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Originally posted by -Prithi-


  Thanks prithi...

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by meena..

congrat for new thread

Thanks meenu...

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by muraadlovesdd


Thanks dear...
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Originally posted by valli22

Originally posted by muraadlovesdd


Thanks dear...
well come di
plz ab update dedo jaldi se

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  updating now...

 Thanks for all...

 No more colour coding takes time for me 2 post..

 i think u all will accept it..

 say how this part is without colouring.

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                                         U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 51

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

This part will not be so interesting but will keep  the story on proceeding.sry for disappointing u guys...say u like this part without colour code..

 Geet was sleeping in maan s lap.she woke up on the midway to Delhi..Maan helped her to sit.she was resting on his shoulders.he asked her,if she wants anything.She just nodded her head in no.Both had not eaten from the previous day...she was in saline n maan had only coffees,after the force of kala n dadi.Geet looked outside.Her eyes were still blank,searching for something in the darkness of the highway road...

Maan:We ar going To Delhi,geet.
 Maan tried to start a conversation.geet did not say anything back.He slided his hand around her waist n tugged her closer to his shoulder.
Maan:Geet,You will be fine soon.
  Tonguei'm thinking:WinkIs he saying this for himself.
Maan:never feel you are alone.I am there for you always.
He expected her to usual she did not respond.
He looked at her.He did not like her silence.He wanted her non stop chat to listen.He want to hear her sweet voice again.
he sighed..
ST:may be it will take a few days more.
Dadi was viewing them from the mirror .she did not want to interfere between them.She has also experienced a lot in her life.she has lost her husband,son,daughterinlaw,grandson n his wife earlier...she has gone through many in her lifetime..but,this was too much for her also.Maans marriage was her dream.she was fully happy when it came true,when geet entered as her bahu..before she cherishes the movement,she has become emotionless.the changes geet made in maan are vanished.He has lost his smile again more than before..She could see his love n care towards geet in his behaviour.,Which she has never seen before for anyone..Maan cared for daadi.But,he never expressed his love n care with his behaviour..He kept  a distance between them..

Dadi's st:hmm..i don't know,what is written in fate..will I ever deserve happiness before leaving my life..but before nearing god,i want to see my family happy.

she whipped her tears before it reach out...

the journey was full of silence..after a long time,geet again drifted to sleep.may be her weakness...
after a few hours ,the driver stopped  at the end of the street,which had two large gates on either side.
If anyone sees it,they will say that is a big luxurious house with one as entrance n the other as exit.
but here,it was opposite .One was khurana mansion n the other was khurana palace.
Driver:Kahan jana hein sahib.?mansion or palace?
Maan:No dadi..palace..
Daadi:Per maan..
Maan:Please dadi..
Dadi:Atleast now you should move to mansion.
Maan:No.dadi.i don't want any more arguments about this.
He is so cold.The old maan is back..dadi could feel it.she don't want to create a scene infront of driver..
Dadi:Teek hai..palace chalo..
Maan's car entered the stopped before his main door.
All were shocked to see his house open n the lights were glowing inside.
If maan is not there,no one will  step into the house.then who is inside.?with a lot of confusions,they all stepped out of the car.geet was still sleeping.he lifted her slowly,without waking her.kala,n Nakul with the luggages followed them..

Maan was about to enter the house.
...:Stop maan..
Maan looked at the voice of the person,who dares to stop him to enter his own house.
Maan:Badi dadi..aap..
Sharmila devi ,savithris elder sister was there..she looked at geet in maans arms..
B.Dadi:wait.savithri .I thought you will come here only...Maan,.you are entering your house first time with bahu'will you take her inside without taking aarthi..
Maan:Par dadi'
Sharmila came with aarthi thali n took aarthi'
Maan was scared what if geet wakes up n sees the fire..
She puts the sindoor on maneet's forehead.
B.Dadi:Now come inside..
Maan placed geet on the sofa..
Sharmila sits besides geet n caresses her fore head..
B.dadi:Kitni pyaari bachi hai..bohut sundar hai..bagwaan ne teek nehi kiya inke saath..she kisses her forehead..

