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100 points and counting

51)On SRGMP both agreed that they have done so many performances (solo/duet)in DID but nothing can top Khuda Jaane (ppl let me know if you want the link)

52)Both love sweets- Shakti and her love for chocolate and Amar pigging out on cake in the 50th episode video

53)They both got the MJ band from Remo

54)In that behind the scenes episode where ksg had come to promote perfect couple shakti said that "yes we are a perfect couple"  and even amar had   i know maybe their interviewer had asked them to do this but still they did na..enough for us to 

55) When Amar is irritating Shakti or she is irritating him...he always grabs her by the neck whether its the Megic scene or the intro video where he has his arm around her neck trying to grab the mic (lol its a lame one but gotta keep it going)
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56)Both have weird habits... Amar loves playing around with his hair and Shakti loves chewing gum

57)Both are against smoking and find it un-cool

58)Both have such fit and toned bodies

59)Both like taking mobile pics

60) Both Amar and Shakti are deadly combo of Hotness and Cuteness...which I call it as Houte (Hot + Cute) 
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61)Both Amar/Rey and Shakti/Kriya are living opposite lives. Meaning that Shakti is the city chic and Amar is the guy from Indore. While in the show Rey is actually the Mumbai kid and Shakti is the Dehradoon (sp?) girl. Its like they switched lifestyles and are learning how it is to be a town person over a city person. 

62) They share lipgloss   :O

63) Amar choreographed deir first onscreen dance in d show nd dat is really SPECIAL

64) Amar really missed Shakti at deir FRIENDSHIP DAY OUTing
65) Its not only Amar that gushes about Shakti, Shakti also Gushes about Amar
66) Both of them performed 6 duets in DID and grabbed 3 best performance of the day. At the end grabbed Best Jodi Award... Isn't that enough already?

67) Shakti wants all girls to hit on Amar, we want Amar to hit on Shakti

68) Man I only see ArSha and only them on Khuda Jaane...the actors or the movie do not mean anything to this was made for Amar and Shakti..notice how the actual song has no dance just romance. This is their song...destiny played a part again that they would give such a beautiful song...a dance. Its weird how the lyrics and song is Khuda Jaane...its like Khuda knows that that their meeting (in the dance) won't be the last and they would continue to meet and reunite in the end.

The next ones...I hope you (Mayurfan) don't mind that I am quoting you from many pages back

69)"AMAR had auditioned for DID 1 as well but he did not get selected!!!! So he tried again for DID 2.. In someway.. I feel that this was destined to happen.. He is so talented, but yet the Universe had other plans for him.. If he was selected in DID1, he would have never met Shakti!!!..  Thats a huge sign right there!  Then they both wore GREEN JACKETS in mumbai auditons!!.. no big deal,, maybe.. But then they get selected for the same TEAM!!!".-MayurFan

70)"He is highly untrained. Shakti is completely trained.. but that did NOT deter Terrence from putting these two together for Khuda Jaane.!!! Whats the probability that Khuda Jaane became one of the best indian performances ever that even the MUSIC directors of this song stood up and gave these two a standing ovation!!!."- MayurFan
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71)"what is the co-incidence that VIVEK OBEROI told them.. a year ago.. that some ppl write their own destinies.. and that amar and shakti  have prooved that thats true! Hell it came true!!!"-MayurFan

72)"Shakti Mohan Sharma cake nahi kaahegi kyon ki usko apne health kya dhyaan rakhna hai".Kunwar Amar 
"Ek tu hi hai to mujhe acche se jaanta hai ".Shakti Mohan 
"Dost, itna lamba hai... relation".Kunwar Amar   
Amar knows Shakti better than a lot of people

73)Amar is chipkolaal...he brings comfort and love

74)Megic is their flirt line...Shakti always brings up Megic to flirt with Amar

75)Shakti calls him Kunwar, not Amar like everyone else does...makes their friendship sweet and she doesn't want him to change
76)Both make eachother laugh

77) Amar loves saying Shakti...or her full name (in the FB celebration and the tellychakkar video)

78)Both are SINGLE and should hook up lol 

79) The way they look at each other, even in the interviews, is ADORABLE

80) Amar is over friendly even with strangers, Shakti is kind of reserved with strangers, so in future that would help them balance out their ability to deal with guests at home LOL

