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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~MAHSOOS~ MAnneT - THREAD 7 (Page 72)

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commenting since 2 weakz cldn't comment coz i had some prb going on so srry again

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Maan brushed his wet hair back under the warm shower. His dark brown eyes hidden underneath the thin layer of skin. He open his mouth little to drink tiny water, before geets hand comes over and touched his cheek. She trailed a line over his bony cheek. Maan placed a small kiss, spinning around and then engulfing geet in his embrace.

Geet neatly tights maans button, then folds his collar. "don't you think it's exiting ridiama will be home tonight. I can't wait."
Maan smiled. Slowly stroking her hair back, then little touch on her earning.
"seems like more then dev you are exited!"
Geet have out a historic laugh. Smiling.
"I think after tonight more then me dev will be restless to be in the bedroom..." geet giggled, when anny walked in.
She smiled, coughing.

"oh anny, do come in.."
"it's ok, it just about to start..."

All three walked down with excitement. Geet was explaining everything in details to maan, what was happening what they were doing. How they were doing it. It was all really allot. Now maan was waiting for someone for anny, who would equally love her like geet loves him. Like he loves geet, but that would be again difficult and he have to be careful about the person knowing anny is blind unlike geet.

Mr khurana, came and stood next to his daughter, keeping his eye exchange with avantika to minimal. And looking if everything was fine with the wedding.

Geet never really asked what exactly happen between mum and dad that have forced them to be separate. She looked at maan then everyone, wondering how to start, or even the situation is correct to start. Everyone was so happy, it just didn't seem right.

As the wedding came to its point, it was time to say goodbye and well come. Geet couldn't see ridzy crying, hugging her parents, saying last goodbye. She kept quit through out the ceremony, remembering her own parents. Remembering there dishonesty.
"what's wrong?" maan slightly nudged her in the crowed, trying to grab her attention. It was unlikely geet being quit.
"it's nothing!" she tried her level best to give him a honest answer. It sounded pathetic. Maybe she can't read maan well enough but maan, there are nothing to hide. He knows his wife inside out.

"geet," maan holds her hand, bringing her more close in his embrace. There was no one to give them a look in the crowed, so there privacy was perfectly fine. Everyone was looking at the newly wedded couple, who stood in middle of the huge hall. "do you know you can't lie, then why you are trying. I know, I can read you inside out, then why try?"
Geet shockingly looked at him, how can she forget there are no hiding from him, but yet there was something stopping her.
"it's nothing"
"don't try to suppress something. It never helps"
"I am not, it's just it reminded of our wedding, our grand wedding..." she added, looking down, sigh, and upset. Although this two combination never goes well she was perfect to portray.
"our grand wedding?" maan tiled his head down a little, staring at the floor, that's what geet though, however maan had some different imagination.
"ha... Au..."
"and mamma and pappa..." geet slowly whispered.
"you want to complain about them? I know you have strong dislike against them, and I also don't know there reason, but..."
"but... I have strong dislike against them, and that's the truth!" geet slowly distracted him.
"they are your parents geet." he spines around, cupping her face, "life is always not fare in everything, nor it will be. There always something missing and we have to learn to accept it, like you have accept me"
Geet instantly puts her hand on his mouth... Staring at his blank face...
"I never had to accept you. It was never like that. I love you an always will, the accepting passed long time back..."
Maan smiled, kissing her forehead. "then that agreement is still there with you and your parents. There are just little mist covering the path. Nothing els. Soon as that mist disappear it will all become clear again."
"then why I feel guilty? It's in my hand to clear the mist but when I try to answer ...that one question rises in my head and in my heart..."
"that question don't matter to me anymore, like you said, our accepting was always there, way before love, without accepting there are no love... And without love there are no accepting"
"I can't just ignore. It's not simple as that."

Maan kissed geets forehead again and brought her closer. Holding geet in his embrace, facing upward. He wasn't sure what exactly a ceiling looked like or what is a ceiling? It's just a simple word, but for now he wanted to drive his mind way from geets thought, her guilt and enjoy the warmness of his wife, which is always special in any given time.

The evening turned in to night, geet and anny stood on either side of ridZy, outside of devs, opps now there bedroom.
"don't you think ridzy is wearing just little too much cloths..." geet suggested, all the girls giggled... While ridzy with red cheek looked down.
They beautifully put her on the middle of the bed, still giggling, before dev walked in and geet and other forced them self out.

Geet pushed anny to block devs way. "ask for money," she whispered.
Anny confusingly with a blank face stood there, holding geets hand.
"ha... You suppose to!"

