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Whatever you can manage dedooo :) 


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Hey love the preview..hmmm..interesting Riddhima's back in Sanjeevani!!!

well whatever u can write...wanna read it!!!

Take care

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Part 16(A) : Shocks..Or,Surprises?

Sid hummed softly to himself, grinning widely as he knew his task had been accomplished. The dean of Sanjeevani Delhi, Dr.Sarita Shah was his mother's best friend, and it was not really hard to convince her to allow Riddhima to come to Sanjeevani Mumbai for a few weeks,atleast. Afterall,his Sarita aunty loved him like a son and had brought him up in times when his mom wasn't there..and therefore she understood. He almost laughed at the reasons he'd given him,"Riddhima needed to have work experience somewhere outside too,like all other senior doctors had." He was really proud of himself.

Hearing footsteps,he quickly picked up a random magazine and began to flip the pages,trying to look real interested in the book. He knew it was Riddhima and he would get a blasting any moment,but he wasn't afraid. He'd learnt to deal with Riddhima all these years. Simple,Emotional Blackmail.

"Sid.",he heard her voice but did not remove the book from his face,"Sid,I'm Talking to you."
"Can't you see I'm busy?",he managed out as a only response.
"Oh?Busy in reading a magazine,that too upside down?", He looked at the magazine startled to see that she was right. Knowing that he had no other escape,he lowered the magazine and grinned at her.
"Yes beautiful?"
"Shut up.What did you do?",she had narrowed her eyes,and her hands were crossed across her chest. Oh boy,this was gonna be hard.
"What did I do?",he repeated innocently.
She clenched her teeth,"Why..did you tell Dr.Sarita that I needed a work experience here in Mumbai?"

He sighed,out of his pretence now,"God,are you SO stupid?"
"What? Sid here I'm asking you something and you're JOKING?"
"I'm not joking.",he got up from the sofa and held her shoulders,"Riddhima..Its just so that you be around Armaan all the time." She removed her hands and placed a hand on her head.
"I know that. What are you doing,Sid? Trying to hurt him more?"
"Good Lord!",he exclaimed,"What have I done to deserve two idiots as my best friends?",he went dramatically,"Riddhi..Come on, being around the only way you can lessen his pain. Be friends again..Be together,if not in the real sense, but atleast in the literal meaning, solve cases, make him smile and make him know that you can do it Together, Without hurting!"

She turned to look at him,"Are you sure it'll work?"
He gave a look to her,"Of course..It will. I mean, look at it this way. Maybe you don't get together again,but atleast you get to be around him,even if its for a few days?"
She raised her eyebrows,"How much time am I granted leave?"
"Well..Sarita aunty said you get two months there..and after that,you either move back to Delhi or take a permanent transfer to Mumbai."
"Sid..",she started,still unsure.
"Do it for me.",he whispered softly,"Please? And..Anyways its my birthday in a few days..So take it as my birthday gift from you!",he grinned.
She rolled her eyes,"God..Sid you're totally dramatic. Your birthday gift will be better. And Fine. I'm going there." He smiled wide as he side-hugged her.
"Okay..",she began,"I hate to say this but yeah,I love you for doing this."
"Ha! Told ya!",he grinned and then said,"And now,lets go. I'm gonna drive you there."

She smiled as she got into the car and she knew Sid was noticing her. She had a new feeling,of pride,and something of excitement. It was the same feeling she got when she had first met Armaan in the basketball court of the college. How was it going to be..This new addition to their life? She didn't want to spend this being upset. And she knew,somewhere..that this would make Armaan and her happier. She felt like a lovestruck teenager going to her first date. Mentally hitting herself,she reminded her heart,'Dude,Its a hospital,and work!' But her heart almost immediately replied back,'Its Armaan too.' And she knew she couldn't deny that.

Sid dropped her off,wishing her a "All the best", and she smiled contentedly at the "Sanjeevani Mumbai.." Signboard. 'And now,starts my new life..well,almost.',she told herself and walked straight to the room which said,"Dr.Keerti Singh."


The day was unusual. He was feeling a little weird today,and he didn't know why. Maybe it was Sid's mysterious call in the morning,saying that his life is gonna change or whatever. Sid had gone Mad,if he already wasn't. After the serious talk he had with him the previous day,Armaan expected him to be a little more sensible and mature. What was he upto,now? Shaking his head,he walked into the hospital. He sighed as he walked towards his cabin. The air of the hospital was somewhat special,because it gave him a sense of content always.

Ordering his usual cup of coffee,he stared out from the window which overlooked the road. Almost automatically his mind formed images..He had seen her right on the road in her car when she had come back to Mumbai. Then the accident..and well,it almost changed his life once again. He had dared to dream then...He had dared to think that maybe,they could be together. But now he knew,that he couldn't go against his own morals. A corner of his heart still asked,was he wrong in making his desicion?

