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Unsaid...AR OS on pg -8 (Page 7)

-Jhalli- IF-Rockerz

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wah kia post hai darling...
seriously after reading 50 pms this pm make me realy hapyy
gr8 dear:)

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Originally posted by is

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HYE FREND how r u all ''.mujhe toh ap sab jante hi honge''.nahi Jahte toh ab jan lo 'hii I am ishka''I have my four running ffs and this is my first attamt to write an os'..plzz bear me and do tell hows it.

Ajab armaan ki gajab kahani

Humko sirf tumse pyar hai

Do lafzo mai




I was sitting in the conference hall where the biggest contact of my life was going to revel '.

hii I am armaan malik an inspiring business man'..i have my  small company named 'RM'  enterprises'I started this company 2 years before '.till date we were growing with small contracts but first time we tried  for such a big tender'..its a life time chance for me'..i tried very hard'.actully I gave my suet and blood for this contract'..bas ek baar meri company ka naam Modi group of compnies ke sath judd jay fir mujhe aage badne se koi nahi rok sakta'.koi nahii'.fir mai apni'..

My chain of thoughts broke when Suddenly someone pulled me from behind''I turned '

Rahoolll kya hai yaar samne se nahi aa sakta tu'.i pouted and he giggled'.

(rahul garewal my best frnd and second partner of my company)

I asked him'.where is atul abhi tender bas open hone hi wala hai'.

(atul malik my bor and partner...)

Ra ' wo anjali ko chorne gaya hai'.

I nodded and asked rahul to call him and give him reminder  '.

Just then an announcement was made for us to take seat as meeting was about to start.

Every one stud up'.i looked at the door'and saw mr. siddhant modi coming with his ppls..

Siddhan modi ceo of modi impair, born with a spoon of gold' day I will also get a position like him..wo bhi apni mehnat se'..all sat as he settled down on his chair'.his spokes person stud up and started the conference'

I was dam nervous was praying to god'.plzz god one chance plz god , I know I am npot that good ki ap meri sune per uske liye toh plzz'.atul came and patted my back and gave me a assuring smile '.i took a deep breath'.and looked at the podium till then sidhant started his word with as'.

Sd -  hello as u all know my company is the most reputed company ..and u all want to merge with my company'.its a big contract aur jise bhi melga wo undoubtly  apni life a sabse bada mauka payga'.so this precious contract goes to''

My heart was beating at its highest range '.i was able to feel my chest wall about to break ''I cloed my eyes '.and I saw my strength my hope smiling for me and that got a small smile on my face'.

Atoll and rahul shacked me'.

Ra- armaan ankhe khool we got it bro we got it'.

They both huged me'..i was very much happy to react.

I looked at siddhant who was standing there and waiting for me to come on stage'

I went there'.

Sd- I know guys this is very small and new company  to handle such big contract but I know mr. malik is very much talented and he will not let me down.

I nodded with determination in my eyes'.we shacked hands.

Sd ' so mr. as we r going to work together we should know each other'.so I want to invite u and ur partners for  party at my mention tonight do come.

I was dam excited now'I smiled and accepted his invitation .

We all were so dam excited for party'.so we got ready before the time can u imagine me armaan malik got ready for a party in 15 mins gosh I broke all records today'.

I looked at mirror last time yaah I was looking handsome as always' smirk unknowingly came on my face'and fixed my hairs for the 10th time'.gosh I am nervous again'.

Atul and rahul came in my room'.

At -  rahool tujhe nahi lagta aaj ye kuch jyada taiyar ho raha hai'.

Ra -  haa yaar ye toh haise taiyar ho ra hai jaise lerki pasand kerne jar aha ho shadi ke liye'

And thy both burst out laughing'.i pouted crossing my hands above my chest..

We reached the venu''omg it was big I had never seen such a lavish building in my life'.i smiled and added this also in my wish list'..we entered the hall '.i was big no no it's the biggest nearly like the stadium where we play cricket 'I scaned the whole place kitna kharacha kiya hoga yaar itna bana ghar banwane mai''rahool smiled evily at me..

Ra-  stop counting money dude'.

