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MG:Shetan Ka Ghar-Thread 6 (Page 77)

kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mrs.msk

thank you!
i know i want to have more vacation tiem
but i dont' want to toruture you guys anymoreWinkLOL

hey dear u can have u r vacation with giving us one update daily we wont mind it Wink tell we get our daily update LOL u can have as much as vacations as u want but on second thoughts then the fun of vacation would not be their so wait for some time and go again otherwise u will get bore of it too after some time LOL

jssood IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Welcome Back Codes
keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:31am | IP Logged
waiting dear
kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:36am | IP Logged
u know dear when u were not their i read all u r ff's completed and ongoing and loved all of them now i am waiting for u to update brahamchari maan too its really good dear ...
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by payalpari

u know dear when u were not their i read all u r ff's completed and ongoing and loved all of them now i am waiting for u to update brahamchari maan too its really good dear ...

awww thanks!
Am sure it was a good time pass and glad you loved them..i tried to eb differentLOL
will update soon still have to write the part and get out of vacay mode lol
will update bm 2marowEmbarrassedLOL
kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by payalpari

u know dear when u were not their i read all u r ff's completed and ongoing and loved all of them now i am waiting for u to update brahamchari maan too its really good dear ...

awww thanks!
Am sure it was a good time pass and glad you loved them..i tried to eb differentLOL
will update soon still have to write the part and get out of vacay mode lol
will update bm 2marowEmbarrassedLOL
not time pass dear it was fun Wink

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged
  Evil Smile SHETAN KGHAREvil Smile
                      Chapter 54

Maan was in his study room...still trying to grasp what the doctor said to him...him a father? Was this really true? He was so happy...finally, maybe, he will get a chance back to be happy..maybe to have his Pari back...but then why can't he show it? (He looked at the mirror hanging across the room) he remembered what he said and did to Geet...he saw himself as the Shetan...with Geet in the background looking at him with fear...(he takes the paper weight and breaks the mirror into tiny little pieces just like his heart..)

She broke my trust today...I loved her, tried to keep her happy and what does she do behind my back? She betrays me by meeting my father...the very same person that she knows he hates...his very name makes him mad...his very presence makes him angry..makes him remember what he has done..what he had turned him into...

He picks up the phone absentmindedly...he smirks when he heard a familar voice 

"Calling me after all these years? Am sure it is not to catch up.."

Rajvir: Maan beta where is Dev..what have you done with him?

Maan (smirks) What happened missing your other son this much already?

Rajvir: What is his fault Maan? Why are you hurting him for the things that I did?


Rajvir: I know but Dev is can I make you understand

Maan: You have 10 minutes to save your precious son...he is at his XYZ address...lets see if you are able to save at least one kid...(he hangs up the phone..and calls someone..) five minutes hang him...but make sure he is squirming like a fish out of water 

He goes behind his desk and turned on his monitor...he smiled as he saw Dev before his eyes..his hands were tied behind his back...his men were opening up his rope and made him stand on top of a chair..he tried to fight them but he was to weak for guy tied a rope around his neck...he saw Dev open his mouth..Maan knew he was screaming even though there was no volume...he loved it..he loved seeing him in pain..he wondered how did Pari felt when she died inside the womb..did she squirm like him? He shakes his head trying to get the past out and trying to keep his anger in control...

He relaxes back in chair to watch the show when he heard the door open. He looked at Nakul with anger. He doesn't let anyone in his study room and when he is IN the study room everyone knows that he is not to be disturbed.


Nakul (scared and fumbles with words)'am

Maan (becomes alarmed and his thoughts go back to what the doctors had said to him...she is pregnant...he stands up in panic mode and stands in front of him) WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?

Nakul: woh she is not eating anything sir...

Maan leaves the room without answering Nakul...he goes down the stairs with angry steps. He opens the door to their now room..he didn't want her to go anywhere near the stairs...he would not let history repeat itself..he saw Geet siting on the bed with her head on her knees...he sits near the bed...Geet slowly looks up with tears as she saw Maan...

Maan: Why aren't you eating? (Geet doesn't answer him...she just looks away...Maan holds her face making her look at him..she saw anger and concern for her in his eyes...) I asked you something..why aren't you eating?

Geet: Woh...

Maan: Listen to me carefully Geet...I won't let you hurt the baby (he puts his other hand on her stomach...) this is my baby...and if anything happens to the baby then I won't spare you no matter how much I love you

Geet: it is my baby you think I will let something happen to our baby

Maan: What you want me to trust you? (Geet closes her eyes in pain...)