Maan:When did you come badi dadi?
B.Dadi:Today was better,I could make up today..i don't know what to say?to congratulate for your marriage or feel sad for losing ur wifes family..
Dadi:How do u know didi..i didn't inform you..
B.Dadi:We came at noon..i called farm house..munshiji said that you have left to delhi'n what happened there
Maan was climbing the stairs to his room..
B.Dadi:Didi..we matlab..wo bhi aap ke saath wapus aagayi hai kya..
Savithri asked her in a low voice..
Dadi:kahaan hai wo..
B.dadi:apne kamrein mein.
Daadi saw maan entering his finger prints  in the security system..
Dadi:When will he come out of this den..i don't know didi..
B.dadi:Don't lose hope savithri..he will change..
She saw the door opening..
Maan came down n scooped geet in his arms n moved to his room..he placed her on the bed n covered her with the duvet..
Maan:No one has entered my room geet..this is my cage..Welcome to my world geet..he kissed her forehead..
he took the intercom..
Maan:kala akka,if dr.arrives send her to my room.n take care of the nurse,who came with us..
Maan:.hmm..tell dadi's to come up..
Kala:to ur room chotu'
Maan:yes ..
he kept the phone.
Kala pinched her to know if she heared it pained..
Dadi:What happened kala..?
Kala:Chotu asked u both to come to his room..
BOTH dadis:What?they both said in unison.
B.Dadi:Savithri..lets go..before he changes his mind..
Dadi:Yes didi..he has never allowed anyone to his room.only kala goes there..wo bhi cleaning ke liye''''
The both dadi's entered the room..this was the first time even savithri is entering his room.she was allowed to be there only in the ground floor.maan never let her see, when he built this palace also..
This is the first time he has opened his cage for others..
They entered his room.they both were equally surprised to see his large room n the way he has kept everything perfect..
Dadi:Maan,don't you will be better for her, if you move to KM.. know dadi..i'll not come to km..I know you care for geet. bcoz of that only I have made you to enter my room. Otherwise ,it doesn't matter for anyone, if I live here or not..
There was a hidden pain in those words..

Maan:Aaplog geetke saath betiye..mein fresh hokar aatha hoon..

He did not wait for their answers.he grabbed a night dress from his wardrobe n entered the washroom.
B.Dadi:Savithri..maan bilkul nehi badhli
Dadi:Nehi didi..I saw a changed maan in hp.but he is now back as his own..
Dadi:That's a magic only geet can do..the faster she relieves,we can see the change in maan...
Kala came with dr.anjali.who was very shocked at first to come to khurana palace.n the second to see a beautiful girl sleeping in maans room..nurse followed them with reports.
Maan came out of wash room..
Maan:Hello dr..
Dr.anjali:Hello mr.khurana..hello mam.may I know who is my patient.
He showed geet.
Dr.:Is this gudia?
the word gudia,she thought as a child.but,she is an young girl..
The nurse gave Dr.her medical reports.she went through it.She started to check Geet..when she took her hand to check the pulse she saw her bridal mehandi..
She looked her neck..the black beads said she is married..
Dr.:Is she married'then where is her husband..i'll talk to him..
Maan:You are talking to her husband only dr.
?????..the man who hates girls got married n how did not i know about it..when?..
is she your wife..
still not able to believe.
Maan:Yes..Dr.will you say how she is now..
Dr.comes out of her is not the right time to ask about their marriage.
Dr.:Yes..physically she is normal..but,she seems weak..did she eat anything..
Dr.:Did she  speak..?
maan:She screamed seeing fire..after that she did not talk..
Dr.:Did she cry remembering her family..
Dr.:Did you try again.. we are travelling..i thought that's not a gud idea..but,I tried to speak with her..she did not reply me..
Dr.:o..can u explain in detail about her n what happened?
Maan:Yes dr..
Maan told every single features of her character.her childishness,her bak bak..her love to family n villagers..n how the family was burnt..n after that how she is behaving odd..
Even dadi's went much maan knows about his wife..
Dr.:So maan..I think we will go with a full checkup bring her tomorrow to hospital..If she stays there we can observe her more..
Maan:But dr.

Dr.:I know..what you are going to say..Your wife don't like hospitals..but mr.khurana..all equipments cannot be brought to ur house na.
Maan:Ji dr.
Dr.:atleast till check up she must be there.
Maan:ok Dr.
Dr.:But..i must appreciate Dr.lakshmi for not removing the needle from her hand..i'll  continue saline to night.that will recover her from weakness...I'll come tomorrow morning.. we will move our treatment after tomorrows check you know,keep fire away from her sight.
Maan.:yes dr.
Dr.asked the nurse to stay with them for that night.n she gave her some instructions..
Dr.:Try to make her cry..that will make our work easier..
Maan.:Ji Dr.
after spending a few hrs.with geet n maan,Dadi's went to mansion
After the assurance given by him ,if he needs them he will call they left.
he dont want  them to stress as nurse was there n he will be with geet.

Precap:Geet criedCry


Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOLOuch

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Originally posted by valli22

  updating now...

 Thanks for all...

 No more colour coding takes time for me 2 post..

 i think u all will accept it..

 say how this part is without colouring.
no problem aap bus update dedo

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