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awesomepooja IF-Rockerz

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Fab update.
Poor geet.

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again to all the readers for appreciating my work n giving me cmnts..i'm so soBig smilesoBig smilehappy with the responses this time too..the likes n cmnts...i loved came soon with another update to thank you allSmile
ummah..hugs n love to all..i cant express in words my happiness..Smile

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by valli22

again to all the readers for appreciating my work n giving me cmnts..i'm so soBig smilesoBig smilehappy with the responses this time too..the likes n cmnts...i loved came soon with another update to thank you allSmile
ummah..hugs n love to all..i cant express in words my happiness..Smile
wow dear i came to this thread to ask u when will u give the next part and u r updating woww waiting eagerly dear Day Dreaming

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honey_doll Senior Member

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Originally posted by valli22

again to all the readers for appreciating my work n giving me cmnts..i'm so soBig smilesoBig smilehappy with the responses this time too..the likes n cmnts...i loved came soon with another update to thank you allSmile
ummah..hugs n love to all..i cant express in words my happiness..Smile

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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U, ME,AUR...?

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

me too happy SmileTongueBig smilethis is the first time in 1 day i got 100+ likes n 6 pgs of as all ur wishes came again with another update soonSmileBig smile

Geet whispered prince..

Then only he saw geet, fully drenched in colour powder.her messed up appearance.…she was holding her cheeks n crying bitterly..noone has slapped or raised their voice on her..she was always treated like a princess in village..

Maan realized the girl whom he slapped is geet..he felt like his ground slipping from his legs..the sky broking on his head..he stood numb…he beat his don't I realize it was geet…

He was still holding his phone..

Rahul:oh boy..lagtha hai tumne meri gussa kisi bichari ladki par uthaarthi…ptch..ptch..ptch..

That brought his senses back…he disconnected rahuls call..

Maans st:I slapped my loveOuch…how can I be rude with her.Angry.kya kya kehdiya meine..

he looked at her..she was still staring at him..her tears were flowing non-stop.Cry. He pushed his hair backwards..he hated he is the cause of her tears..


Maans st::She is innocent..still a baby at heart...geet cant say ilu of her own..

then he saw Vicky with his friends behind shyam n his gang..vicky was crying there kneeling down like a statue..looking at him in pain..he again looked at geet n her messed up form..

Maan immediately dialed the drivers number..

Driver:sir,do u want me to come..


Driver:ok sir will be now..

Maan made geet stand on her own..she stood there like a doll..

She did not talk or look at him.

Geets ST:how can prince slap me..what I ve done…meine koi galathi nehi ki..then why he slapped me..Cry

Maan:softly said geet go home..

She was in the land.of shock..Shocked.she did not hear him..only pain was visible on her face…

The whole college was at pindrop silence.


By the time arohi escaped from shyaams group n came there..she started to shout at maan.

Arohi:are you a human..without thinking u slapped an innocent girl..she was trying to save her friend..she was not doing of her own..koi shock se nehi karrahi hai wo…

Maan stopped her by showing his hand..he turned to geet..


Geet did not move..his slap was ringing in her ears..

Maan:go…go to house now…he literally shouted at her .it made her jump n come out of shock..he closed his eyes in frustration..

Maans st:what ive done..i know she is not at fault..first I slapped I shouted at her..he turned to see geet..she was running to the entrance…the car came.n the driver opened the door for her..she sat in it..the car went away…

Sam was in cloud 9..she has made her revenge..shyaam n his gang were terribly shocked at the change of events..the person they fear a little was maan.he can do anything face to face..he never cares him as politicians son..he damn cares about his power of fathers..

.vickys friends were also in a state of shock..they were more shocked to see Vicky crying ..vicky saw geet getting into the driver can wait for her at entrance?he thought..

Then thought maan must have called him to get,he was crying bitterly,thinking maan will never allow geet to be with him..

Vickys st:i disappointed him..he gave me one responsibility n I failed in it too..bcoz of me bhai slapped bhabhi…I cant even go back to bhabhi..when bhai is still standing looking at the way she went..oh god!mei kya karun…

Here arohi was shouting at maan..

