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Maneet ff-U,Me,aur..?# (Page 25)

cute-aly IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 10:59pm | IP Logged

waiting for next

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cyaa Senior Member

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waiting 4 bedtime story Day DreamingSmile

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Little_Mermaid. IF-Sizzlerz

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VICKY?surprise smiley, male smiley, shock smiley, stun smileyYEH KAHAN SE TAPAK GAYA
POOR VICKYCrying smiley, Smiley, smiley, Sad smiley, smiley, with smiley, tears smileyKISI KA BI LOVE NAHI MILA
please smiley, f smiley, please smiley, girl smiley, wish smileyI WANT VICKY AS A BAD CHARACTER PLZZZ
MAAN  GEET AUR VICKY KA LOVE TRANGLE CHAYIE PLZdevil smiley, animated smiley, animation smiley, devil smiley
BAD TIME STORY WOWsleep smiley, anim smiley, male smiley, sleep smiley, sleeping smileyBUT AGAR MAAN KI JAGA VICKY SUNAYE TO KAISA REHEGA

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Happy New Year...

part 58
feel sorry for Vicky...
hope Maan tries to understand the boy...
cont soon...

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TanuDDian IF-Rockerz

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todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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Superbb..luvd itt

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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awesome, brilliant, nice part
loved it
 continue soon

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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                   U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 59 

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

Dadis went to KP to see Geet.when they entered they saw the servants taking gasstove n cylinder outside.

Dadi:why r u removing these from kitchen.

SER:sir told us to remove.

Dadi :ok.u go.

B.dadi:u cant understand..buddhu..if geet enters kitchen n accidently if she sees the flame,she will be again only maan has removed it.

Dadi:I did not think about will the cooks cook here now?

Then they saw the servants entering with was induction,oven,toaster,coffee maker,chappathi maker,n all type of electrical items.

B.dadi chuckled.

B.Dadi :maan is sharper than u..

Dadi:yes..i agree..even I too didn't think to change these stuffs.

B. Dadi :do u want to stay here only .dont u want to see bahu

Dadi :lets go didi..

Geet was still sleeping.Maan was sitting in his bed next to her.he was looking after the files.


Maan:ji dadi..

Dadi:how is geet.

Maan:she is fine..she is sleeping from noon..

Dadi:what files are these.

Maan:final quotation copies of government project.u can also check it.

Dadi:no KC is urs..n decision will also be urs.i believe u.

Maan:thanks dadi.

Dadi:why don't u relax.we both will look after geet.

Maan:thanks dadi..u both take care of her..i'm going to my study.its uncomfortable working here.i want 2 go thru blue prints also.

Dadi:ok beta.

After a while geet woke up.dadis gave her biscuits n milk..she had it like a gud girl..(medicine thodina hai..geet mana karei)

Geets eyes searched for maan.maan was about to enter the room to check once geet.he stopped at her conversation.

Geet:dadi.wo kahaan hai.

Dadis:kaun beta..


Dadis rolled their eyes.n here maan chuckled.

Dadis:prince kaun..

Geet:wo..mera pati..

Daadis were so happy.she has talked normally to them.

Dadi:why beta..u want to see him.

Geet:wo..muje dar lagraha hai..

Dadi:kyun beta.dont get scared..we are near u only.

Maan could not keep himself more out.he came inside n sat beside her.

Geet quickly walked n her kneels n came to maan.she hugged him tight.she was shivering a little.He brushed her hair.comforting her.

Maan:what happened geet.why r u u had any bad dream.

She nodded in no.

Maan:then y are u scared.?

Geet:I don't know..n u r also not near me.

Maan:I am here the next room..ok I'll not leave u n go..ok.

Geet clinged to his chest.


They all sat with her n chatted..

Geet did not mingle with them.she just held maans arms n later kept her head on maans lap n started to stare the ceiling..maan did not disturb her..she is opening slowly..n he don't want to force her

.it was night.kala came with chappathis.for geet.she handed her the tray n asked her to eat.the dadis went down to have their dinner.geets hand was trembling to make pieces of chappathis.she was still weak.kala looked at her in pity.

Kala:I'll feed u..

Maan:kalakka,u go n serve dadi.i'll look after geet..i'll feed her.

Kala went away giving him the tray.first he fed her a few bites,then he mad pieces of it n asked her to eat herself.he struggled at first.then she ate comfortably at last.

Maan:u r gone only u r not able to eat urself.

Geet:I'm not..

Maan:then lets see from tomorrow,u will join me in dining.

Geet :ok..she accepted hesitatingly.

Daadis came up n asked maan to go n have his dinner.till that they will accompany geet.

B.dadi:had ur medicine beta

Geet:yuck..i don't want medicine..she made a puppy face.

Maan: gave her medicine forcefully.she was cursing him  again under her breathe.

Maan:Geet u r going stubborn ..not to take medicines..till u take it by urself ,I'll feed u like this only..

She showed her tongue out..

Maan:dadi.u make her sleep.i'll  be back in few  min..

He went…the dadis…poor souls..tried their level best. To make geet sleep..but she did not sleep.

dadi:what will ur mama do if u don't sleep.

Geet was quiet..tears threatened to fall.

b.dadi:bacha..dont cry..we don't want to see u crying.ur mama will also feel bad if u shed tears like this..she whipped her tears And made Geet lay on her laps..

Geet:mama tells me stories at night..

Dadis looked at each other thinking how innocent n childish she is..

Dadi:didi,u r gud at story telling..i don't know any..u tell her.

