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OS: A Poolside Proposal, note on pg 14 (Page 8)

madmaxine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged

I decided this OS deserved a part 2. So, here it is. And I hope all expectations have been fulfilled nowWink!

Part 2

"Right here," he said nuzzling her neck. "I was about to do this," he said, kissing his way up her throat, "and this" , he planted a peck on her cheek, "and then.." his voice trailed off as they kissed. And then suddenly they were no longer on solid ground.


"What the!" yelled Arnav. They found themselves in the pool, soaking wet. Laxmi was standing by the poolside looking rather pleased with herself. She had come running to the poolside and bumped right into Khushi. Khushi didn't have the most balanced centre of gravity anyway, and definitely not whilst she was in the midst of the best kiss of her existence. She had careened into Arnav, who had fallen backwards, into the pool. "Damn goat!" he cursed, "I should just have her put down!" he snarled. Khushi's sense of humor was clearly better than her balancing skills. She laughed.


"This is hilarious! Our first kiss and we end up in the pool! I think it's a sign." She giggled, blinking the water out of her eyes.


"Sign of what?" asked Arnav, trying to walk to the edge of the pool.


"We kiss and the universe throws us into a pool. Imagine what would happen if we, you know!" she laughed.


"We're still getting married, right?" he asked, sounding panicky.


"You're stuck with me, buster. No getting out of it now." She smiled. He had managed to vault himself out of the pool and held a hand out to her.  She put her hand in his. He yanked her upwards. A look of mischief entered her eyes, and she yanked backwards. It was still slippery by the poolside, what with all the water Arnav had tracked on it. He fell into the pool. She laughed merrily. He cursed fluently.


"What the hell was that Khushi Kumari Gupta?"


"A punishment"


"What for?"


"For being mean to me on so many occasions," she giggled.


"Couldn't you have just been like all the other women and just withheld sex?" he groaned.


"I can do that too. OK. Done. No sex," She nodded firmly wading through the pool.


"I was joking," he said weakly.


"I wasn't," she walked to the edge of the pool and pulled herself out with difficulty. Her heavy salwar kameez was totally water-logged and bearing down on her.


"Need any help getting out of that pool?" she asked, tongue in cheek.


"No thanks!" he vaulted out lightly. "Any thoughts on how we're going to explain why we're both soaking wet?" he asked.


"Well, it IS your house. No reason why you should be soaking wet. Go change. And we'll make up some excuse for why I fell into the pool. After all, only Laxmi knows we were kissing. And thankfully, Laxmi can't tattle," finished Khushi.


"OK. See ya later," he stalked away to change.


'What the! Hey, Arnav Singh Raizada. You're fianc is soaking wet. She could catch pneumonia and die. Shouldn't you at least fake concern?" she asked.


"I'll bring you a towel!" he walked away nonchalantly, whistling. She made a face at his retreating back, and sat down on one of the poolside chairs hidden behind some plants to squeeze the water out of her hair. She wasn't making much headway when she heard someone giggling. She looked up quickly. Akash and her Jiji had entered what was apparently every couple's favorite make out area in the Raizada home. He was holding her by the waist and pulling her close. Khushi closed her eyes in embarrassment. This she didn't need to see. About 5 minutes later, the sound of heavy breathing interspersed with intermittent giggling was becoming too much for her to take. She had decided she would make some kind of noise to announce her presence and began to clear her throat.


"Oh, get a room you two!" said Arnav, before she could make a sound.


"What, oh, er, Bhai! You!" said Akash, who's spectacles were now perched wonkily on his nose. "Sorry! Didn't see you there!"


"Yes, well. Not as sorry as I. Believe me." Said Arnav dryly. Payal blushed pink. Akash blushed pinker. "Now, where's Khushi?" he asked, looking around him.


"Right here!" said Khushi, emerging from behind the plants.


"Khushi! How long have you been there?" asked Payal.


"Long enough" Khushi grimaced. Payal closed her eyes for a moment. Then, she opened them wide. "Why are you so wet?" she asked suspiciously.


" into the pool!" said Khushi.


"What! How?' asked Payal.


"Laxmi bumped into me and I lost my balance," said Khushi. Her story sounded lame even to her.


"A goat bumped you into the pool? You are reed thin. But even you can withstand a goat's bump Khushi! You are impossible." asked Payal exasperatedly. "Look at you! You're soaking wet. You can't go outside like this."


"…slipped when she bumped into me. Must've been a wet patch. It is a poolside!" said Khushi weakly.