"Dr.Armaan aapki coffee.",he heard the cafeteria attendant's voice and turn to nod at him. When he looked up from his coffee towards the corridoor,his heart started racing. What he say rendered him..almost breathless.

He exhaled while looking at her. She stood there in her churidaar, her low hung face unable to hide the glow even within the pain of it all. He watched her,as magical as she was..her hands folded as her lips murmured her prayers in front of the Ganesh Idol. She looked stunning,and beautiful..for a flicker of a moment,he almost thought he was dreaming. Could she really be here,in Sanjeevani? He watched closer from his cabin. She wore the doctor's coat,and Sanjeevani's Identity card was stuck in her coat's pocket and her stethoscope hung loosely round her shoulder.

Reality sunk in soon as he saw her raising her head and smiling at the idol. He almost felt like a college teenager,hiding and staring at her. Quickly moving out of the door of the cabin,he almost ran to his chair and hid his face in his file, praying that she wouldn't see her. He didn't know how he'd face her. After the Fire Escape incident the last day, he wasn't really enthusiastic to talk over that matter and hurt both of them again. He loved her,but ofcourse..he didn't want to hurt her. But he knew her too. She was adamant,and so was his stupid friend Sid.

He stopped his train of thoughts and put his file down. Did Sid send Riddhima to Sanjeevani? Was she back to him? Questions roamed in his mind. He didn't know how to react. A part of him was escatic, she would be around him all the time..But what if this ended badly again? Would he be able to handle himself? He grabbed his chair handle tighter.

"Sir?",he glanced to see a ward boy calling him. He called him in.
"Sir Keerti Mam is calling you."
"Thanks Amar.",he smiled warmly at the boy and hurried off to the dean's cabin.

Knocking at Dr.Keerti's door,he felt a unknown sensation fill him. He shook it off and said,"Yes Dr.Keeti,you called?"
The doctor smiled wamrly at him,"Yes Armaan. One Second,I wanted you to meet someone."
Armaan raised his eyebrows,"Me? Who?"
Dr.Keerti laughed a little at the way he sounded so confused. "Well,you know you're the head cardiologist here and therefore you need to meet-",she broke off and looked towards the door,"Oh there she is! Come in Dr.Gupta!"

He turned to see her. She passed a soft knowning smile to him.Dr.Keerti continued,and Armaan could feel his heart racing as she said,"Meet Dr.Riddhima Gupta. She is the head pediatrician in the Sanjeevani Delhi branch..and she's here with us..She is joining Sanjeevani."

For a while Armaan didn't know what to say. He turned his head away quickly,because he knew he was staring like a idiot at her. He didn't know how to react and tackle it..As a Shock,or as a Pleasant Surprise? By the time he was guessing what to say,Riddhima's voice sounded.

"Thank You Dr. Keerti. Sanjeevani Mumbai is really beautiful,and it feels so nice to be here after hearing so much. I'm happy that Dr.Sarita sent me here to have my senior work experience.",she smiled.
Armaan glanced at her once,and unknowningly smiled to himself before turning to Dr.Keerti. She smiled at the duo.

"Okay then..Dr.Armaan,Can you show her around? Her Cabin is just the one beside yours.",Riddhima had a wide smile on her face. Armaan didn't really know what to say. He nodded. Sense was quite late in coming to him,since he was taken aback or better say dazzled by the sudden happenings around him. But somewhere down he knew he had to control his emotions. He had to behave normally..because it shouldn't have anything but work. She had joined Sanjeevani for her senior work experience like he had gone to Lucknow last year for his own. It was nothing related to him. Nothing.

They both walked in silence after exiting Dr.Keerti's cabin. Riddhima glanced at him frequently,to check how he had reacted. He had a strange but contented look,and she knew that her Ammu was happy. Happy that she was here. She smiled herself. But she had to start talking otherwise it was going to be real strange and obviously,when Sid met her that evening,he would blast off too.

"Um..Armaan?",she said suddenly. She could make out he was startled because he looked at her surprised. They both had stopped walking infront of Armaan's cabin,where Riddhima was supposed to collect her file for the cases she was handling.
"Hmm?",he repiled,his eyebrows raised. She took a deep breath before saying what she wanted to.
"Armaan..I..Don't want this to be...Awkward. I mean,I have 2 months here,and I don't want to ruin them by making both you and me upset. So I was thinking, can we just..forget this..for a while,and start as friends..Or Colleagues? Can we just behave normally..for the time,I'm here?",she looked at him hopefully and then murmured,"It won't be easy..But.."
Armaan searched her face before answering. He knew she was right,"Hmm.",he nodded,"I guess this will be the best..For everyone. We could..Do that.",he smiled slightly.
She looked up brightly and put forward her hand,"So then..Hi. I'm Dr.Riddhima Gupta."
And Riddhima saw what she wanted to. Armaan's dimples began to form,and he shook her hand,"Hi.I'm Armaan Mallik."

