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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-15thDec 2011-Ahem Help Gopi To Sleep In Comfort

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged

Hai guys,.., i am in a good mood today..i got my rahem and gohem,.,Yapieee


The epi starts with koki telling rashi that whatever all the members eat and its grocery, she and hetal and meethi will maintain (she even included meethi too and left my orange girl aside...i hurted)and rashi can mantain other small works of the house.

Rashi is hurt and understoods that she is being made get out of the kitchen and asks wheter can she help with the other works too. koki tells rashi that it is better they follow what she decided(since the serial began..everybody is following what u decided koki)

Rashi nods and leaves disheartened and Hetal feels bad for her(softy ice cream melting)

Koki sees this and asks hetal is she melting again(Hard choclate dont melt) and Hetal tells koki that maybe afterall this happend, rashi had felt some effect of it and she may be really changed and prays that let it be true, what she is feeling(arrey true hetalji..true..pinch ahem if u he wil bite..pinch i like her...yes...pinch urmi..he he)

dhawal and kinjal comes to rajpal along with urmi and urmi is floating in the air. Dhawal is happy to back home and kinjal fuming(like always..opposite poles attract..sorry married)

dhawal tells urmi that he wil go to shop and open it as he kept it close for long and urmi is elated and tells him to open it fast as everyone is asking him. (of course..afterall this is the reason u brought them).

dhawal happy and leaves(guys did u notice his color combination dress...dhawal dont need bullets..he can kill people with his dressing too)

Urmi turns to kinjal and tells her that she got a suprise for her(what...make up kit box or another horrible blue jogging dress..kinjal wil do sucide immediately)

Kinjal asks what irritatingly and urmi drags her to her room and opens it and kinjal is super shocked to see AC in her room (OMG...really guys..i am realy shocked...this is called super buttering...hats off urmi)

No need to say kinajl lands on moon and gets reall happy and flashes her white teeth. Urmi tells her that she assisgned her to a fairness cream ad and they gave 1 lakh ruppes in advance and she brought the ac with some money and the remaining is in the cheque named to her.

Kinjal is happy and urmi praises herself as she is kinjal secretary. Kinajl gives her a u can leave now look and urmi leaves and kinjal flying in the sky (thank god..dhawal and we are saved now..atleast kinjal wil smile after 1.5 years)

Its 1.30 in mm and rashi is busy cleaning(hard working...sob sob) and the phone rings..(until now i thought that only cell phones are i got it...MM phones are disturbing..disturbance of india)

Koki comes thier but rashi picks it up and ahem tells he is ahem (really ..what a discovery)

Rashi asks why he called and the concern hubby asks he called to check on how gopi is(then gift her a cell phone..and we wil get another phone in our hating list) as doc asked to keep checking on her(why wil she run away in wheel chair..and by the way..when did he told her..nauthyyy)

and rashi assures she went to check on gopi before 10 min and she is sleeping and she wil call him if needs to tell or ask something(Hai rahem...dont get other ideas..i like them as friends k...)

Ahem tells k and they keep the phone down and koki listens all this but dont say anything and goes.(better ahem give a cell phone to gopi..and then he wil always call her and ask tumhe kuch chahiye (do u need something))


Ahem is working and sees that its 3.20 and again calls mm and again rashi picks up(today is my lucky day)

Ahem tells rashi that gopi have to take medicine at this time and the medicine list is in his room and tells rashi to give it please(please..Please...guys...ahem said please...i am going to coma u thier)

Rashi says k happily(finally someone is giving some work to her) and ahem says thank u seriously and cuts the call(i came back from thank u is a common word for him)

Koki asks how called and rashi tells her its ahem and koki is suprised thinking why did he called again (for gopi of course...dumb koki)

Rashi tells what ahem told her and koki tells rashi that she wil give the medicine to gopi and rashi is downfallen again(what to do ...repent rashi..repent..)

Koki comes to gopi room and makes her sit up asking the common question how are u feeling...and gives her medicine. Gopi is sad and tells koki that she is feeling bad that she is unable to work and making them serve her now.(dont worry..once get fine soon...U wil get so much work..that u wil wish u would lie again..i promise)

Koki gets hurt and asks how can she think that she is a burden for them and tells that she know that gopi got habituated to work without resting for even 2 min(thats why we got the love story after 1.5 years)

but now to take rest and be well soon(the inner meaning is get ready for the battle after that)

Gopi nods and koki leaves and the sad title track begin showing ahem here unable to concentrate and gopi feeling bored reading magzine..(poor love birds...)

