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MG:Shetan Ka Ghar-Thread 6 (Page 41)

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  i think maan is making pammi              mentally retorded...
 a person with equal love to wife n        hatred to his enemy...
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Originally posted by Desipunjaban

...dnt wry i have decided 2 bnk 2moro...whose gona sit in a clas aftr sleep of jst 6 hrs!
ha u r right
almost done

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Sorry for the delay..tomorrow I will let you guys know for how long I am going to be unavailble for my vacationEmbarrassed

Evil Smile SHETAN KGHAREvil Smile
                      Chapter 52

Maan sat in the room looking at Geet...he was sitting right next to her..caressing her face...she was his and safe..he would kill anyone that would come in between them..anyone that tries to hurt her...he hated Dev who said her name from his mouth..he wanted to punish him..punish him for making her cry the day before...if it was up to him..Dev's body would be sitting in front of Pammi but no...he wanted to give both of them a slow death like they did to his mom...he wanted to see Pammi cry, break down...he will make sure that he does...

Geet slowly opened her eyes...she saw Maan looking at her..she smiles...he was in a trance...she holds his hand to bring him out of his state...Maan looks at her..she sits up on the bed...

Geet; what happened? 

Maan: nothing...was just thinking..

Geet (looks at him closely..she holds his hand tighter..) Maan I want to ask you something...

Maan: hmm (he puts his head on her lap...Geet didn't know how to start the topic of his to make him understand...what to say or do...she slowly caressed his head in a trance...Maan tugs her hand..she looks at him..) what happened?

Geet: woh..umm...

Maan: Say it Geet...what are you thinking...

Geet: umm what would you do if a person made a grave mistake but was repenting for his deeds...would you forgive that person?

Maan (sits up and looks at her..) Why are you asking this?

Geet: umm just like that..I just wanted to know

Maan (pulls her closer by her arm...she looks into his anger filled eyes..) I will forgive you ONLY no one else gets that chance..if it is anyone else then their bodies will be in front of me..I don't forget...JUST DON'T BREAK MY TRUST GEET...because even then I don't know if I will forgive you...(He lets go of her arm...Geet falls back on the bed...Maan comes on top of her and kisses her neck..)

Geet: Maan...what are you doing..

Maan: loving my wife...

He holds her by the waist and pulls her up a little making her arch her back...his hand goes to her back opening up her dori...

"Why do you make me yell at you? Make me angry? Make me do something that I regret doing after?"

She gasps when he presses her curves..she looks into his eyes...he still had pain and there was no getting rid of can she make him meet his father?
She knew that he will not forget his past..he needs to move on...move on from this revenge that is still making him a shetan...he cannot live his life by being a shetan...she looks at the closet as Maan makes love to her...she had to contact him...

Maan hugs her after their love...he makes her lie on top of him...while his hands roamed freely all over..she moans when she felt his hand near her thighs...

"Are you okay?"

Geet: I am just hungry...

Maan (sits up...) why didn't you say so? (he grabs her clothes and dress her up...Geet gets off the bed..she looks at the closet again...)

Geet: Maan why don't you freshen up...

Maan (Nodes his head and goes toward the bathroom..before he goes inside..) uhh Geet can you get me some coffee?

Geet: okay...

She looks at Maan and leaves the soon as left Maan opened the closet...he had noticed that she has been looking here the whole day today why? He wanted to find out..he wanted to know what she was soon as he opened the closet..a card fell out..he looked at the only had an address and phone number..

He quickly puts the card back and goes to the bathroom. Geet came back with the coffee...she saw the bathroom door was closed..she quickly opens the closet and takes the card...she looks at the card remembering the phone number...She leaves the room to burn the card before Maan could see...

She wanted to tell him the truth but before that she wanted to find out if he really is repenting...
She didn't want to see him hurt again...

She comes back and saw Maan out of the bathroom..she gives him a small smile...Maan just looks at her..he opens the closet and saw that the card is gone...Geet was straightening the bed...he waned to know who the card belonged to and why she is not telling him...he puts on his clothes...

Maan: Geet I have to go out for something

Geet: But you said that you are going to stay home...

Maan: I know but I have something to do that I just remembered

Geet: Okay

Maan leaves the house..he was angry..he wanted to know what she was hiding...
Geet stayed home..she wasn't feeling well...she didn't tell Maan because she knew that he would have all the doctors line up in the house..she didn't want him to worry...she ignores her health and looks at the phone..she was worried more about the current situations...she slowly picked up the phone and dialed the number...after few rings someone picked up the phone...

Geet: Hello...this is Geet

"Geet beta I knew you would call..."