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81) Their photo is printed on D3 Merchandise
82) Shakti is aasumed  to be evidently linked with TWO guys (Punit and Jack) and Amar is also assumed to be evidently linked with TWO girls (Akansha and Charlie) ...Which ofcourse are just the rumors.
 83) Both of them are bang on in emoting the Romantic acts and expressions. ( I was amazed to see how amazingly they pulled off the Swimming Pool Scene)
84) They should hook up because we have names ready for their kids ...Baby Boy's name  =KUNWAR SHAMARJEET SINGH , and Baby girl's name = ARSHA ...Smile..[How boy got that name? well the answer is SHA kti + AMAR = SHAMAR)
85) Despite belonging to a bigger city like (Mumbai) Shakti has struggled for name, fame, and money. Amar has also struggled his way to make it as REYAANSH SINGHANIA. So, basically, both have tasted the taste of struggle and financially challenged situations.
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86) They like to share scarf...
see this

87) They look super cute and super hot when they are wearing Matching Clothes. Like Swimming pool scene both of them were wearing pink shade clothes and they looked FREAKING HOT!! (Amar can carry pink color so comfortably) , In rose day they both are wearing white clothes..and needless to say..THEY R LOOKING FREAKING HOT and CUTE!!

88) Shakti is a kind of girl who likes to get pampered and Amar looks like a kind of guy who loves to Pamper girls (Either by irritating them, or teasing them), so thats a perfect match

89)They should hook up because Amar's fans (at-least here in Iforums) wants to see him only with Shakti and no other girls.

90) Looking at the BTS video and the way Amar was eating cake, he looks like a big foodie..but! looks like Shakti is on diet!! So, basically  if they go out together to eat in a restaurant, AMAR ke paise bach jayenge yaar!! Wink (LOL!! I know its pretty lame one...but do I care? Hell no!! I want to make it to 100) 
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91) Both are lucky for one another...without each other they are lost and have nothing going for themselves. Being together as a jodi...they can achieve all the success in the world.

92)Both love irritating and teasing each other in interviews

93)Shakti speaks english mostly and Amar speaks hindi and they compliment/teach each other. Amar's english is so good now compared to megic days (Shakti you can be impressed now lol) 

94)Both have a perfect smile (its getting lame, I know lol)

95)Shakti is watching her diet, but she couldn't say no to Amar when he was feeding her cake

95)Both are true professionals when it comes to dance or acting...they give their 110% every time. Shakti gets irritated when their steps are not done properly and Amar (in the BTS footloose audition) is correcting mistakes. 
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96)Both are very good technically in dance...Terrence has said it many times in DID

97)Both love wearing tank tops and showing off their bodies

98)Shakti rarely wears any makeup and does not wear revealing clothes like someone *cough* *cough* Amar is very simple in his way of dressing...a lot of guys love natural beauty and she is pure natural beauty. Basically, they do not follow trends, they have their own style (i.e Amar's hairstyle).

99) Both their names have DEEP (Wink, thats for you Robin) meaning. You know, sometimes people have meaningless names, but our HERO and HEROINE have deep meanings with their names.
100) Amar is very emotional person (he cried even when Kruti was eliminated). Shakti doesn't look like very emotional person (or may be she doesn't show that side of her), because she didn't cry when any one of her team mates got eliminated. So that basically compliments the theory that opposite poles attract.
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150 points and counting

101) Amar actually luvs d stuff toy which Kriya aka Shakti gave to him
102)Amar teaches others and corrects mistakes when it comes to dance and everyone listens. He taught/helped Priyanka in the footloose rehearsal, instead of dancing with Sneha, he switched to help Priyanka get her steps perfect (what a guyBig smile). He like Ms. Shakisti Mohan are perfectionists 

103)(MayurFan..I'm quoting u again hope its ok)
vinti sitting on Alisha's lap... and her skirt is like going HIGH UP.. and VINTI is not aware of it..
The camera pans at Shakti.. but if you listen to the backdrop.. You hear Amar saying "Vinti Vinti... Sit there.. Sit there".. Vinti says something like.. "I cant..." (i think she says something abt her skirt).. Amar responds saying ".. Thats why I am saying ..." 
Amar is true gentleman and looks out for others and respects woman Big smile

104) Khuda Jaane song video from the movie has real life couples, Amar-Shakti's best performance is also Khuda, that basically means they are also destined to be Real life couples ...

