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                                    U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 54 

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

hai guys,today i'm going to surprise u...waiting for the surprise..SmileWink

Geet cried  n cried remembering her family.her beloved ones are no more.she felt she has become an orphan.Remembering the fire that burnt her family,she fainted in his arms.

Maan:Geet..Geet..oh no.not again..Shocked

He took her to the bed.He sprinkled the water n patted her cheeks.

Maan:geet utto..geet..

Maan explained the nurse who just entered their room.She checked geet.

Nurse:sir,its ur house n we have no medicines or injections for need. Its better we take her to hospital.


Maan  called the driver n asked him to ready with the car. The nurse took her reports with her.

By that time daadis also came,with kalakka..Badi dadi said to savithri,that she will stay back home as the boy is there.N if she needs anything she will come there to hospital.They all headed to hospital with the securities in front n back.

maan got a call from bahadur.

Maan:what bahadur..

Bahadur:Sir,medias are following us.I think,they have  come to know about urs n daadimas return..what u want to do sir,if they approach u.

Maan:i dont want to meet them now..specially,i dont want them to know about geet at this situation..dont let them near us,till we enter the hospital.

Bahadur:yes sir.

Maan called the Dr.

Maan:Dr.Geet has fainted.I'm on the way to hospital.medias are following us.I'll take  the hospital basement ready with stretcher.Make sure no one is there at basement.I dont want anyone to see us.

Dr.:yes.i understand.

The car entered the hospital run by khuranas.the securities blocked the medias,from entering the hospital.Dr.was waiting with stretcher with a trusted nurse of hers.

they took her to the last floor,of v.v.ips.they examined her.took some tests.ecg,scan..n all...Maan was pacing in the corridor restlesly.He ran to the dr.when she came out.

Maan:is she ok dr.

Dr.:yes.that was just a shock.nothing to worry.i have given her injection.she will wake up any minute.I have taken all the tests .All the reports says she is she has broke out,i think there is no more to worry.

Maan:we can take her to home dr.

Dr:wait.after she wakes up,we have to talk with her.i have to make one more test.then,u can take her home.

Maan:thanks dr.

Dr.:did she eat anything.

Maan:no has been 3 days now.she has eaten anything or drink milk. morning she fainted,so till now,she has not had any.

.Dr.:ok.if she wakes up feed her liquid food...As she is ok,we don't want to continue the saline.

Maan:ji dr. one more request.

Dr.:i can guess.what u want to say.You dont want to know anyone from outside to know about ur wifes health.

Maan:haan.n i dont want her to be in the lights of medias now.i want to keep it as secret till she is capable of facing this world.

Dr.:sure.i can do this after all this hospital is urs...n i will strictly order the staffs,not to enter this,u can feel free.

Maan: thank u so much dr.

Dr. left from there .leaving a nurse behind.

Kala:i'll go home n make liquid food for her.i'll take a cab.saying so she left quickly.

daadi n maan waited for geet to wake up.after half an hour geet woke up n started to cry again.


Maan n dadi tried to console her.

Dadi:gudia,ache bache nehi rothe..tum achi bachi haina..

Maan:don't cry geet.ur parents are not going to come back.

Geet:mein..sobCry..anaad hogayi na..she started to cry louderCry. the words tore him apart.

Dadi controlled her most not to shed tears before geet. dadi has seen her from child hood. she has always seen geet as a fun loving girl. the geet who is here has stopped laughing n feeling herself as orphan .How can she say that when her husbands family with her.

Maan in an angry tone.Angry

Maan:dare u repeat those words again. Till I'm alive u r not suppose to say that word…Geet jerked in fear.her words  stopped in her throat. But,tears were flowing.Cry

Dadi:maan,wo bachi hain naadhan hai..lekin tum tho samaj dar can u shout at her at this she is scared.

Dadi caressed geets head.maan closed his eyes in frustruation.