Geet: I will do anything for Maan..I have seen his pain..experienced it...I don't want to see him in pain anymore

Ranjvir: I know..I will do anything to ask for his forgiveness...please believe me when I say.I really have changed..I want to prove it to Maan...did Maan decide to meet me?

Geet: woh umm he doesn't know yet..I haven't told him...I am going to tell him tonight...I can't lie to him..its up to Maan to decide what he wants to do...

Ranjvir: I know..I understand..

Geet: Okay bye.

Ranjvir: bye
Pammi gets up looking at the time...her head was killing her..she saw a juice glass..quickly she takes the juice and drinks it...she gets up to go to the soon as she opened the door...she screamed...Geet came to her room...

Geet: What happened?

Pammi (Points toward the floor) its a 

Geet (Looks at the floor and then at Pammi) There is nothing

Pammi: NO look...snake...he is looking at me

Geet (goes on the floor and picks up the t-shirt...she brings it toward her..Pammi screams and moves back...Nakul and everyone came there as well looking at Pammi while she ran away from Geet..) This is a shirt...nothing else...see

Pammi (rubs her eyes and then looks at the thing she was was a shirt...she holds the shirt in her hand..) it is a shirt...(she looks at everyone looking at her as if she is crazy..she laughs) I was kidding..I just wanted to see your guys reaction (Nakul shakes their head and leaves...Geet gives her one last look before leaving as well) what is happening to me? I know I thought I saw was as if its real...what is going on...

She picks up the phone when she heard it ringing...


" me..."

Pammi (sits up worried) Dev? What happened? Where are you?

"I don't know.. someone kidnapped me...I don't know why..."

Pammi (heard someone hitting him while Dev screamed in pain..Pammi held the phone tighter almost crying...) "hello Dev...Dev..." The phone went dead...she dials the phone again but it was out of reach...
Maan looked at the house in front of him..this was the address written on the card..who did Geet knew here? As far as he knows, his friends nor his parents own this property then who could it be...he got off the car..fixing his jacket before walking...he rings the bell...when no one opened the door he rang the door...he was about to leave...when he heard someone opened the door..Maan turned around and was shocked to see the person in front of him...his does Geet know where he lives? Did she meet him? When? 

He closed his fists in anger...his childhood memories, his mother, the blood everything came back to him...Ranjvir looked at his son...after a long time he is standing this close to him...he steps closer to him...he brings up his hand to touch see if he is real...Maan held his hand and threw it down...

Ranjvir: Maan beta


Ranjvir: Just listen to me...I 


Ranjvir: If you hate me so much then kill me...I would rather die from your hands then anyone else's..

Maan: DON'T WORRY THAT WILL BE DONE AS WELL! (he turns around to leave..Ranjvir comes and stands in front of him...)

Ranjvir; Please listen to me...I know what I have done is unforgivable but trust me

Maan (smirks) trust? (he moves away from him and begins to leave again..Ranjvir comes and stands in front of him again...Maan looks at him with anger..) MOVE!

Ranjvir: No..(Maan takes out his phone and calls someone...within minutes couple of guys came there..standing next to Maan) you think you can scare me? I have seen a lot Maan...just give me a chance to apologize

Maan (ignores him) Burn his house down..then maybe he will know not to mess with me..(He gets in the car and leaves without looking back once...)

Okay guys I know you guys were expecting Geet to tell him the truth..but she had her reasons why..I hope you guys know what I mean...Embarrassed

Sonu: I am so happy that your dad is getting betterEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Ruhi: Babe I hope you did fine on your come back here...
Angi: Good luck on your research paper
Sana: Missing you my pc chor
Sherya: kaha ho tum...hope your mba is going well as well
Zoha: where are you? Hope everything is okayCry

Sorry guys I can't do my "favorite job" of replying back to everyone today so will have to wait till 2marowLOLLOLWink

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me first Dancing

wonderful update

is geet pregnant ?? ohh how will maan react now with geet after seeing his father Ouch 

Plz update BM too 

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Geet nt well
Is it sum good newsWink
Maan is hell angry
Hop he dosent do sumthg stupid with Geet in anger
He is making Pammi Mad for sure hehhe

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awsome [art

ab geet ka kya hoga


snake snake


dey r getting wht dey desrve
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omigod...maan knows about his dad...and then geet didnt even tell him...i wonder how will he react to geet now and what will he really feeling scared for geet...i hope maan will listen to her and now yell like he does all the time...

it seems he will never forgive his dad...i mean like how he told his men to burn his house... 0.o...and then so happy she is going crazy...this is what she desrves...i hate her n her idiot and pervert son dev...both should just rot in hell...

continue soon... :)))

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