His hand in hers felt warm and perfect,something that made a fuzzy feeling of comfort run down her. It was So So Nice to see his dimples after so long. Tears had been enough..she would make sure that the 2 months are the best ones of her life. While she was thinking this,Armaan's phone rang.

"Hey Niks.",he said. Riddhima looked curiously at him. Her cousin,at this time of the day?
Armaan frowned,"Oye Stop Screaming..I get it you're really Excited! Whats happened?",she watched as Armaan's expressions changed every minute,"Wait.What? My Laptop? Skype? NOW?",his mouth widened at the last bit. Riddhima giggled but wondered what had happened that Niks wanted him to come on Skype. Anyways,she saw Armaan open the door of his cabin with one hand and balance the phone on his ear with the other.

"WAIT UP NIKS!",he almost yelled,frustrated. Riddhima Guessed it was Nikki on her usual banter again.
Armaan balanced the phone with his shoulder as he opened his Laptop and typed the password. Then as swiftly as he could manage,he took out his Plug-to-serve and logged on to Skype. Soon enough,Nikki was beaming onto the screen.
"Armaan keep the phone!",Was the first thing Nikki said.
"Heh?",Armaan went confused. Nikki frowned,"I said,keep down the phone..Disconnect the call..Mere paise kat rahe hai!", he got the hint and switched off the call.

"RIDDZZZYY!",Nikki went on seeing Riddhima,"You there? Whats up babes?",she winked.
Before Riddhima could retort,Armaan went annoyingly,"Nikkita Malhotra Quit wasting my time.Its the hospital and due to your craziness I'm here on Skype on my duty! Whats the urgency?"
Nikki smiled,"Surprise!",and then stepped back.

Instead of Nikkita's face,now the screen showed a little boy, fair and chubby, walking little steps towards the sofa. He was about 11 months old,and looked extremely cute.
"Oh man..",Armaan went shocked,"He WALKED!Did..He..Just..WALK?!"
"Yes!",Nikki's voice came in the background,"Baby..Come to Mumma.."

They watched as the little toddler turned around and walked slowly with little steps towards Nikki's outstreched arms. On reaching her,the baby squealed in delight. Riddhima saw Armaan's eye moistened,she could make out he was really close to the baby. She smiled.
"Isn't he a cutie?",Nikki said in her softest voice,"My Anu has turned into a biggie..",she nuzzled his little neck. The baby giggled and held her hair,fascinated with it.
"That was beautiful..",Riddhima said,softly,her own eyes moistened. Armaan nodded.
"Niks..",Armaan laughed,unsure what to say,"Quit calling him Anu. It sounds Girly! His name is Arnav,make a better nickname!"
Nikki frowned,"Shut up dumbhead.And wait..Can you call Abhi?"

Riddhima looked confused as Armaan paged him. Seeing her like that,he explained,"Its been happening ever since Arnav was born last year. Nikki and Abhi take turns in coming to the hospital,so that atleast one of them is there to be with the baby." As soon as he had finished,his cabin door opened.

"Armaan,you paged me? What-",Abhi broke off,seeing the screen. Armaan and Riddhima made space for him,as he staggered towards the laptop stunned,"Is that my baby?",he went softly,his eyes welling up.
"Doesn't he look so big,Abhi?",Nikki smiled. Abhimanyu smiled,keeping his hand on his mouth.
"He walked..",he muttered incoherently.Then thinking something,he went,"Niks,I'm coming home right now..Even if its for half-an-hour. Hold on baby...Papa's coming home!",excited,he dashed out of the cabin. Armaan Riddhima smiled at each other.

Soon,after bidding goodbye to Nikki,they went to the cafeteria,their hearts in memory of what had happened. Before Armaan could introduce Riddhima to the cafe,there came a voice.

"NO NO NO!",said the little girl.
"But baby..we can have anything else..We don't have time na sweety..You have to go for your dance class na..",Atul's voice came afterwards.
Armaan and Riddhima went inside to see Atul standing with a mournful face beside his five-year old daughter,who had a foul face,but looked adorable in her blue skirt and pink top.
"NO! I WANT A BANANA SPLIT!",she stomped her foot.

Armaan stood beside her,"Yo Pehelwan,Wassup? Kya hua?",he said chirpily. Riddhima was shocked for a while to see Armaan so changed. But maybe he was this way with kids.
"ARMAAN CHACHU!",the little girl cried and hugged his waist.
"Phew..",Atul sighed,"Thank God..Only you can handle her in these moods.."
Armaan grinned and picked the little girl in his arms,"Whats up Sweetheart?"
"YOUR CAFE IS BADD.",she wrinkled her nose.
"Because it doesn't have a banana split and I want one!"
Armaan pretended to think over the information as he said thoughtfully,"Hm...Okay. See,How about,after my duty,we go over a Banana Split Date?"
"REALLY?",Radhika's face brightened and she squealed in delight,"YAY YAY YAY!"

