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Maneet ff-U,Me,aur..?# (Page 66)

mandy15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 3:01am | IP Logged
superb update
luved it dear...Smile

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 4:45am | IP Logged
part 67
nice part...
liked Geet Vicky part...
Maan should have seen that...
cont soon...
awesomepooja IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Fabulous part.
Pickachu part was amazing.
Loved geet n vicky senti milap.

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 7:08am | IP Logged
lovely update 

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 February 2012 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
                                      U, ME,AUR...?

                                                     PART 68
Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

Vicky  called me bhabhi maa..he is my family…

She hugged him back…n that's what Vicky wanted…he cried holding her..

Bha..bha..bhi..bhabhi..maa..i've seen u…

N geet was crying remembering her brother… got u..she kissed him as she used to kiss her brother..

Vicky was melting in her love…he hugged her more..kissed her n said.. bhabhi maa…sob…dadi….sob...i got my maa..


They nodded yes...

Dadi's were also crying in joy…

b.dadi:now,I think I must go alone to America..really,geet is lucky.girl .she has made the family one..namumkin ko mumkin banaya..

dadi:haan didi..

Vicky saw dexture looking at all faces..n mainly geet..he took geet to dexture..

Vicky:bha..bhi..this is my ff.friend..n pet…dext..ure…dex..ture,greet bha.. bhi ..maa…

It bend on its knees n wished..then it stood in two legs n saluted her..

Geet remembered her also use to walk around me in two legs..

Geet brushed dextures hair n it licked her foot lovingly…as puppy did..

Geet got her Vicky n puppy…

Geet:why are u stammering.vicky….

Dadi: if he gets excited or if he is sad he will stammer..other times he will speak normall..

Dadi:Vicky,are you happy..

Vicky:y..yes……papa ne..ver ..lies to

with me..

Dadi:ur papa always comes only in ur,can I say maan that u agreed to join college here..with ur bhabhi….

Vicky:yes..i'll be with my bhabhi..i want to be with her full time..i will not go from here..u will also not leave me na bhabhi...we both will go to college..wait..wait..wait..daaadi..bro arranged for my he here now in mansion..

Dadi's nodded in yes..

Vicky grabbed geets hand n moved to lift..

They came down followed by dadis..

The living room was empty..kala looked at him..n his disappointed face..

Dadi: kala where is maan..

Kala: after u took gudia up,chotu left to palace..he said gudia must have her medicines..he asked to send gudia after sometime..

Dadi: after sometime..matlab..

B,dadi: matlab…he has no objection geet spending time with us…

Vicky:I missed to see my bhai

Dadi:Vicky u must atleast be happy, now u can have geet with u to spend time…maan is changing..isnt it gud..we must wait for him..a few more time…geet will bring him back..

Geet cannot understand what they are saying…vicky n geet sat there..they started to make a new friendship… it was an improvement,according to daadis..bcoz geet never talks to others other  than maan.. vicky was asking her questions n she was answering him..he was careful avoiding her personal questions n asking about her family…where they went morning..geet said about college ..n the principal..they clicked up so easily…vicky realized geet is very childish n innocent as daadis said before..he saw geet yawning…

Vicky:bhabhi,u must take rest..kala di..take her to bro..she must have her medicines also na..

Geet:u r also talking like ur brother..yawn…medicines lo… …if I go now na..prince will feed me medicines… I hate medicines..yuck..

Vicky:bhabhima..prince kaun..

Dadi:ur maan bhai…she calls prince..n he calls him princess..

Vicky:teeki tho hai…my bhabhimaa is a princess…now,our princess will go to her prince n take rest n will come back later to see me..

Geet:I don't want to go now..i''ll go later at 4..


Geet:then he will not give me medicines at that timena…

Vicky:no bhabhi..u will go now..have ur medicines..take rest n come…we will play…n I'll get u a big dairy milk ..

Geet made a puppy face n went with kalakka to palace..

Maan was pacing in his room…he is used with geet around ..he left geet in mansion 2hrs ago..geet has not come back yet…

Kala left geet n went back to mansion…

Geet came stamping her feet on every step to their room..her sound of payal gave him peace..when she came inside he hugged her tight n kissed her..he felt like his life is back..

Maan:Why are you so late…

Geet:I don't wnt to come here…

Maan was hurt..she continued..

Geet:I don't want to have medicines..

Maan st": m a fool..before she completes what I thought..she doesn't want 2 be with me…maan u r getting mad…

Maan:tho yeh baath hai..ok..dont take medicines..but u can have juice..


Maan powdered the tablet n mixed in juice n gave it to her..she drank it..

Geet:I feel sleepy….yawn..

Maan made her sleep on bed n he worked sitting near her…she woke up at 5…she got ready.maan n geet drank their coffee n milk ,kala brought.. b.dadi came n bid bye to both of them..they both took her blessings…

Geet:dadi,why are u going..u be here na…now who will say me stories…

b.dadi: beta…I have  to family is there..n haan…u take care of ur husband…n ask him to say stories.

maneet:ji daadi..

then maan rolled his eyes at what he said…

b:dadi:maan,all the time we both were worried for,I'm happy…gudiaka khayal rakna…n come 2 america..with geet..aur geet ..u must listen to his words…no avoiding medicines..when I see u both I want both to be happy..

maneet:ji daadi..

maan accompanied badidadi to airport to send off her…geet went to mansion to play with Vicky..

when maan returned,he heared sound from backyard..he opened the balcony..he saw geet ,Vicky n dexture playing with ball…Vicky was not giving her ball n she was chasing her to grab from him..she made a cute puppy face n stopped chasing him..

Vicky neared her..he loved teasing her..

