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manjha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Amazing Post Neetz Hug It just hit me today that tomrrow there will be no PKYEK to rave or rant about. I wouldn't molest my refresh button on youtube to see if PKYEK is uploaded on YT. No matter how many terrible tracks or episodes we have had with this show in one year, this show is so close to my heart. Today, when I watched Abhay and Piya become each others forever and ever in the name of marriage, I actually teared up. That Dil Ibadat song just touched my heart. We all have so many memories with that song! I still remember the first time it had played, how crazy the whole forum had gone and we saw a million vms on that song Embarrassed Abhay and Piya are the epitome of love. These two have gotten through so many things but at the end, like they said,  their love is the biggest weapon in any fight! When remembering all the Abhiya moments, my heart was just overwhelmed, because there were so many memories of the forum especially how everyone would just rave about their chemistry and I know for a fact, I would just watch those same scenes repeatedly on youtube! Abhay would be no more to drool over .. I wish that we just got to see more. But I will say, I have many complaints on how this show was treated in between but I wanna let go of that, and be happy today! I thought the performances and all weren't required, like I would have loved if that time was utilized in some more Abhiya looking back and talking about their past or something like that but koi baat nahi Smile I am so happy Abhiya got a happy ending that they deserved and I think we all deserved LOL Oh and on that last alvida scene, I was so happy they used Priya to talk! I  mean she launched SO with Remix and today she was with the channel in the end with PKYEK Big smile

About SO, I have watched so many shows from this channel, it was my favourite channel! SO gave me MJHT, DMG, PKYEK,LNMDJ and Remix which happen to be in my all time favourite shows list! I will miss this channel so much! Its a shame that the only youth channel had to be shut down! I mean this was the only channel which gave what the youth wanted to watch but in this world of thirst of TRPs sadly, it could only last for 7 years but they were 7 wonderful years Big smile

I have to say, thank you to the forum of PKYEK! You guys would make the worst episodes not so bad with the endless humour and making the amazing episodes even more beautiful with your raves! 

Great post again Neetz Big smile Hope that we still get to interact and it was a pleasure to read your wonderful takes in the PKYEK forum! You are a sweetheart and super glad that I got to meet you and take care Hug

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Paint.It.BlacK. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by PurpleFairy

Originally posted by lost_in_love

Nice post nidz..

I hv also been a loyal viewer f SO..

Thy gav us many beautiful shows..nd ofcourse one f d best show..pkyek n our abhiya.. : )

m already missng m abhiya..sigh

i wsnt fully satisfied..mainly coz f incmplet wedding nd less abhiya apart tht it ws a gr8 epi.. :
m happy...tht nw abhiya r togthr ...forevr..n tht wht really matters..!

thz fb scenes were so nostalgic..sigh

abhiya dance on saibo n dil ibadaat ws magical nd dreamy as evr...

Abhiya r epic...n will alwyz b...

Cn never frget them ..evr...!

Thanks, Indu.I know, the wedding was too rushed but I guess I didn't expect any better from the CVsEven the actor playing Abhay seemed least interested and we all know he was just waiting for the show to end so I guess all this did kinda affect everything but it's ok. All's well that end's well and at least my charm didn't get killed. I wanted to only ENJOY this last episode come what may so that no one can take my precious memories away from me (:AbhIya are truly one in a million

ya abhay aka viv seemed reluctant n less intersted during d marriage ceremony..
Evn i didnt expctd much frm then human nature ws bit emotional nd wantd to see a grand nd epic ending fr our epic couple..sigh

bt never mind...atleast we gt to see d pheras...n what more cn we expct frm d stupid cv's...

M content tht thy got unitd at d end...othrwise thy wud hav further ruind d essence f their epic love story..d it wud hav been hard fr me to bear...!