Suddenly while in her excitement,Radhika noticed Riddhima and narrowed her eyes. Riddhima gave the little girl a big smile,while she nugded Armaan and whispered in her ear,"Yeh Riddhima masi hai na?"
Armaan looked at her and nodded. Radhika pulled his ear and whispered again,"Aap unhe date pe leke jaoge na?" Armaan looked stunned as he shook his head fervently. Riddhima,not getting a bit of their conversation,looked on.

"Woh meri girlfriend nai hai..",Armaan whispered to the little girl.
"But mamma said that papa took her out on a date then they became boyfriend-girlfriend na!",she whispered back urgently. Armaan looked at her and said,"Are you sure,you're just 5 years old?"
At this point Atul intervened,"Baby lets go..Mamma calling.."
"Okay.",she pouted and left with her Dad.

Riddhima saw them going and turned to Armaan,"Was she asking about me?"
"What?",Said Armaan startled and then stuttered to give a answer,"Yeah-I mean,No..No!"
"Okay..",said Riddhima. Then smiling,she went,"Armaan..if you're free,can we have coffee? I mean..We're friends now,Right?"

"I Hate Coffee.",Was the first answer that he blurted out without thinking.
She raised her eyebrows,"Really?How about Tea,then?",she offered innocently.
Armaan tried to smile sternly and to say that he was busy,he had work,but he couldn't. He still couldn't refuse her..Damn,why was it so hard? Anyways he'd embarressed himself infront of him saying that he hated coffee but she and he both knew he couldn't live a day without it,and tea? YUCK. He loathed tea to no end. Especially the green tea prescribed for the "health" in the Sanjeevani cafe.
"Um.No.Lets have..C-Coffee.",he said,feeling like a idiot.
"Don't you hate it?",she said,trying hard to stifle her giggle from coming.
He smiled at her warmly,seeing how adorable she looked,teasing him like that."No..I was..Joking."
She wanted to pull his cheeks,he looked so cute stuttering in front of her but said,"Armaan,why do I have this feeling..that you're trying to avoid me?"
She sounded so serious that his expression immediately became guarded. Damn,did he hurt her by lying to her? 'Of course she'd be offended,you goof.',said his mind,'She knows you better than anyone else.' He cleared his throat.

"No..Ofcourse not! Please don't think like that. We're friends.",he said the last part softly,"And I'm your host for today..So,Its actually MY duty to ask you out for coffee."
"Thats fine.",she said, sitting down as he pulled out a chair for himself.
"So.",she began,"Do you like it here?"
"Um,yeah.",he nodded,"Its my second home..and it makes me who I am. What about you? Did you like it back in Delhi?",he said in a flow of easy conversation.
Colour drained out from her face as she took in his question. The memories spurgled back in a flow, the nights,the lifeless days without him, the pain of knowing that he could bring her back but hadn't,her sudden engagement,fake smiles..she looked away as tears welled up her eyes. He noticed it and mentally kicked himself. Shit,he had brought back bad memories for her. Fisting his hand, he thought of something..Something that would make the conversation comfortable.

"Coffee.",she looked up at his voice,to see him forwading her the cup,"Here you go."
The conversation had taken a really uncomfortable turn and she knew she had to let it go once,she had to stabilise herself to handle this,"Armaan..Um..Please..",she hesitated,"I'll be back. Washroom..Please Excuse me. I'm..Sorry.",she said while getting up in a rush and leaving the cafeteria. Armaan turned to stop her,but his words stuck in his throat. This was not going well.
He silently watched the coffee cup and sighed,while getting up himself and going back towards his cabin once more. He ran a hand through his hair and cursed himself,why couldn't he do anything without hurting her?


"Ridzi?",came a astonished voice. She wiped her tears and hurriedly fixed herself,looking back.
"Hi,Anjie.",she choked out. Anjali walked towards her and said in disbelief,"Is it really you?I wouldn't believe my kiddo when she said she saw you."

"Its me.",she said meekly,smiling now. Anjali hugged her at once,"God..You wouldn't believe I missed you so much!And you missed out so much..Atul and My wedding,Radhika's birthdays...",she muttered on while Riddhima threw her arms around her. She had missed it all. She knew.
"Its..So good to see you.",she whispered to her. Anjali smiled and wiped her tears.
"No wonder Atul says I've grown senti after our wedding!",she laughed within her tears,and then her voice lowered as she asked gently,"Have you met Armaan?"
Riddhima closed her eyes to handle herself,and then opened it,smiling in confidence,"Yes.And I made him agree..that we'd stay as friends.."
Anjali smiled warmly,"I know its hard. But we're all there for you."
"I know.",Riddhima nodded.

