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Shanak FF Pehla Nasha Part8 page15-17th July (Page 12)

Maneesha_Shanak IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
nice update payal...

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payalmehra Groupbie

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 5:05am | IP Logged
Thank you friends neethurosemaneesha28889aasma1heer_85AwesomeYashAranniki_rboIF_ridasnigdhanagarsweetsute, jaisyjazz for loving my updateHug

Part 6

Shaan came up to the terrace, sat down and looked up towards the sky. "Khanak tum kahan ho?"

Just then he got a message from an unknown number. He opened it. It was written in the sms:

"I am with Ducks, on a secret mission, U OK na? Don't reply."

Shaan was confused.Confused "Secret mission"? "don't reply"? Then a smile came to his face "Khanak yeh sirf tum kar sakti ho". Tongue He felt better. She is with Ducks, so hopefully safe and the sms must be from Ducks' mobile. "Khanak, tum kab mere bare mein Ducks ko bataogi? Kehti hai bhaiya se darti nahi"LOL "But what "secret mission? She is talking about?"Confused He felt little jealous, he can't miss secret missions LOLthat also with Khanak.Embarrassed

The whole day there were no other messages from Khanak nor she returned back home, which made Shaan totally restless.Ouch Twice he called Ducks but it was switched off.Ouch


At 7 PM Shaan got a call from Khanak's mobile.

Shaan: Hello, Khanak, are you OK? Is everything fine? Tum apna mobile kyun chhorke gayi thi? Ducks ke saath kahan gayi thi? Is Ducks OK? Is there any problem?Ermm

Khanak: Shaan, Shaan, Shaan chill yaar, how can I answer so many questions together?LOL

Shaan: Chill? Tumhe pata hai main kitna dar gaya tha? Main pagalo ki tarah tumhe har jaga dhundh raha thaOuch

Khanak: Cool down yaar, I am perfectly alright.Cool

Shaan: Where were you?

Khanak: I went with Ducks to meet his princess.Big smile

Shaan: Princess?!!!!!!

Khanak: She is so beautiful yaar, tum dekhoge to tumhe kuchh kuchh to zaroor hoga.Day Dreaming

Just then somebody knocked Khanak's door.

Ducks: sis, come downstairs, nasta khane ke liye chalo.

Khanak shouted "abhi ayi" then he told Shaan "Shaan main phone rakhti hun, mauka mil te hi I will call you. Ducks is calling me."

Shaan: butDisapprove

Khanak: no "but" I will call you na? and she hung up the phone.

Shaan was quite irritated. "Main pura din tumhare liye wait kar raha tha aur tum."Disapprove

At  11. 30 PM when Khanak came back to her room she saw an sms from Shaan. "Khanak, I was waiting for you, lekin abhi mujhe bohut neend a rahi hai, I am sleeping".Angry

Khanak thought Shaan might be sleeping but she thought to send him an sms "Hi Shaan are U sleeping? Was chatting with Ducks. Sorry"

Instantly she got a reply. "no, I am not".

Khanak: "are you angry? Suno na aj kya hua."Shaan replied "bolo".

Khanak : "Ducks is in love". Shaan: "with whom?"

Khanak: "I will tell you but before that I need your help". Shaan "what help?"

Khanak: "can you come to the college at 6'O clock in the morning tomorrow?" Shaan: "what?" Shocked

Khanak: I need to submit my project tomorrow, aj to kuchh kiya hi nahi aur main kar bhi nahi pa rahi hun, I need your help." Shaan: "OK, I'll come. Ma ko bol dunga I have a exam tomorrow and I need to study in the library".

Khanak: "OK cya tomorrow". Shaan: "what about Ducks?".

Khanak: "kal bolungi". Shaan: "No, abhi bolo".

They continued sms-ing each other, I don't know why they don't call each other, it would have been much easier.LOL But I know one thing "sms bhejne ka alag hi maza hai".Embarrassed LOL Khanak told Shaan what happened that day. Actually Ducks was in love, that also with the one and only sister of a Mumbai Don. With Khanak's help he met that girl (how, I am not telling as this story is about Shanak)LOL

At 5'O clock:

Shaan: "mujhe bohut neend a rahi hai". Khanak: "No way, get up and get ready".

Both of them got up and after 45 minutes they headed for their college.