Nun could go along with there plan, ad avantika came at the wrong time and geet pulled a face.

Dev slowly locks the door, staring at the bed with ridzy. He wasn't sure how exactly he should start the conversation or what exactly to do. This is there wedding night and he was not at all interested.

Geet walked in to her bedroom at-last. Maan was already sleeping, she observed the time, 2am. Geet bit her tounge, quickly changing them jumped in her cosy bed. Hugging maan from the back. She rested her cheek on top of his, staring at the window...
"are you sleep?" she trailed her hand under his shirt. Cheekily smiling. Maans body muscle was still tense or was it naturally like that? Geet slides one of her bare leg over his, stroking gently...
"don't you think we should repeat our honeymoon again.." she teased. But then realizing he was really sleep...

As geet was about to stand up and moved to the other side of the bed, where she can hug him tight and sleep... He pulled her back in his embrace. Her short dress went high up over her bare stomach, touching against his abdomen...
"aur?" maan smiled... Teasingly flicked her nose with his...

His hand slides over her top, then pulling it off. While geet took his thin layer of cotton t-shirt...
"our honeymoon?"
"actually I seem to have short term memory, so can you repeat what we have done?"
"are you sure you want to here, because I won't stop once I start, and then you can't close your eyes saying I have advantage that I can't see where you have."
"I have never mentioned such thing. It's utter lie..."
"acca, who was moaning last night?"
"au to... I touched your m..." geet sealed her lips with both of her hand. Looking down, where her leg was, it was gently messaging his soft shaft over the silk trouser.
"it does feel nice" he came forward, gently bending over to her soft earlobe"

"don't get used to it..."
"but your hand knows the magic.."
"shh..." geet rests her index finger against his lips...
"your hand knows far better then my... It knows perfectly well how to please his wife..."
"so does your... "
Geet gently took her hand, sliding over his abs to his panty line... In then under...


Dev stood by the window with a glass. He really have to move on, if nt can then why can't he? But the fact was he still love her blindly. He still can't give hime self up to someone.
"what's wrong?" ridzy wondered. It's been 30 minute, dev have not uttered no words, just drinking, glass after glass.
"please don't drink that much..." ridzy pleads. Dev slowly turns around. Wondering what she is doing here exactly. He slowly brings his hand up, while with other tests the glass on the table, picking her up in his arm, then slowly resting her back to to bed.
"I have waited for you do long... That today I am lost of words..."
Ridzy sighly looked down...
"you are beautiful jan..."
Ridzy tried to run way but dev hugged her from the back, kissing the nape of her neck. One by one taking the jewelry off. His hand traveled over her curve, gently pressing his hand on her bare stomach.
"I don't know how much I have fantasied our wedding might since our collage days... But I could never imagine, I could never think like that about you... I really love you... I love jan..."
Ridzy hugged dev tight... "I love you to..."
"I love you nt..."
Ridzy suddenly stopped... Confusingly looked at dev... "what is N.T?"
"I always wanted to call you N.T"


Geet crashed her self in maans embrace. Breathing, sweating heavily... Both laid there for sometime, trying to regain the energy they just have lost... Maan curled his wife closer an closer, still it seem not enough...
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ANIMOSITY---part 43 page 18

i am so sorry for latness but allot of study exam.. etc so hell busy...
pls forgive me and do press the like if you still havent lost the intrest to read and


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Geet was explaining him all the rituals  She was acting more like his Own personal EYES Geet was missing her Parents and maan can mehsoos her pain He asked her to forgive her parents  Awww she wanted to repeat her honey moon with her HONEY MAAN 
Dev was drunk and was thinking ridhima as NT

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Happy new year...!!
Superb update..
Maaneet part was amazing...
Loved their conversation...nicely written... :)
Loved the naughty geet ;)
Cont soon...

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awesome update how is studies know you were busy loved the update so sweet maan and geet the love is forever thanks for the pm

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Loved it.. As good as always.. Ooh I had a dream that u said there was only one part of mahsoos left.. I was hyperventilating in my sleepOuch.. Can't wait to read more x

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Happy new year :)
Loved maaneet part was reallii good :)
Thnx for the pm...continue soon x

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y would dev do dis?????? i hate people like dev...y dey have to marry if dey cant do justice to der new relationship???? ridzy ki kya galati hai?????? if he wasnt ready to 4get NT he shouldnt have married at 1st place...

loved d updt...maan-geet r always awesome...

i dont mind geet's anger towards her parents...maan is good dats y things r different...wht if he wasnt gud...geet ki life to hell ho jati matter wht dey cant justify der cheating to POV...

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