B.dadi.:ok..bacha..i'll tell u n u will sleep hearing it.ok..

Geet ok..

B>dadi.:what story do u want..?

Geet:raja rani..

B.Dadi:ok.. raja n rani lived. in a big palace.. this palace..

B.dadi:yes.oneday,raja went out to visit his people..on the way back he found a  beautiful bottle .

Geet..oh no…mama says booth were stuffed in bottles.

B.dadi:haan..raja opened the bottle to see whats in it…a big booth came out of it..

Geet:did that booth eat that raja..

b.dadi:nehi bacha..wo yese booth nehi said raja..i'm ur slave from now.u order me what should I do..but,one condition..i cant live without working..u must give me work continuosly..otherwise I'll eat u .

geet:then what happened..

b.dadi:raja asked  the booth to clean the full kingdom.Before he reaches the palace,the booth was has finished works fast..Then the raja asked to clean the came back finishing its work in few minutes.he asked to dig wells n clean the ponds..the booth did all the works faster..raja was fed up giving works.he got worried...

geet: ab kya hoga..booth will eat raja na..

B.dadi: rani asked him why he is worried. raja said the reason. Rani was a clever women..she told the booth to count the rice,wheat n all cereals stored in the store took weeks for booth..

Geet :haiyya..she giggled..after a long time there was a small smile in her lips. maan stood there seeing her childishness.

Geet :then what happened…she yawned.

B.dadi: the booth came again after finishing the work saying give me more work..rani asked him to count the hairs of the men n womens in whole kingdom without disturbing them..the booth went to each n every house n counted the hairs when the people were sleeping...


b.dadi:it came after 1 month..rani again sent the booth to remove the lies in girls hair same way without disturbing finished that too..then rani thought,she must give bhooth a work that will not end..


b.dadi:Rani gave bhooth a dog .its tail was in o shaped..she ordered it to straighten it..n then come to her for next work..

Geet:dadi dogs tail will never straighten na..,the bhooth was not able to finish its task. raja n rani were relieved from bhooth.

Geet was slowly drifting to sleep.

Maan asked dadis to go to kc.n they left.he made geets head comfortably on pillow.he was about to leave,she pulled his shirt..

Geet:prince u continue the story na..

Maan was in his best shock of his life..



Maan:princess,the story has finished..

He sat next to her.she moved to his lap.

Geet:then tell me a new one..

Maans ST:Maan singh khurana aur story..that too to his wife…kya zamana aagaya hai maan tumhari.

Maan rolled his eyes.he made himself comfortable leaning on the bed post.. n softly patted geets back.

Maan:ok tell me the moral of the story

Geet:I don't know.she yawned.

Geet:aapi bathayiyena..

Maan:in our life we will have to face many difficulties.if u r strong n clever u can overcome all..if rani is not clever,the bhooth would have eaten,u must face all the ups n downs of ur life boldly..


Maan saw geet.she was sleeping.the pills has started its effect..he sighed n placed her on the pillow.covered her with the spread.n kissed her on her forehead.

Maan:good night sweatheart.

Maan moved to his study..n finished his works. he came out n checked geet. she was sleeping peacefully. he went to his private space room.where he cherishes his life, some sweet memories of past,where he stores for himself. the peace were he can get..after half an hour,he came out of the room n straightly went to bed. …he slided to the far most corner from geet n kept pillows inbetween..him n geet..

Few minutes before at KM

Vicky was eagerly waiting for dadis return.both the dadis entered.

Vicky:dadi how is bhabhi now..

Dadi:ask my didi..she has gone few yrs back..

savithri laughed..she was controlling it for a long time..

Vicky could not understand..but,the smile in their faces said everything is normal..

Vicky:oh..dadi…pls tell me..i'll go mad..y r u laughing ..

B.dadi:chup kar choti..u r kidding me..after a long time I ve said bed time story..

Vicky shocked:kya..bed time story…for whom..

B.dadi:Vicky,ur bhabhi is a childish…so innocent n nave…she did not sleep…her mother use to say her stories to make her,I said her a story…she slept..such kahoon…bohut pyari hain..vicky,u also learn some stories..when u meet ur bhabhi u have to say her…

All three laughed..but,Vickys heart was in pain..

will bro let me near bhabhi..

dadi:ok its already late..go to sleep.i'm very tired..vicky.didi..gud night..

all went to their room..

Vicky was sleeping in his room..

His room door opened..a familiar hand threaded his hair softly..n placed a soft peck on his forehead. vicky with his closed eyes

Vicky :papa.

Papa: haan beta..

Vicky: aap aagayi..

Papa: haan

Vicky:but why now..

Papa:to make u happy..


Papa:I cant make u n ur bro near..but I'll give ur bhabhimaa..u asked me for ur bhabhis love na..u will get it..she will be ur mother,sister,friend n all to u..she will give u the love u expected..but,u must also promise me,u will take care of ur bhabhi…she is immature ..u will keep her before ur eyes when she is with u..u will never let her remember her past…can u..?

Vicky.:yes papa…I'll do anything for her..i'll bring the world to her feet..i'll  be with her..i'll take care of her..papa..



Vicky opened his eyes…his room was dark.hes witched on the lights.

Dream..its only a papa comes in my dream n tells something…it comes will also become true…I'll get my bhabhis love…I'll be waiting papa…I love u papa..

He slept again happily..

Sry guys I could not keep my promise..this was also less of maneet..but,I think it was interesting…how do u all feel..

Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOLOuch


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