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MG:Shetan Ka Ghar-Thread 6 (Page 32)

--Zehnaseeb-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged
OMG Maan's father meets Geet. Hope he is truly regretting for his deeds. Nice update.Smile

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angili Goldie

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Simi sweet heart I am here miss you too
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by angili

Simi sweet heart I am here miss you too
hows everything
u ready for xmas?
its cold LOL
angili Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Cold is understatement for what is like here
And I don't have exams because I am in MBA I am preparing a research paper

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by angili

Cold is understatement for what is like here
And I don't have exams because I am in MBA I am preparing a research paper
ha yeah I know what you mean
it was freezing yesterday here
oOo mba..good wonder you are not around as much lol
hope you do wellEmbarrassed
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Okay guys here is the next part..many of you guys are nervous and scared of what is gonna happen next..but lets see what happens..another dhamakedar part and the answer to what is the pill all about will be answered!

1.) tomorrow I will update late...I have to do something in the I will update when it is around 2pm here in US
2.) Pregnancy track of Geet will start after I come backEmbarrassed
3.) If I don't update BM tomorrow then I will def. on Thrusday and also let you know about my vacation plans and when I will be able to update againEmbarrassed 
Evil Smile SHETAN KGHAREvil Smile
                      Chapter 51

Geet sat across from the very person she had hoped to meet, his dad. She didn't know why she said yes to having coffee with him. Maan looked exactly like him it was so uncanny. Among anything, she worried what Maan would do if he found out about this. She knew he hated his father beyond anything, his hate for him was more then the he the love he has for is scary...sometimes she wondered how she is even controlling his anger...she just wanted to get out of here but she couldn' of the reason she is here, sitting across from is because she wants to know. She wants to know how can a father hit his own kid?  How can a husband treat his wife so badly like this?

Ranjvir: I know you might not know much about me

Geet: I know 

Ranjvir (sighs): How is he doing?

Geet; Same as you left pieces

Ranjvir: Listen I know what I did Maan would never forgive me..but 

Geet: forgive? That is the last thing he would want to can you do this? 

Ranjvir (hits the table in anger...Geet gets scared) I know what I did...circumstances..I didn't want to do this...I just wasn't thinking...this is all because of that Pammi...

Geet (looks at him shocked) what do you mean?

Ranjvir: I was involved with her and one thing led to another...she uhh ended up pregnant with my child...

Geet: Dev...

Ranjvir: Do you know him?

Geet: Both live in the house with us...Maan brought them in

Ranjvir: you have to get them out..they are not good...espeically Pammi..she can hurt you too

Geet: Maan said that he has a plan...I don't know what...

Ranjvir; Please Geet me...

Geet; how can I help you? What can I do?

Ranjvir: you can make him understand..please me...I want to meet my son...please seeing Savitri lying down covered in blood made me realize what I have done..I know it is too late for me to go back and undo my past mistakes but I just want to talk to Maan..I want to ask for his forgiveness...Please you are the only person that can help me in this

Geet: I don't think it is possible...

Ranjvir; please...think of me as your father..please

Geet; you are nothing like my father..he never raised his hands on me or my mom...(She gets up to leave...)

Ranjvir (comes and stands in front of her..he gives her his card) here is my number...I hope you know what I am saying is true from my heart..I don't want to hurt him or you I just want to help him...I knew he hates me..and am willing to take his anger..please help me..get him to meet me...just once.. (he leaves...from there leaving her confused...she was getting more and more tangled into this...she couldn't pull herself out..not without Maan...should she tell Maan?)
Pammi was home by herself..she laid on the bed everything was blurred out...she looked toward the door and sat up straight when she thought she saw an animal...she rubbed her eyes and realized its just her clothes that are hanging behind the door...she lays back down and looks at the window scared when she heard some kind of noises...she takes the phone and dials Dev's number...

Pammi: hello Dev..where are you? I am scared..come home...I hear noises...

Dev: Mom I can't come home..that Maan sent me to construction site...and I have to report to him in less then a hour..I have to go bye...(Pammi hangs up the phone...and pulls the blanket all the way up trying to calm her mind...she jumps when she hears her phone ring..)

