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||~*ArSha:Destined to be together AT 2*~|| (Page 4)

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500 points and counting

451)Both are looking like a couple and just the way they stand beside each other they look SMASHINGLY HOT!

452)Both like the same picture--January WOW that's what you say--Great minds think alike

453)So adorable how Amar keeps nodding and agreeing with our DIVA!

454)Shakti asks Amar to speak out the January pic...its like she was wanting to hear him say stuff about her.

455)Amar loves Shakti's eyes and loves each and every pic...
456)Amar has never seen such an amazing female dancer until he met Shakti

457)Amar can't really express himself about Shakti's USB cuz there is so many amazing things about her.

458)He thanks god for giving him "such an amazing dancer" Its cute Shakti is trying to compliment him about versatility but he does not want to take over her spotlight and said "she is just too good"

459) By KAJEN (Aarti) She said m not so good with words... but Shakti Kunwar is good with words khe khe

460)Its cute how they always giggle about the same thing New Year cute
461)Both have been background dancers to other artists.

462)They love and respect the same people, Terence Sir, Geeta Ma, Remo Sir, Ashish Sir

463)Both have struggled so much and said such encouraging words to struggling dancers.

464)Shakti is so flattered by Amar's words that she hugs him and its cute how their heads always find eachother hehe.

465)Both forget about everything when they dance
466)He loves contemporary...Shakti is so impressed when he said her expression.

467)He loves all her pics...just imagine when he saw her pictures...he probably said HOT again hehe. 

468)Both want to do anything connecting to dance and never want to loose dance as it has created them.

469)Shakti has taught him contemporary...I bet Amar has taught her hip hop moves.

470)In Kriyansh k for Kunwar in starting and in end sh for Shakti 
471)In the IF Calendar launch interview when Kunwar says he "is in love with the calendar", Palki jumps in and says "what? you are in love with Shakti?" The whole gang teases him about it and he blushes 
This means there is definitely something going on and the D3 Gang is aware of it.

472)In the IF video Terence says that Guru tab bante hai jab schaat aise milte hai (lol spelling sucks). Terence said the same thing about Amar when he got eliminated from DID2. 

473)Amar says he loves contemporary and a few seconds before that Shakti said contemporary is me

474)Amar has been there in every big moment of Shakti's life...DID, DID Finale, D3 and now Calendar launch. The two are so lucky and successful when they are together. Amar is always the 1st one to be so happy for DID he was always cheering her own and hugging her even when it was just her solo. DID Finale Amar is jumping up and down and hugged her and also lifted her up. D3 Amar got the role first and he was so happy that he gets to work with Shakti again and same said by Shakti. Now the calendar launch, Amar is dressed up for the occasion and said so many words for her and how proud he is of her achievement. 
475)After every shoot Shakti has to touch up her lipgloss and Amar always fixing his hair...both are so cute with their habits and tease each other about it (gives them another reason to flirt).
476)Amar loves Deepika (which has been said before in another point), but his real life Deepika is Shakti as he got to dance with her on Khuda Jaane (Deepika's song) and romance her through D3. 

477)The calendar launch video the reporter says: "DANCING SENSATIONS SHAKTI AND KUNWAR" aaahhh the sound of their name together is music to the ears.

478)Most viewed ArSha video on youtube is 591,267: Khuda Jaane...which started everything!!

479)In the Xmas video Amar keeps teasing Shakti by saying "Samjh gaye na" over and over

480)Its cute when Shakti is talking about Terence polishing up her contemporary...Amar laughs and when Amar says the same thing Shakti laughs.
481)In the D3 gang photo, Shakti and Amar are the only ones holding a calendar. Its like Amar had a hold of the calendar firstWink

482)In the interview Shakti says "WE need to create pathways for ourselves and do something new" after talking about how DID has given her and Amar so much. Shakti and Amar may go different pathways, but with each other's support they will achieve all the success in the world.

483)On a recent FB status Amar says he "wants to achieve all his goals" I bet Shakti and her calendar launch has inspired him to do what it takes to succeed in his goals.

484)There is a DID article on Khuda Jaane called---"Dance India Dance contestants dating?" which was talking about how Terence sent them on a date together. But, its like destiny was telling us beforehand what may come in the future. 

485)D3 is going to Indore...Shakti says that Indore is her favourite city  History repeats itself again..ArSha together in Indore aawww
486) Amar means Immortal and Shakti means the power to live...Hence, There is no AMAR without SHAKTI!!!!!! ArSha needs to be toghter..forever and ever!!!!  