"Um,Ridzi?",she said suddenly,"Are you free tonight?"
"Yes.Why?",she asked,perplexed.
"Um..Today we're..I mean,me and Nikki,we're going to Muskaan's house..would you like to go too?"
"Of course.",her face brightened,"But why are you saying it so seriously?"
"Well.",Anjali sighed,"You'll get to know once you go there."
Riddhima nodded faintly. What else had she missed? Just then her pager rang. She saw Armaan paging her and bid a goodbye to Anjie. 'Enough,Riddhima.',she reminded herself,'You have to be strong.It was never meant to be easy. But you have to do it. You just have two months.'

Coming out of the washroom,towards the general ward door where Armaan had called her, she stablised herself. He stood there with files in his hands,deeply engrossed in them. She walked up to him. He looked up and immediately said,"Are you okay?",with a touch of concern in his tone. She nodded,smiling.
"Okay.",he said,"",he handed over the files,"You're handling these cases. The history's here..and you can read it for a while. Since its your first day,you're generally not going to work,just see around. I'll be there in my cabin,right beside yours,if you need me.",he smiled.
She nodded and walked with him,while she stopped and said,"Thanks Armaan."

"Thanks? For what?",he said,surprised.
"Um..Nothing.",she said,a content smile spread on her face,"You won't get it."


"God.",she sighed,as she plopped down on the couch,"I'm tired."
"Hey you're home!",he said,walking up to her with a packet of Lays,"At 2:30pm?"
"Yup.",she grinned,"My shift got over for the day."
"Cool.",he shrugged,looking like a lost teenager,muching away his chips,"Oh.Wait. How was your day? Was he happy? Did you talk? Did he ask you out? You didn't mess it up,right? I mean,One second..You told him that it was to be normal,right? And did you work with him? And-"

"Shut up Sid.",she groaned,"Get lost now,I'm too tired to speak."
"Haww!",he said in mock surprise,"You just told me,ME..To get lost? Your best friend? I'm..Hurt.",he sniffed dramatically,wiping a invisible tear. She hit his arm.
"Later,Okay? I need some sleep.",she said,unaffected,walking towards her bedroom.
"Hey I got up before you!",he protested,"And I'm awake now!"
"Yeah..thats because you slept all day after I went to the hospital,Goofball!",she shouted back.

Grinning at a no response, Riddhima sighed and closed her curtains to get some sleep. Yawning,she climbed into bed,and pulled her covers over her. Almost immediately after she'd closed her eyes,her memories came rushing back to the day she had first felt restless as she had felt today.

5th July,2002.

Riddhima knotted her fingers together and stared at them nervously. She felt restless and scared,anxious and unsure,and terrible..because she couldn't see him. She had had a talk with his mom the previous day, and she had assured Riddhima that her son would be fine, that he had grown to be extra-responsible in these cases where he had to go alone sometimes. Ananya Mallik was the same-the same soft,gentle and caring mother,a reflection of her own,and Riddhima had fallen into easy conversation with her. It felt like she was meeting her own mother all over again. There was no awkwardness,no unsurity..Ananya had talked to her as if she used to do it daily. But even after getting so much of assurity, she was Still So scared. Why?

"Ridz,its Armaan.",her cousin told her. She looked up. Her friends were sitting in a circle in their regular place in the cafe,discussing about the fest, and she was completely aloof today,living in her own worried world. Without Armaan,the group seemed okay,but she was not. Sighing,she took the phone.
"Hello?",she said softly.
"Are you okay,Basket?",came the only response.
"Yes.",she lied blatantly,and then sighed,"You're leaving?"
"Yes I'm on my way to the airport. My flight's in approximately 30 minutes. And quit lying to me when I'm going. I know you're not okay."
"Armaan I-"
"I promise I'll be fine.",he said gently,"I keep myself safe and call you everyday. But you have to take care of yourself,Okay? Dun be a Devdaasi when I ain't here."
"I am not a Devdaasi.",she frowned.
"Who said you are? I said you would be. Anyways, don't be surprised that I told you guys not to come here to see me off. I mean,dude..I'm going just for two weeks,and I'm a ADULT, so you all don't have to come to leave me..I'll be back,soon! And On top of that,you all have to discuss about the fest. You just can't miss the time Prof. Mishra gave us. So.."
"And why exactly are you explaining this?",she asked.
"Because I know Ms.Gupta, that you're angry about that."
Riddhima opened her mouth to say something,but shut it,understanding he was right. Then sighed,and said,"Fine. Go. Bye."
"Bye Basket..Take care!",came his voice before the call ended.

