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waiting for an update aka

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  U, ME,AUR...?

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

special thanks to ambbiha...for helping me in vickys ragging

All of a sudden Vicky was surrounded by a group n they started to beat him up..

Arei saale Vicks'kya kahhan tum humse'you are going abroad for studies n now what are you doing here..

Geet was scared ..she was in an urge of crying..

Pls vicky ko mat maro..dont beat him..i beg u'

The gang left him seeing geet n her plea'but all laughed..

Vicky straighten himself n came to geet..

Vicky:Baby..nothing'these are my friends'originally they are monkeys..

Geet looked at Vicky'

Geet:are you hurt..

Vicky:I'm not hurt..see ..

He showed his hands n legs'

The gang looked at geet n her face..the tears threaten to fall from her eyes..her two plats n her salwar'

Boy:Ye bachi kaun hai vicks'looks like a school kid..she doesn't even know the difference of our fake fight..wont u introduce us'n wat r u doing here'u did not answer us..

Vicky:This is geet'my ba..

Geet looked at Vicky not to tell..

Vicky:I call  her baby'belongs to my family..

Geet:I'm not baby..she cutely pouted..

Vicky:ok..then I'll call u gudia didi n dadi calls u.. whatever u want..she frowned.

Vicky turned to his gang who is looking at them in awe..

Vicky:n u said bachi na..its true..she is innocent n nave..bcoz of her ,my  family made admission with her ..she needs someone to be with her..n I'm here in this college to take care of r her'n baby'this is yash..pranav'prem..mani'.

Boys :hai geet'


Introduce us also vicks'came the girls gang'

Vicky:Hai you all are also here'I'm so happy'this is geet n baby this is meera,..heer..manju'pari..

They all chatted for a while reminding their school days..geet  did not mingle with them..she stood there holding Vicky'

Vicky:Which group you have taken guys'

B & G:Bba

 Vicky:So we are going to be in same class again'wow will be fun'

Yash:vicks..whats wrong with geet..why is she quiet..

Vicky signaled keeping his fingers on lips'not to ask anything ..they agreed knowing something is there behind geet'

Vicky:she is quiet bcoz,you have beaten me'she will not talk to to you unless u apologize her..

Boys:what'apologize..aur ways..

Vicky:ok..then don't expect her to be ur friend..n I'll also be her side only..

They looked at each other..

Boys:ok for friendship..

They held their ears before geet..

Boys:geet,pls forgive us'sry..

Geet:ask vicky'you beat him only na..y r u asking sry to me..ask him..

Boys:now what u want us 2 hold ears before u also..

Vicky thought for a while'

Vicky:there is no sry or thanks between friends'so..u don't want to ask sry to me..lets go to class yaar..

Boys:ok yaar'

Yash came near vickys ears n whispered..

U must have said yes..then u must have seen what we do'aaj tumhari khair nehi'but u saved urself'

Vicky looked at him with a puppy face..

 Manju::guys..see there seniors..i think ragging is going on..i'm getting nervous yaar'

Vicky holds geet..

Vicky:I'm also scared but more for her..

He said holding geet..he turned to geet..

Vicky:.they are seniors..they will ask some questions..n we must answer them'do you understand..then only they will allow us to go to class..

Geet: nodded her head'


in KC

maan enters his cabin'he looked at the name plate..



He smiled..his one ambition has become true..

Adi followed him..

Maan:whats the details about cheenu n his family'

Adi:sir.cheenus family is very poor'he has a mother,wife ,two children a brother n sister..all are depending in his salary only..they don't know any thing about cheenu..they are shattered hearing cheenus death'

Maan closed his eyes..

Maan:then how cheenu cheated us..there must be any reason..

Adi:cheenus kid met with an accident few days before..the operation cost is 2 laks'it is paid by rahuls men ..i think cheenu cheated us only 2 save his kid..n rahul has killed that he may not turn against him'

Maan:I need evidence adi'we cant be quiet..n look after what rahul is doing'.i want a strong proof..i want him to punish legally'our silence will be his power..i want to take action against him'so,that he may not harm anyone again..understand..

Adi:yes sir..

Maan:who is eligible to work in cheenus family..