Khanak reached college before Shaan; she went up to the terrace. She was feeling very sleepy so she sat on the floor and started drowsing.LOL

Shaan came and saw her sleeping like that. He went near her ear and shouted "Khanak".LOL Khanak jumped and said "kya hua! kya hua!"Shocked Then she saw Shaan laughing, she started hitting him.LOL

After a while Khanak started doing her project work and Shaan was helping her.Tongue

At 8.30 AM Khanak was done with her project work.Smile

Shaan: At what time you have to submit it?

Khanak: 10.30

Shaan: 10:30? you should have called me at 8'O clock instead of 6.AngryLOL

Khanak: Ghar pe rehke kya karte? mere saath phone pe chat hi na? and that is what we are doing right now.Wink

Shaan: I am feeling very sleepy.Disapprove He lied on the floor. Khanak yawned and she also lied beside him. After a while they fell asleep.Embarrassed

At 10.30 Khanak's mobile started ringing. Both of them woke up. It was Khanak's friend. She called her as Khanak was getting super late.Khanak took her bag and went to her class. Shaan started sleeping again.LOL

Ultimately Khanak and her friends were successful in submitting their projects properly. SmileThey were very happy.Smile They planned to go Juhu Beach. Khanak thought she will call Shaan and take him with her.Smile

She went up to the terrace. Shaan was still sleeping. She took her revenge by shouting "Shaan" to his ears. Shaan was totally puzzled. ShockedLOLHe didn't hit her; he started to give his sweet smile instead.Embarrassed

Khanak told him to come with her to the Juhu Beach. Shaan said that he can't come. His bodyguards will not allow, as it is a public place. (Actually Shaan was not in a mood to share Khanak with anybody, he suffered a lot the earlier day. He was not able to understand thisEmbarrassed). So he was not ready to go.

Khanak: OK, I am going. Bye. See you tomorrow.

Shaan looked at his watch; it was already 12'O clock. He got an important class. So he came down with Khanak. Khanak went to her friends and Shaan went to his class.

Khanak came out of the college. They decided to have Pani Puri. Everyone was enjoying a lot. Only Khanak felt something was missing. She went out with her friends so many times but for the first time she is not having that much fun she had earlier. She understood that she was not happy leaving Shaan behind.OuchEmbarrassed

Just then the bus came which was going to Juhu. They ran towards the bus. Earlier Khanak was the first one to catch a running bus, but today she was the last one. She tried to hold the hand of one of her friend who was standing on the footboard. Her friend was also trying to catch her. But suddenly Khanak stopped running. She shouted "tum log jao, main nahi a rahi hun, mera kuchh kaam hai".Tongue

The bus was gone. Khanak's friends were unhappy.Disapprove

Khanak came back to the college. She saw Shaan was very seriously attending his class. She sent him an SMS. She started waving at him standing at the classroom door (Thank god, the teacher was not able to see her, other students were also looking at the Prof).LOL

Shaan's friend noticed Khanak and he told Shaan to look at the door. Shaan looked at the door and saw Khanak. She was showing him her mobile, she was trying to tell him "check your mobile". Finally Shaan understood. He checked his mobile and found Khanak's SMS. It was written there:

"Shaan, I am short of money. Can you come outside and lend me some money. My friends are waiting for me".

Shaan suddenly got up. The teacher said "what happened Shaan?"

Shaan: Sir, I need to go outside, I have some urgent works to do.

Teacher: Now? can't you wait till the class ends?

Shaan: No Sir, its urgent.LOL

Everyone in the class started laughing.ROFL

The teacher knew that Shaan was a good student. So he said "OK, you can go. Just remember I will not allow this next time".ROFL

Shaan came out of the class. Khanak was laughing like hell. "tumne kabhi aisa kia kya? tumhe pata hai ke sablog kya soch rahe hai...ke tumhe..."ROFL

Shaan was quite embarrassed.Embarrassed Then he said "how much money do you need?"

Khanak stopped laughing, grabbed Shaan's hand and pulled him.

Shaan: kya kar rahi ho?Shocked

Khanak: ao na mere saath. She stopped when they came up to the terrace.

Shaan was totally perplexed.Confused

Khanak: I am not going with my friends, they are already gone.

Shaan: what?Shocked but why?Confused

Khanak: us tank ke upar chaloge?She pointed towards the water tank. It was quite high and there was no ladder attached to it.Shocked

Shaan was more confused.Confused First of all she was not answering his questions and secondly she wanted to climb up the water tank?Confused

Shaan: Par kaise?