She leaned on the staircase handles and sighed once more. It was a relief to hear his voice,but still this damn anxiety wasn't leaving her. She was feeling restless again. Like something very exciting,or equally depressing was about to happen..Biting her lower lip,she tried to calm her pulsating heart by taking breaths in and out. It was 4:30 pm in the evening and the sharp sunset glistened on her face as she stared out. His face immediately flashed infront of her eyes as soon as she closed them. Riddhima looked around irritably,half-angry at herself for feeling so scared,and half-surprised she was feeling this way. What was this unwavering feeling that was hovering around her recently? Why did she want to see Armaan once..a last time?

She had to see Armaan. Once. Whatever this cost. Walking down the stairs she reached back to cafe and went to her cousin. "Niks?",she called. Her cousin looked up at her.
"Can I..have your car keys,please?"
"What?",her cousin was surprised,"what for?"
" going to the airport.",she said in a breath.
"Ridzi,but Armaan said-"
"I need to see him once. Please Nikki.",she told her. Nikkita searched her face and nodded after a while. Riddhima wondered what she had understood,but at the moment she cared to less. Telling her friends that she'd be back soon,and smiling at Nikki after taking the keys,she practically ran out.

Starting the car,Riddhima could feel her heart beating hard, and her whole body literally shivering with a unknown anxiety. Feeling her own forehead sweating up,she wiped the perspiration and glanced at her watch. She had 25 minutes. And 15 minutes drive to go to the airport. Muttering curses in her breath,she silently prayed she'd see him. It was crazy, how she felt at the moment. It was like the whole world was moving faster than she'd imagined. Questions spinned in her mind, and she took on breath after breath,but nothing worked. She just knew she had to see him. Why,she didn't know.

Struggling with her own emotions and the car,she reached the airport just 15 minutes before the flight was about to leave. He would just have boarded the bus which would take him to the flight now. But still muttering,"Please God,Please..",in her breath,Riddhima ran inside. The Airport wasn't crowded,and she could easily spot him, his back turned as he stood up from his seat, collecting his trolley.

"Armaan.",she called out. Surprised,he turned back.
"Basket?",he said in disbelief. Without wasting another moment, Riddhima ran and threw his arms around him. Startled,he left his bag and wrapped his hands around her at once,in a reflex.
Sighing in his arms,she could feel her anxiety,her restlessness slowly slipping away. Her thumping heart had got back its normal pace,and she felt at if all her questions were answered and nothing else mattered. She felt right,as if that was the place she was meant to be. Always.
"Basket are you okay?What are you doing here?",his voice brought her back to earth.
Riddhima didn't look up,muttered right in his arms,"Just had to see you once."
He pulled out of the hug,"Are you alright?",he asked unsurely.
She smiled and nodded,"Yup.I was-Sorry. I just had to see you once."
"Okay...",he said slowly,"And you're Mad.",he conluded.
She giggled,"Thanks."

The announcement was made behind them,"Last call for Passengers for the flight from Mumbai to Lucknow,Air India, Flight no. 23104" and they both looked up. Sighing,he grabbed his trolley and put his bag over his shoulders,"Gotta go.",he said slowly.
"Yeah.",she said,feeling her heart fall,knotting her fingers again.
"I'll be okay.",he said a last time before turning to leave,"And take care...of yourself."
He turned and started walking,when she said,"Armaan?"
As if he'd expected it,he turned and chuckled,"Yes Basket.."
"I..I'll miss you.",she said in a hurry.
"Do I even need to say it?",he asked a rhetorical question with a wink as he turned and started walking to the ticket checking.

She watched him leave,and kept gazing at his retreating back till he had completely disappered in sight. Disappointed,she turned back herself to the airport gate and started walking. Yet,feeling something..that irritating,unwavering feeling blocking her heart yet again,she turned back again and again to check if he was there. No,he wasn't. 'Why Am I feeling this way? What the hell is happening to me?',she asked herself,'Armaan will be fine..And I know that. But whats this thing thats not letting me to accept it?' She closed her eyes, as she got into the car.

Flashes of Armaan and her together repeated itself over and over again,Armaan and Nish together and how it felt so wrong to see them together..his eyes,his laugh,his care for her, him telling her that she was way more special to him that she would ever know, Riddhima felt herself remembering the moments with a sinking heart. The Questions came back,and this time,it was her heart who answered. Realization struck her, as she opened her eyes,like a thunderbolt, and she tried not to let herself subside into tears. No..this wasn't happening. But who was she to stop it? It had happened.

As a single tear slipped down her eye,her heart repeated its words. She was in love. With her best friend. With Armaan. That Armaan-who probably didn't have any such feelings for her. She was helplessly,irrevocably and madly in love with him. Covering her face with her hand,Riddhima could think only thing,'How did I fall for you,Armaan? And Why?'