Dadi:nehi beta..rothe nehi.ronese wo nehi aayengi..lekin unko bura lagega..humara gudia rorahi hai..

Maan came to geet.

Maan:geet,will ur parents like u to c u crying.


Maan:Then whip ur tears.


kala entered .she tried to feed her.geet nodded in no.maan took it from kala.

He took the spoon near her mouth.

Maan:open ur mouth.

Geet:muje bhook nehi hai.

Maan:phir will have this.

Geet:ye..yuck…I don't like this..

Maan:teek hai..i'll tell give u a big injection..

He tried to keep the bowl on the side table n move..

Geet stopped him..

Geet:I don't want injection.

She made a puppy faceSmile.maan instantly kissed her cheeks.Wink

Maans ST: how much I missed this!

Maan:I missed ur puppy,u will finish this like a gud girl..


Geet made all kinds of yuck faces while having it.After feeding her maan whipped her mouth with a tissue.

Nurse came there to give her medicine.she again ignored to take it.maan gave it to geet.

Maan;If u have the medicines quickly,I'll give u a choco….otherwise I'll say dr,to give u an injection.

Geet:injection nehi..i'll have it..per pehle choco..

Maan called bahadur n asked him to get a choco box n come to the room.

Bahadur came their n gave him the chocos.

Maan:Bahadur,u n raghav take care ,that none enters this ward,other than dr. n nurse.

Bahadur:yes sir.

Maan gave geet the tablets.with chocos.

She made her lay again n tugged the spread over her.but,geet did not sleep.she felt irritated with hospital smell.

Nurse:sir,dr.said she will examine her in an hour.


After some time dr.came their.

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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                                    U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 55

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

hai guys,today i'm going to surprise u...waiting for the surprise..SmileWink

DR.:hello r u?

Geet was staring at her.

Dadi:gudia,she is our family dr.answer her.

GEET:teek mrs.khurana kaun hai..

DR.:now u r married. To,u r geet maan singh khurana…right..


DR.:will u answer my questions..


Dr.asked maan dadi n kala to go out as she wants to talk 2 geet alone.they waited outside. Dr started to ask her about her,her parents n village..she answered all between her sobs n  tears.

DR.:how do u lost ur parents..

GEET:in a fire accident..


 maan got a call from adi.he walked to the corner of corrider from their room n attended the call..adi told him its an urgent ,that they have to present the government quotation by the next day.maan said he'll try ,bcoz he is not in a mood 2 leave geet alone.

DR.:signaled nurse. the nurse made the room dark by removing the fuse of the room.geet got frightened n hold dr,s hand tightly.nurse lighted a candle


DR.:geet ye candle hai..

GEET:aag..aag..mama..papa..she started to scream n jump all round the room..she threw all the things..

Dr. n nurse tried to calm her.

DR.:geet aag kuch nehi karega..


Dadi saw it through the glass n tried to enter their room.dr. signaled not to come inside.nurse switched on the lights.


Dr:geet, listen to me…this will not harm u.

dr. ran her finger between the candle ..

Geet cuddled to the corner in fear..

Geet:nehi..all will be burnt in fire..all..all..

Dr:took the candle near her.

Dr:Geet:dekho kuch nehi hei..

Geet pushed her n started to run to the next corner.the nurse tried to stop her.geet bite her arms n ran..when dr.came the other side.,she started to hit her also.

The only thing she was saying repeatedly was

Maan entered the room hearing her scream..geet has gone totally violent.maan tried to hold her.this time he too had a tough time.

Dr.:nurse get me the injection.

It was to make her calm..but,that did not affect geet.she was still screaming n jumping.she was hitting maan to get rid from his grip.

Geet:chodo muje..muje aag ke pass nehi jana..aag..sab log jal jayenge.

Dr.then gave her another injection,that made her sleep.

They atlast sighed in relief.maan made her rest in bed.dr.started to take another ecg..which showed her abnormal beatings..