Pammi: Hello Dev...(she smirks) ohh Ranjvir why all of a sudden you called me?

Ranjvir; I want to meet you today itself

Pammi: I can't about tomorrow during lunch?

Ranjvir: okay..bye...

Pammi: So you finally decided to talk to me (she smirks as she hangs up the phone..)
Geet came home totally confused and still thinking of what to do. She looks at the card in her was she going to help them both? Father wanted to meet his son for forgiveness while Maan just wanted revenge..he hates even the mention of his fathers can she bring him up without angering him? She quickly hides the card in her palm when she saw Maan sitting in the living room. He gets up and stands in front of her...

Maan: Finally you came...

Geet; What are you doing home?

Maan: I uhh had to check up for something...and I was waiting for you

Geet: ohh uhh let me put this in the kitchen (she was about to walk when Maan held her hand..the same hand which held the card...he pulls her toward him..)

Maan: Nakul will do it...

Geet: uhh umm no..I will do it...let me just uhh put this in the kitchen...

Maan: I said Nakul will do it! (He takes the basket from her other hand...Geet looks at him..he was still holding the hand that held the card..she was now scared...what if he opens up her palm and see the card..does he know that she has a card in her hand? What will be his reaction? Geet kept looking down...he makes her look at him...) What happened? Why do you look worried?

Geet: Nothing happened..I am just tired..

Maan (picks her up and carries her to the bedroom) here you rest...(Geet puts her hand with the card under the pillow) i will call the doctor

Geet: Maan am okay..I just uhh want to rest that is all

Maan: hmm okay..i will work from home

Geet: No its can go to work

Maan: No..i will work from home..You are the most important thing to me Geet..(he says while caressing her face) Now go to sleep...

Geet nodes her head and closes her eyes...she wanted to tell Maan about what happened today but she was afraid..she is now stuck in between..she knew Maan would not not anything to her but she feared for his father...did he really repent for his mistakes? Will Maan see that before his revenge? 

She opens her eyes as soon as she hears Maan leaving the room she quickly gets up from the bed holding the card...she goes to the closet to hide the card...but as soon as she opens the closet..Maan opens the door...she throws the card in there quickly closing the closet...

Maan (angry) what are you doing up? 

Geet: woh I had to check something...I was just going to bed now

Maan: hmm go to bed..I will be here..

Geet (looks at him shocked...and then at the closet) but ummm 

Maan: Geet I told you before...your health is important to me..I will not let you or anyone else compromise that...(he picks her up again..he goes to the chair and sets his table there..) I will be right can go to sleep 

Geet nodes her head yes and turns her back to Maan..she kept looking at the closet..she had to get the card out of there before Maan sees...she slowly closes her eyes..falling asleep..
After few hours, Maan checks his watch..he opens the room door and goes downstairs. He saw Nakul making the lunch...

Maan: Nakul...(he looks at him but kept his head down..) here give this juice to Pammi Massi (Nakul looks at him shocked) make sure she drinks everything...

Nakul: But sir...

Maan: Do what I say..without any questions..understand...(he leaves the kitchen...Maan looks at Pammi who was sleeping...and smirks..."pretty soon you will see who I truly am..."...he goes to his study room and calls up Adi...) Hello what happened with Dev...

Adi: Sir he has reached the place (Maan looks at his watch...on time..) what should I do?

Maan: Tell him that this is a wrong site...did you talk to the clients?

Adi: Okay sir...and yes sir...we got the contract

Maan (smirks) hmmm good...(after he hangs up..he calls someone else on the phone) I need you to kidnap a person...i will send you the picture..I want you to keep him in your custody until tomorrow... 

