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MG:Shetan Ka Ghar-Thread 6

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Hey guys,

Another so much!!!
Love you all and especially my spammersLOL

Here is the next chapter...

Evil Smile SHETAN KGHAREvil Smile
                      Chapter 49

Geet ran toward Maan and grabbed the hot rod..she threw it on the floor. She took Maan's hand and examined was red...his skin burnt..she looks at it with tears..she quickly tears a piece of her sari pallu and wraps it around his hand..Maan just stood there watching Geet..this didn't hurt him at all...not as much as it hurts him to see her cry and be in pain because of him. Whatever he does it not good enough...he ends up giving her pain no matter what...he can't even stay away from her nor love her...

Maan: This is for raising my hand on you (Geet looks at him shocked) I do love you to an extent where I can't live without you. You are the only one that came this close to a shetan like me..(he moves away from her and speaks with anger...) yes I brought her home here and NOT for the reasons you think I did...I brought her here for my revenge...

you think I forgot about my mothers death? (he looks at her) NO...I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ANYTHING!!! 
You think I wanted to be like this Geet?
How do you think I became a shetan?

I just wanted to be a normal kid like everyone else...but all of my dreams, my happiness was taken away from me by her and my own for your other question..yes, Dev is my half brother...and I hate him...I HATE HIS VERY EXISTENCE! He reminds me of him...his face is just like his..

I will use the same tatic she used...I will break her trust just like she broke my mothers..I will give her the same punishment she gave my mother..and even 10 times worse..I will MAKE HER CRY...GIVE HER SO MUCH PAIN THAT SHE HERSELF WILL KILL HERSELF (Geet looks at him shocked..she was worried and scared for him...) She made me like this...

I will give her the worst punishment..
she will think twice before doing this again...
This is just the beginning for her...

Geet (goes near him...) Maan..please..don't do that..let her go...I don't want you to do anything that will make you go away from me..please

Maan (looks at her and smirks) No! I am a shetan remember..that is the label everyone gave I will show them what is shetan...and (he pulls her closer) no one can take you or me away from you without my knowledge...

Geet: I can't see you in this much pain anymore...

Maan (looks at his hand...) you know I don't even feel anything...It doesn't even know why? Because the fire that is burning inside me is even greater then this common can I let her go? She snatched everything...this fire inside me won't rest until I see her in the same pain as my mom..this fire won't extinct until I see my father burn in the same fire...

Geet: What good will revenge do? How will it help you? How will it help us?

Maan: It will give me peace...(he places her hand on his heart) do you feel the fire Geet? Its only for them...I won't rest until they get what they deserve...

Geet: Then why are you hurting yourself? Why are you punishing yourself? I can't see you in pain...

Maan: Because its my fault that she is not there..(he lets go of her and goes to his desk..he throws all the content on the floor..) If only I had figured everything out before hand then maybe she would've been alive...

Maan was home...he was walking up to his room when he saw his dad talking to Pammi...

Ranjvir: Pammi everything will be okay...don't worry

Pammi: I know but still...I don't like her near you

Ranjvir: its all a drama...pretty soon it will be over..she will be gone

Pammi: I hope so too...(she places her hand on her stomach) my kid deserves the kid will get the rights

Ranjvir: Yeah he will...

Maan just ignored their talks and went straight to his room. He wanted to tell his mom but figured it was nothing..

Geet stood in tears..she hugs him from the back...

Its not your fault could you have known what they are talking about when you were just a didn't know any better

Maan; That is the thing Geet...I didn't know any better but I should' mom trusted me..she trusted me to be there but I wasn't..I wasn't even there to save her...I failed her...just like I failed you...I can never be anyone else besides a Shetan...that is my existence...I don't know how to show can I? 

Geet (holds his face) through me..I will show you how to show to display to love again...

Maan looks at her...she kisses his face...he pulls her closer...

"I will always be there for you just have to trust me when I say will not loose me...just let go...Maan...let go of everything...and see how beautiful life can can see it through me..."

Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun
Is pal mein jeevan saara
Sapnon ki hai duniya yehi
Meri aankhon se dekho zara
Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun
Is pal mein jeevan saara
Sapnon ki hai duniya yehi
Meri aankhon se dekho zara

She holds his hand and brings him to the bedroom. She makes him sit on the bed...without loosing any eye contact...Geet lets go of her hand to go get a first aid kit...she sits in front of him...she holds his hand and slowly opens the sari pallu...she applies the medicine on it while Maan holds her other hand...she gives him a reassuring smile...she sits on the bed near him...

She places her hand on top of his heart...and looks at him..she then places his hand on his her heart...