Geet: I told you Maan...I never intended to meet him...he is the one that came up to me...I was going to tell you today..I just wanted to make sure that he doesn't hurt you again...(She cries holding his shirt collar) I don't want to see you in pain anymore...(she soaked his shirt with her tears)

Maan (placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her away from him...) You should've told me yesterday itself...the fact that I had to find this out for myself..pained me more...(he lets go of her and holds a plate full of rice, chole and other food...he takes a spoon full of rice and chole and holds it in front of her...) now eat!

Geet looks at him with tears and then at the spoon...she slowly opens her mouth as Maan puts the food in her mouth..Geet slowly chews on the food looking at him with pain...slowly one by one she manages to finish the food...Maan puts the plate on the table and slowly looking at Geet..she lies down on her stomach...Maan makes her turn around..she looks at him confused...

Maan; Don't lie on your stomach..what if something happens to the baby

Geet (puts her hand on the stomach..) nothing will not even showing is safe. 

Maan; NO! I don't care...

Geet nodes her head..she knew he won't let anything happen to her or the baby but she never knew that he will be this possessive about the baby...Maan was about to tuck her in when Geet suddenly sat on the bed...she covers her mouth with her hand. Maan looks at her with worry..she takes out the blanket off her self and pushes Maan aside. She jumps off the bed and runs to the bathroom. 

Maan quickly goes after her...he watches her throw up in the sink...he stands behind her with his hand on her stomach...Geet threw up everything that she recently ate...she wipes her mouth...Maan picks her up before she can take another step, carrying her out of the room

Geet: Maan where are you taking me?

Maan: To the hospital to get you checked 

Geet: Maan there is no need..this is normal for a pregnant women to throw up during pregnancy

Maan (stops in his tracks and looks at her) Why?

Geet (roles her eyes...even though her Shetan was smart in all the areas one area that he failed at was pregnancy...she could tell he was confused and had many questions...she touches his face with her hand...) Maan the baby is fine..the baby is okay

Maan (starts walking again) I want to make sure...(Geet sighs...)

Geet: At least put me down..I can walk

Maan: are not to take a single step while you are pregnant...

Geet: You are being unrealistic Maan..

Maan: You will find out soon enough if I am or not..(he places her in the passenger seat and safely buckles her belt..he quickly gets in the driver seat to go to the hospital...the car stops at a red light..she looks out the window to see a pani puri cart...she looks at it lovingly)

Geet (touches his arm..Maan looks at her hand and then at her) Maan I want to eat Pani Puri

Maan (looks out the window and was disgusted...) NO! Its not healthy

Geet: but i want to eat it...

Maan: I am not allowing you to eat this at all

Geet: but

Maan: Geet am not saying this again...(he says in anger...)

Geet (looks at him and turns her head away in disappointment) Shetan kahi ke (she mumbles to herself but Maan hears her..he looks at her with an angry glare)

Maan: Geet what did you say?

Geet (Looks at him and closes her eyes) nothing...(she turns her head the other way closing her eyes)

Maan (turns her head..ignoring the horns he was getting from behind him since the signal turned green...she looks at him..he leans dangerously close to her ear...) Do you want to see how much of a Shetan I really can be Geet once we are home? (She looks at him and blushes...he sits back on his seat and slowly drives to the hospital)
Rajvir reaches the place where Maan said Dev would be. It was a warehouse..he opened the door slowly making sure no one was there...when the coast was clear he quickly went inside...there were boxes everywhere stacked high up to the ceiling..he saw a little pathway on his left...he went around it and was shocked to see Dev hanging to the fan moving his legs frantically in order to release himself...he saw a chair on the floor below Dev...he quickly gets on top of the chair and loosens his hold...Dev coughs as he falls on the floor on his knee

Rajvir: Dev beta are you okay? 

Dev (gasps for air) yeah...

Rajvir: Am sorry this is all because of me

Dev (looks at him confused) what do you mean?

Rajvir: Maan did this because of me to you...(Dev looks at him shocked..." will pay for this...I know your made a big mistake by letting us stay at your watch what I will do to your beautiful precious wife...By the time I get done with her you won't recognize her that is my promise" He smirks)

Precap: You don't love me or the baby!!! (Maan looks at her with anger and shock)

I know this might be short but its back to regular updates
Thank you everyone for waiting for me to come back and giving me such a wonderful welcome back start lolEmbarrassed

P.S. I better get enough likes AND comments I have OVER 560+ ppl added to my buddy list WOWWOWWOWOWOWOWShockedShocked

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awsem update maan is possessive about baby and this father caring toward dev and dev want to harm geet hope maan save her and beat dev black blue and me second to update

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