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punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 2:04am | IP Logged
think maan is taking her for college admission
he is also going to teach her dance
he is so patient with her rigjht now, hope he doesnt become impatient with her childish behaviour
how long will he be able to control himself
feel sad for vicky, but soon vicky will meet his bhabhima 

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poongs123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged
waiting aka plz update soon ...

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myramabin Goldie

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
interesting   plz update soon 

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Sailor_N Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 5:12am | IP Logged

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hari21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
waiting for update 

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Maaneet4eve IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Looks like he is taking Geet to meet vicky... Just a guess... waiting for the next update!!!!

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged
                                         U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 66
 Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

Maan has already sent raghav to the place where they were going'.he wants to check up,no one is there except the person who they are going to meet' Raghav confirmed there is no one other than watchman and the person has not yet arrived .maaneet sat in the moved out of the was the first time geet is coming out after she has come from hospital'the surroundings were new to her..though her childish nature made her look outside the windows in curiosity,she was feeling weird..she looked at maan n clinged to him..he slided his hands around her shoulder n comforted her..

Maan:what happened princess..

Geet:I feel scared..

Maan:y geet..

Geet:I've never seen places like this before' '

Maan:whats there in it..u will get used to it'

She placed her head on his chest..

Maan:now what?

Geet:'.nothing..when u r near me,i feel secured'

Her simple answer gives him satisfaction'he could feel her relaxing on him..

The cars entered the big gates n stopped in the parking lot..

 (most of them guesses correct)

In Km..

Dadi's  n kala returned from palace as maneet were not there..they saw Vicky standing on a stool n tying up something at the entrance..

Dadi:what r u doing Vicky'


Dadi:what surprise'

Vicky:I'll not tell u'waise,u both are back soon ..why?

The dadis entered the mansion thru the small space between door n his stool..they looked at Vicky who was neatly dressed than ever..n his face had a certain glow..

Bdadi: ur bro has taken ur bhabhi out..

Vicky: where?

b.dadi: who knows..

Vicky: when will he come..

Dadi: no idea..he didn't say anything'

Vicky st: will my surprise become Vicky..dont lose hope..

After finishing his work,he sat in the living room looking on the way of entrance'he was playing in his cell phone to avoid dadis enquiries'.but his concentration was not in it..he was often looking at the door step..when dadis got pissed off,they asked'

Dadi's:are you waiting for someone..



Vicky:when they come u all will also get surprised n shocked'u will not expect them here..

Dadi:u r talking in riddles'tell us..

Vicky.:wait..dadi'till they come'n if I said too u will not believe be patience..

Vicky did not tell more than that .he kept his mouth sealed..

b.dadi:have u done ur packing Vicky..our flight is at 8pm.


Daadis went with their chit chats .savithri helped packing things for badi dadi..

Maan came out of his car'geet too came out'.

While entering the gate she read the board outside..******university of Delhi..she looked at the big gates,the big ground,the buildings ,the gardens'..,everything was classy'speaking the loyalty of the college'

Raghav came there n said the person has just arrived..

Maan took the file n walked with geet to the correspondent room..geet was looking at the environment with her eyes wide..she hold maans arms ..

Geet:prince..why are we here..

Maan:u will come to know. this is the college, where I'm studying..we are going to meet the principal'

Geet widened her eyes more'

Geet :u study here'mein bhi na buddhu hoon'u r a prince n u must study in a place like this only..

Maan:Geet u wait here..when I call u ,u come inside'behave like a gud girl before him'

Geet:am I a bad girl'she cutely pouted.

Maan:no..u are a gud girl..i said that ,bcoz he is '

Geet: ur guruji'we must give more repect to them'haina..

Maan :yesahi samajlo'

Maan was about to knock the office door.she hold him n said

Geet:u r leaving me alone here'muje dar lagraha hai..

Maan called bahadur n raghav to be with geet. n he went inside.


Maan:gud morning sir.

Principal,who was looking in his lappy.lifted his gaze n looked at

maan,who was in his casuals,greeting him humbly.
Principal:gud morning maan.i'm proud of u my boy.n a very hearty u r the MD of ur company'n u have made ur first
deal rocking..
Maan: thank you sir..
They both shook their hands..

Princi:what happened to ur hand maan

Maan: I met with an accident..i'm fine now sir..

Principal: oh..take ur seat '

Maan: its ok sir..i'll  stand..

Principal: its ok maan..i know u  respect me'we have to discuss something.. u can take ur seat.. so,we can talk comfortably..

Maan:thank u sir..

He sat opposite to him. tell me..why do u want to meet me'

Principal adjusted his glasses.looking at his lappy n moving the mouse he asked him..

Maan: I need 2 applications for bba 1rst yr..its a request from me..

Princi:maan the applications are closed n u r asking at the last moment'tomorrow college is going to open'

Maan:please sir..i really need this favour from you..

Maan gave the files he brought with him..

Principal looked at the files'

Principal read it louder..

PRinci:Vikranth singh n geet handa'

PRinci st:maan is recommending a girl..i know he hates girls ..its a wonder..

Princi: Both has finished 12th ..geet has topped in her school'

vikranth has 75%Geet is from a small town..whereas Vicky from a well known school..
Maan,can u answer me,..u or ur dadi has never recommended for anyone.. why are u recommending these two now..

Maan:sir,I'm not recommending..i'm asking for u..its my personal request..

Princi:whats the difference..

Maan:recommendation.we give to others'request..we ask for our own..

