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So. I Now Officially Declare Myself INACTIVE For 3 months. Like Totally Invisible. This is the last part before 27 or 28th March, 2012. I wish you guys a Safe,Sound and A Happy New Year 2012...And I hope you will keep loving,reading,liking and commenting on MTB even though it'll be down for some time...and will keep this Thread Active ( Yes,those people know who I'm talking to.) i request once again, Everyone..PLEASE Comment,Like. I really want to take good memories to live through this time. And Please Pray that I do well in my Exams <3

Here's the part. I think it turned out kinda bleh -_- And its not got Past. A Fully Present part, basically a day in Sanjeevani together. I hope you all like it..Although I don't. Have tried to make it as long as
possible. PLEASE DO COMMENT AND LIKE. I Will Miss You Guys :'( Love you all Hug


Part 16(B) : Shocks,Or..Surprises?

She sat there looking at her friend,trying to gauge her expression.Nikki and Anjali looked at each other with worried faces, then Nikki squeezed Muskaan's hand for support. Riddhima slowly rubbed her back and whispered,"Its okay..if you don't want to tell me.."

Muskaan finally opened her eyes and looked at her,"No, have every right to know."
Riddhima watched her in silence as she took in a deep breath and started,"Rahul and I had a steady relationship..and you know that. We were dating from the past nine and half years,and I trusted him.L-loved him.",her lower lip trembled, her face hung low. Riddhima reached for her fragile hand and rubbed it lightly with her thumb making it known to her that she was there for her.

"While Nikki and Anjie got married..",she began again,mustering courage,"I knew I had to wait. I never felt bad,I never complained..I knew that one day,one day he'd be ready for marriage. I never asked him about it, because he'd told me once,that he didn't want to get married just because his parents had money. He wanted to..stand on his own feet,and be a doctor,get settled with life,and then he would marry me. He told me that,..that..whatever happens,he'll never stop loving me. He'll be there for me.",her eyes beamed for a second as she said,"And I was proud of him. I was proud of his desicion-that he'd be a man of himself. I was proud at having such a person in my life. "

Riddhima listened quietly,not knowing where this conversation was heading. She saw Anjali's eyes almost tearful and Nikki's lost somewhere,as her own gaze fixed upon the girl she thought she knew so well. Muskaan rubbed her arms with a soft sigh as if she was feeling cold, her eyes distant, in the search of a long lost memory.

"So I fought with my parents who were hell bent on getting me married,I rejected all the proposals that came my way, I stopped listening to the curses that people gave me..because I trusted him.I Loved him.",she added softly. "We were going fine together..he..said..",her eyes closed as she struggled to say it,"That he loved me..and we went on dinners, and dates, sometimes he'd stay back for me in the hospital. And we used to talk a lot about you and Armaan, wishing you'd come back here. Armaan is family,afterall.",she turned towards the door,"I thought..he cared."

"Of course he cared,Muski..he loves you.", she added, sqeezing her hand.
Muskaan turned to her,her eyes slightly red,and teary,"No,he didn't. He didn't love me, he didn't care.Even in nine years,I couldn't understand him,Ridzi..I couldn't...",she trailed off.
"Muski..",Nikki started,worried. Muskaan shook her head.
"No,Niks. Let me say it. I'll be fine-And Its been four months already. I can handle this.",she said,looking determined as he turned to Riddhima again.

"Ridzi..It all ended that night.",her voice was almost inaudible as she said it. "It was the celebration party we had for Rahul getting the 'Doctor of the month' title. I was so happy,Ridzi, because when we were dancing that night,he'd whispered into my ears,asking,would it be okay if he talked to my parents about us? I was thrilled..I thought,finally..everything was falling into place.",she gulped,and her eyes glistened,"That was like I was loving him all over again,like a dream..and when we returned from the party, I didn't know that look in his eyes.",she sighed,"I gave myself to him..I let him love me, I let myself go, not caring that we were crossing our limits..",she trailed off.

Riddhima couldn't help letting out a gasp of surprise as it suddenly struck what was wrong. Her mind was spinning at the realization as she just gripped her hand tighter. Muskaan looked at her.
"When I woke up the next morning, I found his side empty. I searched for him all over the house, then called up each of our friends, tried his mobile, but he was nowhere. His mobile was switched off. I even called up Sanjeevani,they said he'd signed off last evening...But I didn't lose hope. Till..till the third day when I came to know that he'd submitted his..resignation.",she held her face in her arms,"I was broken,Ridzi..I didn't know what to do,what to believe, what not to believe. He was gone..just gone, without a letter, a phonecall...just..Gone.",her voice lowered as a lone tear escaped from her eye. Anjali was already crying silently, and Nikki excused herself to go the washroom. Riddhima held her mouth.