Arohi:disguisting..u r a male shovanist..showing ur power on an innocent .how bitter she would have felt..from starting all the seniors are humiliating her..her friend how much he tried to save all seniors doesn't have back bone to save juniors…overall without knowing truth u slapped her…chi..i can say proudly that I'm a girl with back bone..not a male without ..

Maan:shut up..u r talking tooo much..

Arohi:u males only can shout at females…u cant do nothing..

Arjun n hiten were speechless…

Arjun:hiten,what I'm junior girl..shouting at maan..

Hiten:yes yaar..shouting at the great maan singh khurana..

Arjun n hiten came there..they supported Arohi..

Arjun:maan,what yaar..without knowing what happened u slapped that girl..

Hiten:she did not give rose only to you…she gave to all..see..

They showed the roses in their hands..

Maan was hurt..all the accusations was pricking him as needle..her painful face came into his eyes.He want to go behind geet.hold her..console her...he turned to go…

Principal who just entered the campus saw maan slapping geet..n geet running away to car..he was angry at maans behaviour..

Principal:maan,come to my 5 minutes..

Maan:yes sir..

He followed him silently.. on the way Maan called kala..


Kala:chotu ,what happened..why are u sounding low…is geet alright..

Kala was worried about geets health..

Maan looked at the surroundings..all were staring at him…the college was at freeze from the time he slapped geet..

Maan composed himself..he started to talk in no one can understand what he is saying..

Maan:thappu pannitten akka..(I made a mistake didi)

Kala:what chottu..i know u cant make mistake..

Maan:illa akka..naan avala adichutten…avala veettukku anuppitten..avala samathana paduthunga..naan veetukku ippa varen…hmm..avala kulikka vainga..(no didi..I slapped her..i've sent her home..console her..i'm coming now to house..hmm..give her a bath too)

With that he kept the phone...maan was clever enough to convey his msg without mentioning geets name..

all were looking at his face.noone can knew how much his heart is pacing in guilt for hitting his princess..

maan entered principals room..

principal shouted at him.

Princi:is this the way you treat ur wife maan..

Maan dipped his head..

Princi:I never thought you can raise ur hands.u slapped ur wife before whole this the way u show ur concern on her….is.the love u showed yesterday was fake..

Maan was hurt,but cant listen that his love is fake towards his wife..his princess..his sweatheart..

Maan:siiir…u can say anything…bcoz I'm at fault..but I cant hear a word against our relation or love…

Princi:then whats that I saw…I owe an explanation from you…this is college..n I cant let this type of actions..

Maan:it was a misunderstanding..i don't know what happened..she gave me a rose n said ilu…

Princi:she is ur wife n she can say it to u..

Maan:no sir..she will not say…I've already said to her that we will not behave like we know each other..n she respects my words..i know her..if I have seen her I would have realized that she don't know what she is saying..i thought some other girl playing with my feelings again..n in that anger I slapped her..i'm really sry for my behavior..

Princi:what do u mean that she don't know what she is saying…

Maan:she is innocent..i can say that only..n more than that it becomes our personal life…sry sir..i cant say u more…shall I go sir…I want to go to home…I want to apologize her..

Principal was shocked to hear the word apologization from him..he looked at maans face ,which is filled with guilt.. may go…u said u don't want ur marriage 2 be exposed..but now what explanation will u give when all questions her about her sindoor n mangalsutra.

Maan:I'll think about it sir..

Maan turned to leave then said..

Maan:sir,if I found the person,who took geeets innocence to make fun..sry sir,,don't expect me to be polite..i'll teach them a lesson ..

With that maan left principals cabin…maan looked at the ground… shyaams group has escaped seeing principal… vicky was still the same..n his friends were around him..the one line he was repeating was I failed to take care of her..i failed in my responsibility.…

Maan came out..seeing him his driver came with the car followed by his securities..he sat inside..

Maan:go to palace..

