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MG:Shetan Ka Ghar-Thread 6 (Page 94)

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Guys if I should take vacation more often if I knew that I would get such a wonderful welcome back commentsLOLLOL Sorry for the delay! I hope you guys like this partEmbarrassedLOL

                                     *****Read this*****
Tomorrow I might treat you guys with a double update since I won't be able to update on Thursday...ONLY if this thread gets completed by tomorrow if not then you guys will have to wait when I return on Monday.
  Evil Smile SHETAN KGHAREvil Smile
                      Chapter 55

"I got your son back..I hope you remember your promise to me." (Pammi smirked over the phone..she knew he would fall into her trap...)

"Of course I remember my promise...I won't do anything to Maan..."

"And Geet as well...stay away from both of them...they both went through enough already because of you..." (Pammi smirks) 

"now didn't say anything about Geet before we made the deal..."

"Listen you..." 

Pammi: I would love to listen and talk but I have a lot of catching up to do with my son send him home when you can...will talk later

Rajvir: If anything happens to both of them..I won't spare you Pammi..mark my words

Pammi: What can you do? You can't enter this house nor go anywhere near Maan to warn him...and even if you decide to call him..he would hang up the phone the minute he hears your voice (she laughs and hangs up the phone...)
Maan carried Geet to the hospital. Geet blushed as everyone looked at them in shock...she looks at Maan's face, he was just looking ahead without caring who looked at them or what they said. She heard one women say how romantic. She puts her head on his chest letting her carry wherever he wanted. 

She knew by now that it is useless to try and talk to him of putting her down and behind his action is his love no matter how mad he may be of her. At the end of the day he is always there to take care of her but still her heart pained when she thought about loosing his trust. She so wanted to reverse the time so that she can undo what she did. She loves Maan but how can she make him understand that she did not betray him but instead trying to protect him? What can she say or do to make him know that?

They now walk along nursery hallway, Geet looks at the photos of babies on the wall with happiness..she looks at Maan..she could tell he was looking at them as well from the corner of his eyes but tried to mask it. 

When will he melt? 
When will he show that he cares? 
When will he shed his anger and learn to live in the present?

Maan stopped in front of a guy who was holding a baby in his arms. He looked at how happy he is making silly faces in order to make the baby laugh but nothing worked so far. He looks down at Geet who looked at the scene in front of her with happiness. He cringed...

will he be able to do the same? 
Will he be able to show affection to the baby once he is born? 
Will he be like his father? 

Deep down, although he doesn't want to admit it, he was scared-scared that he will turn the baby like him. Scared that he might hurt the baby as well. Will the history repeat itself? He held on to Geet he couldn't loose Geet or the baby. He will try to change for them but will he succeed?

He stops in front of the doctors office...Geet motions him to put her down...

Maan: I told you no

Geet: Maan please...its embarrassing...

Maan: I don't care! (he opens the door and places her on the chair. The doctor looks at them in shock) I need you to check my wife now

Doctor: Sure sir...(the doctor knew who he was who wouldn't...she knew if she denies him he could have her fired and make sure she does not get a job anywhere else...) What seems to be the problem

Maan: She threw up today in the morning. I want you to fully check her and the baby.

Doctor: Mr. Khruana throwing up during the first few days after pregnancy is quiet normal and very common but I will do the check up to make sure. Mrs. Khruana please lie down on the table. 

Maan sits down on the chair and watches as doctor makes  her lie down on the check up table and withdraws a curtain...Maan could see shadows of Geet and the doctor...he saw the doctor pulling her pallu away from her stomach to check the baby while Geet laid down with her one hand on the stomach and the other behind her head. 

He could see her nodding her head once in a while as the doctor presses her stomach to check for any pain. He wanted to turn his head away but couldn't..he saw the doctor move the pallu from her chest...Geet held it as she checked for her heartbeat. 

He closed his fists in order to control himself...he wanted to pick her up right now and make love to her..he didn't care..but thinking about the baby made him control himself...he couldn't put the baby at could be dangerous...he quickly turned his head away and took off his phone when he saw that they were done...

Geet came and sat next to Maan..he held her hands tightly...Geet looks at his worried eyes...she knew he was scared...he puts her other hand on top of his to reassure him...he loosens his hold a bit...

Doctor (looks at both of them with a smile) there is nothing to worry...the baby is fine and like I had said before it is quiet normal to throw up. Also, It is important as the pregnancy continues to exercise (Maan looks at Geet) like walking, lifting some light weight, or even doing common household chores...that will help the mother be strong as the pregnancy continues and also it will help support the extra weight. Since you are only three weeks pregnant I will prescribe you some prenatal vitamins that you need to take everyday.

Geet: Thank you doctor anything else that we might need to know?

Doctor: No so far just eat well, exercise and take the medications. I need you guys to come in again in about three weeks then I will do the necessary check up that will tell us if there will be any complications with the baby

Maan (head shots up) complications? What do you mean?

Doctor: Relax Mr. Khruana the tests will just tell us if the baby is growing safely or not...(she hands them a book) here is the book about pregnancy that both of you guys can read up gives tips and what to avoid and what not to avoid during pregnancy

Geet; uhh doctor what about cravings? 