Rashi comes to gopi room and asks why is she looking so sad. Gopi tells her that she is getting bored(then why to cry dear)

Rashi understands that as she get habituated to work every second thats why she is getting bored (the inner meaning is ...give me the chance and i would stick to bed like a glue)

and tells that she got an idea(not again...) and goes out and brings a magical tv(why magical tv..u wil know soon)

and arranges it and starts and tells gopi to watch star plus as many intresting shows are shown and she wil not get bored(its magical tv..because..rashi can bring tv to the room...but where did she bring cable suddenly...the tv which runs without cable is called magical tv..simple right)

gopi happy and both starts to watch the show and koki comes their. Gopi immediately hides the remote frightend and rashi too shocked to see koki(whats the big deal)


Koki comes inside and sees tv and looks at them and rashi gets up frightened and tells koki that she brought the tv because gopi was getting bored.Koki gives them serious looks and asks gopi is she watching tv(what a dumb question..cant u see)

and tells gopi to ask if she needed something and leaves and rashi shocked. She tells gopi that koki might have felt bad but gopi says that if koki felt bad then she wil tell them to switch the tv off(she wil shout darling..correction)

but as she dint then it means that she dint mind. Rashi happy and gets assured as gopi knows koki better than her(of course...well u too know her..but in negetive way)

Kinjal is enjoying the cool cool air and urmi comes and gets a heart attack and thinks that the bill wil come 1 lakh this time..if the condition exsists . Kinjal sees urmi and invites her happily (arrey wah,,so much love for ac...)and tells kinjal that the ad people called and the shooting wil start soon in rajpal. Kinjal says k and gives her a so what look.

Urmi praises the ac saying how cool it is and kinjal tells that it is made to cool the room and urmi cleverly tells her to switch it off once the room is cooled and switches off and leaves and kinjal is fuming(so what..switch it on again..big deal..but guys..on a serious really reduces the ac friends do it in the same way too)

Koki comes to gopi room with kichdi again and sees gopi sleeping cutely and keeps the plate and goes away.

The door bell rings in the hall and hetal is about to open the door but rashi rushes in and tells her she wil open and goes(i wil bet my wil be ahem)

and coool...its ahem...and no need to say all suprised to see him.

Koki asks what he is doing so early at 5.30 (why cant he come...and guys if i am not wrong..Ahem generally comes at 5.30 during education track...i am not sure about that)

and ahem tells that as he have only 1 meeting so he came home finishing it(no doubt,,,definelty a slab fell over ahem tooo..conformed)

Hetal says well done(me too) and asks if he wil drink his beloved,...the great magical green tea...and ahem says that he wil change and come after some time(inner meaning,..i am here to see gopi stupids..everything can wait until that..)

Hetal and koki understands..and hetal smiles but koki not pleased. (
arey koki..let us be happy for alteast 1 day)
Hetal says k in a sweet way and ahem leaves.

He enters and sees gopi sleeping nd silently closes the door and goes near her and sees her sleeping (both partners gets so happy seeing their partners in sleep...what a rare disease)

and feels happy and gets peace of mind...(cute)

He goes and change and again comes and sees gopi sleeping(see..see to ur heart content and keep seeing only.for the next 2 years..we wil go mad here)

He sees that gopi is trying to sleep on her side but her fractured hand is not lifting and is troubled. Ahem silently and carefully picks her hand and places on her side so that she can sleep happily(why cant his damn phone ring right such occasions..)

And is satisfied and a small cute smile appears on his face to see her sleep happily(what are u reading for...No comment here...Its a fab scene and for the first time Ahem Modi...I love u yaar..well done)

Rashi is at mandir doing some list and hetal comes thier. Rashi asks her common question can she help but hetal says she wil help herself which menas no need and rashi no need to say,,,hurt.

Hetal takes a book and is about to leave but rashi stops her and tells her that she made a list of all the items needed for the mandir...which they have to bring..

Hetal gives her a are u acting or is it real as i dont want another heart attack look and goes away and epi ends on rashi's downcrest face.


Rashi brings sevpuri for gopi and tells her that she brought for her and gopi tells that she should not eat and Rashi tells that to eat just one and it wont harm her.

Gopi tells that she wil eat if she says so and Hetal and koki sees this and shouts "RASHI" (where is this..watchman...i mean ahem  went away...)

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thanks for the update shaina

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Thanx 4 the update dear..gohem scene made my day..xx

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Thanks for the update shaina.

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Thanks shaina for the lovely update , comments as usual are fab

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thanx shaina 4 the update jus love 2dayz episode...


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thanks for updates

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Great update shaina. Me looking forward to watching todays epi!

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