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change12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 8:33am | IP Logged
take  ample rest and come back with a bang...

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honey_doll Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by valli22

hai dears,
i'm back from my hometown
the days were hectic with pongal
n long travel has made me tired n i'm not well
medicines leli hain..
if i'm better i'll give any 1 tomorrow
i have to type yaar,
sry for making u wait..
thanks for all who r missing me

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honey_doll Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 9:33am | IP Logged

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 1:17am | IP Logged
                                           U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 62 

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

Maan:what happened?why ur voice is trembling..

ADI:sir pls..come here..i will show u..its'll not call u..pls..sir..

Maan  sensed something wrong.He saw geet.she was sleeping due to the sleeping pills..

Maans st: she will not get up now.,I may go to kc. n return soon .he made kala stay with geet n rushed to kc.

Maan entered his cabin.adi was waiting there.

Maan:what happened adi?why u called me at this time.

Adi:s..i..r..someone have taken our carbon copies of quotation..

Maan:I don't get u… …when I returned from site all the staffs have gone.but ur cabin light was glowing..i thought something has gone wrong..when u r not here.noone is supposed to use ur cabin.i only used ur cabin for taking copies it was very secret. n i locked ur cabin too..

Maan:so what?

Adi:see the dust bin sir.all the carbon papers are thrown out..i checked all…the final quotation carbon is missing..

Maan:what?  He was shocked.

Adi:someone has stealed it..the person must be really take it from bin when all are present here.without breaking locker n taking the copies he has taken the carbons..

Maan:u r praising the enemy adi.if the paper goes to the rivals they will  get the tender.who is the black sheep in our office..

Adi:cheenu sir..i verified the cc tv..he is the one came into ur cabin.

Maan paced to  n fro in the cabin.he would have killed that cheenu if he was infront of him.before that he must replace the quotation with new one.

Maan:adi,today is the last day..or there is extension to submit tender.

Adi:till morning 10 a.m sir..n the quotations will be opened at 12 noon sir..

Maan smirked.

Maan:so still we have time.


Maan:adi where are the copies.

Adi:in locker.

Maan:bring it.

Adi brought the copy files..maan made some changes n asked adi to take printouts..the quotation amount was less than the previous one..adi was amazed to see the fast decisions of maan.they prepared a new one within an hour.

Maan:adi u will submit this @sharp 9.58 am.

Adi:yes sir.none will doubt me tomorrow.when I submit the new one n the rivals cant figure it.. the carbon copies..

Adi:yes sir

Maan:adi, who  is  behind this..

Adi:I suspect rahul chopra sir..

Maan:yes..i also have doubt on him..did u try to contact that cheenu..

Adi:his number is coming switched off..i sent our security to his house. his house is  locked.we will find him soon..

Maan:ok now lets go..n u be careful..

Adi:yes sir.n tomorrow u must be there at 12.sir..

Maan:sure adi..i want to see the rival who is underplaying with us.i want to see his face  when we get the tender.

He was roaring like a hurt lion..his anger was visible in his face..

Adi:lets go sir.


 Maan came to his room.kala left to her quarters.maan changed n went to his private room .after some time he came n sat near geet..his anger has vanished now..he caressed geets hair smoothly .

Good night sweat heart.he kissed her forehead.

she turned and hugged him in her sleep.he released her n went to his side n slept.

At night as usual she started to murmer mama papa,chachu Vicky ..aag..n all…

Maan came to her side she was twisting her body as it is in pain.he has seen her yesterday like,now it was not a shock for him..he took her in his embrace n patted her back .she cuddled with him tightly..her body started to relax feeling his warmth..

Maan was deeply thinking about something.he came to a decision..when he dosed off he doesn't know.

The next morning 5 am.he woke up.he can feel geets head resting on his chest.his hands were encircled protectively on her slim waist.

Maan st:today I cant be late..i have a lots of work to do..should I wake geet or not..

After a long thinking he decided to wake her up..otherwise she will cry..

Maan:good morning princess..

Geet:hmm…she turned to next side..

Maan:utto jaan..otherwise I'll get ready n then don't cry.remember ur mamas words..

She woke up in a jerk..he kissed her forehead..

Maan:good morning..dear..

Geet:good morning prince.she kissed his cheek in return.

He smiled..they both went to wash room,brushed the teeth n came out.he went to his gym .he took out his vest n started to do his daily exercise.geet was watching him sitting in an exercise machine.she was very quiet..n looked sad..may be she is remembering her parents.

Maan:why don't u do some exercise.

Geet:why..i'm not fat..


Maan:exercise keeps our body fit…its not like only fat people must do exercise.u r lazy ,only u don't want to do exercise.

He teased her,knowing she will start arguing with him..he wanted to hear her bak bak..

Geet:oye..prince..i'm not lazy..i feel sleepy..i've never wokeup at this time..bcoz of u I ve woke up..y don't u sleep till 7 r 8…I'll have some gud sleep too..

Maan:humans wake up earlier..

Geet:matlab..u r saying I'm not a human..

..maan was doing his pushups in floor.. She neared him.she sat over him..n hit him with her small fists..