Adi:his sister..completed her degree..

Maan:ok give her a kc..

Adi was shocked'.siiir..cheenu is a culprit'his family member ko job'

Maan:in one way we are also behind cheenus cheating'if we had known his need and helped him,he would not have gone against his loyalty'what will his family do now'bcoz of our rivalry  a mother lost his son.a wife lost her husband , his children lost their father'n brother n sister lost their brother..if he is not honest till now'cheenus family will not be starving'he made mistake once'for that he has lost his life'.their family did give his sister the job'

Adi was proud of maan..

Adi:yes sir..

Maan:bring me the files,which are urgent'I'll see others at evening'

Adi:yes sir..

Adi went n came with two files'

Adi:these both are the files of presentation of today'you go thru it..sir'n I need ur sign in this..


Maan:adi'is there any other way to trap rahul chopra..

Adi:no sir..he is a born criminal'we must be careful with our every move..he is not like us to follow law n order..he knows all illegal ways to keep away the thorn from his way'

Maan:hmm..ok..u  may go adi'I'll think about it'

Maan was busy with the files,till dadi came..


Maan:ji dadi.

Dadi:I ve brought ur u must go 2 college u remember..

Maan:yes dadi..just 5 minutes..

He fifnished his work n ate his break fast'his phone buzzed'

Maan took it n saw an unknown number'



Maan:are u mad..y r u laughing'

Person:ive made a welcome ceremony for u at ur 5th floor of ur xyz site'wont u like to see..a 2nd trailor..

The person cut the phone..dadi:maan,finish ur breakfast n think later..whose phone is that..

Maan thought for a trust an unknown call or not..n 2 tell dadi or not..then he decided not to tell dadi..what if it was a fake news..just to make tension..

Maan:I ve done dadi..i ve an important work on way.the call is reminder .so;I'll take leave from you...i' m  taking adi with me..

With that he left'

Maan n adi entered xyz site'the labours were just arriving..they ran to the 5th floor..from the fourth floor ,they saw blood stains moving to 5th floor..maan n adi were scared to see a mans body lying in stomach there..adi informed police..they arrived there with dog'the dog sat there did not move..the phorensic persons n photographers came n turned the body'

All were shocked'maan n adi too..

Police:someone have played prank'a dammi body..which we use in cinemas..n the blood is ink..

Maan:its not a prank..they have warned me..i'll be like this'they will kill me..

Police: are you sure mr.khurana'.

Maan:they don't want me to send me a call..

Police:can u give the number,we will try to trace it..

Maan:sure'he gave the number he received'

Police:ok..we will investigate n say u mr.khurana'we will find out who placed this here..

Maan:ok sir..i'm getting late for college..adi..u be here n help the officers.. be careful sir..

Maan:hmmm..ive securities .with me'haan adi..dont say anything to dadi'wo parishan hojayegi..

Adi:ok sir'

Maan left to college..he removed his waist coat n tie..he opened his first two buttons'he looked now like a normal college boy in his casuals'.his securities were following him'but he was in a fowl mood'the prank was made him angry'he remembered the words the man said in phone'2nd trailor'

Maans ST:It is sure rahul chopra'1rst trailor he said'n my car dashed in tree..2nd trailor..he has made a prank'with a body'

Maan immediately called rahul..but his attendant took the phone and said he is in meeting..maan kept the phone..


All the groupwith Vicky n geet started to move'

Seniors..the gang looks big shyaam'

Shyaam:humse zyaadha nehi..n afterall we r seniors..

Shyaam s eyes were only in geet'her big eyes feared at the surroundings..she was looking all at admiration..then that happened..geet was the first one next was Vicky with group'so she came under the tree n she stamped the trap which made the colour fell on her n Vicky'geet shook her head to dust the colour'her head was still covered with her face n dress was filled with colours..all the girls came to help geet'

Meera:I think this is seniors work..

Heer:yes..its our first they had made this..

Manju:we must be careful taking next steps..

Yash:who knows whatelse is waiting for us in store..

Pranav:don't scare us yash..

Prem:haan yaar..already my hands are sweaty..

Vicky took his handkerchief n whipped geets face..still her face was colourful'her sindoor was hidden behind the colour'she took her dupatta from her head n  adjusted on her shoulders..