"Why is your hair wet, Bhai?" asked Akash, suddenly noticing the drops of water clinging to Arnav's hair. "And you've changed! This isn't what you were wearing for the ceremony."


"OK. Sherlock, enough detective-giri. Yes, I've changed. I was bored of that shirt," said ASR, mouthing an excuse that sounded inane even to him.


"You were bored of the shirt! Then why'd you change your pants as well?" smiled Akash slyly.


"OK, why this inquisition? I wasn't the one caught necking my fianc by the poolside!" said ASR defensively.


"Key words here being, you weren't caught, of course," said Akash.


"Shut up Akash. I wasn't necking anyone by the pool. Or anywhere else," he hastened to add, in case they got any ideas.


"Why do you have a towel with you?" asked Akash.


"Oh, that's for Khushi. I knew she'd gotten wet, so I fetched her one. Here you go Khushi." He tossed it to Khushi, who tried to dry her self with it.


'How did you know she'd gotten wet? Did you see her fall in?" asked Akash.


"No, Nancy Drew. I didn't see her fall in. She was already in when I happened to be passing by. I merely offered to bring her a towel. Satisfied?" snapped ASR.


"I don't believe any of this." Said Akash. He walked up to Arnav and sniffed him like a dog. "What are you doing?" asked Arnav disgustedly.


"You smell of Chlorine, Bhai. You fell into the pool too. That's why you had to change your clothes." Said Akash triumphantly.


"Dammit Akash! I didn't fall into the pool. It was that stupid goat. She bumped into Khushi, who fell on me, and then I lost balance and we fell into the pool."


"So, you were with Khushi by the poolside when this happened?" asked Akash seriously.


"Obviously. Man, you'd make a mighty poor detective!" said ASR disgustedly.


"Then why did you say you were passing by and saw her in the pool?" asked Payal, looking puzzled.


"Err…Oh..jiji! Come on. Stop interrogating Arnav," said Khushi throwing her a pleading glance.


"Arnav? Since when does anyone call ASR Arnav, especially, you saali sahiba?" asked Akash, eyes twinkling.


"I. I. I meant Arnavji, of course," said Khushi stuttering.


"And Payal, love of my life, obviously Bhai was lying because he didn't want us to know he was with Khushi in that pool, right Bhai?"


"Oh, shut up Akash!" said ASR.


"And why would anyone lie about falling into a pool. It's an innocuous thing to do. Could happen to anyone. Obviously, bhai is lying because he was doing something he doesn't want us to know about when he fell into the pool." Akash persisted.


"Scotland Yard just called. They want their ace detective back," said ASR sarcastically. "And I am having that pool drained tomorrow. No one will ever fall into it again. Ever."


"Funny, how some people fall, refuse to accept that they fell, and then when they're forced to admit it, propose to alter the landscape of their falling, as if it's a reversible process. It's not Bhai. You have fallen. It's happened," Said Akash sagely.


"Akash, are we still talking about the swimming pool?" asked Payal faintly.


Akash sighed. He loved Payal dearly. She was sweet and loving and quite wonderful. But not the brightest light in the room. "Err. No, my love. I was referring to the fact that my brother has fallen for your sister."


"Fallen for Khushi? Arnavji? You mean they fell into the pool together, of course," said Payal, her furrowed brow clearing.


"If anyone brings up that dratted pool again, I will throw something!" said ASR.


"Preferably, not Khushi and not into the pool!" said Akash laughing.


"Payal, I meant that Bhai has fallen in love with Khushi. Falling into the pool was a side-effect of their errr…affection!" quipped Akash.


"What! Khushi, is this true?" asked Payal totally horrified.


"Er. Yes. Jiji. We do uhmm…like each other. Arnavji broke up with Lavanya yesterday. They are not getting married. But he asked me to marry him. And I errmmm said yes!" said Khushi, blushing.


Payal sat down on the chair looking completely flabbergasted. "Let me understand this," she said. "Arnavji is not getting engaged to Lavanya. And he asked you to marry him. And you said Yes. Out of choice? Are you crazy?" she asked, looking wide-eyed at Khushi.


"Crazy in love!" quipped Akash, before Khushi could say a word. Khushi flashed him a reproaching look.


"Akash, another word from you and I will, I will…" sputtered Arnav.


"You'll what? Push me into the pool?" asked Akash treading on dangerous territory.


"Actually, yes!" said Arnav, and gave Akash a big shove, thrusting him into the pool with a big splash.


"Akashji, Akashji, are you OK?" asked Payal, looking on concerned. "Are you mad?" she turned on Arnav. "He could have drowned?"


