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Zohamaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 February 2012 at 7:26am | IP Logged
wow valli
so sweet of maan yaar
manofying geet
love to see them like this and happy also
please dear update this soon and geetanjali dear plzzz

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todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 February 2012 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Awesome !!

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_wallflower_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 February 2012 at 9:37am | IP Logged
amazing update dear...SmileSmile

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janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 February 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
gr8 part..
thanks for pm dear..

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a.jyothi Groupbie

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Posted: 29 February 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Awwesome update plz pm me

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 3:29am | IP Logged

Superb update dear..


Loved the maan apologies to her..


It was wonderful..


Waiting for the next part..


Want to see wat maan will do to them

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 6:06am | IP Logged
                                             U, ME,AUR...?

                                               PART 72
Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

maan:u will not face this humiliation.atleast till you have the courage to face them...they don't know what original beauty is'but,I'll show them how beautiful u r..u r not a filth..u r college..u will be the best geet..i'll make all praise u..the same people will say oneday'how precious u r..

he washed his face n came out'he has planned what to do now'.

Maan sat next to her n worked on his office files..he was not in mood to go to college nor office'geet woke up after a while..maneet had lunch together.maan showed her the glimpse of fire.inbetween .n she use to fear..n hold him tight..he will comfort her then..

.maan finished his work by eveng..geet was busy playing with sweety n watching cartoons..

Maan called khurana mall'he ordered all the shopkeepers to close by 5 pm.he called rosy..

Maan:mrs.rosy..maan here..

Rosy:oh,maan beta how r is savitriji..n how is ur wife'

Maan:all r fine aunty..r u free..i'm coming to ur shop by 5pm..n I don't want any of ur staffs to be there.

Rosy:of course free today..i'll wait for u..n I'll send all the staffs too..

Maan has already sent securities to check khurana mall'when they confirmed all the shops were closed except rosy's shop..maan reached there with geet..his car entered his private lift..n moved to top floor..he walked from there to rosys shop with geet..geet was watching the surrounding,holding his arms..her face was sad..she remembered what maan said before leaving '

Maan:geet..i want to talk to you..

Geet :ji boliye..

Maan:you will not wear this marriage symbols to college.

Geet:I cant..

Maan:no arguments on this geet.meine kehdiya..u will listen to lets go..

She was annoyed with the way he ordered him'she can follow his words blindly,whatever he says..but she cant go against her elders words.

Mama said,engagement ring,mangalsutr,sindoor n toe ring is the precious things to a girl..she must not remove it in her life time..but,how can prince say to remove it..she was squeezing her small brain..what to do..

by the time they have reached rosys shop..the top floor fully belonged to rosy..she had all types of garments for men n women.with all designer wears..she had tailors there..n the most advanced spa too..

rosy:come in maan..oh gudia is also with r u dear..


geet:fine aunty..she said in low voice..

rosy:is anything important,that u came here to meet me'

maan:yes..i want you to change geet totally to city environment.

Rosy:that means..

Maan:from her dress to hairstyle..i want 2 change her like all girls of  college..whatever u must do..u can..make her look like a perfect city girl..

Rosy: she sounds low..i think she doesn't like ur idea..

Maan:she is annoyed with me..i told her not to wear marriage symbols to college..thats y she is not in mood'

Rosy:she is going to college..thats gud..y u want to remove it when she doesn't like it..

Maan:till we announce our marriage I want to be secret mrs.rosy..n its for security purpose ..

Rosy:how can she keep it as secret..i know she cant tell lies.

Maan:she will not tell the truth too.

Rosy:..ok maan.its ur personal..i cant say anything..i'll show dresses first..

Rosy first changed geet to a knee length frock..

Geet came out pulling her dress down n covering herself with hands out from the changing room..

Maan was totally flattened..her slim legs n her hands were exposed ..

Geet cutely pouted ..i'm not a kid to wear small frocks..

Maan came out of trance..

Next geet went with mini skirt'

Oh..maan gulped his saliva..seeing her like that..

Then geet came out with full frock ..she looked like a Barbie that red frock.he would eat her alive...maan could see her uncomfortable the way she was crossing her hands around her.for all dresses.

Then she came out with full skirt n tops. With a scarf around..she turned around n showed him..she looked gud..n comfortable..maan realized she needs shawl like cloth..that replaces her dupatta..