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 9:43pm | IP Logged

I was so attached to this show. Never before had I been so addicted to any show like PKYEK Cry I have watched tons of shows before but I never liked any as much as this one. Feeling really bad. I wanna see ViSu together again but I doubt that'll ever happen, what with their differences Ouch

Anyways I was left a lil disappointed with the finale. Hardly we got to see Abhiya. Only saw other actors n also Abhay should have worn a sehra like u pointed out. I saw so many others dancing but wat abt the other newly married couple MishKa? Hardly saw much of them. I am happy that Abhiya got together Embarrassed but I didn feel it justified the pilot promo which promoted this show as a dark love story. Nevertheless it was a beautiful journey Smile Will cherish Abhiya moments forver Embarrassed

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readingworms. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
i've run out of words to say...but i am going to miss star one overall...i mean , besides this channel giving me pkyek which has become an important and integral part of my gave me remix! ...that first show in star one...i can never forget it even though i started watching it last year in youtube...i'll miss so much that i am tired of expressing through words...i have already given a tribute to them 2 weeks back...but i guess i will talk about my favourite of my favourite scenes is when in season 1 abhay says one very memorable dialogue..  " apne chaaro ore kitni deeware khaari rakh kar dee hai maine in do sau saalon mein , lekin piya , tumne unn saari deewaron ko tor diya hai..tum mujhe paagal kar dogi  piya..." [thoughts] ... i mean whenever they look at each other...your veins FEEL how abhay is fighting another entire battle within himself altogether...piya , on the other hand...gets lost in her internal chambers  known as valves which dissolve into those dead , numb , icy pools of graveyard silence saluted by the whistle of destructive winds..and yet she wonders that why isn't her insanity and animosity  of emotions enough for making abhay  feel the light of her emotions spill into his cold veins and channelize his dead body...but that's the point of the whole scene...her starlight of insane  love and sunshine blinds and intrigues  him because he is genetically integrated to be a ruthless animal by the notes of even though he felt light in that particular scene they just refuse to be  the  very liquid to ignite his veins that have stopped functioning long , long ago...what a scene mahn...the depth..the makes ones senses shiver LOL...*sigh*...and i think this process is not only highlighted by this dialogue...but also when piya's face cringes in pain , and abhay's hand unconsciously raises to touch the creases of her face IMMEDIATELY...but , alas...the conscious veil of a monster makes the experienced , forbidden hand CONTROLLED BY THE VINES OF LETHAL DESTRUCTION  seize...and go back to this body of a silent , COBWEBBED  world of darkness...we will never get such beautifully  , speechless and intense scenes back .Ever...and no couple in indian tv..except angad and kripa have had this extent of intensity of their scenes...i love rey and kriya , arnav and khushi -a very darkly romantic equation...i love udayveer and maanyata too...most of them have scenes of compulsion- repulsion..but none have this degree of depth in them...i mean abhay and piya's scenes personify in saying a million words in their agonizing silence , they create a tune of nostalgic symphony through their words of silence ...their silence have been filled and packaged with words , syllables and  overflowing seas of poetry...and not many people really understood that , but thank fully we Abhiya fanatics like you and me , do  Embarrassed...