487) Shakti said Amar has taught her so much...whether its dance or about life.

488) Amar has taught Shakti hip hop and she has taught him contemporary...together they are indestructible and capable of any dance.

489) Amar said if he didn't win DID he wanted Shakti to sweet haare mein to jeet hai! Both are always happy for each other's success

490) Shakti loves Amar as a dancer and has not seen such a versatile dancer.
491) Amar can't stop gushing about Shakti...he said he saw all the shots and the unselected and selected pics...I bet he went to her shoots.

492) Both love having each other as dance partners and co-actors.

493) Amar loves Shakti's dancing and now acting...aWww

@ 9:00
Kunwar says "i just love her"..and then corrects himself saying "i just love it "hayee

495)When Remo gives Shakti an MJ band  the camera shows Punit and Kunwar and altho both are smiling and clapping u can see the pride and joy in Kunwar's smile and eyes :)
496)When Jay is introducing Kunwar's performance he says "Kunwar calls "rocking" "roaking" and right away the camera focuses on Shaktis face and smile spreads on her face
Hayee evn cameramen noe abt their connection 

497)Amar= *And now she is walking with me in d3 as co-star then paused said partner!<3

498)Shakti keeps talking about "hum dono" or "we" or "us" over and over in both launch videos and including Amar in every way.

499)Shakti says "I am very happy that I have such friends that have supported me... who has lifted me so much (she puts her hands up like a lifting motion" and its adorable when Amar laughs.

Sam posted that rock picture of ArSha on her phone and basically Shakti asked Sam to text the picture to her cuz she likes it ;) and yesterday Shakti posted the same pic on 
her "Mobile Uploads" and captioned it:

Shakti Mohan Be nice to me else I will throw this stone at ya... Lol


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550 points and counting

501)During their entire lifetym..dy hv shared d best moments it unforgetble or both were together when Shakti won DID, calendar launch, both riding 2-seater bicycle(Idk d exct name), n d best moment laying on d middle of the road in nyt tym that 2 in a romantic position aww..

502)It was in Amar's list that Shakti shud win DID2...though Dharmesh is his very gud buddy so what he was opponent, frenz r also imp...dn y nly Shakti  defo smthng beyond frienship

503)Both have danced to the hits songs of Remo's movie group dances. Amar dance to Char Baj Gaye in DKS and Shakti danced in D3 to Faltu title track.

504)Both have done the same dance Mumbai auditions Shakti did that back twirl thing at 0:22 and Amar does it in DKS Finale at 1:50  and Amar does it in Dil Se Rey dance in D3.

505)In DKS Manish Paul says Amar's team mates call him Salman Khan because he always is ready to take off his shirt. Amar is doing the same in D3 this time Shakti gets to witness it and in DID2 Shakti is in awe when Salman Khan was coming and she said "Kunwar tu jaye ghar jaye" Amar has his real life Deepika and Shakti has her real life Salman Khan 
vlcsnap-2011-12-07-18h28m11s206 png1
506) in DID2 whenever shakti use to get a good comment amar use to get happy and in 6:50
when geeta says shakti shali amar gets soo happy and even hold her arm (hope this is a god point ) 

507)In Kunwars performance  rahe ya na rahe  the first picture he saw was with Shakti he had :

508)When Shakti goes to sit on the seat in her performance Kunwar is the one to say 'mere haatho mein dede aapna haath'.  at 2:28 and on 3:15 after Shaktis performance Amar is soo happy he is having 1 9000 km smile on his face for Shakti doing gud !!  :

509)Terence turned the lights off during Khuda Jaane and left ArSha alone to stare in each other's eyes and get intimate (as stated in the article:

510)In last week's episode when Smriti says she misses Kriya when she is away---Rey says he also misses her...guys this scene was not needed and made no sense for KriYansh. It was Amar not Rey talking cuz Shakti was away and there was a duplicate Kriya on screen for that scene. Amar says it in a way that he always misses her when she goes away.
511)"Kyon Shakti, kiski Shakti?" This line was more than just the script, I bet it was the gang teasing ArSha. In an interview with Palki where she was talking abt the cast she admits tht sometimes during shooting they change the script and dialouges on the spot and usually the cast members themselves come up with awesome lines tht they use for the show  aye haye meaning the cast came uo with the kaun Shakti kiske Shakti line and missing Kriya(aka Shakti )

512) ArSha together in MACAU at ZCA...I wonder what special moments dy must hv shared 

513)Shakti is always going for trips and stuff but never got to share a stage with HUGE celebs but has gotten the opportunity that too with Amar...they always achieve success and limelight together!!!!