"Two months passed so slowly felt like death. Then I started vometing,having pains, excruciating headaches, and I had a blood test,a week back.",she finally looked at her,"I am two months pregnant.",she said. Riddhima was rendered speechless. She opened her mouth to say something but her heart was racing so fast that she couldn't do anything. She felt her eyes welling up.
Muskaan continued,"I couldn't abort it,Ridzi..I couldn'",she whispered as she placed her hand on her stomach,"has no fault. Its my child. Its in me, can I kill it?",her voice painful,she asked her. "Its been four months..and.."

"I've lost hope..I..",she stopped and choked on her voice. Riddhima hugged Muskaan tightly, and let her cry for a long time in her arms, her own tears slipping down her cheek as she closed her eyes. She was so wrong. She was so wrong when she thought that only her world was crashing down-only she was going through hard times of her life. But Muskaan? It was worse. Atleast she knew Armaan loved her.

"I'm never..never..",she sniffed,saying slowly,"Going to forgive Rahul..for what he did to you."
Muskaan sniffed and hardened her face,trying not to break down again..because only she knew..nomatter how much he'd hurt her,nomatter how much he had betrayed her, she could not forget him. She couldn't. He was a part of her. She was with him for almost ten years..and it wasn't easy to forget him in four months.

Maybe she could lie to the world,to herself..but how could she lie to her heart? She couldn't let the baby was a part of him too. He had hurt her alright,and she had tried to hate him..but damn it,her heart wouldn't listen. She still,still hoped,in a small little corner, that he'd be back and they would be happy..but as soon as reality sunk in that hope of hers broke into pieces everytime and she hated herself. Hated herself-for even loving him.

Nikki's phone rang and she hurriedly wiped her tears to hold it. All the girls turned to her.
"Hello?",Nikki said in a unsteady voice,listened and then held her head,"Please..Abhi,I'm with Muski.I can't come home now...Come on can't you handle him! Please Do it...Yes I know he's crying! Abhi TO HELL WITH YOUR DUTY!",she yelled in desperation,"ONE NIGHT and you-"
"Nikki,give the phone to me.",said a determined Muskaan.
"Muski Its just-",Muskaan shot a glare at her protest and Nikki handed over the phone to her.
"Abhi?",Muskaan began,"Yeah Nikki will be back in 15 minutes. Okay? Just chill."

She kept the phone and Nikki looked at her with a 'unbelievable' expression.
"Shut up Niks.",Muskaan scolded her,"I know I'm hurt, but for God's sake-that doesn't mean you guys will stop your lives! You and Anjali are going home Right now. Its late, and I'll be fine. I'm not a child,Okay? And we had this discussion before..I've gone through it for 4months guys, I can do it."
"But Muski,you promise-",Anjali started,and Muskaan cut her off again.
"Yes,Anjie,I promise to give you two a call if something comes up. GO NOW!"
"Guys..Don't worry. I'm staying here overnight. I'll take care of her. I don't have work.",Riddhima assured them. Muskaan tried to protest, but Riddhima insisted and the girls finally decided that she was staying back. With a defeated sigh, Muskaan agreed as Nikki and Anjali left hesitantly hugging her.

"I've missed you.",she smiled after a long time. Riddhima smiled back,feeling light.
"I've missed you too,Muski.",she said as she side-hugged her.
"Muski?",Riddhima said suddenly,causing her to look up,"How about old times? Do you want to watch a movie?"
A spark in her eyes as she said,"Shahid?",made Riddhima understand that beneath everything,the old Muskaan still lay hidden.

Riddhima knew she could never forgive Rahul. But she also knew, that the only way to remove Muskaan's pain was also Rahul. She knew what Muskaan was going through-afterall,who'd understand it better than her? She knew how it felt, to have someone as the reason of your pain, and to have the same person as the remedy. Sighing, she sent a silent prayer above to bring peace to Muski's life..and then answered back when Muskaan called her name.

It was going to be a night that she'd never forget.