Ar ' mai mai kaha'..nahi toh'

I smiled nervously '..

 and tried to look other side'.mai abhi ata huu need some drink'

Ra ' ohh yaah go bro'..he smirked and I ran from there'..

We were sitting on our table me , rahul and atul discussing over project which we proudly  got in the morning'and anji and muski busy talking with each other no correction'abhi take k word bhi boli hi kaha hai wo dono bas hase ja ri hai'.i really wonder why'.i checked my self once more to be on safe side'..gosh these girls I will never understand them'..

I busy looking at them like fool when I heard a big applause from ppl'.i also stud upto raise the tost as I saw siddhant modi entering the hall just like a princes but less handsome then me'..i took my sampan and rose the tost'.he  came in the center and accepted our gesture.

Sd-  thank u frnd 'for participating in my happiness ajj mai ap sabko ek special person se milwana chahta hu''

she signaled towards the door and all eyes got set there'.every one was wishpering its very first time he is introducing some one like this' seams realy special person''I heard ppl saying ohh it's a girl'.might be his girlfriend'.i tried to look and get just one glimes of her'but got failed ppl were so adamant to meet her'..i pouted and cornered my self'.started sipping my drink'baad mai dekh lenge yaar kaun sa jannat ki pari uther aayi hogi'..seeing ppls response she seems really beautifull'I was able to see her white gown from back'..yaah she is beautifull her long back hairs were flowing in air which was making a beautifull sight for me'..gosh ye mai kya soch raha hu correct ur self dude'.i drunk my whole drink in one go and took another'.a cold breeze touched my face and a seductive soft smell went inside my nostril's'I took a deep breath'.wow what a fragrance my fav'..

I turned to see''and at that moment my heart stopped beating 'I saw her'.standing there talking to ppl smiling softly to them'.she was standing with siddhant and every one was parsing them'..i was standing there like a statue staring her'.she looks the same jaise wo 3 salo pahle lagti thi 'so beautiful devine'pure'innocent just like a baby '..her green eyes''I breath heavily''and her name came out my heart'.RIDDHIMA''

Siddhant announced his marriage and every one clapped for them'.i saw a big dimond ring in her ring finger'.my heart broke in thousand pieces'.i never imagined  after 3 years we will meet like this'..i tried to controle water forming in my eyes I dnt want any one to see that'..i was looking at her'.how much I wished to see her in these 3 years 'hear her voice'my heart was begging e to go near her'but my heart was stopping me''.


Dil kehta hai chal unse mil
Uthte hain kadam, ruk jaate hain
Dil humko kabhi samjhaata hai
Hum dil ko kabhi samjhaate hai

She was talking to some ppl and I was standing in one corner of the hall far from any ones sight'.but dnt know how but she look at area where I was'.she was also looking shocked just like me'.

From  riddhima's pov'..

Unknowingly today my heart was beating realy fast and was tring to convey some masge to me'I was not getting it'.now I know what my heart wanted to tell me'..he is here after whole 3 years he is here'armaan malik '.oh god he looks handsome in his business suit '..I use to laugh when he dream himself to were a business suit and throw a party like this'..i guess his dreams are about to come true'..armaan'..only this name makes my heart skip a beat'.the man whom I loved the most craved 'the most'..was in front of me'.how much I want to broke all the barriers & run in his direction'..i saw him looking at me''.i can feel his gaze fixed on me '.gosh it still gives me goose bumps like three years before''


do listion once u will love it

Dil kehta hai chal unse mil
Uthte hain kadam, ruk jaate hain
Dil humko kabhi samjhaata hai
Hum dil ko kabhi samjhaate hai

My foots started to move towards him'..but my brain reminded me why we r this far from each other '.bas mere kadam wahi ruk gaye'.kyu armaan ..kyu u promised me na 'kit um hume kabhi alag nahi hone doge fir '.tumne aisa kyu hone diya'.na chate hue bhi mujhe wo sab yaad aa hi jata hai''

A  tear formed in her eyes'which she wiped fastly'but it was not unseen by a pair of blue eyes which reflected the pain of the green once.

Armaan's pov'.