Maan came out of the room.He rested his body on the wall.his heart was bleeding inside..seeing geet like that.

Dr.came out.

Maanwas totally numb.his words stopped in his throat.he was looking at dr.only for her answer.

Daadi:dr.gudia kesi hai.

Dr.she is fine..

Dadi:shall we take her home.

Dr:yes.after she wakes up..u have 2 wait for 1- 2hrs.

Dadi:dr.she will be alright na.y is she behaving like this..

Dr:Savithriji..there is nothing to worry..but..


Dr:Geet is scared of fire..we must relieve her fear slowly.u must be careful, she must overcome it..once if she starts to see fire,then she will be totally normal.. till,that u have to take care of her,that she never sees fire again..otherwise..

Maan:otherwise..what dr.

Dr:if she behaves like this..she may lose her mental stability or it may cause her to death..


Dadi broke down. N tears whelled up her eyes..kala tried to console her..


Then dr.explained they have to do counciling..n..dr,will come home n treat her. 2 days once

Here dadi fainted.

Dr:I think bp high hogayi..they took her to the next room.she treated her n left.

Maan  doesnt know whom 2 look after..dadi r wife...

After some time dadi gained conscious.she saw her sister sharmila next to her.


B,dadi:aaram karo..sab kuch teek hojayega.. bagwan par barosa rak..

Dadi heared maan yelling at adi..

Maan:adi,,I said na ..dadi is not well..she will not come to hath se nikaljayega tho janedo..we'll face all dadi is not well n she will not come there to attend the meeting..thats final..

Maan throw the phone in anger.

Dadi called adi n asked him what happened.he said the problem n how much dadi must be there for meeting..dadi then asked him to arrange some papers n get ready for the meeting..

Dadi:we will be there in few min..

Maan came to see dadi.

Dadi:didi ,u n kala stay with geet..we'll be back before she wakes up.maan shall we go to kc..

maan got angry hearing it..

maan:dadi,is haal mein.

Dadi:lets go..hum car mein betkar behas kar sakthe hein..

It was an order from her.

Maan silently followed her…but,he was in total mood off n hell angry with dadis decision.he don't want to leave geet n go for meeting..

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                                       U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 56

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.

hai guys,today i'm going to surprise u...waiting for the surprise..SmileWink

Once they stepped out of hospital,they were surrounded by medias…

Medias:hello mam..where were u till now?

is that right news ,u went abroad..

U went 2 take rest or Is there any misunderstanding between u n ur grand son…

Are u kidnapped..sir

Y where the police around ur house..

Kya mr.khurana bhi aapke saath thi..

aap yahaan kya karrahi hain..

Where did u both go..

Maan:mein shadhi karne gayithi…meri biwi bimaar hain..usei dikane hospital ayi hoon..ab aap khush..aapka jawab milgaya..then don't disturb us..

Maan who was totally upset with the medias annoying questions doesnt realize what he said in anger.

The medias went silent..

Dadi looked at him questioning..u only told not to bring geet before medias…now what have u said.

Maan who gained what he

At that time nurse came there..

Nurse:mam,ur reports..n this tablet u have to take now…dr.wants to meet u..for check up.

Dadi looked at the medias

Dadi:shayad now u have got the answers..all knows that I'm I went to take rest..maan accompanied me…n for u all I have a news..just wait for us in kc..

Dadi did not agree or disagree with his statement.she just diverted them.the medias took maans statement is an outburst of anger n he didn't mean it.

The medias followed them to kc..

Maan was trying his best to be calm..

They both entered kc .they straightly went to the conference hall n sorted the problem..

Dadi:adi,the papers

Adi handed the papers..

Dadi:maan ispe sign karo.

Maan without reading signed it..

Dadi:ladies n gentlemen,I have a gud news for u all..


From today maan will be the MD of KC..

All of them clapped n congratulated maan.

Maan was shockedShocked

Maan:par dadi..