The sound of his phone ringing made him wonder faintly what the time was. Frowning in his sleep he struggled to reach to the phone on the side-table. It was morning-the blazing rays of the sun hit his face as he brought out his head from his blanket. Cursing the caller, he rubbed his eyes, yawning as he brought the phone on his hand. He was irritated at being woken up-because after a long time he was having such a peaceful sleep. Yawning a last time, and ruffling his hair with one hand, he saw the name of the person calling. And as soon as he did, he groaned-for he knew that he'd be the one listening silently while the other would annoy him to no end.

"ARMAAN!", was the first thing that he heard when he pressed his green button to recieve the call.
He sighed,"Morning,Sid."
"Morning,Morning! Its such a Beautiful Morning..",he went on as Armaan let out another yawn. "You're yawning?",he asked,surprised.
"Obviously I'll yawn. Its 7 in the morning and you just woke me up. Bol,kya kaam tha?"
Sid's voice grew excited,"Armaan whats the date today?"
"Heh?",Armaan went,astonished,"You called to ask the date? Couldn't you see a calendar?"
He was irritated,on the other side of the phone,"Oho! Bata na!"
Armaan frowned,scratching his head,"Erm..yes. 5th November."
"And do you remember whats special..just 2 days after?like you know..some event or something..",he said suggestively.
"Kya yaar Sid..Whats on the 7th? I don't know.",he went,annoyed. Sid had seriously gone mad. He was calling to ask the date and then what event was there two days after? How'd he know? He didn't care anyways..he didn't keep track of important dates and days or whatever.
Sid's voice went sadder,"You seriously don't remember?"
He was already in a mess, and rubbing his head,he said,"No I don't remember..Tu hi bata de.."

"Go to hell Armaan Mallik! You don't deserve to be called my friend!",his voice suddenly turned angry and Armaan opened his mouth to say something but closed it as soon as he heard him keeping down the phone. Looking at his phone he wondered what he was forgetting. Riddhima's birthday? No,it was on 31st May. His birthday? Not possible,23rd Feb. Anjali,Nikki,Muskaan,Abhi,Atul's birthdays-uh-huh, no chance. None had their birthdays in November. Any anniversary? Nops,not the ones he remembered..Then what was it? He frowned as he got out of bed. What was that he had missed?

Armaan slowly walked towards the window when he saw the calendar. Surely,there was this big circle he'd made on 7th November date, with his cursive handwriting,the words were written,'Sid-birthday.He turns 27.' Armaan hit his head...So thats what he was forgetting! Sid's birthday! He almost went and grabbed the phone to give his apology to Sid and say that FINE, he did not deserve his friendship,and blah blah...but he stopped himself. A unknown smile spread itself across his face as he kept his phone back into its place. Let Sid think that he'd forgot his birthday. He'd do something on that day itself to surprise him. Shaking his head and smiling slightly, he quickly got ready and got into his car. Time for work!

Reaching Sanjeevani, he got into his cabin and checked his files. The canteen boy delivered his normal cup of coffee..and he smiled at him, thinking only of one thing..Why wasn't she here till now? He checked his watch. Yep,his watch was okay and he was in time, but why wasn't she here? Twirling his pen, he thought of going and checking her cabin when-

"Morning,Armaan.",he looked up to see her. She looked as beautiful as ever,smiling up at him.
"Hey.",he said simply,"Late?"
Riddhima nodded,"Uh-huh. I was at Muski's.",her voice lowered. Armaan at once sat up and his face grew serious. For him, Muskaan was like a little sister, someone really vulnerable. He was really protective of her and his friends.
"Is she okay?" Riddhima sighed.
"Yeah, she's fine...but you know it happens in the Second month. Her abdomen pains are increasing. And she needs rest, so I've told her not to come to the hospital now. And..its..kind of hard for her too.."
"You know?",he asked,surprised, then realised how stupid the question was,"I mean..Muski has been strong.."
"She can't help it,Armaan. Its not easy to forget the one who you love. I think we both know it better than anyone else."

Her words made him look up to him. Her eyes were down and she looked a little quiet too. He knew that seeing Muskaan in such a state had maybe moved her,and maybe had reminded her of them. He wished he could say something-he was speechless. Yes,she was right. Noone could know better-how hard it was to live without the one you love. But they'd done it. And now she was back. It always seemed such a complication,and yet a solution-working together. In ways it made him happy that she was around, even if was for some time, and in the other way it hurt him too,knowing that they'd probably never be together.