The driver started to drive the car..maan was thinking to manofy geet…her face came to his thoughts..her tear..her fear..

Maans st:oh no..she looked at me in fear…how I'm going to remove that fear from her heart..i cant see her looking at me in fear…hardly she came out of her shell…did I pushed her again to the shell..will she be the same…can I make her happy mujse kya hogaya….geet will you forgive me…how will I console you?he remembered the things in past..she asked balloons n icecream to talk to him..

The car stopped in a signal..maan looked the opposite signal he saw a boy selling dolls…it attracted him..

Maan asked the driver to stop near him..he looked at the doll..for his surprise,it was same as sweety,but the colour was red not pink…n bigger in size than geets sweety…maan bought it..then he looked a card shop..he went inside n searched..then he took a big size sorry card with cartoon pictures.…he bought balloons..some cartoon cds,story books,…he was satisfied he can manofy her..a small smile came to his face…he brought icecreams on way…all the while he failed to realize medias following him…he entered khurana palace..

Kala was coming with juice for geet..she looked at maan..

Maan:where is gudia akka?

Kala:I don't want to talk to you chotu…how dare you slap the child like that..she did not even talk a word from when she came…pehlese hi kuch kam tha kya..she rarely talks n now she has stopped..talking …

Maan:I know akka..i did a say where is she..

Kala looked at the things in his hand..she smiled inwardly..

kalas st:so chotu came here all way to manofy his gudia..hmm..

Kala:in your room..

Maan moved to their room…he kept the things on the bed...he searched for her..she was nowhere seen..he thought she may be in balcony..he walked towards the door…but the sight pricked him..geet was lying on floor on the other side near the bed..her eyes fixed on ceiling n she was crying..his finger print was on her cheek,which has turned red in her milky white skin..maans heart bleeded..

He scooped her in arms n placed her on bed..she turned her face not willing to see him..he went the other side..she again turned her face..they repeated the same for nearly an hour..

Maan:I'm sorry princess..

I'm sry jaan..

I'm sry sweety..

I'm sry geetu..

Im sry gudia rani..

I'm sry mishty..

He was saying sorry continuosly with all his lovely dovely talks n she was turning her face to him..she was not ready to talk to can she forget that prince who cared for her so much slapped her before all without any reason…

I'm sry princess..he hold his ears..

Tears rolled down her cheeks..

not knowing what to do..he kissed the tears removing it..he kissed her cheeks to remove the pain he gave her..she tried to push him..he was so strong she cant even move him..he kissed her forehead..

Maan:sorry sona

He kissed her eyes..

Maan:sorry sweatheart..

He kissed her cheeks..

Maan:I'm really sorry…gudia.

He kissed her chin:

Maan:muje maaf kardo..bacha..

She was still wriggling in his grip…at last she broke her silence..

Geet:why u slapped me..sob.Cry.what..sob.Cry.mistake ..i do…Cry

Maan:you did not do any mistake…I only did the blunder mistake..i'm saying sorry na…pls maaf kardo..he took her hands n hit himself..

Maan:if u want slap me..but talk to me..pls..princess..

He freed her a little..she moved away from him..

Geet:sob.Cry.none had beat me…sob.Cry.mein..sob..Cryaapse..sob…katti…sob…I'll not talk to you…katti Crykatti katti..Cry

Maan hugged her from behind..

Maan:sorry princess..galthi hogayi…dekh ..what I've bought for you..ur sweety..

He gave her the doll..

She looked at the was same..her doll friend sweety..a small curiosity reached her was not unnoticed by maan..

Geet took it from him..

Geet: phirbhi katti..she said hugging sweety..maan loved her antics now.LOL.she has forgiven but showing nakrei..LOL

Maan gave her the sorry card..she twisted her lips..

then the ballons..

she pouted..

story books n cds

she took it from him..


her eyes opened wide..

He fed her the icecream..she was eating it..

Maan loaded the cartoon cd tom n jerry in player..

She was disturbed..

Maan:what happened princess..