514)Macau pic: pic where Arsha are on escalator...d way Kunwar is Lukin @ Shakti wid a Smile says it all...

515)Macau pics: 
in one of d pics Kunwar has his hand around her waist...luks lik he is tellin d world "She is Mine"
384466 149588838483882 100002983009032 207672 2080492573 n
516)Even in d group pic he is standin along wid Shakti...dey cnt b away frm eachother

517)Out of all the pics she has uploaded...almost all of them are with Amar and no one else. The two close pics are them taking pics alone as Shakti is holding her phone and taking the pic.

518)On FB Shakti said "Kunwar and I had a lot of fun in Macau" We can see that through all the pics.

519)Shakti and Amar share scarf again!! Shakti is wearing the same scarf in Macau that Amar wore in Indore!!

520)Amar preferrred to sit with Shakti in corner seats during deir flight...n not Dharmeh or any other 1...which means...well u all know...
521)Amar likes Deepika,n Shakti wears a similar outfit in Macau to the one Deepika wore in Desi Boyz in the song Jhak Marke (the blue one)

522)Both have danced to Kolaveri Di...Shakti shook a leg with DID gang and masters at Zee Awards and Amar danced to it in D3 new promo 

523) On ArSha's pic in Macau when they are dressed up even Shakti's sis Kriti loved the pic and said: " India fav dancing Jodi.. Keep it up.. Love u"

524)Notice Amar in Indore...he was so sad and when he was in Macau he was  ear to ear with his Shaku  even in Goa he looked lost...Shakti came and the gorgeous smile appeared.

525)The close pic in Goa...Shakti says its on a bike and says shhh 
22260 1313410191546 1119390029 30976285 264255 n
526)In the full bike pic...Shakti's sis says "Khuda Jaane ke me fida hu" OMG do we need a confirmation!!

527)Both love wearing scarves in all their trips...both can share scarves actually wait they do 


529)In zee cniema awards red carpet wen shakti was about fall the way amar tried to save shakti nd den he falls on her how portective amar is towards shakti
is this a valid point or a lame one?

530) It Latest Video Kunwar had said that "Kunwar and Shakti hain aur  Woh hamesha rahenga definitly".
531)Kunwar in d lastest inteview saying good bye to Shakti one "Kunwar says :i am proud to be a part of Shakti" ... part of Shakti dats seems dey r one .!!!!!! 

532)In thae latest IF video ..amar said mera pyar meri paas nahi hai..and when he said this..the whole cast said ..they  all are there for him..but then he said ..he is talking about his personal pyaar

533) Amar wiped out The Tears Of Shakti(artificial(glycerin)) In The Bts Video.

534)In the bloopers epi Shakti asks Amar to wait so they can go home together.
Shakti:Ghar ja raha abhi?
Amar : (nods) Hmm
Shakti: Ruk na saath mei jaenge!

535)In DID2 Shakti could not get Amar out of her mind while signing she sang lalala megik ! link : at 0:53 
402089 10151217180320397 575120396 22603201 337490670 n
536)In the same vid Amar says he likes it  when Shakti copies him at 1:06

537)Credit to page owner on fb

538)                                                                                           i find the link on FB There is a question what is your best gift so far and he said i phone4s that one of his close friend gifted him he added that she  is my best buddy  i wonder who is the close friend and i remembered that Shakti also has iphone i wondered if she gifted him  that was just my take i could be wrong i just felt to mention it i don't know if it is a point or no thank u

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600 points and counting

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BIG WELCOME TO AT # 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please guys the rules are the same, new users please read them as they are important. Please continue writing the numbers down and DO NOT QUOTE the list THANKS

395)From Facebook I quote Ashwini Nair "hey...ystrday i ws watchng D3 ka diwali special BTS on tv...& d girls wer talking abt deir Gopala performance...& alisha ws telling abt simmi's dance move...& it ws kria's idea...& kria ws lyk it ws her "K" effect...(d way she does it in d show)Suddenly alisha & vishakha startd giggling & laughing & tellin K-effect, K-effect...& i think dey meant K for Kunwar... :D& shakti's expressions wer lyk "Stop it guys...!!!" :D :PM nt sure of dis...but i think der is sumthing b/w Amr & Shakti... :D ?"

ALMOST 400!!!!!!!!! Love all you ArShaniyan Dazzlers for all the great points and all the rest for the support!

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You can use this robin ..if u want :)) CONGO!!! Big smile

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