they just tell you by that one intense and unfolding eye lock which says so many things which only they comprehend that why abhiya is abhiya and why were we literally begging and yearning for their scenes Heart yes , i am talking about the scene of abhay saving piya from the branch falling... piya's vulnerable innocence was immediately spot on back when she by vehement desperation innocently asked him basically that now what are you going to justify for your actions? hide through your tough and cold exterior mask again? but you matter how many lies im matter how many memory losses or presonality disorders i have..i am you and you are me...and there is nothing we can do about it..abhay whether he hates it...had imprinted himself on every fiber of her being..and piya whether she had nothing or anything under her control ..became something thicker than that vampiric cold  blood running through abhays how can he resist someone who has become him, huh? her just two naive and innocent dialogues in abhays arms said all these things in unsaid palls of  silence as the eye lock continued ...and abhay's exterior devil mask immediately went out of the   window.. abhay and piya's love is beyond human's a forbidden composition..but ironically is not that the reason why we love them to death? because its far beyond the consequences of reality? its just one soul united regardless of how many turbulent troubles between them. inside them and around them..always and always against the whole world and even themselves...but does that change the destiny of being two souls entwined? nothing does...and nothing ever can. Heart
the scene where piya's conscience asks her why did not she accept jay's proposal on the friendship's day party in mount slapped those people across the face who thought piya is nothing but a damsel in many people criticized what she has become..but i have a serious question for they have the unbelievable will of the heart to make someone live in them after they do not have a single scope of memory of  what defined them in the first place ? i don't think so.abhay raichand runs thicker than the ripe human blood in her veins  even if her sanity does not agree with it Heartabhay is a dream to her which she has lived through and stayed with it ever after...he is a living dream that has gone through her like wine through water which has altered the colour of piyas mind to an extent that she is standing against her own self..why? piya's heart bellowing "no! abhay is staying inside  me no matter what"... even when every nerve , brain cell , every figment of flesh and blood stood against her heart..why?!? simply because abhay had become more of piya than piya was of  her own self Heart...whatever their souls are made of..abhays and piyas are submerged intricately.piyas great thought of living is abhay solitarily..because if everything perished but abhay remained..piya would still continue to live by him living...and if he perished and everything else remained..the whole universe would be a grave stranger to piya..for the reason she is not listening to her conscience..because she is now personified and even identified by the  vivid linen of a carved, morbid trance of unfathomable  emotions that unhinges two different bodies and makes every part of these two obstacles one in the forbidden line named as "abhiya"-she is made by the continuously destructive and raving compulsion-repulsion of the two different hemispheres of existence-life and death..result? piya screaming and breaking down at her own being...maybe... piya had become both of them..or rather piya had completely become abhay. . ...and nothing can be done to change that.nothing.  
i guess i have written enough of my cherished memories...i guess even though i was not exactly a watcher of DMG...i used to watch MJHT sometimes...and i found it really cute...DMG in the first nine months put everybody in craze even if i did not watch it..but one over the past few years have created beyond amazing soaps which still ring in our hearts...people still consider "remix" as a path to show them how to live life...people still want DMG back to the extent that their days feel incomplete without it...MJHT has become a beautiful , distant memory..and pkyek will make us depressed for a few days...and i guess will be a memorable love tale we desire and cherish inside our hearts eternally  ...i will miss star one...truly...

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harinisriram39 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Austen, What a wonderful description of Abhay and Piya's love which is not mere recollection but something felt by the viewers Clap
I wish we had a forum which would be visited by the PH, Creatives, Cast and Crew of the show to see such beautiful posts. 

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
OMG!!! PurplezzzEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Title is amazing... "Forever is just the Beginning..."

I feel the same thingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed DMG, MJHT, PKYEK, remix and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai...

They were and are and will b the most lovely shows ever frm SOEmbarrassed

I just loved ur post dear.. Cant express how I feel now...Ouch Dont knw whether to be happy or sadOuch

happy fr the happy ending or sad for the end of PKYEKCryCry

The tracks werent as our expections- khurana's , Werewolves-vampires fight, Abhiya's romance.. nothing as per it should be... bt the love they shared was immortal... It became our lives...

However the story went... Bt the show was magical... Love was magical...Embarrassed Thnk U Abhiya fr coming into our lives... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Love uHeart

I dont have much to say.. Ouch may be because Im still in shockConfused Thnk u everyone hereEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Im going to miss it a lot.. specially my kid sis will miss it... She is in 9thTongue nd shez mad about AbhayWink

Miss u Star One.. and Miss u Abhiya, Mayur,sajan, Gurti, KaShEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed You will always be loved


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smittu Goldie

Joined: 05 February 2008
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
ABHIYA marriage makes me happy---Ekta ruined the show big time, but any other ending would have made no sene to me, for me ABhiya are meant to be together and the marriage ending is purrfect, lets assume they lived happily ever after

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readingworms. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 12:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PurpleFairy

Originally posted by fairyfantasy

will miss abhaiya and mayur...

I'll miss them, too :(

Originally posted by princess_xeelan

Saying Goodbye for real is always tough and heart-breaking... Ouch  me too.. i'm all emotional right now... will miss them a lot...
@Red, i knw... Wink
btw, forgot to mention how adorable you dp avi is Day Dreaming

I know, Tanzie. It's really tough and I've had to say so many Goodbyes in the past year that I guess I wasn't ready for this one even if it's just a show 'coz AbhIya are so much more for me than a mere fictional couple.
@Avi: Aw! Thank you, dear. That's Josie and Sam from the movie Never Been Kissed. Adorable film. Do catch it if you get time (:
AHHH!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE...I AM A lot like josie LOL and i can totally relate to her in everything throughout the movie Embarrassed...and i wish every teacher was as hot as Sam Coulson Day Dreaming LOL

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