Geet:I think I must use washroom'

Vicky:first lets go to the class..after that u can go'

Seniors:hey u all come here..

B&g:ok..yaar..thay r calling us'lets go..but face them confidently..ok..


They neared them..

Seniors:What r ur names..

They said..but geet did not say..

Vick:baby say ur name.


seniors..which department..

they said..

seniors:u all r juniors..from,now u all will call us sir in respect'n today is ur first u must do whatever we say'ok..

all accepted in fear

b& G'yes sir..

seniors:first heer'ur name sounds u make us kheer ..

heer was blank..

heer:how?there is no things nor stove'

seniors:imagine all r infront of you..

heer started to make..vicky was hell scared .heer yesa kuch na karein that will remind geet fire..

but heer started straightly placing the pan pouring milk n continued..

heer:now its finished..will u like to taste..she said..

seniors:we don't risk our life..give it to ur friends..

heer assumed again placing glasses in tray n pouring kheer in it..she gave everyone ..all imagined glasses in hands n gulped it..

seniors:ok..heer ur task is over..

she sighed in relief..

they saw another new girl coming inside..but straightly going to her class..they called her..

seniors:whats ur name?


which class?


wait here'u also must finish ur task..

heer:hai arohi..i'm heer..same class..

arohi :hai..

heer:they all are my friends..we all r in bba'

arohi:that's nice..



they both shook their hands..

one by one all finished their tasks'

it was vickys turn..

the seniors gave him a rose..

seniors:we will blind fold u..u must go to that tree n propose it..

vickys st:thank god,they did not ask me to propose a girl..its easy I can do it'

vickys eyes was blind folded..geet was left alone with arohi..she was trembling in fear..looking at Vicky..

vicky has already made a calculation that tree must be 30 steps from the place where he is he counted n started to walk..

1..2..3..6..10..15,,20..21..22..bang'.he dashed on someone'he heared them unison..hei arun varun..he thought..but he continued..28..29..30'.i love you..he opened his blind fold..he was shocked seeing the girl infront of him..he then looked at the was on his left side..while banging on arunvarun he has made a turn n walked to centre'continuing his counts..

Vicky:wo..wo..i..i..renu..ragging..task..i.. sry renuka..'

He was mumbling his words..

Renuka:its ok vicks..i understand'n what r u doing here..u said u r going to abroad..

Vicky:I'll say u later.i'm happy to c u...u r also herewith our group'now baby will be alone..i must be there for her..

He left renuka n moved to geet..

Seniors:now geet..its ur turn..

Vicky stood next to geet .he kept his hands on her shoulder to comfort her'

Seniors:You have to answer our questions..

Vicky nodded her to say yes'

Renuka came there n stood with other friends..first time she was feeling jealous..seeing vickys hands over geet..she has never felt this before..she was only looking at Vicky..

Shyaam:where r u from..


Vicky was praying inside..god please..yesa kuch math karna..bhabhi remembers her parents death..

Shyaam:u did ur schooling there..


Seniors:so only she is wearing this type of dress.yaar..

All the boys n girls laughed..

Sam came in front'she was already fumimg in jealousy,when geet was noticed by the group..till now sam was the one who was noticed by ,she has got a chance to rag geet'n she will make her fall in the eyes of seniors..

Sam:geet,,ur hair is long is it fake..

Geet:no di..its real..why r u asking like ur hair nakli..

Sam gritted her teeth'

Sam:don't call me di.i'm ur me mam..

Geet:ok mam..

Sam:geet,don't u know,u must not wear this cheap dresses in this type of college'u look filthy here..u did not suit to this circumstance'don't u'

Vicky wants to punch that dare she says my bhabhi filth..

Geet looked sameera'.she was wearing a frock that started above her chest n ended at her knee'her shoulders fully exposed..

Geet innocently:whats there in my dress..its nice colour..shub hotha hai'see urs'did u forgot to wear ur dress'did u came in urgent to college wearing slips...girls must not come out of house wearing like this ..

All the juniors laughed holding their stomach.'n sameera had a big nose cut'

Yash: sach yaar.what vicky said was true..geet is so innocent'otherwise she would not have said this..that too before a senior..