Before he could answer,his pager rang and both of them looked up. Passing her a apologetic and hesitant smile,he dashed out of the cabin to the corridoor. There a intern stood waiting for him with her file, and he walked up to her. The girl, almost flustered to see him, opened her files in a hurry and peeped inside it.
"Yes Dr.Komal?"
"Sir I-"

She was going to finish, when Armaan saw a strecher being pulled into the hospital. At once his attention diverted to the patient and he helped the wardboys to carry the strecher to the ward. The intern beside him rushed after him,as tensed as he was.
His heart raced as perspiration ran down his face. His patient was a 27-28 year old guy, and he had serious injuries. Blood was oozing out through his head,he was writhing in pain. Armaan could easily guess,it was a bike accident. The boy's white shirt was soaked with blood, and he had several straches on his arm. They were serious and he needed a surgery,as soon as possible.

"OT.NOW!", he told the nurse urgently as he turned to the intern by his side,"Dr.Komal,call Dr.Riddhima..Quick. Do it!",he almost shouted as the terrified intern ran to do her deed.
Armaan knew he had to keep his calm and he took hasty breaths,counting backwards to cool himself down. Soon he felt Riddhima running towards the ward, her face holding a expression of worry.

"Bike accident.",he explained seriously,"And we have to do the surgery now. Otherwise he'll sink."
Riddhima nodded grimly as she put on her surgery coat and sighed at him. She looked different, her eyes holding determination as she said,"Lets do it." Armaan smiled at her,nodding.

They both were about to go in for the surgery were the nurses were handling the patient,while he heard Riddhima gasp and was shocked to see her expression. She looked dumbfounded,and stood rooted to the place. Following her gaze,he saw her watching the patient with a almost-scared expression in her eyes.
"Are you okay?",he whispered quickly.
Her gaze fixed itself upon him, as her shaking lips whispered one word,"Arjun..

Startled,Armaan blinked his eyes. The name was so goddamn familiar. He had heard it before..But where? Riddhima breathed out a hasty breath, as wiped off the perspiration on her forehead..and thats when suddenly it struck Armaan. Arjun Sinha-it was him. The same Arjun-who was Riddhima's first crush or liking or whatever. He was important to her. Armaan looked inside the OT once and then looked at her.

"Riddhima if you don't want to do this..."
Riddhima shook her head,"I'll be fine.",she exhaled,"I can do this."
"Are you sure?",he asked,worried.
"Trust me,Armaan.",her eyes bore into his and he nodded.

They both went inside the OT. The interns had gathered outside to observe, while they started the surgery. The surgery light fell on them as they both pulled on their masks.Riddhima took a deep breath. She had to do this-she could do it. She was a doctor at the moment. She could feel his eyes on hers.
"Anesthesia.",she heard Armaan's voice tell the nurse. The nurse followed his instructions as she pierced the injection through Arjun's skin. Armaan turned to Riddhima and explained in a low voice,"He had some glass pieces stuck to his arms when he was brought here. We have to take them out.",

They both got to work as Riddhima cut through his skin with the scissors and scalpel and took out the glass piece with a forcep. With a practised hand, she dropped it in the plate the nurse beside her was holding. Riddhima nodded at Armaan who was doing the same. She tended to the head injuries while cleaning it and telling the nurse to get a antiseptic.
"His pulse is low.",he said slowly,"we need blood. He's already lost a lot of blood." He then turned to the nurse,"Check his blood group and return with a supply. Fast."

Nurses dashed in and out of the OT as they performed the surgery. At last the blood was injected and Riddhima asked for the iodine liquid and cotton,and they bandaged the head, after sewing through the wounds. She watched from the corner of her eyes while rubbing the iodine liquid on Arjun's arm-that Armaan put his both hands crossed infront of Arjun's chest and nodded at Riddhima.

"1,2,3..Go.",he pressed his hands on his chest and the monitor beeped. He looked at Riddhima who nodded slightly,"Once more.Its working."
"1..2..3..Go.",he repeated his deed and the monitor beeped again, as the heartrate went from high to normal. Armaan exhaled,closing his eyes. Riddhima smiled in relief. They had done it. Opening his eyes, he showed a thumbs up to her. After giving the nurses some instructions, they both came out of the OT. Soon the interns gathered around them and congratulated them,and Armaan being the favourite senior told them that they must learn from it. All the interns flushed in return before saying a thank you and parting.

"You have a certain charm over them.",Riddhima noticed,as they both washed their hands.
Armaan paused before a small smile lit up his face,"They're good interns...they work hard."
"And I heard you're their favourite senior? What have you done to them,Dr.Mallik?",she teased.
Seeing her smile, he grinned,"Nothing.I don't know why but they seem to like me."

