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Zohamaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
that was emotional yaar

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Zohamaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 5:36am | IP Logged
superb yaar
loving it

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kuhu18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
awesome ...
i sometime feel its Maan who comes to meet Vicky at night
 and whats written below that photo is also to do something with maan and some secret way and cc camera  [ i am going silly may be ]  so many things running in my mind please cont soon

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
                                                 U, ME,AUR...?

                                                    PART 69
Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

Morning 4.55 am..

Geet was sleeping in maans chest peacefully.maan opened his eyes…how much they both sleep at the corner of the bed,they both always ended up waking in each others arms unknowingly..maan liked it…he placed geet on her pillow n kissed her forehead..

Princess..wake up..

Hmm..5 min prince.…

No..princess..from today ur schedule will be different n u have agreed to obey my words..gud girlna..get up..otherwise I'll go to my work….phir..dont say…u did not wake before me…

She woke up n sat there.. ko pati se pehla utjaana chahiye…mama says…

Maan suppresses his laughter..

I don't believe..but,for waking u I can use this dialogue daily..pehle,gud morning bola karo geet…

Geet scratching her head

Gud morning prince..

Maan kissed her lovingly on her forehead

Gud morning princess…

Me too..


She came to his cheeks n kissed him..

Gud morning kissy..i too gave u..

She moved to washroom..maan nodded his head in smile..

Maan st:when will u come to know the real meaning of kiss geet?

After refreshing they both entered gym n started to work out…

They both came was 6 am…

Kala came n gave their coffee n milk..with news paper..

Kala:chotu,dance master has arrived..he is waiting for u in outhouse..

Maan:ok akka..


Maneet went to outhouse…

Maan:gud morning master..

(Master knows all types of dances..bharathnatiyam to western..,salsa n all..N maan has learned mostly )

Master:gud,this girl is my new student,which u were talking about…

Master said pointing geet…geet was hiding behind maan..

Maan:yes sir..

Master:maan aur ladki ajeeb combination hai…

Maan:maan with his wife ajeeb nehi lagega…

He said in attitude..

Master:u mean ..ur wife..

Maan:yes..lets start our class master…

The way maan cuts his talk made Master that maan never likes discussing personal,he started with practising…geet sat there watching maan n his moves in awe.for the non lyrical music.. then master asked her to do the steps he teaches…she stood there biting her nails without following…so,maan started to help her to keep her hands n legs n in what posture…it took great effect for them…atlast she managed to follow maan…

Geet came to maan.

Geet:prince..i want to go..

She whispered in his ears..

Maan:I'm also finished we both will go together..

Geet:not that type of going..


Geet showed her small finger..maan laughed at her chidish behavior.

Geet:I want to go…su…maan placed his fingers on her lips stopping her..

Maan took her inside n showed the washroom..


Maan:sry master..i don't want 2 talk anything before geet..

then he described geets behavior..Maan had a small chat with master regarding geets health..master preferred maan to teach yoga..

maan:u know master..i cant allow new persons inside..n now its more of security problems also..

master:ok..i'll teach her yoga also from tomorrow.,after her dance class..

maan:that's so kind of you master..thank you so much..

master:maan beta,u have class only 3 days..then will geet be able to come here alone..

maan::no master..i ve thought about it..myself n vicky will take alternative classes..geet will have all 6,anyone of us will be around her  to take care of her..

master:then its ok…meet u guys tomorrow..

master left through back exit..he had a special pass to enter n exit,that too only backside…master has special place in maan bcoz he was master of dev too..

maan n geet were back to khurana palace at 7.30..geet was looking tired…maan gave her juice n went to freshup…he stood under the shower thinking about geet..

maans st:u got tired in 2 hrs geet..when I was shattered ,it took long time for me to realize,  keeping urself busy will only take u out of ur past..i'm trying the same on u..i don't want u to realize it late..i'm here  for  u to recover u..u will now feel hectic…but,I promise geet..once u recover soon..i will not keep u engaged in things…I will make u do whatever u feel…I want u to be urself…

his thought was disturbed by his phone ringing continuosly…he came out wrapping a towel around his waist n whipping with other…he took the phone in anger.

maan:hello.. morning sir..

maan:haan adi..bolo..

adi:,u asked to collect details…ive gathered some…

maan looks at the time…

maan:adi,I'm coming to kc only…

maan was left speechless,when geet took the towel from him n started to dry his hair..