"Riddhima?",she felt someone shaking her. Jerking up,she held her head and looked sideways to see Sid sitting there on her bed, his hands crossed across his chest.
"Sid?",she questioned.
"Yup. Wake up..I mean,Get up from bed. Its already 4pm.",he informed getting up.
"4? I slept so long?"
"Yeah..And muttering something in your sleep.",he frowned,"Are you okay?"
She nodded faintly,"Uh-huh. For the first time in life,I discovered we can even dream about our past." Sid raised his eyebrows.
"Which one now?"
She smiled,"The day I understood I was in love with Armaan.",she got up from bed and yawned.
"Ooh..",he was excited,"But that must be a happy dream,or flashback,or whatever,right? Why are you looking so serious?"
She looked at him,"Well you won't believe me..But still. Sid,I cried a lot when I came to realize I was in love with Armaan.I wasn't happy."
Sid wrinkled his nose,"He was that bad?",and got a good hitting with a pillow.
"Shut up.",she glared,"I wasn't happy because I thought he could never fall for me and was in love with Nishi.I was hurting myself..with no fault of his."
"But he eventually did fall for you,didn't he?"
"Yeah,he did.",she smiled softly, taking her towel to enter into the washroom.

"Hey Riddhi!",he called.
"What now,Sid?",she retorted back annoyingly.
"Well,er..Nikki called. She said she'll pick you in a have to go to Muskaan's house or something like that."
"Yeah,I know. Thanks."
"Messenger did his work. And now he is GOING..",he told her and she heard the door click shut.

Closing the door of the washroom,she sighed herself. She took a quick shower,and before she knew it,it was already 5 and Nikki and Anjali were there to pick her up. Taking a last peek at her blue faded jeans and white top,Riddhima decided that it went well with a ponytail and hurried out to the door. Her cousin hugged her enthusiastically,as they went to their destination.

The girls looked serious as they reached Muskaan's house. She wondered what was the matter. After 5 seconds of ringing the bell,Muskaan's door opened. Riddhima was shocked to see Muskaan. She had put on a little weight,and her face looked tired and worn out. Her expression went from pale to a little happy as she saw them, and smiled. Her curls were still there..but the vibrance,the life was missing. This wasn't the Muskaan she knew.

"Hey guys..",she spoke,her voice faint as she hugged each one of them,"Hi Ridzi.",she said finally.
Going in, the girls got busy in asking her how she was,and Muski answered them each in a low tone. She looked extremely upset. As they sat on her couch, she heard Muskaan say,"I won't be able to go to the hospital anymore."
"Aww,baby..It'll be fine Muski..hum hai na..",Nikki assured her.
"Yeah,you don't take tension at all. You just have to relax.",Anjali added,with a tone of worry.
Muskaan shook her head with a teary voice,"No..Its..the pain rises sometimes..It hurts.."

Before anyone could say anything, Riddhima interjected. She herself wasn't getting any hint as to what and why they were talking to Muskaan like that,and why Muskaan looked like she had accepted defeat to herself. She faintly remembered that Rahul wasn't around. Edging closer to her,Riddhima said,"Whats wrong,Muskaan? Guys I don't know whats going on..And it's worrying me. Are you fine,Muski?"
Muskaan looked around at her friends who nodded unsurely. Slowly turning to Riddhima,she held her hand and looked at her, her tired eyes fluttering,"Ridzi..I have to tell you something."

There goes an installment..I know it didn't have much AR,but I promise there will be more AR in the next installment :D Comment now..And Radhika,How did u enjoy this ? :P I hope this wasn't strechy or boring or something.
Comment. MUCH MORE TO COME!The Ride's Just Started loves ;) Love you all <3
And yes, I want ATLEAST 50 likes warna no updates. (learnt from Zarkey :P ) I MEAN IT!

*Part Completed! See I know you all wanted the coffee bit longer and obviously to be happy types and stuff-but lets be practical, They can't forget everything in a jiffy,Right? So yeah. Its gonna be a little slower than you think :P And I hope you all are satisfied with AR in this part..More will come obviously,PROMISE! And plus, hello,Finally in the past Riddhima realised her love...I hope it was okayyy and not stupid types :S And yes,Since I'm bringing out the present..I wanted to show something of their friends too...Muskaan has a part ;) COMMENT NOW!
Maitree :)

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YEAH YEAH YEAH IN YOUR FACES AMAL , RADHIKA , MEDZI , ZARQAA.. I GOT MY PLACE HAH! Without Chiku reserving it for me .. I am the best HAH! La la la 