Maan, I wish u all the u can make decisions of ur own.I know u will bring kc to no:1 position..i'll help u till u finish ur studies..

Maan was waiting for this moment to relieve dadi from overloading her works..but not in this she handed her position to an unexpected situation..when geet needs him the most..

They came out of Kc .Dadi announced her decision before the medias..

The rival,Rahul chopra,seeing the news broke the tv.

RC:Savithri kept each step fearing at me..but this man,maan singh khurana..he never backs up his decision.he is clever,I have to keep more eyes on him before he pushes me back from first place..

They both came back to the medias didn't follow them.

Maan:dadi,y did u give this announcement today..

Dadi:I know maan..u want to be with geet..but,I think if I 'll be at home I can look after her..n my health is also not supporting me..i cant work anymore..i feel tired maan..if I'm in house,I'll take rest n can take care of geet also.

Maan thought ..dadi was r8..

they entered the hospital.dadi went to see dr.

Maan called b.dadi n kala to go with dadi.

Maan walked towards geet room..

No one was near geet..Nurse  also went to collect the reports.she was coughing.Bahadur,who was outside came in. he poured water in the glass. n fed her holding her head .Maan entered the room n got angry Angryto see him near geets bed..  before he shouts.,..Geet started to throw out all that she had…bahadur hold it in his hands, before geet was messed up..maan came running to geet…bahadur walked to wash room to clear his hands..maan helped to open the door..maan again came to geet n fed water..but,still she was messed up..

Bahadur came out.he knows he must explain.

Bahadur:sir,I too have a sister.. I'll call the dr.

He went out.

It was a simple explanation,but maan's trust towards him took another step..

Geet was too tired after throwing out.maan locked the door n came to her..he started to undress her covering her with spread...he stopped leaving her inners..maan took a towel n whipped her face n neck n the upper area where she was messed up..maan could see n feel her skin.

Geet just held the spread tight over her. he took a spare dress .he made her  wear it..his hands touched her bare back n waist while pulling her kurti down..he remained calm... .there was no physical attraction..maans love n care has taken all over it..

He heared the knock on the door.after confirming she is fully  covered,he opened the door..

Dr.was standing with all of them..

Maan:dr.she vomited fully what she ate..

Dr:its normal..after a long gap,when we eat something..our stomach will take quiet time to accept it..

She checked geet..

Dr:maan now she is perfectly fine..u can take her home..but be careful with what I said..i have written some medicines,she has to take it regularly..u said about her behavior at n8,after her friends,I think she will not able to sleep at n8.i've written sleeping pills for,she will sleep peacefully..if she remains calm,u may stop it..

Maan:ji dr.

Dr:ok..i'll prepare the discharge papers..

She left..

Dadi:geet,see who has come to see u..

Geet:dadi,ye dadi kaun hai..

B.Dadi:I'm badi dadi of maan ..from now,ur b.dadi also..

Geet tried to touch her feet..

b.dadi hugged her..

B.dadi:bacha,per chuneki zaroorat nehi.sada suhaagan raho..bagwaan tumhe hamesha kush rakegha..sirf muskuradho…aur is ghar ka aur mere gussa wala pothe ka khayal rakhna,,.

achi sanskaari bahu mili hai savithri tumko..



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                                    U, ME,AUR...?

                                                                 PART 57

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.


After sometime ,they all headed back to home.geet was leaning on maans shoulders n  looking outside .this is the first time she is seeing a city..she will look at the huge buildings bending her head..the numerous cars standing in line in traffic, the busy persons walking on the road with phones..the double buses..

she saw the car entering a huge gate..the big house,which looked like a palace..

Geet was looking in was her childishness n curiosity..

Geet:ye kya raja ki mahal hai kya..

Maan turned to her..after her parents death,she is talking normally..asking him question..


Geet:are we going to see the prince here..