maan:ha..haan.adi what I was saying..hmmm..yes..i'm coming to office now…we'll discuss about cheenu there..

adi:yes sir..

he kept the phone…maan brought geet before him..

maan:princess what were you doing..

geet:wahhi…which every wife does to her husband..drying ur hair..

she said innocently..

maan:who said to u?

geet:ive seen my mama,dr.aunty…preeto.. n all  doing this..

maan chuckled..but stopped seeing her tears..

maan :why are you crying geet..

geet:mama..sob..mama..will not come na..

maan hugged her n rubbed her back..

maan:geet..she is with god…she will not come back…but mama will be seeing you…she will feel bad to see ur whipe ur tears..gud girlna..u will listen to me na..

she nodded yes..maan changed the topic..

maan:whatelse wives do to their husband other than drying the hair.…


she hesitated n then said..

geet:they keep their husbands dress ready to change…

she made a puppy face..

geet:I did not keep urs ready…so only u came out wearing a towel..i'm idiot..

she cursed herself..but maan was controlling his best not to laugh.

geet went to the dressing room n opened his wardrobe..maan followed her quietly..she took a brown shirt with black pant n coat…

geet:this is nice…u wear it..

maan wore it silently..

maan st: not bad..geet behaving like a wifey..i love this geet…Even behind ur childishness,there is care for me..

kala came there..maan said her to take care of geet .n make her get ready for college..he gave kala tablets n chocolates…

kala:whats this chotu..

maan:this is geets tablets after lunch…I will not be with,giving responsibility to u…u give her ..

kala was confused at first…then she got the hint behind his words…he will not be with her,but Vicky will be there with geet..maan wanted Vicky to give this to geet…

kala:ok chotu…

maan:she will not agree..but u must forcefully feed her..

kala smiled..


maan called geet..

maan: geet,get ready n come to college…remember,u will not behave like u know me..n u both r  not khuranas in front of all…u both will address as geet singh n he too..


maaan left to office…


kala made geet freshup…geet looked at her dresses n took a red salwar n wore it..kala tied her hair into two plats..geet filled her mang with sindoor…

geet:didi,,how am I looking..

kala:u look like a small angel,gifted for us from heaven..

they both went to khurana mansion…

Vicky was already waiting for geet..he was looking restlessly at the door .he was murmering

Vicky:..bhabhi has not come till now...

when he saw geet coming with kala…he jumped n ran to her..dadi nodded her head in smile..n dexture looked like..ha,I'm safe now..

Vicky: hai baby… gudmorning….

Geet:baby..who is baby..

Vicky:u only…

Geet:I'm not baby..

Dadi:Vicky,,she entered now only n u started ur tantrums on her..

Geet came to dadi.

Geet:gudmorning dadi..

Dadi:gud morning are looking beautiful..

Vicky:all babies look beautiful dadi..specially my baby bhabhi is so cute..n her chubby cheeks r so lovely..

He pinched geets cheeks..

Geet complained..

Geet:dadi..see him na…

Dadi :Vicky..tang mat karo gudiako..

Vicky:dadi..what gudia in English…


Vicky:so,only I'm calling her…he stressed the word baby…

Geet made a puppy face..

Kala:gudia,Vicky …u both r getting late for college..dont be late on ur first day..first u have ur breakfast..

Vicky:oh ..i forgot seeing baby..

They both had their breakfast…kala gave medicines to Vicky ..geet said him what maan told her..

Vicky has already prepared bags for them both..n kala gave their lunch ..

geet took blessings from dadi n made Vicky also take blessings..(vicky never does..but did  today for geet lol)

dadi:Vicky,geet is ur responsibility..take care of her..

Vicky:ji dadi..i'll take care of baby.



Vicky was dump founded to see a lavishing sports car waiting for him…the driver gave him the key..

Driver:sir:you will use back entrance for going out n coming in..

Vicky just nodded his head..he thanked dadi inside his heart for the lovely gift..that too his favourite..

He opened the door for geet n he came to the driving seat..n he drove to college….Least he know maan has made securities to follow them without their knowledge..

Geets heart was pacing faster…first time she is coming out without maan..

Vicky saw her restless ness..

Vicky:what happened ?why are u restless..ohhh…missing bhai..huh..

Vicky winked at her..

Can geet understand why he is winking?but geet is geet

Geet:haan Vicky..muje dar sa lagraha hai..prince ke bina…

Vicky smiled at her..