Meera: shut up yash..i'm worried now what they are going to do'

Same feeling Vicky also had..geets innocence is going to make problem today..

Sam was burning inside..

Sam:u will be here only..i'll see u 'later..she stamped her feet n joined her group..

Geet:what ive done Vicky..why is she so angry at me..

Vicky cant answer..but he loved his bhabhi for the nose cut she gave to sam..

Shyaam was looking at she really innocent.or she is acting...n must say what a guts to answer sam back..

Seniors:shyaam,we had a fight already..geet is the judge according to ur statement..

Shyaam:I remember..

Shyaam:geet,look at the pictures..these guys are fighting who is the hot hunk'.boys show ur photos to her'

They all showed the photos in their phones..all the heros were in half dresses exposing there six packs..

Shyaam:so,u say'who is hot among them'

Geet:I'm not a dr..

All said in unison..


Geet:only dr.can say who is having can I say they are having fever'

All were in'.big shock'

Senior:do u know who he is?

Geet:no..u only showed me his can I know..

Senior:he is hrithik roshan..

Geet:oh..ur friend hai kya..

Senior:he is super man..

Geet:I only know spider man..

N now all are like ????

Shyaam:have u seen films..

Geet:films means what'

All in unison..

Shyaam she is making fool of us'

Shyaam :wait guys..i love this..lets see..till what extent she can act..

Shyaam:what program u see in tv..

Geet thought for a while..

Geet:I see cartoons..dora buji..spider man..tom n jerry..micky  ..donald ..

All were laughing at her statement..

Syaam:you see cartoons at this age..

Vicky came in front..

Vicky:if her task is finished,shall we go to our class..

Shyaam looked at his hands over her shoulder..

Shyaam:what name u said..


Full name..

Vikranth singh'

Shyam:so.vikranth..dont u know the manners..till seniors say u cant go to ur class'what she means to you..Is she ur sister..


Shyaam:is she ur cousin:


Shyam:is she ur girl friend..

Vicky closed his eyes..his anger was growing'he closed his ears n shouted at shyam in frustration..

Vicky:maa lagthi hai meri'

His friends were numb as they have never seen Vicky in anger..n today he shouted at senior.that too for a girl...whats going to happen.

Shyaam:do u want us to believe.there is nothing between u...ok leave u have shouted at us..u r going to do another task..girls were drooling u for a long time since u entered the u entertain them..all girls want to see ur u strip ur shirt n have to swim here.without water..

Vicky:no..i lets go..

Shyaam n his friends :so,u call her babes..nice..ithni jaldi bhi kya hai..we will not let u go..boy..

sam pulled geet...

geet:Vicky..she wriggled in sams grip..

The boys hold Vicky n removed his buttons..the other seniors stopped his friends from saving him..

Geet remembered how Vicky ran to washroom to dress when she met him first..

Geet:please ,leave Vicky..i'll do whatever you say ..pls leave him'

Sam saw maans car entering parking lot..

Sam:shyaam,leave him'she will do our task..


Sam:I promise you all will have a gud entertainment'

Vicky came to sam.

Vicky:leave her..

Sam:we have left you..ur geet.will finish the task instead of you..

Friends remove him...

Sam gave geet a bunch of roses..

Sam:geet,u r innocent na'do u know what is ILU?

Geet nodded no. don't now u r going to the entrance n u will give this red roses to all boys who are entering the college n u will say ILU while giving the rose..

geet noded yes..


geet:u will not tell Vicky to remove his shirt..

sam:pakka promise..u both are free then.. will not do it..

Geet:they are asking only to give flowers Vicky..i'll do it..

Vicky:no baby..u don't understand..u will get in trouble..n I cant put u in it..

Vicky n his friends were locked between seniors they don't help geet..

Vicky st:no babhi..if bhai sees u ,I don't know how will he will be our last date of our meeting..he will not forgive me bhabhi..pls don't go..

Vicky started to cry..

Renuka came to shyaam..

Renuka:shyam bhaiya..leave her..

Sam:renuka..u r shyams cousin so we r not ragging u..but don't try to help ur friends..