Maan:no.(he smiled inside..geet apni que bank tho shuruwat ki hai)

Geet:then why are we here..

Maan:this is our house..

Geet:what?this is your house..itna badaaa ghar'aapki hai..

She was excited a little..she doesn't remember she was here from the previous she was sleepy when she entered the house n unconscious when she was taken to hospital.

She was looking at the palace like house,huge lawn n the big compounds..her eyes widened..

The car stopped infront of the door.maan got down n gave his hand to help her.he hold her by her waist n her one hand was over his shoulder supporting her to walk..she was looking at the house..they walked inside..unknowingly they both kept their first step inside the house at same time..maan showed her all the last they went to their room.

Maan was entering his finger prints..

Geet:whats this?

Maan:this is security machine..without my finger print no one can enter my room'

He took her hand n entered her finger prints'from now,you can open our room like this..he taught her how to unlock the room..

She entered the room..this was known to her..he took her to all the rooms..n atlast made her lay on bed..

Maan:take rest..

Geet:wo kya hai..she pointed his private space room..maans face shrunk..Dadis were at the entrance.

ST:den ki under ek aur den hai..

Maan:wo bhi mera room hai'don't try to go inside the room..i don't like anyone entering that room..

Geet:how can I go?that is also having security lock haina..


Geet:ye ghar aapka hai..

Maan:nehi..humaara hai..

Geet:I have listened stories..only prince lives in palace like this'tho aap prince ho..

Maan smiled at her.. I halliculating..maan as smiling..

Dadi..its real didi..maan is smiling..i told u na..only geet has the magic to change maan..

b.dadi:hmm..wo tho hai..

Geet:bolo na..aap prince ho..

Maan: Haan..tumhare prince..

      Hmm..ab boliye princess aap ko kuch chahiye


Maan:if I'm prince..then u r my princess..bolo do u want anything to eat..

Geet:ab nehi..

Maan:teek hai..we'll take lunch later..


Dadi's silently made their way to living room.they cant believe their eyes..maans way of talking..the man who was angry with medias few hrs before..was totally opposite with his wife'

B.dadi got a call from abroad'her expressions said she was happy..

B.dadi:Savithri..mein par dadi bangaya..tum bhi..she is expecting ..babaji ne unki sunli'sab dr.s ne kahaan she will never become a mother'aaj chamatkaar hogaya..

Dadi:Mubarak ho chamatkar geetki wajase hain..wherever she goes,she gives them happiness..par..unki khushi tho bagwaan ne cheen li'

B.dadi:..u r right..if god shuts one door..he opens another door'see how maan cares for geet..

        savithri,tum maanki chintha karna chod..ab sirf Vicky ke barein mein soch'we have to make this two poles dono bhaiyonka kuch karna padega..

Dadi:jis din maan Vicky ko apnaunga..i'll be the happiest women on earth..i'll happily leave this life that day..

B.dadi:shub shub bol'wo din bhi zaroor ayengi..mera dil only u told geet carries happiness with the bundle of happiness is in ur house..she will bring them both together.u will c maan n Vicky together with full of love at each other..

 so friends ,how was my surprise today.vicky,the boy who was playing with the dog dexture is maan's brother..geet is back with her questions..

my cpu got troubled..smoking i'll not be able 2 update till i get my cpu back..somehow i managed to type again in my hubbys off.lappy n posted today...pls,guys u have 2 wait for minimum 10days..i cant pm u frnds forgive me...but,i'll try my level best to give u update thru my hubbys lappy...if he gives me like


Happy n prosperous new all of them...

will meet u all in next year Big smileSmileTongue.

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                       Yellow Flowers

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Dazlingdivya Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Lovely updateClap...

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged
ossum dear
i think maan ll bring vicky for sake of geet 
becoz geet  brother name is vicky

and why geet cant enter that room
and why maan said to geet that
hope we can see soon that too

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
super updates
loved it
continue soon
HAPPY NEW YEARSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

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