"Maan can you feel my only beats for you...just like your heart beats for me..." He looks at her..."I am always going to be here for you...this heart will forever beat for you..." Maan gives her a smile...he places his head on top of her heart..."see..."

Gehra hua, phatne laga
Kohre chhate
Dekho chaaron taraf ab noor hai jannat ka

Maan holds her tighter when he remembers his past...his mom...her blood...Geet makes him look at him...and kisses him on his lips..he calms down a little...he puts his head on the crook of her neck...while she pats his back to calm him more...

Ujli zameen, neela gagan
Paani pe behta shikara

Maan puts his arms around her waist...Geet lies down on the bed...Maan looks at her..tracing her eyes...she smiles...

Sapnon ki hai duniya yehi
Teri aankhon se maine dekha
Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun 

She looks at his wound and kisses it...Maan sees her tears and kisses them away...he looks at her lips and gently kisses her..his pain was still there but being with Geet helped him forget that...she wraps her arms around him...he turns around so that she was on top of him...she kisses his face...his every feature while Maan just laid there with eyes closed...

Aasha ke par lage, panchhi banke main uddi
Jinki thi aarzoo, un raahon se main judi
Kuch paa gayi, kuch kho gaya
Jaane mujhe kya ho gaya
Jaagi jaagi soyi soyi, rehti hoon khoyi khoyi
Meri bekaraari koi jaane na, jaane na
Rut hai deewani badi, chhede mujhe ghadi ghadi
Aise mein anadi dil maane na, maane na
Sapnon ki hai duniya yehi
Teri aankhon se maine dekha
Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun
She looks at him and smiles..slowly she opens his shirt button...Maan holds her hands and brings her down..he kisses her neck..while his hand slowly tickles her...he loved hearing her laugh and smile...he moves down toward her stomach..kissing it...he looks at Geet..and smiles..Geet was happy to see him calm..she wished that he would always be like this..but she knew that it won't be possible...

Mausam ka ho gaya, jaane kaisa yeh asar
Chehre se ab tere, hatati nahin meri nazar
Koi kahin na paas hai, bas pyaar ka ehsaas hai
Khushboo ka jhonka aaye, humein mehka ke jaaye
Humko na kuch bhi khabar hai, khabar hai
Door shehnai baji, yaadon ki dulhan saji
Seene pe tumhare mera sar hai, sar hai
Sapnon ki hai duniya yehi
Meri aankhon se dekho zara 

His hand slowly brings his arm up her arm without removing any of the eye contacts...he rests his on top of her sari pin...Geet holds his hand and opens the sari pallu by herself...and removes the pallu...Maan bends down and kisses her neck again...while his hands rests on top of her curves..she gasps when she felt his putting pressure on them...he starts kissing her aggressively...Geet just lets him do whatever he remove his pain...

Gehra hua, phatne laga
Kohre chhate
Dekho chaaron taraf ab noor hai jannat ka 

He can't forget the past..his mom's last word of Pari..her going away forever...
Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun
Is pal mein jeevan saara
Sapnon ki hai duniya yehi
Teri aankhon se maine dekha
Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun
Teri aankhon se maine dekha
Chupke se sun
Teri aankhon se maine dekha
Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun

Geet holds his face and kisses him on his lips...she lies on top of while both kissed...

"let go Maan..only feel me..."

She opens his shirt buttons and begins kissing his chest...she messages him as she moves down...he holds her from the shoulder...moves his hands slowly on her back..opening up her blouse...he opens it in one movement and removes it...she lies underneath him...he removed all of their barrier...he just wanted to love her tonight and forget everything...he wanted her...

He slowly opens her legs..she wraps her legs around him..while he entered her...he needed her...he knew...she was part of him...she is the only one that can make him forget...he bends down and kisses her lips slowly...she lightly bites his lips making it bleed...he likes the blood away and smirks...he moves faster and deeper making her gasp...

After few ours..she lies on top of him..while his arms are safely wrapped around her waist...

"I love you Maan..."

"Don't leave me..."

"I won' me..."

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  Evil SmileSHETAN KA GHAREvil Smile

Thread 1

Thread 2

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Current: Thread 6
Chapter 49 (above)

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Congratulations 4 d new thread

lovely update nd a perfect song 2 describe maan's pain with geet trying 2 calm him down
mujhe laga tha k iss baar shetaan insaan ban k geet ko manayega but as usual geet ko hi pehel karne lagi
lagta hai shaitan bada tym lega normalcy ki taraf jaane mein
will b w8ng k kab woh din aayega jab shaitan geet ko manayega nd uska gussa shant karega

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congrats on the new thread ...awesome update...Clap

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congrats for new threadHug
awesome partClap

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congratzzz on new thread...
awesome part...
loved it...
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Congrats for the new thread Smile

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