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                                         U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 64
 Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

Abc place 12pm

The government officials entered the place.medias were not allowed there.

They started to open the tenders.maan looked around.there were nearly 40 peoples,who have submitted the tender.behind all were his men in formal clothes.bahadur,eyed everything is in control.

Now the quotations were announced one by one..

A constructions..xxxbillions

B continued…

Chopra constructions……wxyz billions(rs.1000 less than the same amount maan finalized)…

Chopra smirked.till now,he is the he knows what has maan finalized,he was sure he is getting this project.he loked maan disguistingly.maans face was blank.

The last tender submitted by khurana constructions.

It was Rs.1o lakhs less than wxyz billions…

So,the least amount quoted was khurana,they gets this tender.

Mr.maan singh have done a great job.u have won ur first tender after taking the md post.we wish you gud luck.the officials signed n gave him the contract papers.

Thank you sir.

Maan looked into the crowd.all the persons face were disappointed.the one ragging in anger was chopra.he cant accept his defeat.after stealing KC's quotation,how did maan changed was a million dollar question running in his mind.

Hallo mr.rahul chopra… maan added fuel to rahuls temper.

Do u think by stealing u can get the project..honesty wins always mr.rahul.remember that.

Don't think u have won me maan.. singh khurana..address me like that..

He said pointing him to give respect.

That sounds gud..

He can see rahul gritting his teeth.

Don't fly high mr.khurana.u have to face me in all ways.

Better u show ur work in progress mr.chopra.

Ya..i'll show u a sample surely for facing me today…u'll know me then..what I'm capable of.

They were having a hot argument unknown to other competitors.

The other competitors reached them n congratulated maan for his success.

It was nearly 1pm.maans phone buzzed.without seing the screen he said

Hello, maan here.

It was dadi..

Maan beta,gudia is not taking her medicines.u talk to her.


Maan excused from others n went to a corner to speak.

Prince,when are u coming.

Soon gudia..have u taken ur meals.

Yes…she sounded low..

Kya hua..

U come soon..

Hmm..i will..

A man  came n started to talk in his phone.maan did not see him.

Gudia,achi bachiki thara,medicines khalo..

Bahadur came n removed the person near maan..

The man went to rahul..

Sir,maan was talking to some girl..may be a child..he referred her as gudia..

He ordered his men..

Find out who is gudia. Maan seems she is his weakness.

.the security of maan ,who was in his formal hears this.

He sent a msg to bahadur about it…

Maan was still in conversation with geet,who refuses to take medicine.

Acha baba teek hai..give the phone to dadi

Dadi..gud news..kc got the contract..

Congrats maan..

Dadi ..i'll come n give medicines to her..

Ok beta..

Did she trouble you..

Dadi sighed..

No beta..she is lost in her own world.she didn't talk to anyone after u left..we are forcing her everything..she didn't even ask her questions when didi narrated her a story..its only u to whom she talks..i think she misses u badly..n she couldnot say it..better u come soon.

Hmmm.i understand..i'll come soon..

He kept the phone.he turned to go.he saw his securities surrounding him.

Maan looked at bahadur.bahadur looked around .when he was sure only their men were around,he  showed his msg inbox.maans expressions changed..

Rahuls men are searching who is gudia.he wanted to stop

He is maan singh khurana.he made a quick plan.he msged bahadur to call him when he was around rahul or his men.

Bahadur called maan,when he was talking to a random person besides rahul.

Maan took the phone n started to behave like he was angry at the person on phone.

Mr.pqr…i wont help ur daughter again to take medicines..i have no time for things helping others..thank me ..first time when ur girl..who..gudia or whatever  name it may be..called me..i talked to her politely.bcoz,i was in gud mood.but don't expect it from me always..i'm not ur baby seater..if u called me again,I don't know what I'll do..may be if I c ur call again u r fired..maan kept his phone in fake anger inside his pocket..bahadur on other side who was listening maans tantrums was impressed by his boss,He can  make all things to his favour.

The man talking to maan asked him..

Whats it mr.khurana..u seemed to be angry. staffs daughter is not taking her medicine..the girl gudia seems to be fond of,they called me to help them..first time I helped just talking to her...but u know.i hate peoples who are spoiling my time..

Rahul listened it.

maan easily made rahul,believe he hates gudia n her parents.

Rahul said his men to stop searching gudia,as she is not supposed to be maans weakness.rather he hates her.maans men verified several times that his men are not now behind geet.then  maan left to his house.

Rahul has already made his plan to show a sample of what can he do.when maan has  openly challenged  him.