Geet:prince,kya cartoon dekna hasne ki baath hai..

Maan:who said..

Geet:today all laughed at me..when I said I watch cartoons..

Maan:who said ..

Geet:wo sir or mam..

Maan:whats their name..why did they say like that..what they asked you..

She started to cry again..Cry

geet:bcoz of them u slapped meCry

she made a fist n hit his chest…n the icecream fell on the bed..

Maan:o..i'm sry baba..kahaan say what happened in college..

she looked at the icecream..

maan:i'll get u another one...

Maan called kalakka to clean the mess n change the spread..he took geet to balcony n sat there…it was her favorite place..geet was quiet for a while..maan saw kala going out,after clearing the mess..

Maan:if u didn't tell me,how will I know princess..she moved to his lap ..maan hugged her lovingly n caressed her back..

Maan:now say..

Geet then said all..

Geet:that mam said I'm filth ..i don't fit to study dress achi nehi hai..

maan tightened his dare she Angry

geet:then..vicky came to support me..n they asked him to do another task…

she narrated the whole incident…

geet:I only gave flowers…I did not do any mistake..sachi..she sweared holding her throat..

geet was sitting like a baby in mothers lap.,.clinging to him..,holding his shirt in her small fist ,her head in his crook of neck n reciting a story like a kid to her mom..

maan:i know u ..u cant say lie..

maan kissed her cheeks that had the line of tear mark..he licked her cheek soothing the pain that he have imprinted on her cheek..he kept on kissing her ..he wants to replace the print with his love..he slowly kissed down her chin near her neck..she moaned prince..

she hugged him tight.n giggling.

geet:prince ,you are tickling me..LOL

maan realized what he was doing..he backed a little..n caressed her slowly..few minutes later he saw geet sleeping peacefully..he smiled..(my kiss wakes her desire n she says it as ticklingLOL)

maan:you,slept so soon..i promise geet,the person who ragged you will face maan singh khuranas wrath for making me slap u..he kissed her forehead again..he don't want her sleep to be disturbed.he sat there for few more minutes till she went to deep sleep..then he took her inside n placed her on the bed..he placed sweety in between her hands. he sat beside geet caressing her cheek…the red mark hurted him..he went to gym n started to punch the sand bag furiously..

I'm sry geet..

I hit u..with this hand..

I 'm sry …he was punishing himself for slapping geet..he stopped when he himself felt tired..


maan did not notice vicky was seeing them from his balcony…he came soon after maan came out of college..he wants to know how geet was…he was restlessly pacing inside his room…so he came out to balcony in a hope he may see geet once..n for his surprise maan too was there sitting with geet in his lap n kissing her tears away in the place were he slapped…he felt happy to see geet comfortable..He hidded behind his door…he saw geet sleeping n maan caressing her hair..then maan moving inside with sleeping geet…geet was fine..thats the moment of happiness for second it vanished thinking what will happen now..will maan allow geet to come to km.will he allow him to be with geet...he went to his fathers photo n cried..saying what all happened n how he is feeling now..

maan came back n went to wash room….his eyes fell on the dress that geet was wearing..he remembered geet saying..they said I must not wear this type of dresses..i look filth n doesn't suit there..

maan:u will not face this humiliation.atleast till you have the courage to face them...they don't know what original beauty is…but,I'll show them how beautiful u r..u r not a filth..u r college..u will be the best geet..i'll make all praise u..the same people will say oneday…how precious u r..

he washed his face n came out…he has planned what to do now….


 Precap:modern geet..heart attack to sam n shyam seeing geet..geet shows sam n shyam to maan..maans will they face his wrath..

Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOL

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Originally posted by valli22

<font color="#0033ff" size="7">again to all the readers for appreciating my work n giving me cmnts..i'm so soBig smilesoBig smilehappy with the responses this time too..the likes n cmnts...i loved came soon with another update to thank you allSmile</font><div></div><font color="#0033ff" size="7">ummah..hugs n love to all..i cant express in words my happiness..Smile</font>

Me 2 waiting

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