Mai kabhi nahi chata tha ki hum alag ho balki mai'.toh ye sab tumhe pane ke liye hi ker raha tha basket''taki hum dono apni duniya bana sake'.

From  riddhima's pov'..

Per meri duniya toh tum hi the armaan '..tum mujhe jaise jis haal mai bhi rakhte mai waise rahti'.wo bhi khushi khushi'.mujhe jine ke liye bas tumhara pyar chahiye tha aur kuch nahi'.

Armaan's pov'.

Janta hu basket tum her haal mai mere sath rahti'..jab mere pass  wo cycle thi'tab mai use tumhare samne aise rokta jaise Mercedes ho'.tum muskura ker mere sath chal deti thi'.tumhe kabhi bhar le jane ke liye mere pass paise nahi hote the 'tum bas chupati'.(in mumbai) tak ja hi khush thi'.lekin mai tumhe duniya ki her khushi dena chahta tha basket'..sab kuch jot um deserve kerti thi'.iss liye gaya tha mai'.per ab'.

From  riddhima's pov'..

Per mujhe bas tumhara sath chahiye ha armaan'..baki sab cheese koi maiyne nahi rahti thi''

Hum jab se hain judaa, ae mere hum nasheen
Yun dekho to mere daaman mein kya nahin
Daulat ka chaand hai shohrat ki chaandni
Magar tumhe khoke lage hai mujhe aisa
Ke tum nahin to kuch bhi nahin
Tum kya jaano ab hum kitna
Dil hi dil mein pachtaate hai
Dil humko kabhi samjhaata hai
Hum dil ko kabhi samjhaate h

Siddhant asked ridzi to come on stage..he forwarded his hand'.and she hesitantly accepted ''siddhant announced a new company on ridhhima's name '..every one applaused one again'..riddhima tried to smile'.which seems really hard for her at the moment''

Sidddhant was standing with riddhizi holding her lightly from her waist'..

Seeing this armaan heart bust in anger''

Wo pal kitna khubsurat the basket jab hum sath the'.tumhara ruthna aur mere stupid ideas se tumhe manane ki koshis kerna'..ek baar jab maine bike race kit hi toh tum kitna naraj thi mujhse '.aur tumhe manane ke liye mai college ki roof per chad gaya tha'.pretending to be  jump ''tu kitna dar gayi thi naaa'..aur tumne daur kea ate mujhe hug kiya tha'.pata hai basket atul ne mujhe piche se paker rakha tha'..

Old memories makes him smile'..

Mai apni jaan ki jaan khatre mai thori daal sakta tha''

He again looked at sid and ridz''

Voh din the kya haseen, dono the saath mein
Aur baahein aap ki thi mere haath mein
Tum hi tum hai sanam mere din raat mein
Par itni bulandi pe tum ho meri jaan
Aaye na daaman ab haath mein
Paana tumko mumkin hi nahin
Soche bhi to hum ghabraate hai
Dil humko kabhi samjhaata hai
Hum dil ko kabhi samjhaate hai

The both looked at each other''..


Dil kehta hai chal unse mil
Uthte hain kadam, ruk jaate hain - 2
Uthte hain kadam, ruk jaate hain'.

Mai aur nahi dekh sakta basket mai tumhe kisi aur ki banho mai nahi dekh sata'..

And he leaved the party''..

Hyeee frnd soo this is first part of my os'.do tell me hows it' part depends on ur response'.

Do tell me liked it or not''u r most welcome'.here so comment lil long and fast'..and yaah its not a sad story okk'..

Precap ' armaan and riddhima''met on beach'..

Okk now my punishment'..see behna I am doing this'.

I will not say'T***** & s****

(hye guys galiya nahi de ri hu meri behna ko thanku aur sorry se allergy hai toh she punished me'pout')

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

I will not say'T***** & s****

Me holding my ears fir nahi karungiii''.


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Woww..I mean I just love the first part like anything...You write so beautifully..So Ridzy is going to get married to Sid...Poor AR, feeling so bad for them...The way you describe their feelings, their thoughts...too heart-wrenching...The song is one of My fav one...Waiting for next continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care


Lots of Love


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awww...i so want them together plzzz

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