'What, in that! A 4 year old couldn't drown in that pool!" said Arnav mercilessly. Payal glared at Arnav and held out a hand to help Akash out. Akash held on to Payal's hand firmly and did what Khushi had done to Arnav a while back. He pulled her in.


"Akashji! Are you mad? This whole family is crazy!" said Payal sputtering as she sat in the water, her beautiful lehenga billowing out around her. "My dress! It's ruined." She cried.


"Buy you another one sweetheart. For now, I'm just going to kiss you," he pulled her close, and bent towards her, as she struggled to get away. 'Akashji, let me go! This instant," said Payal struggling. "Oh God, what will Buaji say? What will your mother say when she sees me?" she moaned.


"On one condition. I'll let you go on one condition," said Akash.


"What is it?" she asked.


"Bhai has to admit he loves Khushi," said Akash, eyes full of mischief.


"What! No way, kiss her for all I care!" said Arnav disgustedly.


"Arnavji, please. I need to get out of this stupid pool. It's my engagement today. What will everyone say if they find the girl and her fianc cavorting in the pool?"


"They'll say we got a headstart on the honeymoon!" said Akash, hugging her now. She pushed him off, so he fell backwards. His glasses fell off his nose. "Oh, Akashji. Akashji, Are you OK?" she said, concerned. She picked up his glasses and handed them to him. He took the opportunity to catch hold of her again. She really was too easy, he thought grinning.


"Arnav, just say you love me. My Jiji needs to get out of that pool and your Bhai isn't going to let her till you say it," said Khushi worriedly.


"I'm not saying anything."


"So, you don't love me?"


"I didn't say that."


"Then just say it and get it over with."


"I don't like blackmail, that's all," grumbled Arnav.


"Oh! You don't like blackmail. I'll show you blackmail. Say you love me this instant, or I will actually know what!" said Khushi.


"You wouldn't."


"You will spend our wedding night and many more on the sofa. I promise you that," she threw him a fulsome glare.


Arnav's face turned pale as a sheet. "Akash, I love Khushi. We're getting married soon as you guys are hitched." Akash picked up Payal and swirled her around in the pool. "My bhai's getting married to your sister! You know what this means?" he yelled.


" what?" said Payal, extricating herself from his embrace with difficulty. She waded to the edge of the pool and got out with some help from ASR.


"Double wedding, of course!" yelled Akash, splashing the water around like a big baby.


"Double wedding! Damn! I just thought we could sign a register," thought Arnav, smiling at Khushi doubtfully.


"Double wedding! Yay. My jiji and I on the same day, together. Just like we dreamed when we were girls" mused Khushi blissfully.


"Separate honeymoons though, right?" asked Arnav, wanting to clarify the thought uppermost on his mind. Khushi and Payal threw him disgusted looks, but didn't reply. Before Akash could say anything, they heard a voice say. "Akash bitwa, why are you in the pool? And Payal, you are wet. You too phatti saree. What happened here?" asked Mamiji.


"It's a long story!" said Arnav, Khushi and Payal together.


"But the ending is happy!" said Akash, jumping out of the pool.

So...any good? Pretty whacked out? Just plain terrible? Lemme know.










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res... Smile



Both the parts were awesome. . . . Big smileThumbs Up Clap
You reminded me of almost everything related to detectives!!
Be it Nancy Drew or Scotland Yard, and of course, "Sherlock Holmes"!!

And Khushi blackmailing Arnav that she'd actually withhold, and Arnav's reaction for that??!! LOL
Too good. . . ROFL

Loved it . . . .

Thanks for the PM. . . Smile

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Glimmer Goldie

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loved it to bits !!!!!!!! it was just amazing !!! and the convo between ARHI and PAYASH was amazing ESP THE WAY AKASH KEPT QUESTIONING AND TALKING IN BETWEENROFL !!!!!!! thnx for the pm !!! R U GOING O CONTINUE ??? 

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smitar IF-Rockerz

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Cute OS. Love Laxmi!

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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Okay, first I need to stop smiling!!
It was damn good update Vidhya!!

Akash blackmailing Arnav via Payal..! OMGLOL Honeymoon's differently ROFL
All moments were good and lovely!! Smile

The OS can't get better anymore!! Embarrassed

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meghnas Goldie

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AWESOME!!!!!!! Clap

the 1st part was soo cute...didnt think the OS could get any better...but well it just did Smile
lovvved the detective Akash!!!

Edited by meghnas - 17 December 2011 at 8:22am

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-.Pearl.- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged

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LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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Omg what a wonderful update! Too good n too funny

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