Maan was in his was a busy road surrounded with tall buildings.

Suddenly maans car tyre got punchered..someone has shooted it.n the next bullet hit maans cars window..maans driver lost his control on car in fear.the car hit a tree n stopped.

Maan n the driver jerked inside the car.maan tried to hold something from the jerk.but,it landed in the time maans other gaurds surrounded the car n took maan n the driver safely.they were looking for the place were the gun was fired…they had no hint..someone from  any of the tall buildings..but,where?

Bahadur:sir ur hand is swelling..i think u must go to hospital..

Maan took his gaurds car.he went to hospital.the xray said he is having a small crack in his palm.they bandaged it n gave him medicines.

On the way u doubt any one,who is after this accident.

No doubt..its rahul chopra..he said., he will show u a sample surely for facing him today.i didn't took it seriously..we must be more careful ..we must watch his every move..

Sir,I have an idea..

I know what u r going to say..i'm also thinking the same..we want some trustable persons who will be with him n give us informations about him.

Bahadur n raghav went speechless..maan was always too fast in making plans..

Ok sir..i'll make arrangements for it..


Maan came back to khurana the car stopped,he saw geet  ,who came running towards him.she throwed herself on him n hugged him tightly.he felt his shirt wet.she is crying..

Princess,why are u crying..

I don't know..

He took her inside..he made her sit next to him..

Dadis were there.they smiled at geets behavior..                     

Dadis:congrats maan .for ur first victory.

Geet looked at them

Prince,have u passed ur exams..

..the trio laughed at geets words.

Haan…he said in her language

they looked at maans bandage.

What happened maan.

Nothing tyre went flattened n hit the tree.

For nothing u r bandaged ur hand..

Wo dadi..had a light crack in hands.

Had ur lunch..

No..i thought of coming soon..n give medicines to her..

Maan felt feathery touch in his bandaged hand.geet was caressing it..

She looked at him..

Is it paining..


kala came with maans lunch n geets medicines..

No..prince..i don't want medicine..

She started to move from him.he caught her.she struggled in his grip..maan let a fake pain..

Ouch…geet..u hit my hand..its paining..

She took his hand ..

Sry prince..sry..mein jaan boochkar nehi kiya..sry..

I'll accept ur sry,only if u have ur medicine..


She took her medicine.. n as usual maan gave her chocolates..

Maan had his lunch..n then he took his tablets..

Geet gave him a chocolate..

He didn't understand.

Chocolate for me..why princess..

U also having medicines will not taste bitter if u have chocos..

Maan n dadis chuckled n were impressed too with her concern..

I don't want..u have it..

She was yawning..

Geet ,go n sleep..

No..i'll stay here near u..she hold his hands..

After a while she slept leaning on him..

Dadi..i don't want to announce our marriage now..

But,why beta..u only said we can announce it after a month..then why do you want to cancel the reception.

Maan  told her everything.

Geet is so innocent dadi..she has faced the edge of all…I don't want her to face any more trouble..she cant be able to face it..rahul is so dangerous..what if he finds about geet n harm her..i had body gaurds today..but,they also cant do anything before him..we want to hide geets identity as my wife from this rivalry world.atleast till she gets matured enough to face them.

b.dadi:I think maan is right .u need to protect her from this evil world.this is what I think worse to be a famous celebrity.we cant share our happiness too...geet must know the difference of peoples..till that do as maan says..

dadi sighed..

dadi: you are right didi..ok..i'll wait for the right time..maan u must be tired..why don't u change n take rest..


Maan took sleeping geet in his arms. He started to climb the stairs.he heared dadi's conversation.

Savithri,I think now we shall go back to America.


b.dadi:buddhu..myself n Vicky..vicky has got admission there in college..u only made arrangements n now u r asking like u don't know anything..

dadi:yes..i forgot..thinking about geet I forgot  vicky...

maan entered his room n  placed her on the bed.maan went n changed .he came back n slided next to geet.

Dadis words echoed in his mind..

Thinking about geet I forgot Vicky..

All thinks I made geet recover.but.its not  true..its bcoz of Vicky geet came out n reacted..if geet must recover soon only Vicky can do it..but,he is going to America..what wil I do now…

Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOLOuch


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wow dear
now maan is so intelligent
he made sleeves to his side dear
abt vicky maan is also thinking dear
i think he may talk to vicky
hope he ll dear
will  be waiting for the next part dear

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Fabulous update

Luved it...

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awesome update love it

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it is amazing

now wt maan plan to stop vicky

eagerly waiting

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Fabulous update

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