Then she came out with jeans n tops'he changed the short top to long top..n placed a shawl around her neck..she was comfortable..he took the shawl n gave an overcoat..she felt gud in that too..

Maan now selected the dresses which are comfortable..he took variety of dresses n pink colour mostly..

maan:geet,do you like these..u will choose only if u like it..

She totally rejected all the pink colour dresses..

Maan:you like pink colour na..(he remembered her room fully in pink)

Geet:no..mama likes pink..i love red..

Maan st:I thought I know u geet..but I m wrong'I want to understand you more..ur likes n dislikes..

Rosy took geet to beauty parlour..maan was busy selecting more dresses for her..after a long time when geet came out,maan could not take his gaze away from her..though she was still in her salwar,her hair shortened below her shoulders,no more parted in was partially parted with a few hairs shortened n falling on her forehead..eye brows trimmed n there was a new glow after facial..a light makeup was there on her face..

Rosy:how is she looking..

Maan:beautiful..he uttered unknowingly.

Geet came to him..

Geet:sach mein ..

Maan:haan..u r looking gorgeous n outstanding..

Maan:aunty,,I need 1 more help..for a week can u come to km n teach her how to look presentable ..i mean with  these all 2 get ready to college..

Rosy:ok..i understand..i will teach her how to get ready with little makeup..

She gave some more packets to geet..

Maan:whats this..

Rosy:take this as a gift from my side.

Maan paid her ..his car n his securities cars were also filled with the purchase he done..


Maan n geet came to palace..they had their dinner..kala  looked at geet ..n she complemented her'maan said to kala,vicky must be there in outhouse by morning for dance class..

after kala went maneet started to unpack all n settled her dresses in her wardrobe.maan saw her yawning..he made her sleep n went to unpack the rest of dresses..

he opened the pack which rosy gifted..some were night suits..n the next pack contained fully sleeveless satin night dresses of single piece with knee length n some with overcoats..the material itself drove him to an imaginary WORLD awakening his desire'he took a bottle of water n gulped it in one go..

he kept those in his wardrobe ..n the night suits in hers..he went to her n saw her sleeping..her lips applied with lipstick.. he brushed it with his thumb.. he want to taste it..

the desires which he has suppressed inside was coming out..he traced her face with his fingers..his body was burning to feel her..she stirred in her sleep..maan went to washroom n opened the cold water,,he stood there..what I was doing..i was loosing my can I do this when she is not normal..when his feelings went washed away in the water he came out..

he saw geet murmuring..he thought she was murmuring about her parents in all days..when he neared her tears slipped from his eyes..

geet :don't slap me prince..what mistake I did'

maan took sleeping geet in his arms n hugged her tight..she was so much hurt,today she is blabbering in sleep about me..

maan:I'm sorry princess'really sry..i will not hurt u again..


here in km..

after lots of complains to his papa,Vicky slept in floor..

he felt his papa brushing his hair..

papa,bhai bhabhi ko'

shhh'ur brother knows u r not at fault..he will not separate u from ur bhabhi'so don't worry'n don't cry..when u cry u don't look gud'n boys doesn't cry..

papa.i'll not it true..bhai is not mad at me..

haan..ab soja..

he felt his papa threading his hair,which smoothed his pain..vicky drifted to a deep sleep..


next morning maneet woke up with their sweet morning kisses n went to gym..

after that maan sent geet to go to dance class..

Vicky woke up with a grumpy face..

Vickys st:I slept on floor na..then how I came to  bed.then he remembered about geet..

.babhi..i did not c her from yesterday..what should I do now..will babhi come to college..must  I continue my studies in the same college..or bhai will tell dadi to send me again to abroad,,he was so much confused,till kala said him to go to outhouse for dance class..arranged by maan..

Vicky went their only to fulfill his bhais wish'but seeing geet his all worries vanished away..maan bhai is not mad at me' bhabhi is with me here too.. Vicky was more happy as maan sent her to accompany him. he then noticed geets appearance..

Vicky n master was stunned to see the change in geet..

..the dance class went well..after that master taught geet yoga..n karathe to vicky..vicky first defended ,that he don't want to go with it..when master said,

Master:if u have to protect urself n geet..u must learn self defending also..maan asked me to teach u..

Vicky accepted n followed his instructions..