Khanak went near the tank and started climbing up with the help of a water pipe.LOL Shaan followed her.LOL

Khanak: wow!! yahan se sabkuchh kitna achcha lagta hai na?Big smile

Shaan: Ha, lekin tumne bataya nahi tum kyun nahi gayi apne dosto ke saath?Confused

She was silent for a while, thinking about why she didn't go.

Khanak: maine socha ke tum bechara larka apni boring classes attend karoge aur main beach mein enjoy karungi? I felt bad for you. Tum kabhi bhi Juhu beach nahi ja sakte?Disapprove

Shaan started smiling, the fact that Khanak was with him and she was not going anywhere gave him immense happiness. Even nature could hear his heartbeat.

Suraj chhup gaya badalo ke pichhe hawa chalne lagi

Shaan: Agar tum mere saath ho to Juhu kya mujhe kahin bhi jane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.Blushing

Khanak looked at Shaan, she tried to read his mind, Shaan was looking at herEmbarrassed

Suddenly it started raining.

Mumbai mein achanak barish hoti nahi hai, lekin jab Shanak ko kuch kuch hota hai to rainfall kyun snowfall bhi ho sakta haiEmbarrassed

Khanak felt awkward and she tried to go away from Shaan.Embarrassed

Suddenly Shaan noticed that Khanak was at the edge, she can fall anytime.Shocked

Shaan grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. But Khanak just lost her balance and fell down from the tank. ShockedThank god Shaan was still holding her hand. She was totally hanging in the air.ShockedOuch

Finally Shaan was able to pull her up.Smile Both of them were really shocked,Ouch they couldn't believe what just happened. Shaan instantly hugged her.Smile

Shaan: Khanak, I am sorry, I shouldn't have pulled you.

Khanak hugged him back. She was very frightened.

After a while they broke off from the hug. Both were feeling little awkward.

Shaan tried to ease the situation saying: kuchh nahi hua tumhe, waise gir jati to mar thodi na jati, sirf haat pair toot jata, kuchh din hospital mein rehna parta, mujhe kuchh din tumse chhutkara milta.LOL

(The scene reminds me of Jab We Met)Embarrassed

They came down. Khanak was not talking. Actually she was not able to forget what Shaan told her, the way he was looking at her, the rain, the hug, the comfort she felt in his arms.Blushing

Shaan thought she was still afraid. He tried to cheer her up. But his efforts were in vein. Ultimately Khanak said "main ghar jana chahti hun"

Shaan thought "bohut zada hi darr gayi hai, shayad ghar jake thik ho jae". He said "OK tum ghar jao, aur rest lo".

Khanak came back home. She felt something happening to her. Is she falling for Shaan?Blushing

O re manwa tu to bawra hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai

Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte
Jo barsein sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond

Kaise main chaloon
Dekh na sakoon
Anjaane raaste

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara

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janavi07 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 6:43am | IP Logged
payal wonderful updateTongue... thank u so much for the Long update...
wow!their friendship going to Chang in the Love...
shaan was worried for the khanak hole day ,waiting for her reply all night so sweet...,helped her in her project wow!
i think shaan is in Love...but khanak ? but khanak Looked at him only as friend...but slowly she will realize Smile
and Last one water tank scene so cute...rain and shanak hug...so beautiful 
waiting for the next update...

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heer_85 Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 6:54am | IP Logged
  lovely update Payal
   khanak was on secrete mission with Duck. at least  Duck got a GF in ur ff
 warma RBO me pitta reh tata LOL but yaha mili to  wo bhi  Don ki beti LOL!
 love  shaan n khanak  sms talk 
   khanak started feeling something when she's not with shaan dats very good  LOL  both climbed the water tank lol!
 n yeah Payal when shanak r together rain n snow  falls  LOL 
 hope they soon  confess wat they feel
 please update ur other ff 
 waiting for dat too
 update soon

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ShaNak_RagNa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 7:27am | IP Logged
payal lovely update
next update soon please

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niki_rbo Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
a beautifull update...liked it payal...waiting for next update...

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Maneesha_Shanak IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 8:29am | IP Logged
wow lovely update payal...

khanak shaan ke liye apne friends ko chod kar aaye...haaye loving it...even shaan feels khanak should be with him all the time!!!!! 

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sharon18 Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Hey PayalBig smile
I jus read two of ur updates back to back wowww its so enticingBig smile
Ooo they r falling for each other Embarrassed
So wen r they gonna confess??????
Loved the way he fought for her and the way she missed her trip to the beach for himEmbarrassed
Loving the way the story is taking formBig smile
Update soonBig smile

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