Maan was shocked at her gesture.she was sitting over him with legs on either side..he was having a hard time to control himself.

Maan:get down from me.geet.


Maan:I'll flip n u will fell down..

Geet:lets c..

Maan laid on floor with his stomach.he flipped slowly,so that she doesn't fall on ground.but geet now sat on his stomach.they were facing each other.she was hitting his chest..

Geet:am I not a human..bolo..bolo..

Maan:hmm..yes..i agree,.u r a human monkey.will u now get up..but u r too bad princess..koi apni pati par hath uttatha hai kya..

Geets face shrunked..

Geet:I'm sorry..i forgot..i must not hit my husband..i'm so sorry..

She made a puppy face n maan could not hold his desire more..

He sat on the same position .geet was between his body n knees..he cupped her face n kissed her both cheeks..

Maan:I love ur puppy face. Gudia.

Geet placed her head on his chest.her eyes were filled with tears.

 Maan:Kya hua princess..ghar ki yaad aagayi


Maan stood holding her.

Maan:geet I told u already..they will be watching us..dont feel..they will get worried n their souls will not rest in peace..

Geet:I'm trying prince..but,…I cant forget them..

Her tears started to flow..he held her tightly consoling her..

Maans st:I must do something to make her recover from it..she must forget her past n live her present..i don't want geet to become like I locked myself in this cage after my parents n bros death...geet brought me out after ages..but I don't want  her to suffer like me..i'll do anything for u to get out of this shell..

Maan:geet do u know skipping.

Geet;yes I do.

Maan gave her n asked her to skip.he went  n proceeded with other exercise.geet started to do skipping..maan was happy atlast he made her do something..he came near her.he was sweating .

Maan:enough geet..lets go.

Geet saw his muscles.

Geet :wow prince ur abs r so did u get this..

He chuckled..if this was another girl ,they would have thrown themselves on him for his muscled his little wifey after a long time seeing me n my arms..n asking how I get it..

Maan:bcoz I do exercise daily.

Geet:if I do I'll also get it..

Maan:girls don't do such exercise as mens do…n u r too soft..u don't want to do this..i'll teach u what kind of exercise u must do…from tomorrow u will b here with me at 5 daily..


Maan prepared geets tub  n asked her to take bath.then he took bath n went to dressing room.he took his official attire n weared it,geet was standing near him knotting her duppatta..

Maan:what do u want geet..

Geet turned n showed her back..he understood.she was waiting for him to do her hook n tie her dori.he did it avoiding touching her skin.

They both came down ...kala greeted them both n they wished her back..

kala  gave their coffee n milk They finished it.n sat in the living room.maan was reading the newspaper.on the other hand he was holding the lighter.when geet was engrossed in her thoughts,he lighted the fire before her for a sec.n kept it in his pocket..she screamed n held him tightly..he asked her to show the fire..she looked around n saw nothing..she moved to his lap n hugged him tight in fear..she hid herself in the crook of his neck..

sry geet..this is ur treatment otherwise I'll not make u fear like this..

maan patted her..she was trembling in fear n breathing heavily..Holding her maan continued reading newspaper.he was shocked to see  the news,that cheenu was shot dead..near a hotel.

Maan's ST:The rivals are clever.they shot the person who can identify  them..

Dadi's came there.they saw geet cuddled like a baby in maans arms..

B.dadi:Maan kya hua geet ko..

He showed the lighter..they understood.

Dadi:Maan are u going to office…

Maan:no dadi.i'm going to the place where the tenders r going 2 be opened.

Nakul came there with breakfast for maneet.

Maan:for u both.

Dadis:we had our breakfast..its for u 2..

Maneet finished maan came to know,geet can only eat by her hands n she is not used to spoons n forks..he made a mental note,he must teach her to eat by using spoons..

Dadi:maan,geet is recovering..i'm thinking of announcing ur marriage..lets have a reception..didi is going  back to america ..

Maan thinks for a while.

Maan:ok dadi..but next month


Maan:college starts n then kc has lots of bending works..n in a month geet will improve more..she can face the world without fear.

B.dadi:savithri..maan is right..n we too needed time for arrangements n 2 invite friends..

Dadi:ok next month I'll fix a date..

Maan came with geets medicines..

Geet:no prince..i don't want..pls..

She ran around the living room..maan was too fast to catch her..

He held her tight..

Prince..pls..its bitter..i don't want..pls..she made all kinds of faces..

Maan:Ur puppy face will not work when it comes to open ur mouth..Geet:


Maan forcely fed her n made her drink water.she got angry with him.she turned her face..he gave her a chocolate bar..her anger vanished.
it was nearly 10 am..
maan gets the call from adi..
he said he has replaced the tender..
maan:thats really lets wait n see how will mr.rahul chopra look losing the tender..
precap:rahul to his staff,find out who is gudia maan refering..
Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOLOuch


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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update
loved it
but di a request plz dont let rahul to do any damae to geet in future let this time maan protect her from evil world

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 2:03am | IP Logged
ossum dear
hope that rahul wont do
geet again dear

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Mishty.M.k Goldie

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awesome update 
waitng for next part

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jssood IF-Dazzler

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Good Job Graphics

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