Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Until there body crashed against the bed. He dipped down and kissed the crook of her shoulder. Last thing that kept barrier between them was his boxer... Maan slowly took his hand and rested over the plum shape curve. The dark point instantly became hard to be sucked in by his lips. He licked it ever so gently, then kissed her shoulder back.
"maan..." geet pushes her chest up to feel little more. Her hand swang around maans neck... He pulled her body up as he sat up between her leg.  She rubbed her body against him with desire and passions.
He slowly bends down with closed eyes, she could feel his warm breath...


Maan dropped geet to the collage as usual. She kissed him goody and then he drove of. It was almost like a new beginning to her life, so refreshing, everything looked so perfect. Everything was beautiful.
"how is everything?" armaan teased. "I so officially want to met your husband. He is so cool!" he spoke in hipper voice. Geet and anjali roles there eyes. Smiling.
"you seriously have lost it!"
"common, he is like a super husband!"
"sorry to break your dream. He is my! And he also not interested in men!" both anjali and geet laughed giving one another a high five. Giggling.
Armaan pulled a face and was about to walk off when he bumped in to kripa. Geets blood boiled instantly. She pulled a face and looked at the other direction.

Anjali who already knew about this looked at geet with a comforting smile. While armaan felt like slapping her. He just couldn't come to an conclusion how the hell he managed to fall for this b...!

"yes?" anjali wondered.
"I want to talk to geet!"
"nun of your concern!"
Anjalis mouth fell right open, she was about to open her mouth to shout when geet reassured it's alright. She did not wait, instead she walked off.

Later on, kripa walked in to khurana house, knowing geet won't be there. She was so used to the khurana house and there member in last two days no one questioned when she walked in to the big library of the khurana.

Maan instantly turns around... "yes?" he could not recognize the voice or the smell.
"who is this?"
"it's kripa!"
Maan thought for while, then with a smile greets her! But keeps his distance.
"what brings you here?"
"it's actually geet..."

She did not wait To here maans reaction, she instantly started to explain...
"do you know geet have not mentioned you being her husband in collage!"
Maan instantly stood there still. Shocked. Of course he knew but who is she to open her mouth. Maan silently took his seat, showed no sign of confusion or shock. Maybe shock who is she exactly?
"why don't you understand maan she is playing with you..."

That was the last few words maan really required from her. First he had no clue who exactly this girl is, secondly, she is complaining about his wife to him and then, arguing.
"if you are done, please leave." he simply replied. It was utter nonsense and what she exactly was trying to prove?

Maan placed his finger back on the book that laid on the desk, completely ignoring this useless girl. He is maan khurana, he may be blind, but because of that he can understand clearly between right and wrong. He could now guess why geet hates any girls present near him, or can't stand any girl he talks to. They clearly don't understand relationship between two people.

He hard the door bang shut. He shake his head then goes back to the book, he barely cared.

Geet patiently waited at the car park, she was beyond happy. Everything was in its place. She can freely claim everything. She felt no burden... Nothing...
Maans limo came at its stop at the correct time. Geets face instantly lit up, she hoped in, waving goodbye to her other friends. Armaan was almost stepping in but anjali stopped. He was beyond fascinated by geets husband.

Maan brought her close, the last night passions still not disappear. Her every bare skin was still under his finger. He could almost taste it. Geet kissed his cheek and started to explain everything. He have missed this day without a doubt. But this kripa, he really need to ask her what type of relationship do they share in collage.

"kripa, is she a friend?" geet didn't like her name from her husbands lips. If geet could, she would have cut that girl in millions of pieces and feed it to the shark.
"don't you dare take her name with your lips..." geet spat out. Her facial reaction changed along with her body posture.

Maan was rather worried at that point, how she would react if he tells her that kripa came around there house.
"oh... I just hate her. She is a complete b***!" she wouldn't stop cursing kripa while maan paintly took all in, when he was sure she was calm enough, he eventually managed to whisper out, "kripa came to met me!"
Geets eyes flew open and she stared at him with big eyes. Her heart almost skipped several heart beats.
"that's why I was- wondering! If you have any problem between you 2, she was complaining about you!"
Geet jumped on the seat and sat on her knee. She came over and held his collar.

Maan was taken back with his aggressive wife. He slides his hand around her waist, bringing her close, her warmness always let's him forget where exactly they are... Where exactly there heart belongs to...

"how dare she?"
Maan slowly brings his hand, resting against her cheek. Comforting. He could create an image from the passing heat of her body. The immense pressure of the blood that was rushing through her vain to the tip of the nose to the cheek...
"I told her to get out, does that sound better?" maan gently replied. Of course it did not make geet feel any wars then it did few minute back. But... The question that was hunting in her mind was how dare she?
Maan simply brought her even close, engulfing her in his embrace with a gentle kiss. "I love you and you know nothing are there beyond and after. How can I believe in someone els other then my geet?"
Geet instantly calmed down, staring at his blank face.
"I always wonder why you hate anyone near me... Now I know the reason..."
Geets eyes filled up even more hearing her husbands sweet words. She moves her head to the side, resting her hand palm against his cheek... Just gazing. In those moment nothing els mattered, or ever will. It's not necessary at all...
Geet closed her eyes, resting against his forehead with a smile, with love that she couldn't explain.


Khurana house Was busy with decoration. Wedding was around the corner, and everything wasn't at its place. Dev sadly smiled from one place to another. Wondering what this new life will bring..
"it's everything alright?" anny wondered. She could always sense when her brothers are worried. A bond they all share. A special bond.
"are you remembering that collage girl?"

"no!" dev simply replies. Dipping his head down. Its not related any more, he have moved on in her life and

sorry for latness...
and like no pm... i will pm now and then start updating again :)

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So, finally U updates m shooo happy

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arre waah m the first one lol...:P after so many days got a reason to smile...:)

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congratzzz on new thread...
lovely part...

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congrats on new thread...nice update...continue soon

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superb...liked it alot...

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Orkut Myspace Congratulation Scraps, Graphics and Comments

on new thread

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