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The Rest is Unwritten AR FF Pt19 Pg 26 3/11

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:44pm | IP Logged
Hey everyone! I've recently started a new ff on IF, Its called the Symphony of Raindrops. But there's also this idea which has been lurking in my head and I thought why not try it. Please do read and tell me if you want me to continue or not.
Thanks for reading! Hope you like it
Part 1 -pg 1
Part 2- pg 1
Part 3- pg 2
Part 4- pg 2
Part 5- Page 4
Part 6- pg 5
Part 7- pg 7
Part 8-pg 8
 Part 9-pg 9
Part 10-page 10
Part 11- page 11
part 12- page 12
part 13-page 16
part 14-page 16
 part 15- page 20
part 16- page 20
part 17- page 22
Part 18- Pg 24
Part 19- pg 26
******I'm working on creating direct links for the parts**************

Chapter One- First Sight

"Agent Mallik, we have received new information from the Bangalore headquarters, it seems they have been able to partially decode the message. The Chief has requested for you sir." "Yes I'll be there immediately." Armaan hung up, got in his car and zoomed to the headquarters.

"Agent Mallik, the thief we have been tracking down seems to be in Mumbai currently, but I assume you're aware of it?" Armaan nodded. " I know you have been currently involved in the criminal case, but we are in the final stages  of it and I want you to hand over the case to Agent Grewal and take this one up." Armaan looked at the chief of the headquarters, a man who was in his mid fifties, with surprise. He has been working on this case since the past eight months and now he wants him to give it up? "But Chief, as you have stated it, the case is almost over. I'll finish it up and take this up." Chief Mehra sighed, he knew how involved Armaan was in this case. "Armaan, I know but this thief is extremely lethal, and even beyond that he has an unstable criminal activity record.  It's been sixteen months since his last activity and we're still not sure what he's next move is. Look, I know you have put your heart and soul into this case, but do this for me. You're the best agent that we have and we need to find him Armaan." Armaan couldn't help but agree to this. "Yes chief, I'll take up the case immediately. Speaking of which, I've been informed the code has been decoded partially?" "Yes, it has. The Bangalore headquarters has forwarded the information to Mumbai. You will be leading the team there", the chief answered happily.  "Yes Sir, I'll leave to Mumbai tonight itself." "Excellent Agent Mallik. I wish you the best of luck in this case. I know you will succeed." "Thank you sir."

Armaan went to his temporary apartment in New York, which was the headquarters to pack. He was reluctant in giving the case which was so important to him to Agent Grewal, who was his nemesis in the field, but he had to agree for his chief. His chief has been a mentor, a confidant and friend for him throughout his career. How could he refuse this person? He packed his bags and went to the JFK Airport and boarded the flight to Mumbai. Despite his initial refusal to take up the case, he felt an adrenaline rush as he did whenever he took up a new case. It was a battle for him, which he almost always won.  And this time, the battleground was Mumbai, a place he hasn't been to in nearly three years. "Game on, Mr. Thief", he thought as the plane took off unknown to game he was actually about to face, which was more than what he probably ever bargained for.

Mumbai Headquarters

"Good morning Agent Mallik, Welcome to the Mumbai headquarters." The senior officer greeted him as he entered the office. "We are delighted to work with you officer. Let me introduce you to our team." The lady took him inside to one of their private conference rooms. There were two women and a man waiting in the room. "Hi, everyone so as I have been telling you, this is Agent Mallik, he will be working with you on this case. Agent Mallik, this is Agent Aul Joshi, Muskaan Chadda and Anjali Gupta. I wish you all the very best of luck" and then she left. "Agent Mallik, I have heard a lot about you, especially the new criminal case in New York. I must say, its quite impressive", Muskaan voiced in eyeing  him appreciatively.  Armaan chuckled, "Thank you Agent Chadda, right? But please call me Armaan we're a team now and I would very much appreciate to be your friend more than your senior", he said looking at everyone. "Definitely, Hi, I'm Atul Joshi and this right here is Anjali soon to be Joshi Gupta. Welcome Armaan, have you been to Mumbai before", he shook Armaan's hand. "Atul!", anjali rolled her eyes and whined at her crazy fianc. "Kya Anjali, maine sahi hi tho kaha tha na, in approximately 4 weeks and 3 days, wait no four days", he claimed proudly.  Anjali just shook her head at her crazy fianc, "Welcome to Mumbai Armaan and you can call me Anjie. Have you been to Mumbai before?" Armaan just grinned at the duo.  He shook her hand, "Thanks Anjie, No this isn't the first time I've been here before" he answered. "Also congratulations to the both of you", he stated. And that just brought a smile on Atul's face. "Thanks Armaan, btw our wedding's in four weeks and your invited. You have to make it!" Armaan just smiled at Atul. He was such a warm person who can put a smile on anyone's face. "Sure, I'll try to make it", he replied.  After that they got to they discussed about the details of the case and decided to call it a day.