Awww Sid is such a sweet heart I mean .. He's so sweet. He's so understanding.. His reason is hilarious . How do you come up with such stuff man I mean like reallyyy !! LOL ROFFFLL Sid is scared of Riddhima ROFFFLL.. Aur darna bhi chahiye Riddhima hai hi itni darwani LOL HIS MAG WAS UPSIDE DOWN!! Sid sid hi rahega.. He's funny.. and sweet Embarrassed And I agree to him Riddhima should be around Armaan like she should be there with him to free him of his dumb idiotic morals. In morals ki toh mai .. Mar dalu sacchi mai.. and he's right again that they can be together without any pain . Cuz they are Armaan Riddhima .. How can their be any pain when they're together ? Awww seee she likes it. Of course she does. She was just hiding her happiness.. They love to be around each other bas pretend karte rehte hai :/ Dabbba's they are like really actually not Riddhima but Armaan.. He's cute dabba Big smile I L.O.V.E how she's so excited to meet Armaan. Which is so true nai ? You're a genius ! Like really Clap *I used this emo after a long time LOL* Sid called Armaan saying his life was going to change ? ROFL You've made this guy so funny man. Aivaiyn he keeps calling people .. but he does good things which is so adorable Embarrassed EXACTLY armaan what is wrong ? Dun be so stubborn no one is happy nor you nor Riddhima.. Ab in morals ka kya fayda ? Unhappy HE SAW HEERRR WEEE .. Yaahaaa.. YIPIEEE .. GOOD !  I am so happy Riddhima is adamant ab Armaan is behaving like a cute duff-us toh Riddhima has to take over na! He he he Armaan going speechless when he see's Riddhima that always happens nai ? LOL Okay I had to share this while Riddhima was talking and she said "Dr Sarita" I have no idea why 2 times I read Dr Santa.. and I was like Santa ? Who Santa? How did Christmas wala santa come here.. Then I read Sarita and  laughed at myself ROFL  OH SHUT UP ARMAAN SHE CAME FOR YOU NOT WORK Sleepy .. I will kill him literally .. Can he be conceited and think Riddhima came just for me Embarrassed I love Riddhima for making the first move and awwieess they're friends and awieesss she knows he's happy.. Her Ammu is happy Big smile The whole Nikki - AR -Arnav/ Anu LOL - Abhi was so cuteee. Love how every one was so happy and emotional seeing Anu walk Embarrassed And now the main part so Miss Radhika finally entered LOL And she wants a banana split .. Ahaaa 5 year old and itni demands not bad Radhika jee LOL Radhika is shoo shweet "you're cafe is baaad" Awww.. so cuteee .. Ahaaa Radhika is shaitan also .. You're right Armaan she's not 5 she's 16 oh no no she's 5 ROFLLL .. RIDDHIMA ASKED ARMAAN FOE A COFFEE DATE. I assume it to be a date :) Yaaayyyiieee.. Armaan you better say a yes before I press your neck ! Angry Loved the update and love you <3 

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RES For Amal <33
..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Post cancelled. She commented later ROFL

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RES For Zarqaa


Yay you updated!! Can i say i love Sid? Like SERIOUSLY, I LOVE HIM <33 I have always lovedh im, in here and actual DMG! Hes so sweet <3 I love him for doing this all for AR awww! My little cutiepie! ROFL 
I loved how he was like acting all innocent in front of Riddhima! But obviously he can see throughTongue Hes a drama queen too sometimes! Just like me ROFL
Yayy shes there! This is going to be so much fun! Can we all the nok-jhocks included too please! I dont want it too senti ROFL

I dont know why but i imagined Sid saying to Arman his life is gonig to change like a hypnotist or something ROFL  Or like he was telling a scary story in the dark ROFL I love reading Armaans thoughts, cause he feels like something is different and it is, its Riddhima showing he can feel her in a way <3 I love that about them! Yayy he saw her! I canrt wait for them to work together :DD

EEEPP he smiled to himself! I wished you wrote about his cute dimples! I miss his dimpless <33

I wish he would just leave his stubborness behind, i want them together soon yaar!

FRIENDS?!! KYA? NOOO! I want couple!! Not friends! Friends is boring :(

Eeep i got my wish! I got my dimples!!Big smile Big smile  Dancing My shonus dimples! Hayyyee Day Dreaming

LOL Nikki is funny! Impatient girl! AWWW He walked! How cute!! I love how close Armaan is to Arnav <3 LOL and she does need to come up with a better name :P

Abhi is a sweet dad and husband! :D They make such a cute couple!

I seriously cant get over the fact you named AA's baby Radhika :| Out of ALL the names in the world! Mine is better ROFL OMG Can you name ARs kid Zarqaa please!?Big smile If you do i will love you and name my ARs kid Maitree ROFL Pakka promise ROFL 

I swear the girl reminds me of Radhu :| Not the cuteness, no way! Radhu aint cute, but the stubborness :| ROFL ROFL

This Radhika is sooo cute unlike ours ROFL Shes soo sweet i want to pinch her cheeks! :D

Haye this girl is doing the job for me, shes getting AR together! ROFL 

No no coffe as friends, only GIRLfriend and BOY friend coffee allowed :./  ROFL

Any way jaldi finish kar!!

Love you <3

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awesome part
cont soon

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