By the time they have reached the college…the gaurds showed him the way to parking place..already his car has gained the centre of attraction between the college..the students mouth was opened wide saying wow.  all were waiting for the persons to come out…Vicky came out from his side…geet did not know how to open her side…Vicky came around her side n opened it for her..

He said bowing his head

Now ,u r welcome here madam. By ur Vicky…

She wacked his arms…


Vicky: lets go..

Vicky was hiding her so,the students cant see her..

A driver came to him..vicky has seen him..

Driver":sir,key pls..

Vicky guessed it as daadis he gave the key to him n entered college with geet..


The centre of college was a group of seniorsboth boys n girls.…all in maans class bba 3rd yr..

The head was shyam…his right hand was sameera.. though the government has banned ragging,they did ragging...noone can stop shyam,, as he is well known politicians son.. the gang is friendly with shyam for two,behind his money n the other to save themselves from shyam….sameera is with him,bcoz he saves her from proffessors…n shyam is with her bcoz she gives company sometimes to disco n parties when he doesn't get any suitable girl to go with…shyam is a fully spoilt brat..a casonaova..changes girls as shirt…sameera is not like him..a little Indian ,still virgin…but can do anything to be noticed by all n media…changes pair shyam... …

Suddenly the gang was quarrelling with each other..

Shyam:why are u shouting boys..

Boys:u say shyam,who is the hottest hero in bollywood..

They showed their pictures in their cell phones…

Girls:we must only fight to know who is our hot hero..but,look at these boys they are fighting like they are looking for Katrina n bipasha..

They looked at boys..

John Abraham..



No..salman…all were suggesting more n it again became a fish market…

Shyaam shouted..

Shyam:stop it guys..i'll give you a suggestion..we will ask this to a junior girl..n her answer will be final..ok..

Boys :ok..but how will we choose the girl..

Shyam:I've tied the colours in the tree..the girl will be that specific one on whom the colour that ok..


They were looking at the gate when vickys car entered..n  gained there attraction..


Shyaam:looks like a girl inside..

Geet stopped at the entrance n touched the ground..her dupatta started to float in air n covered her head..she tried to set it back..when the wind was blowing continuously n she couldn't place it,she left it as it is. The dupatta covered her  forehead ..

Vicky:whats that baby..

Geet:first time we are entering college..this place is where maa saraswati lives..

Vicky nods his head..

Vicky:aap bhi na..

When he moved all looked at geet in awe..

The gang of boys in shyam..

Wow..what a beauty!!!!!!!!!

Hai ..she is in salwar yaar..

Must appreciate her guts yaar..for wearing suit to college…

Looking sexy yaar..

Her eyes…so big…looks like frightened..

First day..sab yesehi hogi..

Her lips…

O stop it yaar..princi heared u will be out..

All laughed at the statement..

The girls..were drooling Vicky..

Hei,he is also looking handsome..


Yes..dreamy..the way he came out of car..omg..i'll faint..


Shyaam stopped them..sameera was the most irritated as geet gained alls attraction geet has entered the college the same way, she did two years before..sameera too weared salwar on her first day as she made bet with her friends..that was the reason maan neared her also..

Sam:don't go beyond ur thought  boys…she has weared salwar only to gain ur attraction..tomorrow she will be back in original modern avatar..

Shyaam:yes..sam is experienced in this…he said sarcastically…

Shyam:I'm not thinking about that…whats the relation between them…

All looked at Vicky n geet..geet was holding Vicky n Vicky has kept his hands over her shoulder protectively…

All the girls n boys looked like their dream has shattered…

precap:first day is still on...n raging too..

i 'm scared writing this this part upto ur expectations..hope so..waiting for cmnts dears..

Friends can u pm me ur suggestions of geets innocence before college mates..some pranks n tantrums also welcome.i dont know how i'm going to make college parts..really need ur help guys..bcoz,college life is the one i missed in my i dont know i can keep ur expectations or not..

those who want pms please add vallitanupm to ur buddy list..
or send buddy request there...
most of them read updates in maneet ff or from my fb..
so i need to lessen my work..
Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOL

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Wow..superb update
Love it
Dont like sam.she so jealous
Geet is so cute
Cant wait for the next update

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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awsem update geet is

Edited by tamanna1391 - 24 February 2012 at 9:05am

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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loved the update dear

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