Armaan was zooming around the streets of Mumbai in his bike when he accidently almost bumped into a car. It was more of that car's fault, but he got out to apologize anyway. The car opened,  a girl got out and Armaan's world froze for a moment. She looked like an angel dressed in a white suit, hair flowing over her face as she tried to keep them away from her eyes, with a scowl that made her look more beautiful. And those eyes, green hues that held him mesmerized as time stopped all together. He snapped out as he saw people gathering near where they were standing. "Oy, Mister kya soch raha hai? Can't you see where you're driving? Dikhtha nahin hain kya? " Riddhima was fuming while this beautiful stranger stared at her. The moment she stepped out of the car, those blue eyes kept her captive before she snapped out and realized her front light was broken. Armaan's dazed look turned into a frown. "Excuse me miss, what do you mean I can't see, what was your car doing on my side of the road, when you're headed the opposite direction? You can't blame me for not seeing you." "I was not heading in the wrong direction", Riddhima retorted angrily. "Yes you were", Armaan replied.

"No I wasn't" "yes" "No" Then Armaan got fed up of this fight. "Look miss, Regardless of whose fault it is, your vehicle is damaged as well as mine, so we're even." "What do you mean we're even?" and Riddhima was about to continue when her pager buzzed, it was an emergency.  She just gave him one more angry look and got in her car. "Look Mister, this is Mumbai, people drive out of order, I say  you should learn these rules first." She left there fuming , while Armaan just stood there surprised. He shook his head and headed to his new house.

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great concept!!
Cont soon!
Plz do pm me next time u update!!

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awesome concept
cont soon
do pm me

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nice concept..:)
cont soon..:)

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Thank you guys for liking and commenting it. I will reply back shortly. Do tell me how I'm doing, I'm kind of new to this. Thanks =)

Chapter 2- Mr. Savior and Basket

"Dr. Ram, she's bleeding extensively. We have to operate on her immediately. Sister, shift her to the OT and get ready for the surgery now, hurry", Riddhima ordered. An eight year old girl was brought in for an emergency in a critical condition. Riddhima and her team operated on her and they were able to save her. Riddhima walked out of the surgery and washed up. She headed to the ICU where the patient was kept under observation. "Sister, Dr. Ram and Dr. Sid will be observing her for tonight. I'll take over tomorrow. This is the medicine chart, make sure she is given these. Waise, is there anyone from her family here?" "Yes Doctor, they are waiting outside." Riddhima stepped out to see a lady standing outside, "Doctor meri beti kaisi hai?", she started crying. "dekhiye, abhi kuch nahi kaha saktha, who ab to stable hai but use 48 hours under observation rakha hai. Himmat mat hariye." As she was about to leave, she turned around, "waise inhe ye chot kaise lagi?". The Lady was crying and fumbled with words, "Woh, Doctor she was playing with her friends when she got run over by the car. I was working when this happened, so I rushed her the hospital as soon as I can. But the man didn't survive. Thank god, usne meri bacchi ko bachaya."