They both shrugged out of their surgery coats and walked towards their cabins. Riddhima held her hands together as she said really slowly,"You know Armaan..Anybody would like you."
He looked up and let out a sigh,"Not everybody,Riddhima."
She looked at him and understood he was talking about her Dad. She looked away, feeling herself sink and then float again. This wasn't supposed to be. She was here for some other reason.
"Um.well..Riddhima,don't worry, about him-you know,Arjun. He'll be fine.",he said suddenly.
Riddhima looked at him surprised,"I..Know that. I was there in the OT,Armaan..and..I'm a doctor too,you know..initially I was shocked to see him this way-he know,always the 'responsible and goody' guy school."

There was silence from the other end as they walked towards her cabin and he excused herself saying he had to visit his patients once. She nodded and went to the cafeteria to have some coffee. She needed something to clear her head. Her phone rang and at once she picked it up,going,
"Yes Sid.."
"I'm getting bored.",he said from the other side.
"Obviously. Can't you get employed?"
"Oh hello!",his tone rose to a protest,"I have a job,ya know..back in Delhi. I told them I'd have a transfer,whats my fault in it that they aren't doing it?"
"Uhm..Maybe they're thinking of sacking you.",she teased and laughed at her own joke.
"Shut up. And tell me hows everything going.What happened today?"
"Nothing much really..we did a surgery together.",she sighed,"And someone is back."
"Who,WHO?",he was curious at once,"Armaan's ex...That Nosh-Nish-Nick whatever?"
"No dumbhead. And its Nishita. Anyways..its Arjun."

"Heh? Arjun? Ab saala yeh kaun hai?"
"You back",she fumbled,flustered.
"O-M-G!",he explained,"This is Excellent! Armaan must be- Oh wait. Riddhi you don't have a crush on him anymore,do you?"
"No!",she frowned,"But he was special to me,and was a part of my life,Sid. So I was worried. But liking,crush-Nah,with Armaan one even stands a chance."
"Thats greaaat!",she could feel him grinning on the other side,"No I mean,Really. MUAHAHAHAHAHA."
"What was that evil laugh for?"
"Heehee...Now-NOW Siddhant Modi will take his revenge. I'm gonna pester him so much now..Jealous toh hona hi hona hai!"
"Revenge?",she asked suprised,"For what?"
"HE FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!",he accused and Riddhima laughed. Her pager rang.
"Sid,I gotta go. Talk to you later!"
"Okay.",he groaned and kept the phone.

She went to attend her duty, smiling to herself. Armaan,jealous? That would be a sight worth seeing.


Armaan was talking to Muskaan when someone knocked at his cabin door. He turned from the window to the door and then saw an intern standing there. He gestured her to come and wait for sometime while he finished his talk.

"Who is it,Riddhima?",asked Muskaan excitedly from the other side.
"No,Muski. Its an intern. Anyways,you take care,Okay? I'll come and meet you in the evening."
"Okay. Remember the chocolates!"
"Yes,for sure.",he smiled,"Take care. I'm there with you."
He could almost feel the smile in her voice as she said,"I know."

Keeping down the call,he looked at the intern expectantly, as she was lost thinking about something else. Faking a cough,he said,"Dr.Naina?"
"Huh?",she said,and then after blinking for a few seconds,"Oh! Sorry,Dr.Armaan. Actually..Dr.Riddhima has called you in room no. 231, the patient whom you operated on is concious."
He widened his eyes and nodded,"Okay. Thanks." the intern smiled and got out of the room.

Settling his lab coat, and hanging the stethescope around his shoulders, he walked towards the room. Riddhima was there waiting for him. She smiled as he got in.
"He's fine?",he asked. Riddhima nodded.
"Yeah. concious. But we have to talk to him,I guess."

At that point,Arjun flinched and put his hand towards his head,rubbing it.
"Take it easy.",Armaan said slowly. Arjun opened his eyes and looked around.
" I?",he asked,his voice ragged.
This time Riddhima answered,"Sanjeevani Hospital.You had a bike accident..And we operated you."
He blinked and then looked at her,"How bad am I?"
"Not too much. You have cuts down your arms and a injury in your head. But it'll heal. Soon.",Armaan said. Riddhima smiled at him.
"I guess you'll be fine soon,Arjun.",she said.
"How do you know my name?",he asked surprised,"Is my wife here?",his eyes widened.
"No.I know you too well,Arjun Sinha.",she gave a mysterious smile,"I'm Dr.Riddhima Gupta."
Arjun considered it for a while,"Do I know you? I seem and sound familiar..even that name..That name is kinda..So..Where have I heard it?",he frowned.
"Um..Maybe in St.Xavier's High,Shimla?",she suggested. Arjun's frown deepened and then suddenly realization struck him. He looked at her stunned. Riddhima smiled.
"RIDZI?Omigosh..Is it..YOU?"
"Yes.",she laughed,nodding and then said,"By the Dr.Armaan Mallik."