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ssssmarsnehag10farhana1234dpurvainlwgeetphanisrinilu_50scarce05mishtimskalonerokzzshanmanjugeeta1803nehavashizil143lovelyninimaliknkartheenarayanacukishattitudeshycoolpari54maaneet_mansijagritimanochamishimNatashaPerMADHUKAAJALKIMLsweet.shonastar432Sarah08sweetswaroncanonMaryamahaji790POULOMI22treasuretrowelneetugarg123AISHAJSMAAHIMIKAmandakini_marchaisha_1998ajoliejyotiagarwalsarah_zaishaReahRajfatiya52110NK4MSK.Nazia9290860623thea_angely01leothelionpp1980sonuseeukapoor435Paingeltellycrazy5armadasmi123television9ammyicycoollathaaupoojaaddischoudhary.a-divya-lakshmisalvadimmishra1rsingh0103thekolgalayu14thendral_111nonabebuSaffronOrange--love---Elfin-nazsijcloudflowersakadafihamini_yashYellowtullipsdrashtipatel30PoonamTmanjusha_92drashtiMyAnGeLjosh.poojaBkhasseductivepurplesoniaz121Dazlingdivyabhawna02khansangelmamatha.pinku33NihsonShilalipisk_75shaksdeewanikavs123preet.harmanhumazubannehaagarwalvlovepoorostprincesssarahMONIJA78mkd.70Maangeetlove7nityaannbellSukham12shruthiruchsimli95turbulencechiki143payal12Love2readapril12mounacutyneha512tich.1990mgTamanna_TJSimran_14priyankadwivedizaidi98Mino_MNH1971cutemishtiAmElOdI97531SOLACEofEYESSphinxdh_ritiangiliRaina123-eiya-NazmaaLadyArwenmystique_girlXXaquafireXXmyedward12am_sweet_parimaansi007shivangi783cherieLovermuskaan...sweetanu2314charlie1950zaqxswAnu_Rlalitha..anshimanshii rokasmanikareena32Anvi2009ytanujamisty_drastifanCutee999chubzyPaintedSkyAnu-Ananya$ara_$hachiAtiffacyum321jazzeretteshristi1harshithaaaaaaans.1desirsheetalvasaShimmerrkrndrMaaneet4eveExpectoPatronum286pearlchange12-SmexySmile-CrazyMaaneetFanangel_smilyjssoodAnnu8193Break.The.Codegbhatinsight555shalinisaran89preetymaaneetpayal.gupta177kshubhangipriya_ya1408jeyanthi123arorasurbhinats0101doublecrossanmirzaar_artangel-ki-shonaCOLOGYmaaneetmaahi-indu-KoolsmilemaanshiTeamMcSwarekgill123Zohamaaneetdeepali1022ammu5ritzy09nehakapoor7awesomepoojaEccentric.Being-Zahra15--Veritaserum-honeygrapesoni4evaMaaneet.LoverpaponeconRamhariLuvScoobyRaDMG25rupzloveubasicquestion1tintinuKrishnaluv94meena..-memorable-wajiha-1krati5blueopalWater.mrk-1ambbihatehzeeb25shalini01esha143shruthiRshruti_luvs_mskkomlikaAlamelusmallvillepunjabi.princessweet cherryanjucool_shinchan_sanghita0000-afsha-kooliionamita25flowers4umandymoredivareenaswetha10..hinal..mysteriousmillit_areebHansaNshah10rsroopalishalini_smaaniqramchoprasweet scorpiofreya123sona-rai--Ratna--maanmeet1Shalveseemamarypreethiachsweety22keenu_kkyoga23priya6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6zaara2212-Mishu----nishu---Craziest_MGRemya_PillaiLittle_Mermaid.punam2712kkiddoolove2_somaSecretSapphireKhaleesi_SheenGcianabba12JeevanaPtamanna1391vrinda22leverneMadhuri53cookie.Loquacious_Aashtodayzstar_BlackPearl_abinash079--Zehnaseeb---BlushaLicious-bhanu_rekhagdumaskhwaishfanMysticRiverspvdDownhill

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Smile me first !!!!Big smile

nice one...but am worried about how maan will react ...Confused hope he wont misunderstand geet or be mad at her... 

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awesome update loved it our shetan taking care of his angel staying home to make sure she is ok love how he is drugging pammi hope that card does not cause problem between them thanks for the pm  in anger only she can stop the shetan with her love

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