liye, kuch bhi karega boss!
  • I will act like a teenager and be flirty with the opposite sex 
  • I will brainwash others with my elite and educated sounding trashy talk and whenever a fight occurs I will loudly give only one suggestion, to breathe in and breathe out. (which happens to the most basic metabolic function but never mind that, I'm a positive personality person)
  • In fights, I will scream my lungs out to drown out the opposition and intimidate with hand gestures, facial expressions and clapping. When the opposite party will tries to argue however, I'll say 'spare me' and play my victim card. 
  • I'll sneakily provoke someone to get physically violent with me and get as many members to get evicted his way to clear my path for the win
  • I'll use words like tucchi, act like a bai and dance on jalebi bai, whenever I'm nominated
  • & of course I will be eating every time so that people can make fun of me
  • and I almost forgot if all my plans fail I will accuse somebody of being naughty with me.. 
I think that's enough to make TRP sky-high LOL 

Ying Yang point 2- against
I would never like to go in BB because I dont believe in its authenticity and also because of adulterated material they show. But if I had no other option but to go, I'll just be myself, I won't argue with anyone unless or until things become really messy for me, just for the sake of TRP's. I wont mind even if I had to be evicted because of no masala. I believe TRP's should create themselves and the audience should not be manipulated at any cost, especially at my cost! Tongue

Ying Yang point 3- neutral
If I ever find myself in the BB house, I'll see the situations and react according to them. I don't mind planning and plotting if required because after all it's a game show, but at the same time I will try to be myself and not to cross the limit because it's a 'reality show' which is meant to show your real side. Acting to create fake TRP's can last only so long. Interesting tasks on the other hand are good for TRP's and I'm all for those fun activities.

2 - Do you think having a hot accent makes someone more attractive? Which accent do you find hottest and why?

Ying Yang point 1 (for)
Yes, absolutely! Having an accent makes ones speech stand out from others regardless of what is being said. It's like a breath of fresh air and because it arouses curiosity in the listener it increases the attractiveness of the speaker. The listener is interested to know of the origin of the accent and because it sounds so different from our own accent, we like to hear more of it. Irish and Scottish accents are really hot LOL

Funny accents are also attractive, a fave being the 'dehati' accent. I find it very amusing when people from rural places try to mix for example, English words with Punjabi to get their point across. The Punjabified English makes for a great ice breaker and mood lightner Smile

Ying Yang point 2 (against) 
Accents can be so hard to understand like the Dutch and Filipino for example. At times you can't make out what's being said especially when the speaker is talking really fast. A lot of information is simply lost in deciphering the accent Confused 
The other issue with accents is their appeal to those who want to be perceived as trendy or belonging to a country that boasts of a hip accent. Fake accents paraded by wannabe individuals are just plain irritating and make the accent extremely unattractive.

Ying Yang point 3 (neutral) 
What's being said is more important than an accent. As long as I can understand what's being said, a real or fake accent doesn't really bother me.

3 - Why do you think your team will win? Ie what qualities does your team have, that you have noticed other teams lack

1 (for) 
Our team is going to win because we have the most creative, humorous and enthusiastic ninja's you can find anywhere in the colour spectrum Big smile Our ideas hit the forum first and the others follow suit Wink. Purple Ninja's don't hide in the shadows, we bask in the moonlight. Go Ninja's!

2 (against) 
Sometimes when greatness comes your way, life gets in the way. Due to personal reasons, like exams, some of our members have been unable to actively participate as much as they wanted to. Also, getting a quick lead has put us in a slightly complacent mood while the other teams are catching up fast.

3 (neutral) Anyone can win because that's the nature of the game. Hard-work and creativity can get you only so far, the fastest may take the cake in the end Big smile

4 - Why are Ekta's show so popular and what do you think of Indian Soap?

1 (for) Ek shows are popular because 
(a) the fresh faces she introduces. Who wants to see the same saas-bahu on every channel?
(b) she knows how to make her viewers happy by uniting their favorite Jodi's (again and again) LOL
(c) she knows that audience's taste has changed hence she has brought varieties in her shows without losing the core essentials which are common in each show and the audience is used to for over a decade now

2- (against) Ek shows may be popular but they are utter nonsense..
Umpteen number of marriages, extra marital affairs, rapes, plastic surgeries in which not only the face changes but the whole body and the voice to boot LOLpunar janamsand what not. It's a far cry from reality but it's not fantasy either. The shows popularity is hindering the growth of alternate shows. While the film industry has matured with leaps and bounds, TV is still stuck in the swinging 60's. The only exception being Reality Shows.

3- (neutral) Nonsensical or sensible, with not much choice on TV, I'll be watching them till they provide me with entertaining stuff or an alternative source of entertainment rears it's head. Are you listening YashRaj Telefilms? 

5 - To follow your heart, or to follow your mind?

1- for heart against mind
A persons emotions and feelings comes from the heart, so one should follow their heart in decision making because a person with a good heart can sense the sensitivity of the matter well, and can make decisions according to it. Follow your heart.

2- for mind against heart
Allah has given us brain, to think. All our decisions should be based on our mind because with our mind we can think rationally and figure in all the consequences. Decisions made by heart are too emotional and we can get carried away with our emotions and end up being in a loss. Listen to your mind.

3- neutral
Our decision should differ based on the situation. A balanced approach with both heart and mind is the best way forward. (The other alternative is to simply ask your parents Wink)

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Mahek_No1 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 July 2005
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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 3:09am | IP Logged
Hi Ninja's,

I  would firstly like  to take this opportunity to apologise for not being active enough in the last feww days, I have been extremely busy and am  going to Luton for 2 days so will not be online.

I have tried my best to help as much as I can, sorry once again.

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*FAZ* Senior Member

Joined: 20 April 2006
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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Xoxo

Hey faz, are you first a male or female? I am having huge gender confusion with you as summer says you are a hunk and I thought you were a babe? LOL

Pls check the knock out thread, I'm typing from phone so don't know to copy and paste!! I think summer was confused and I answered it there

Where is mahek and Raju from this team??? Also pls either compile the best answers you have on knockout thread or pm it to me... I prefer knock out but it's entirely up to you!!...the deadline today but seems like other colours are tired also... Remember you won't have to do knockout again! So please do add some purple touch to the thread ;)... The most exciting vote can only start once all the teams have done as required!!!

I am a male, sumer is right, i chat to him via pm. Faz is a lads name. lol
Any way i hope my team does good.

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RainbowWarrior IF-Dazzler

IJSMB Banner Contest Winner.
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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Everyone who can't be here for the end, it's ok, just try your best to come when you can. Missing my team! Ouch 

Hug  Hug 

Btw, Note:
Originally posted by Xoxo

Rainbow warrier, i love the voting template you have done and i was about to post something similar to that in that other reserved blank area i had, but you made my life easier. THANK YOU! LOL

Ps, you know what that means right? Your template, is the trend now.  Keep a note that 10 Bonus point needs to be added to your team for this. Just incase i forget, show me this page for REFERENCE LOL


Cool na? Smile

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Usman. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
sorry guys for being absent.. game finished kya?

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