Vicky:sir u know all..

Master:ya I do..i like to learn all things..

When geet came back to palace maan was searching for dress..geet came n selected a dress for him..

Maan:princess,im going to office..

He gave her the dress he selected for her..

Maan:you will wear this today for college..go to mansion..after taking bath..rosy aunty will help u get ready..

Geet:prince'what is ilu..

Maan:ilu'u will say only to me..not to others..

Geet:u will not slap me na..

Maan:if u say it to others I'll slap u..promise me u will not say ilu to anyone..

He said possessively.


She giggled'maan smiled at her childish behavior..

He placed a kiss on her cheeks..

Maan:Today u both will not do anything what ur seniors say..ok..i'll look after them..


Maan went to office..


Geet came to KM..rosy was chatting with savithri'dadi was equally surprised to see   the change in geet..rosy took her inside n  made her ready..

When geet came out,vicky whistled at her...dadi gave a glare at him..he made a puppy face what can I do?

Baby Babhi'u r..u r..looking so'so,bhai will not take eyes from you.. no one will tease me na..

Vicky: no one can say anything about you.

Vickys st:babhi,I'm thinking how many boys are going to be dead seeing ur appearance..n how am I going to save u from there looks..

They both had their breakfast n drove to college..on the way he asked..

Vicky:baby,r u not mad at bhai..he slapped you na..

Geet:I was so much angry with him'but he manofied I forgave him.

Vicky:bhai manofied u..

Geet:he bought me sweety,balloons,sry card,cartoons ,story cream too'u know he gave me so much of kissy here'

She showed her cheek were maan slapped him..

Vicky applied a sudden break..

Vicky :do you know what u r saying baby..

Geet :haan..he kissed me my cheek...he said sry so many times kissing she showed her forehead,eyes

Vicky:stop..stop..muje nehi sunna..

Vickys st:sach mein babhi ko kuch nehi patha,..she doesn't know what to say to others..un dono ki personal bathein mujse kehrahi hain'why she is so innocent..

Geet:what happened..

Vicky shook his head n started the car..


Maan finished his work soon n came to college an hour before..he looked after the class..for his surprise principal has changed the bba first yr class next to his cabin n maans class straight opposite to it on the other side..

Maan waited for the students arrival..he went n sat quietly behind the tree where shyam n group were yesterday..sam n shyam with their gang came n sat their..shyam drank his coke n kept the empty can..

Friend:shyam aaj ki program kya hai..

Sam:do u want to continue ..

Shyam:lets decide..i'll throw 5 pebbles in coke can ..if all fell into it..we will rag..otherwise no for today..

Sam:shyam,y don't u say straightly,u will rag..we know u never miss dropping pebbles into can..

Shyam:lets c..he winked n as sam said he dropped all 5 in the can..

They saw the group with arun varun n arohi'

Sam:Hei come here..

Yash:yesterday they made Vicky cry.n made  geet get slapped from a senior.. what they expect..

Meera:lets go yaar..hei yaar see that girl.she is dressed neatly today

Yash:geet ne jo kaha,uske baath how can she wear show up dresses..waise ,geet was too gud ..she gave a straight answer..

Arohi:haan,but feel bad,when she got a slap from senior..hope she is,If they do anything serious,I swear I'llcomplain about them..

All moved to shyams group..

Shyam looked at all..he said arohi,arun varun to come in front..

Shyam:you 3 did not do anything yesterday right..

Sam looked at arohi..her bracelet attracted she removed it from her hand n weared it in her hand..arohi tried her best not to give..but thinking only its 50rs..why should I face a ragging for this stupid she gave it..

Arohi:yes sir..

Shyam:girl,u r too brave yesterday,to shout at maan'the great maan singh we will deal with you next..

Maan turned and looked at arohi..this girl supported for geet without knowing what she is to me..she stood for truth..there is something in this girl..

Shyam" to arun varun ..

Shyam:whats ur name..

Yash meera n group giggled..arohi looked at them

Heer:don't look like that will know soon y we are laughing..u just watch AV


Meera:arun varun.are twins .av..matlab audio video..see..u will also laugh..

AV:whats ur name?

Shyam:I asked u..

AV:I asked u.

Shyam:r u imitating me?

Av: r u imitating me?

Shyam scratched his head..

AV too scratched their head..

Sam:I'll deal,shyam..