"Hello.",Armaan said,shaking his hand.
Arjun frowned again,"I've heard this name too! Where again?"
Armaan was surprised,"Really?"
"Yes. Ofcourse. I only told you about him, remember? My childhood best friend?"
"Oh yes!",Arjun said,"'ve finally found him?"
Riddhima looked at Armaan and smiled contentedly,"Yes.I've found him.", and then turned to Arjun.

"Well,Arjun.",Armaan said as they both pulled up two chairs to sit beside him,"How did this..happen?"
He flinched,"All I remember is..I was driving without..a helmet. And fast. And before I could notice,I collided against a car..and almost immediately my head hit the car's front glass as I fell on the bonnet." Armaan nodded.
"Okay.",Riddhima said slowly,"So..Why were you driving fast, any..problem?"
Arjun sighed,"Its..Actually my wife...she well,had a miscarriage in her first pregnancy. And now she's pregnant again..but like,she's afraid. That it'll happen again. So I kinda..well,shouted at her. We fought and I was angry. I remember getting out of the house in anger...and I guess..thats how it happened.",he knotted his hands together.
Riddhima and Armaan shared a glance before she selected her words carefully,"Don't you think she should know about this?"
Arjun nodded slowly,"I can't tell her. Could you just call? I feel guilty.",his shoulders drooped down.
Riddhima nodded. Armaan's pager rang again and he excused himself.

While at the door, he heard,"You'll be fine, don't worry.",Riddhima's voice assured him and he paused to look back. Her hand was placed upon his, and a small smile lit up her pretty face. Armaan watched for a few moments with his eyes literally paining as he shut the door after.

The scene had pierced his heart...and he couldn't describe it. What if Riddhima still..Liked..or maybe..? he left the thought unfinished and took a deep breath, closing his eyes.


"Armaan?",he turned to see her standing in front of his cabin,holding the door,"You haven't gone home yet?Its 6."
Armaan nodded,"Yeah..just..packing up.",he said and got out of the cabin. They walked together as he silently reflected the day's happenings. It had been a day he could probably never forget. Working with Riddhima was having different effects than he thought.
"Are you okay?You seem quiet.",her voice cut in his thoughts.
He didn't look at her,"Um..I'm fine. Its nothing."
"Sure?",she asked,her tone holding worry. He looked at her and looked in silence.

After a few moments, he said,"Riddhima..can..I ask you something?"
She blinked,"Sure. Go ahead."
"I mean..",he hesitated,"You sure it won't or something?"
She looked at his downcast face,"I know you won't hurt me.",her voice held surity,trust.
Their eyes met for a brief instant as he looked away again,"So..I..wanted to you,still..I mean, have feelings-no..I meant like, is Arjun special to you?"

"Yes.",she said,"But not the way you think. He's special because he was a friend..a good friend,who shared his secrets with me,and with whom I shared secrets. Nothing else."
Armaan continued to look down,guilty at even asking the question. Damn,it must've hurt her. He wanted to say something, but couldn't fine words..or courage to look up at him.
Cutting through his silence,she said slowly,"You know,Armaan..Love happens only once.",she paused,"I have always loved,I love, and I will always love..",she trailed off.

"You.",she completed and he looked at her,stunned. Their eyes met, and Armaan could feel his heart racing, as if telling him,he was in love with her,all over again.


Coming Up :

Muski and Armaan talk, Sid's birthday Surprise ;) and A little into flashback :D


Hope this was Okay! Miss ME PLEASE and keep Thread active! And Do Comment :D I Love You All LOADS MUAH <3 This is dedicated to Everyone of you. Happy New Year One again :)
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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 7:44am | IP Logged
Zarkey PLEASE Tell Rida to comment :) :( IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 7:44am | IP Logged

HAW Kyun? What happened?

Oh and Happy New Year HugHug IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Maitree Ri still has to comment on mineROFL 
But i will blackmail her in to it for you  ;)

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