Shyam: go..renu..sam is right..

Renu looks at Vicky painfully..his tears are pricking her..n in another way she felt a pang in her heart..his care towards a girl..why is she so special to him..he has never mentioned about her these days..

Geet looked back at Vicky n moved to entrance.taking small steps.

Vicky shouted at geet

Vicky:baby,don't do ..i'll do what they said..

But geet did not listen to him..her only thought was to save Vicky from humiliation...

She gave roses to the boys..


N they said

Gorgeous..ilu from us too..

She did same to nearly 10 students..

Some were shocked..some flirted..but geet did not say anything to them..then came arjun punch.with his friend .hiten..maans classmates..

Geet gave him rose n to his friend too


Arjun"what?y r u saying ilu?

Geet:they told me to say..

Arjun looked at the innocent girl'he cant help her bcoz it was shyams he left the place saying,I pity u..

But,he wanted to keep an eye on that she may not get in trouble..he stood under a tree with hiten..

Arjun:this shyaam n his ragging..i hate this'poor girl..

Hiten:what can we do arjun..all are scared bcoz he is politicians son..



Arjun:see there'that girl is going to maan'

Hiten :whaaat?maaan'noo..poor girl'.maan hates girls'what will he do to this girl yaar'all the seniors n juniors was watching geet n maan..vicky was now in extreme fear'maan bhai has come..he saw maan walking inside..he was talking in at phone'

Maan was angry from the incident that happened and till now the watchman n securities also don't know how the people entered their sight'n now he got phone from rahul..

Rahul:oh my boy..u called me..

Maan:do u think u can  scare me with ur silly prank..

Rahul:oh..u found was it'?

Maan:it was played with an innocent mans life..

Rahul:I can do whatever I like..i will do anything to get whatever I like..


at that time he saw the rose before him n the voice ilu..maan did not recognize geet..he did not look at her face.he was angry at rahul..n the anger reached high seeing the red rose...he slapped her tight on her cheeks n she fell on ground..

Maan:how dare u say ILU to me..why u girls come here to college..go..stay in house girls come here to flirt with boys..but i'm not the man u think...get it clear..

 precap:ab kya hoga Ouchwhen maan sees the girl...Shockedoh no...geet..Shocked.

those who want pms please add vallitanupm to ur buddy list..
or send buddy request there...sry dears i didnot pm last time too
Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOL

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Aaargh..Shyam and his gang ..they all are hell irritating!
Aaww..loved Vicky ,his friends and their fake pitaai!! Big smile
Ohh God...Geet;s answers were hilarious.. 
Her answers cracked me up!LOL
Aaww...she is choo chweet and innconet ,I love her.
Haaye...Amazing update di!!! Day Dreaming
Loved it!!!Heart
I loved the way Maan thought about cheenu's family ,Maan is too good. Day Dreaming
OMG...Maan slapped Geet??!!!!
Ab kya hoga???
Poor Maan shayad ab use Geet ka gussa jhelna padega!
 It's gonna be so interesting!!

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Omg!wat maan has done yaar..?
Its all b/c of sam...
Nw i want maan to take care of geet in front of whole clg..
or atleast say a sorry..

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Good Job Scraps
Good Job Scraps
Lilies White Flowers
  why you stop your pen at this point dear ab wait karnaa paregaa
pz pz pz update next part soon

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loved it 
plz cont soon

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oh my much i hate sameera...m worried abt vicky n geet...oh no...maan slapped geet...wht will happen to dem whn maan will recognize geet...m scared...

valli dear plz iska update thoda zaldi kar dena...suspense bardaast nehi hote...plz...

awesome update...

its really amazing...geet innocence...

really really loved it...

thank u fr d lovely update...

waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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pickle6586 1071 309204 31 December 2013 at 1:30pm by Khushboo12
All MANEET FFs by Angelic MishTy !!!!

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Author: Angelic_mishty   Replies: 83   Views: 54035

Angelic_mishty 83 54035 07 February 2013 at 11:32pm by priya_ya1408
newFF(Maneet)Mere humsafar Trd 1uptd prt16 pg 138

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piya- 1082 177291 03 August 2012 at 11:36pm by souro

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