Sam:hai hotties..u look sexy.she said huskily

AV: hai hotties..u look sexy

All the juniors bursted into laugh..they were laughing like maniac,which irritated the seniors more..even maan was having a gud time watching them both irritating shyams gang..

Heer:arohi,now u know ..y we all laughed..

Arohi:yes..they are irritating..

Meera:irritating bhi hai..aur naughty bhi hai..AV has an ability to speak the same which they think..n shararat bhi bohut classes they are the real prankster..


all of a Sudden, the campus went quiet..all were looking at the car entering the parking lot..

shyaams eyes searched for geet..vicky came around n opened the side of the door..maan too noticed the sudden silence ..all the boys n girls mouth were wide opened.He looked at the side where all are looking..vicky was in his blue denim jean with a red t-shirt..his buttons left opened..vicky gave his hand to geet to come out..when geet came all had a heart attack..she was wearing same as jean n red long top with a  blue shawl around her neck'her hair was left free n was falling on her front'her face had a light makeup..she has applied a red lipstick,that was showing her perfect shape of lips..she wore a bracelet in one hand n red watch on other..the chain visible was the geet named chain,the gift by maan..some unknowingly whistled  at her..

shyams group":wow






sameera was burning in jealousy..after yesterdays incident she thought she will not come..but geet came in an opposite reaction..her look,her style everything has changed..n she looked more beautiful than previous day.. nehi..too hot'she is making us fume in her one look

maan was also in the same position ,drooling his wife without taking his eyes..he was speechless..dumbfounded..but he came out of reverie when he heared shyam saying too hot..he want to punch him,for drooling his wife..

vicky n geet joined their friends group..wishing each other gud morning..all were happy to see Vicky back  normal n geet too back.with modern attire..

maan came out of his place..shyams gang was stunned..they did not expect  maan there..n vickys gang too went silent..maan showed his finger calling geet near him..

Vicky friends:don't go geet..what if he slaps u again..

Arohi:geet,don't go..i'll look after he not satisfied with what he did..he is calling you again..

Vicky:go baby..he pushed her front.

Even his friends were surprised..if he cares so much for geet,then y he is sending her to the person who hurt her..

Geet walked forward..

Maan:look around n say..the persons who were present yesterday were present now also..

It was an ordering tone'

He was like a hungry lion pacing in cage for prey..he need the persons who made him slap his princess..he was suppressing his anger from yesterday n  he will teach them a lesson now...

Geet looked at all..she nodded yes.

Arjun,hiten too joined looking a huge group at the centre of college..

Maan:who  ragged you yesterday..i mean who told u to give me roses..n say those words..

Geet pointed shyam n sameera..n the gang..they all were sweating badly..they all know maans anger..he never appreciates wrong things'when he hate girls they have made a girl say ilu to u..n now they have to face his wrath..

Maan turned towards them..

Maan:so,u played with me..

Shyam took steps backward.all the juniours were seeing them terrified..

Shyam:no maan..dont take it was just for fun..

Maan:fun'to make a girl propose to all is fun..

Maan was seething in anger..

Maan:u must not have played with me..when u know I hate fun..then y did u played with me'bcoz of ur fun,I slapped her'so,its time for fun..u have to repay for playing with fire'u must also feel what she felt..

Maan punched shyaam  on his face..his mouth n nose bleeded..

Maan smiled sarcastically..

Maan:how do u feel the fun shyaam..

The whole college stood freezed..

Maan called geet..

Maan:I don't want to slap a girl again so you slap her..he said pointing sam..

Geet who has never ever slapped anyone in her can she'she nodded no..

Maan called arohi..

Maan:you slap her..

Arohi:how can i?

Maan:yesterday u was not scared      to scold,why r u scared..u said I did not support im supporting u all..i wanted to teach them a lesson.when a senior gets slap from her junior,she will not repeat her mistake..i said slap her..

He shouted..n arohi jumped at his shout..

Maan:I said slap her..

This time he roared like a lion n arohi slapped sameera tightly on her cheek..
Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOL

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Zohamaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
wow me thinking
wat an marvelous update valli
yaar me famished
and geet look which u described she is gorgeous
and vicky lolz got stunned when geet shared her things with maan
and maan baby love u
slap her and no one can mess with msk yaar
awesome update
ur Hindi was good yaar

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