Princi:so,u know them..

Maan:hmmm..yes sir..

Princi: can I meet the students'are they here..

Maan:geet is here..vikranth doesn't know I'm here..he got admission in American college..

Princi:I don't understand maan..when he got admission there,then why are u asking admission here..

Maan:bcoz I want Vicky to be with geet..first u see geet ,then u will know why I'm asking ur help..

Principal looked at him puzzled..

Princi:ok..say her to come in.

Princi again went into his lappy .he was smiling ,looking at the screen.. maan called bahadur to send geet inside the office..

Princi:st:girl with maan'surely I want to know..why he is interested'


Outside geet was so restless'maan has left before an hour'she was used to him..

Bahadur n raghav tried to interact with her..she was knotting the dupattas corner..she was growing pale,missing maan..n making puppy faces looking at the office door..

Bahadur:Gudia,sir will come..

Raghav:Haan gudia,he is inside onlyna..

Bahadur:Why are u scared'we are with u..

She did not answer them..

Then maan called him..

Bahadur:gudia,sir has asked u to come in..go..

He opened the office door for her'geet entered the office..she walked with small steps'she was nervous..maan saw her pale face n went near her.

Maan took her hands in his n walked to principal..

Principal looked at them'

Maan:geet,this is mr.ravikumar,correspondent of this college..

Geet bent n touched his feet'her mangalsutra came out from her chudi..

Principal looked at the girl..she looks very innocent, wearing a simple suit.indeed beautiful.her eyes had dark circles,which said she was in deep pain..then he noticed her sindoor n mangalsutra..this girl is married..

Principal:in this century,no one is cultured like u beta..sadha suhagan raho..khush raho'he blessed her..

Principal did not ask more.he took out applications and gave maan n geet'

Princi:fill this form...geet,u can sit n fill'

Geet looked at maan..he nodded yes'she sat next to him..he handed her the form n a pen..

He filled vickys'then he saw her not filling n she was crying silently'he took the form from her..

N saw what She has filled

Name: geet''..left half way..

Fathers/guardians name''

He now recognized why she is crying'she is remembering her father..

Maan placed a hand on her shoulder comforting her ..he filled the rest'

Principal was confused,but he did not ask anything..he waited maan to answer..

Maan gave the forms to him..

Principal looked at the forms..n he looked at maan in shock'

Principal:whats this maan?geet is ur'..

Maan:sorry sir..i did not introduce her properly to u..she is my wife..geet maan singh khurana..n Vickranth my brother   '

Geet:u have a brother..


Principal:I don't believe this'ok..then why is she crying..did u married her forcefully'n how we don't know about ur marriage..she is only 18..n we don't know u have a brother too..

Maan:geet..will u wait for me outside..i'll join u..

Geet:pls come soon'

 Maan:I'll be soon..

Geet:bye sir..she said to principal n went out..she was turning n seeing him often..

Principal:now can u say maan..

Maan explained all..

Maan:I married geet with her parents n dadis approval..geet has lost her family.,the next day of our marriage...she has recovered after a long wait..i cant leave her some other place to study..i want someone to be near her in my,only I decided to make geet n vikranth study in same class..geet cant stay away from me..she is not comfortable with others'college atmosphere will bring my old geet back..

N Vicky is kept out of media so no one knows about him...

Principal:ok'I give them admission'but I'm not satisfied with ur brothers percentage..

Maan:don't worry sir..he will improve along with geet.n one more request..


Maan:I don't want anyone to know geet n vikranth are khuranas'

Princi:But why..

Maan:I said u I met with an accident..actualy it was planned by my rivals..n I don't want them both 2 get into me..till everything gets controlled I want  to keep my marriage announcement also from medias..even,we have postponed our marriage reception ..i want their safety first..         

Princi:Ok'I understand'

 Maan:sir,geet is afraid of fire'she is under,pls make sure other students smoke or carry fire related things inside the campus..and I'll change canteen with electrical appliances..

Principal:ok..i'll give the instructions to students'maan u hate girls..then how can u care for her so u love her or pity her'

Maan sighed..

Maan:sir,its true I hate too I cant withstand any one..but geet is different from those girls..her heart is pure as an innocent child..she don't know how to cheat or lie..this is the first quality I like in her..she is my life now..i love her..there is no word pity in love..

Principal:I'm happy for u maan..happy married life maan..

Maan:thanks sir'sir ,can I ask u onething..if u don't mind..


Maan:why are u smiling looking at the screen..whats that gud news..

Princi:how do u know it's a gud news..

Maan: in hoshiarpur,all says wherever geet goes,there will be a gud luck following her..though I don't believe in those stuffs,i've experienced also..thats why I guessed..

Princi:u r right'our university has got the most precious award of this year'one more gud news..u knew we started a new building for before a year. next to our went under a case ..that the site belonged to another,the court has declared it as ours n we can continue our construction.. yesterday only,I came from I did not check anything.. now only I came to know about this'you can say,if it is co-incidence also geet is a lucky charm.

Maan:congrats sir..ok..then I'll take leave..

Princi:maan,can u complete the building..bcoz,mr.chopra left it half way when it came under court case..

Maan:sure sir..i'll ask my staffs to make a design based on the previous one..bye sir..have a nice day ..see u tomorrow..

Princi:bye ..

Principals st:I cant believe it..maan is so polite'he is married'he has a brother..he accepted to build the college..moreover he talked to me more than 2 hrs'

Precap: geet 'vicky emotional meeting'

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plz update soon 

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