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The Rest is Unwritten AR FF Pt19 Pg 26 3/11 (Page 9)

araja1234 Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome parts Get well soon and thanks for the pm

AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Awsm update.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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Chocochips Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 12:40am | IP Logged
The smallest chapter ever, but next chapter will be a crucial and long one. I promise!

Chapter 10- A moonlit beach

"Armaan", she called out extremely surprised at the surroundings around her.  Armaan just grinned widely at her reaction, Nikki told him about how Riddhima and her used to often come to the beach to relieve stress during their internship days and he knew she needed exactly that. And please he wanted to spend more time with her, only he would refuse to wonder over the reason 'why'.  Riddhima looked into his eyes blinking him a silent thank you, before stepping out of the car into the sandy ground.  Armaan followed her completely mesmerized at her beauty and innocence that shone through her face as the moonlight glimmered on her skin.  Riddhima walked further and sat on the sand and Armaan followed suit.

"How did you know I like beaches Armaan", she asked, interrupting the peaceful silence between them after five minutes.  "Nikki once told me about how you too came here during your internship days, so I thought this would cheer you up", he said looking at the stars above them. She turned to look at him touched with his concern and followed his gaze to the stars.  It was one of those rare nights in Mumbai where you could see a myriad of stars in the sky.  "It's a beautiful night, isn't it", she asked as another cool breeze hit them. "It is indeed, but not as beautiful as you", he said making her blush red. He grinned at the way she looked away. "Agent Mallik, I did not know you could flirt too", she giggled. "Well Dr. Gupta, I have many talents you are unaware of", He replied cheekily. "Really", she asked. "Yes, If you'd be so lucky I'll teach you some of mine", he winked and she hit his arm laughing and shaking her head.  

"So, tell me more about your FBI life, has that person, Veer said anything yet", she asked him. Armaan just sighed and shook his head. Veer was extremely adamant about keeping shut and they did not want to force anything on him violently. "No, but the investigation has been going on. I have been reviewing hospital records and death certificates of children from the past six months, but couldn't find anything relevant. But what's more surprising is….." and he hesitated for a moment wondering whether he should tell her or not. But then he looked at her eyes that were so trustful and realized in that moment he could share anything with her and it would be the same as telling it to himself, she wouldn't tell another soul. "It seems someone has already collected these records and left them hidden in a bunch of files", he finished. Riddhima saw confusion pass through his face, "Why would anyone do that? "I don't know Riddhima, this case seems to be more than just what's ridding on the surface", he said thoughtfully when Riddhima's phone rang. "Ha, mama, I'm coming home!" She turned to face Armaan and said, "I have to go Armaan, Mama's waiting for me. But thanks for bringing me here. I really feel better. And don't worry about the case so much. I'm sure you'll crack through it", she smiled. Armaan smiled and got up holding his hand for her, which she took it casually. She realized has been so much progression since the first time he held out his hand for her in the basket ball, which she hesitated so much to take it.

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Bhavya8 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
The two updates were great, love AR moments!
Thanks for pm, update soon!!
sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 5:41am | IP Logged

just read ur fic yesterday all in one go :))..and I njoyed every bit of it ..u r one gud writer ..keep it up :))

waiting to read ahead :D

update soon & plss increase the length of updates

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sweetnandu Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
i just came across ur ff.. its lovely ..:)
plz do add me to ur pm list ...

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Redrose21 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
I came across ur fic yesterday.
Its Awesome.Pls do add me in ur PM list.

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Chocochips Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged

Chapter 11- Heart Beat

"RIDDHIMA", he screamed out loud. The moment in which the bullet hit her body, Armaan's world turned upside down. .  In that moment, he forget that he was being a careless FBI officer letting a criminal go easily, he forgot all the months of hard work being put into finding Raghav and the aching pain on his left arm, all he could see, think, feel and sense was Riddhima  and the inescapable truth finally broke through and he realized she was his life. From the moment he dropped his gun and ran to retrieve her bleeding body to wheeling her into the emergency room, he pushed through to keep her alive. And the moment she was taken into the operation theater, he realized it wasn't just her life she'd be fighting for, it was his too.  His every heart beat in response to hers, his every breath now belonged to her and he couldn't let this pinnacle force in his life die.

Atul and Anjali rushed outside the operation theater to which Armaan was waiting for. For the first time ever, they saw a pleading pain in his eyes that was so strong that it looked like it almost consumed him. Atul put a hand on his shoulder, while Anjali asked him what happened. And he recollected to what brought on this ill fated event.