Riddhima just nodded and walked away thinking about what the lady about how the girl got hit by a car while she bumped into Nikki. "Hey Ridzi, tum abhi bhi yaha ho, I thought you wet home?" "Nahi, yaar who actually ek emergency case tha, so I had to come back", Riddhima responded. "Waise, Ridzi Can you drop me home, my car isn't starting." "Ya Nikki, of course, lets go." And they left for the parking lot. While Nikki was about to get in she saw her headlight broken. "Ridzi, what happened why's your headlight broken?" And that led Riddhima's thoughts to a not so happy meeting with a stranger. "Ya, I sort of had an accident", Riddhima answered frowning. Nikki raised her eyebrows, "You're okay right? I mean, what happened?" "Nothing Nikki, see I'm fine. I just bumped into a person who does not use their eyes to see."  And Riddhima's expression was such that she couldn't help but laugh. As they drove, Nikki asked Riddhima, "Riddhima did you talk to your dad about Anjali? Did he say anything?" Riddhima sighed and shook her head.  "No yaar, he's still being the same stubborn person.  Mamma, nani and me have tried to convince him, but emotionally blackmails us in saying that we don't love him anymore. And I don't know what to do anymore." "What are you guys doing then? Are you still going ahead with the plan", Nikki asked her. "yes, I'm going to have to if he doesn't agree.  You're coming too right?" Nikki smiled and nodded a yes.  Dr. Shashank, Riddhima's father always wanted Anjali to be a doctor too, but instead she was more interested in being an FBI Agent. It took a lot of struggle and effort and he finally agreed for it, but then when she fell in love with another FBI agent that was the last straw for him. He did not want her life to be an unstable paradigm where her life was constantly in danger. He did not agree to it at all. And this irked Anjali a lot, her father never respected her profession but when he insulted Atul she got mad and left her house. She decided to  get married without her family. Her nani and mom could not support her directly, so she stopped talking to them unknown to the fact they have been convincing her. Riddhima was the only one she spoke to and visited every once in a while. Riddhima dropped Nikki off and went to sleep.

Armaan woke up  really early in the morning and started working on the case by calling other people.  As the clock struck seven, he decided to go for a jog. He jogged in a deserted park and stopped for a drink of water. That is when he heard, "Hmm, why play basketball beautiful when you can play with me?" the guy said maliciously to a girl who had his backed turned at him. There were three guys, who looked more like goons that were moving towards the girl, make her move back out. "Yes, I'm better than any other basketball", another guy said. "Dekho! Don't come near me. I'm not interested", he heard her wan them. "I can make you interested sweetheart!" and he grabbed her hand violently. Armaan who didn't want to hear anymore, rushed to the girl in the basketball court to save her when she suddenly punched the guy in front of her, making him fall on the ground. The other two guys tried to grab her arm and she punched them, like a true black medal fighter.  All of them fell on the ground. She turned to Armaan and their eyes looked for a moment, she recognized him and felt irritated. Suddenly, he rushed to her, grabbed her arm and turned her a good 180 degrees away from where she was standing before. One of the goons was running to stab, he pushed her away and punched the goon making him drop the knife. Two more goons joined them and Armaan started fighting the, Riddhima joined him in attacking the goons. "You can leave, I'll take of them", he said while fighting. This irked her more, "what do you mean leave, you leave! They started attacking me I can take care of them very well, thank you very much!" , she said while kicking a goon on his stomach. They finished fighting off all the goons and they all started to run away, Riddhima bent to her knees tired of fighting. "You fight well, You've learned professionally I assume?", he said as he turned she turned his back to him.  "I'm a black belt", she said proudly. He turned to respond, when suddenly he caught her waist with one hand, move her slightly and punched the last goon that was idiotic enough to try to stab her again.  And while doing so bumped into her and they both fell on the floor, with him on top.  They both got lost in each other's eyes and the he caught himself. "You're good, but a quick tip, never turn your back on the enemy until he is completely disarmed and away from you", he said and got up.  He held out his hand for her and for a moment she hesitated taking it, but when she put his hand in his, she felt a jolt of electricity run through it. He smiled for a moment and started to go off, when she called, "Mr. Savior, thanks for helping me out. But seriously are you omniscient or something? I bumped into you yesterday too!" He turned around, "No I'm not and you don't need to thank me. You gave me advise yesterday and I gave you one today!" Then let me give you another one, "You should have seriously  let me take care of them, they would have been in the hospital for a month. Idiots." He smirked at that, "see that's why you shouldn't thank me, because I saved them for you" and he started laughing.  Riddhima scowled at him, "haha very funny". And she started to look for her ball, which was near Armaan's foot.  He picked it up and threw it to her. "Thanks", she mumbled. "You're welcome again, Btw what's your name." She turned and replied, "You're omniscient remember Mr. Savior, you'd probably know my name too!" He just looked at her, "Ok Basket, I'll call you that from now!" he said while leaving the court, but not before staring at those beautiful eyes which were shooting daggers at him. He chuckled at how "Basket" was easy to irk and left to get ready for the head quarters.

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Great ff!! Really great concept! Please pm me! Smile

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Awsm part.
Cnt soon.

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great writing
plz continue soon
plz pm me when ever u update

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