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MG:Shetan Ka Ghar-Thread 6 (Page 16)

Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by honeygrape

hellooo simi...kaha ho??

hey am here
sorry sort of busy with work
will update in 5 minutesEmbarrassed
waiting dear!!

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Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by honeygrape

hellooo simi...kaha ho?? 
hey am here
sorry sort of busy with work
will update in 5 minutesEmbarrassed

oh its okie dear...we ll waitSmile

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Sorry guys will not be able to reply back to you guys from last week...busy at work and I have to finish off HAHK and One Fine day this will be busy with those...

Thanks so much...and please do leave your comments and press likeEmbarrassed
  Evil Smile SHETAN KGHAREvil Smile
                      Chapter 50

Pammi was in the kitchen making food. She was mad at Maan for making her work in the house...not for long when she would be the owner of this house. She sacrificed a lot of things to come here today. She didn't regret anything about what she has done in the past. 

No one can between her and the money. Her next pawn would be Rajvir..she will use father and son against each will win...she knew how much Maan hates his father..just the mention of him boils his blood...she smirks..his another weakness...but for now she has to take care of Geet...and for that Dev is there...he will make sure that she never goes near Maan again or vice versa..which ever...

Maan stands outside the kitchen looking at her cook. He looks at the bottle in his hand and smirks. The game has begun...his first step to his victory seeing her in pain...screaming in pain asking for help but no one would be there to help her not even her own son...he goes inside the kitchen...

Maan: Pammi Massi what are you making today?

Pammi (comes out of her thoughts and looks at him with a fake smile) umm I was making your favorite beta...

Maan (looks at the pasta she was making) ohh this looks it done?

Pammi: yes..I will just bring the food for everyone outside

Maan (smirks) hmm okay 

Both look at each other giving each other fake smiles. Maan sits on the dining table with Geet. Dev wasn't there...Maan had sent him to go to a construction site early in the morning..but only one problem...he gave him the wrong directions on purpose...he timed him..lets see if he is able to find the right place within three hours or else...

Both saw Pammi coming out, covered in food, carrying the trays...Geet looks at Pammi uncomfortably, ever since she found out her truth she doesn't trust her enough  to stay home...but she knew that Maan would not listen...he has some other plans for her in which she doesn't know..As Pammi was about to eat..

Maan: Umm Pammi Massi..can I get some juice...

Pammi (smiles) sure...

As soon as Pammi went inside the kitchen..Maan nonchalantly slips the pill into her drink without Geet noticing...he pretends to eat when he saw her coming out. He looks at her paying attention to her food..he waited for her to drink the water...he smirks...when she drank the whole glass...phase one was it was just sit and wait...slowly the effects will start...Geet just played with her food, she didn't feel like eating and especially the food made by her...Maan looks at her and places his hand on top of her..Pammi looks at that with anger...

Maan: Geet how come you are not eating?

Geet: woh am not hungry

Maan: Are you okay? (he calls Nakul) Nakul call the doctor..I want him here in half hour (he nodes and leaves)

Geet: Maan doctor is not just not hungry

Maan: Still why not? He can just do a check up...

Geet: But

Maan: Geet...(he squeezes her hand...Geet nodes her head yes...Pammi gets up with anger and leaves for her room..Maan looks at her with a smirk..he looks at his an  hour the medicine will affect her...he sighs...)

Geet: Maan seriously am okay...don't call the doctor..I will let you know if anything happens

Maan: Are you sure?

Geet (smiles) okay..I will eat later

Maan: Then eat right now...not later...(he picks up an apple and gives it to Geet...she take a small bite of the apple...) I will go to work...

Geet: Maan..woh Pammi..I don't feel comfortable with her here

Maan: Don't worry Geet...she will  not trouble you at me...I will not let anything happen to you (he smiles..Geet walks him out of the house to his car...she waves him good bye...)
He watched Maan leave the house...he looked at the women on his right..he was holding her hand...she was married to Maan..he smiles...he was happy that at least he is happy and someone can share his pain. He looked so much like him...the same walk, the looks, everything...he had his mother's eyes...the same eyes that haunted him for years and still do...whenever he closes his eyes he saw her fearful eyes and her betrayed look before she died...

It was all his fault..he didn't know what he had...he ruined his own family with his bare hands, he blamed Maan and Savitri for no fault of their its too late for him to ask for forgiveness...but he wanted to...he had to face his son..beg him until he forgives him if not then kill him with his hands..he will not regret a thing...he needed to find a way to talk to was possible to enter the house nor go to the office..he needed to find someone...maybe he has...(he saw her going inside the house...)
Geet sat in the living room...she had nothing to do...Pammi was in her room and she could care less..what she did to Maan's mom, ruined his childhood, she will never forgive her for all the pain she caused him. She saw Nakul coming out of the kitchen with a bag.'

Geet: Nakul where are you going?

Nakul: I have to get some stuff for the kitchen

Geet (gets up) here let me go

Nakul (looks at her shocked) no ma'am...I will go..if Maan sir found out I will loose my job

Geet: Nothing will happen..I will talk to Maan...let me take the bag...

Nakul: But.

Geet: Nakul trust me...Maan sir will not do anything...(she takes the bag from him) you can go inside until I get the stuff...(she calls up Maan...)

Maan was going to work when he saw call coming from Geet. He immedatley picks up thinking something is wrong.. "Geet what happened? Are you okay?"

Geet (smiles) Maan am okay...I just called to let you know that I am going out to get some stuff for home

Maan: Why are you going? Where are all the servants?

Geet: Maan I told Nakul I will go..he has to go somewhere right now...its fine

Maan: Then have someone else go...

Geet: Maan...please...I will go and come back..I will take the driver with me...

Maan; me as soon as you reach the place..I will let driver know

Geet: okay bye...

Maan: bye
Geet goes to the market..this was first time of her coming here...she was excited...whenever she was home..her mom never allowed her to go to a market..well mostly because she was busy with school but going here excited her...she always wanted to try it and now she finally got the chance...she was looking through the vegetable section..

"Hello beti.."

Geet looks at the person standing right next to her..he looked familiar...

"You probably don't know me..but I am Maan's father..." (She drops the basket on the floor as she stared at the person in front of her with anger..)

So how was it?
Since it is the 50th chapter..I wanted to show up dhamake daar episode LOL

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me first again
aila kya dhamaka hai rajvir meets geet ab kya hoga may b geet will realize he is truly sorry nd talk 2 maan nd certainly maan wont listen nahiii dont do this
it will only create mu btw them which we dont want
nd ye pammi ko kya kiya maan ne geet bhi bahar gai dev hai nahi pammi ko to ab maan hi bachaya woh to gai
nyc part dear
thank u

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nice one simi... waiting for the next part...

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congrts for half  century awsem update
tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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awsem update maan take care of pammi in his ways waiting for geet talking to his father
-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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nice part...but geet meeting maan's dad...i wonder how will maan reac on knowing this n also geet...what will she do now???????continue soon... :)))

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