Armaan was following a man that looked suspicious at the parking lot of a flower boutique. He was the same man who was at the restaurant with Veer the day they captured him and he had bumped into him in Malaysia a couple of years a ago when he was working with the Interpol police. He checked to see, if he had anything to do with the case and he was right on. The criminal Raghav that they were looking for had two inner circles, one that researched on children and kidnapped them and the second one sent these kids around the world. But none of each was aware of the existence of the other and was strictly sworn for secrecy by Raghav. This man happened to be a disguise master who was the mastermind for Raghav, a self permitted slave that not only gave him ideas but executed it himself to make sure that nothing went wrong. When Armaan pieced this information yesterday by gathering photos of him, he recalled bumping into him at Malaysia and a couple of times in Mumbai as well. He saw this person and started to follow his car out to a deserted parking lot in a shopping mall. Once the man realized he was being followed be pulled into another level which was almost entirely deserted except for a few cars. Armaan got out and started to chaise him by foot entering the parking level in which the man was parked. The moment He saw Armaan through his rear view mirror, he got out and Armaan shot him at his leg. The man pulled out a gun from his sock and was about to shoot again when Armaan shot his arm as well. He put his gun in his pocket and pushed him to the edge of the parking lot backing him up against the wall. The man struggled and punched Armaan in the stomach and tried to run.  Armaan caught him again and held his collar punching him a few times. "Do not run away from me, I know exactly who you are and what you do. What connection do you have with Raghav", he asked. The man's eyes widened at the name and he struggled as Armaan continued to punch him. "I don't know who you are talking about", he said chocking at the death grip on his neck. Armaan was about to take his gun when, he heard a girl's voice. "Ha mama, I bought them. I'll be there in a couple of minutes", and Armaan eyes froze for a minute. He knew exactly whose voice it was, but he couldn't handle her near him now. Not when the prey can turn predator at any moment and he could lose the only lead in the case. So he backed him away from her. But to his unfortunate luck, she recognized him manhandling a guy, to which she assumed was his regular business. "Hey, Armaan", she came near him. "Hmmm. So looks like your back in tiger mode", she giggled and Armaan tried to struggle with the man turning him away from her. "Not right now Riddhima, go", he said sternly. "No way Armaan, you promised me you'll let me watch you someday, you can't back out now", she said angering him to a huge extent. He couldn't believe this girl, he turned and screamed, "GO", to which she was completely startled at his ferocious roar. But in the moment, Armaan's concentration diverted, the man pulled his gun from his pocket and tried to shoot him. Armaan reacted by holding his and turning it away through which he let Armaan strangle him for a second and then with full force pushed him off and shot rigorously at the girl in front of him. As he saw blood strain against her white kurta, he took the gun from the man and shot him twice on his calf, dissembling him and ran off to retrieve Riddhima.  As he ran to Riddhima, she saw the man pick up the gun which was rolling on the floor and shoot Armaan on his arm. And even through the invigorating pain running through her entire body, her heart rached at the fact that he was hurt. "Armaan", she yelped out before falling unconscious on the ground.

Anjali's tears started to overflow, as Atul hugged her wiping her tears and glancing at Armaan who looked so lost, as he held his head in his arms. It took Atul a huge effort to send Armaan to take her of his injured arm. Their inner turmoil was interrupted the moment the doctor came out of the operation theater to tell them about Riddhima. Armaan rushed to the doctor at the speed of light ignoring the throbbing pain on his arm, "How is she", he asked anxiously.  "She's fine and out of danger. Thankfully the bullets have only hit her lower abdomen lightly and did not cause major damage to her organs, but  she has lost a lot of blood during the surgery. We have been giving her blood and hopefully she will recover soon. But she will have to stay under observation for the next forty eight hours", he said. "Can we meet her, doctor",  Anjali asked. "Yes, she will be conscious in a few minutes and you may meet her", he said before heading out. They followed to the room Riddhima was shifted in and they entered.   Anjali moved near her and held her hand, which was attached to three other tubes. She started crying at the sight of her fragile sister, while Atul calmed her down by rubbing her shoulders. Armaan on the other hand almost died a hundred deaths looking at her broken state. He couldn't help but blame himself for putting her in this position as he stood frozen near the end of her bed.

Riddhima finger twitched a little, as she gained consciousness of the surroundings around her. "Armaan", she woke up with a start panting and breathing heavily as the beeping on the machines she was attached to increased rapidly. The doctor and nurse came in immediately,  checked her pulse and gave her an injection making her unconscious again. He turned around and told them, "it is not good for the patient to have so many people in the room. But one of you can stay, it is to create a peaceful environment for the patient. She's stable now, don't worry", he answered the unspoken worry on their faces. "I'll stay with her Anjie! You guys do rest", Armaan spoke up while Anjali and Atul looked at him. Atul looked at the longing in his eyes and said, "he's right Anjali, let's go. You look really worn out, let's go get a coffee. Armaan will call us when she's conscious again", he looked at Armaan to which he nodded. Atul left with a reluctant Anjali and Armaan came and sat next to her, he held her hand and held it to near his face and a few tears leaked involuntarily from his eyes lightly falling on her hand.  Riddhima opened her eyes lightly to the bright lights of the hospital room in front of her. She squinted her eyes and looked at Armaan who had her hands in his hands. She moved her  finger alittle and he looked up at the sudden movement.

"Riddhima", he called out caressing her face with one hand while holding her hand with the other. "How are you", she asked weakly.  He smiled a little at that, she was strapped to about six different tubes and she was worried about how he was, "I should be asking you that", he said caressing her forehead lightly. "I'm okay, just hurts a bit. What happened to that man?", she asked looking into his worried eyes. "I don't know and you shouldn't worry about that. Tell me the truth, does it hurt a lot do you want me to ask for more pain medication", he asked. "It's okay Armaan. I'm fine, they can't relieve any more pain than they have already" and she winced a little as she said that. "What's wrong are you okay", he started to panic, she lightly squeezed his hand and nodded. "You know, I probably deserve this for being so stubborn and not listening to you", she said and his heart twitched at that. "No, no its not! Do not blame yourself", he said looking into her eyes. She looked back and said, "No, it is. I should have listened, but what could I do, I was worried for you", she whispered and his heart melted at that. He understood in those few words that she uttered that she cared for him being the limit of friendship too, and  they stared into each other exchanging new found feelings through their eyes.

"You need to sleep Riddhima, get some rest", he said getting up to see if she needs anything else. But she held his hand. "Fine, but don't leave me", she asked holding his hand.  Armaan smiled a little and sat back down, "I won't, but go back to sleep." "I will, but promise you'll stay", she asked stubbornly.  "I promise, I won't leave you, go back to sleep", he said caressing her cheeks. She looked into his blue eyes and fell sleep.

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