Doctor: It is quiet common and normal. Sometimes its better to eat whatever you crave for yourself and for the baby.

Maan: Anything else?

Doctor: No...just make an appointment for three weeks.

Geet: Thanks (both get up...Maan picks Geet up again embarrassing her...she pleads with her eyes but he ignores her again and starts walking...) Maan please put me down..the doctor said that I can walk...(he still ignores her) it won't be good for the baby (he stops and looks down at her and slowly puts her down)

Maan: Lets go home now 

She nodes her head...Maan was a little ahead of Geet but in the reachable distance...Geet kept looking at her stomach smiling not looking where she is going. She bumps into someone and falls down...Maan quickly turns around when he heard a sound..

He looks at her with anger when he saw her on the floor..he then looks at the person responsible for making Geet fall. It was a woemn..only her back was towards him. He walked toward Geet and stops when the view came clear of who the person was...

Geet (stands up with tears seeing her front of her..she was shocked to see her mom in this state..her hair messed up..her eyes swollen with crying..she looked at her from top to bottom with worry...her mom hugged her tight while crying..) mom what happened?

Rano: Geet..your papa

Geet (Holds her with worry and shock...fear ran through her...) what happened to Papa? Where is he? mom

Rano: He got into an accident when he was coming home last night...(she cries on her shoulder...)

Geet (has tears in her eyes) where is he now? Is he fine..I want to see him

Rano: They say that he is critical...I don't know what is going to happen...I tried calling you..I called Maan betas office but they wouldn't transfer my calls and I couldn't go to your house either

Geet: What! (She looks at Maan...)

Rano: Geet I don't know what is going to happen

Geet (makes her sit down..) don't worry mom am here are not alone...I will be with you and dad no matter what...(she sees a water cooler and pours a glass of water for her mom) here mom..take here (she holds her hand..she sees Maan standing there looking at them both...she goes to him) Maan...can you find out about dad...I don't want anything happen to him...please 

Maan: Every thing is taken care of. I already informed the doctors to transfer him into a private room where doctors and nurses will surveillance him 24/7.  (Geet looks at him shocked but was happy that he did so much for her dad...he might show off as an angry person to the world but she knows his soft side the good inside him and she can't wait until he completely embraces that goodness inside him...Rano comes and stands next to Geet and hugs Maan..he was taken aback...)

Rano: Thank you I know that Geet found the right partner...I couldn't be happier for you both...

Maan (didn't know how to response how to show his affection..her mother reminded him of his mother..even she was affectionate like her...) hmm Geet lets go home now

Geet: But Maan I can't leave my mom like this (Maan looks at her with anger)

Rano: Geet beta Maan is right go I have nothing to worry as long as Maan is here 

Geet: NO! I want to see dad...(the doctor comes) doctor how is my dad?

Doctor: he is pulling through..for now he is stable but we have to wait till he wakes up..he has been transferred to the third floor in a private room. You can visit him if you like

Geet: Okay thanks doctor...(she looks at her mom) mom why don't you go home and rest..our driver can drop you home.

Rano: can I?

Geet: Mom am here now...don't worry...(she sighs and nodes her head...Geet enters the elevator as soon as the door closes Maan pulls her toward himself. He looks at her with anger...) Maan

Maan: who gave you the right to decide anything?

Geet (looks at him with disbelief) Maan...

Maan: Listen to me Geet..I decide your life now...I decide what you can do or don't have that right anymore!

Geet (comes out of his hold with anger and slightly pushes him away) You can't decide what I should do with my don't own me Maan...I am a human too...I might be living with you and gave you the rights that you deserve as a husband but that DOES NOT mean that you can control me like a puppet!! I will do anything for my parents and  decide anything and everything for them, not you! Am tired of explaining to you, proving my love to you again and again. (she holds his collar)

You don't love me or the baby! Your love is just a farce! 

Maan: GEETT! (He holds her shoulders) I don't love you?! How can you think that!

Geet: Yeah you don't love me! If you did, then you would've believed me when I told you the truth about your father! You should've seen the truth in my eyes! You should've never had doubted me when you found out! (he looks at her shocked) but you didn't! Me, the baby don't mean anything to you!!! (she puts her hand on her stomach) you ONLY care about your anger and your revenge!! (the elevator door opens and she quietly steps out leaving a shocked Maan behind)
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awsem pammi ye kabhi nahin sudhregi and wants to harm geet maan kuch karo pammi dev ka and maaneet hospital scene was fab and maan anger again high hope geet word do something to him

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I loveee this FF.. Finally geet showing some fight.. But love the hard n tough Maan..
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Originally posted by Saj110

I loveee this FF.. Finally geet showing some fight.. But love the hard n tough Maan..
Thanks Saj!
hopefully this fan fic continues to keep ur interstsEmbarrassed

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wonderful  geet did the right thing telling maan what he is doing to her ...
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like is not working dear
ossum part dear
i hope now maan again trust her  dear
really adorable dear
waiting for the next part dear
ossum one

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