Vicky:cry baby…

Geet:I'm not crying…u r also calling me like ur bro..chado..i'll not talk to u..

She stamped her feet n moved from there..

Vicky blocked her way..

Vicky:olelei,mera baby…u got angry…my pyari si baby bhabhi…I'm so sorry..

He held his ears n bend on his knees…he made funny faces…

geet was looking at him from corner of her eyes..she started laughing whole heartedly…for the first time..

he sat there and watched them quietly..without their knowledge..

geet was not fully mingled,but Vicky made her to be with him..he made her sit on the swing n pushed her to n fro..he was talking to her..she replied a few…

maans st:my decision is right…she is improving..

night 9pm..

till now geet was not back…maan was restless..he was sitting in bed n looking at entrance often..geet entered their room followed by kala..kala had maans dinner in her hand..

maanLkalakka,u did not bring dinner for geet..

kalakka:geet ate in,I brought for u.ok..mei chaltha hoon..


maan did not touch the food..geet looked at him.. will get cold..

maan:I used to eat with u only. u  forgot me..

geet looked sadly at him..

geet:nehi can I forget u..u r my husbandna..wo kya haina..vicky fed me..

maan:so,u did not eat urself…whats this princess..u must eat urself….what will u do in college..who will feed u there..

geet:I'll eat with u..u will help me na..

maan now realized he must make her understand,she must not say him as husband in college will not be safe for her…

maan:geet come here…

geet came n sat on his lap..

maan:geet ,u must understand what I say..


maan:geet,we will be husband n wife  only within this compound…u will not say to anyone u r my wife..n u will not behave like u know me ..

he looked at her face ,which was full of confusion..

geet:but why?

Maan closed his eyes,will she understand the reason..he caressed her face..

Maan:you will not understand..u trust me na..

She nodded her head…

Geet:mama said to listen to badi dadi also said the,I'll listen to u…

Maan: u say to him also..u both will not say to anyone that u both belong to khurana family..



Geet:do u want me to say lie..

Maan:I know,u cant say lie..but u don't say the truth..

She nodded..

Maan gave her medicines .

Geet:I'm sry..i'll not eat without u..u have ur dinner..then I'll have my medicines..maan smiled n finished his she took the medicines..

Maan:now u sleep..u have to get up early…n from tomorrow ur schedule will be different..


Maan:u will know by u sleep.

He made her lay on the bed…he kissed her forehead..

Maan:Gud night sweet heart..

 Geet:gud night prince..

she moved to his lap..he brushed her hair..she slowly drifted to sleep..

he placed her on the pillow n tugged her with spread..

he kissed her cheeks..

maan:geet ur life is going to change from tomorrow..i know it..

he came to his study..he finished all his work he will be having less time from the next day,he  worked till late night…when his eyes pained,he came out of his study..he went to his private room n came out n slept …


here in KC at 9pm..

Vicky was talking to dadi n kala in excitement..about geet..

Poor souls..their ears were paining hearing the same from when he came back.. so sweet..she is still a baby…so lovely..bohut pyari hai...

Daadi yawned..

Dadi:Vicky..u are saying the same..tell us something which we don't know..

Vicky::daadi,u know…she hugged me..kissed me..played with me…

Dadi:Vicky,I saw u don't want me to repeat things..

Vicky made a puppy face..

Dadi:Vicky,u have college from tomorrow..u must get up soon…n remember,geet is ur responsibility from tomorrow…if u fail,u know maan…he will not allow geet to be with u…so,be careful…n try to make her mature..

Vicky:I understand dadi..i'll take care of baby bhabhi…

Dadi smiled at his words..

Dadi: baby bhabhi…true…

Vicky:she is a ray of hope dadi…I can get bro…so,I'll not fail in my duty…

Dadi:now go n sleep..

Vicky:yes dadi…today I'll sleep happily..

He went to his room…dadi smiled at the way he went..

Dadi:kala,he has gone mad  meeting geet..

Kala:dadi,I think this is the beginning of our happiness..

Dadi:yes…geet is an angel..she has brought light in our lives..

Kala:yes dadi…now u also go n take rest ..u too want to go to kc from 2morrow..

Dadi went n slept peacefully..


Vicky room…

He was jumping in bed n floor..he was throwing the pillows n books on floor..

Dexture hide itself under his bed..

Dextures ST:he is gone mad…he is throwing things everywhere..i'll hide,it doesn't hit me..

Vicky went to his fathers photo..

I love u papa..i love u so much..thanks for the happiness papa…I promise I'll take care of ur baby bahu… pyari bhabhi…she is so sweet….

Dexture closed its ears.with its forelegs...

Dextures ST:he is repeating again…first dadi ,then kala,then papas photo…oh nooo…give me peaceful sleep…

Precap:first day in college..

Friends can u pm me ur suggestions of geets innocence before college mates..some pranks n tantrums also welcome.

those who want pms please add vallitanupm to ur buddy list..
or send buddy request there...
most of them read updates in maneet ff or from my fb..
so i need to lessen my work..
Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOL

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
wow.superb update.
love geet n cute
continue soon plz

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 October 2010
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Posted: 17 February 2012 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
ossum part dear
loved it and i just wann say forst all the boys should flat seeing her beauty dear...and i wann msk to be j and 
and at the same time vicky should care of her
but i dont wann anyone to make her cry dear
u know we cant see her tears ...
so pls dear
we want her to be so innocent al should try for her but she should not becoz vicky ll be there
and somewhere sam shouyld get J becoz some salwar girl is getting the attention than her dear
ll be waiting for the next prt dear
take care of health dear
and one more even all girsl should drool on vicky too dear...
no pranks on geet dear
we cant see her cry

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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