105) When they dance together they dance like two bodies one soul...
106)Amar and Shakti both are close to their family...both family ppl another plus point

107)As for duet/jodi dances, Amar with Shakti have excelled like no other jodi...even his childhood friend Akansha couldn't make that connection (through dance). Amar danced with other girls in DID, but there were always flaws... with Shakti all his acts were flawless.

108) amar luks so cute when he is sleeping(courtesy-the new pic of amar on fb page kriyansh two world sumthing)

109)shakti loves to click amar even when he is sleeping(that pic was shared by shakti)

110)as both of them are so cute. They can have world's cutest babies.
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111) They look HOT even when they are dancing bizarely.. Now thats what happens only when Arsha dance together. I am referring to the aggressive dance promo.. WAH.. Usme bhi Taal usme bhi Sur, Usme mein bhi do dil ek jaan! Kya baath 

112) There are very few photoes of ArSha that has been published from Behind the Scenes of D3. I think There are three so far (Arsha sitting in Trash Cans, Amar pointing at Shakti, ArSha ROSY pic). Among all the other pics of other casts ..these three pics have the maximum number of comments and likes in FB pages.

113) 80% of people watch D3 just because of AMAR and SHAKTI

114)Both are social drinkers (meaning they drink socially with friends)...I know this is lame lol I saw a picture of Shakti having shots in Norway and Amar and the D3 gang sitting on the bench having drinks. So, in other words they should socially drink together and hang out since they are good friends and all lol 

115)Amar loves when Shakti irritates him (DID BTS)
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116)Both think each other is really sweet. Amar said it bts when he was referring to (point 
115) and how she does it sweetyly. And Shakti said he is a sweet guy and a sweetheart in the friendship day bts 

117) WHAT AMAR WANTS, AMAR GETS!.!!!. Check out this Youtube video from Khuda jaane performance at 1:10 to 1:13  He says "Hopefully hum aise Magic create kar denge ki longon ko humse pyaar ho jaayega" DANG BOY!!!! HUMKO AAP SE PYAAR HO HI GAYA!. So Shakti, please note: Whatever AMAR wishes, he will get. After all GOD has given him a second chance to LIVE. He is GOD's special CHILD! 

118) SHAKTI in this youtube Video, you admit that some of the strongest memories in DID 2 are with AMAR, and that you guys are the greatest friends.
At 5:50 to 5:21, .You also say that "I know he will do well in the future". ...DID you even realize that when you said this  a year AGO, that  "YOU" would be PART of his FUTURE a year  later!! I am telling you .. These are UNIVERSAL HINTS that no matter how much we try to Ignore, are the absulute truth!!
Wait and you also said you wld miss him!! Aww.. Look today he is back only for you so you dont have to miss him anymore!

119) Shakti, you are a winner no doubt and you deserve to be.. but Everyone shld Lead their lifes by AMAR's true Example. Check this video at 7:22 to 7:25

He talks about how DID2 has changed his life, and that NO matter what happens, he will imply his past experiences, and everything he has learned to  achieve success and fame in life no matter what the result... AISA ATTITUDE, AISA CONFIDENCE, AISA HUNAR!!.. He reminds me of SRK.. Today SRK came from nowhere to Super Stardom. Amar has that Same Confidence. Dont be surprised if he makes it even BIGGER and RICHER!

120)  What ever Terrence Lewis said one year ago for ARSHA came out true for both of them. To Shakti he said "Shakti tumhe sirf Dancer hi nahin, ek kalakar banna hai" and now she is a KALAKAR. To Amar he said "Amar tum Khan se nikala Hua Heera ho aur tum Heere ki Tarah Chamakte Rahoge" and see...Now he is definitely a HEERA...a SHINING STAR ...and ACHEIVER...
121) During DID 2 , AMAR used to say M E J IC,  Now  during D3 SHAKTI has started saying M E J I C. (She has already said in two BTS video)

122) Why D3 happened to Shakti is understandable, because she is the winner, good looking, best Dancer...and all, But, out of so many guys in DID 1 and DID 2, and not only DID, out of so many dancers they auditioned ...D3 happened to KUNWAR AMAR only that too as a lead guy?? This fact is just Amazing...DESTINY is what I call...couldn't do that to anybody but ARSHA...simply because they are Destined to be together.

123) I think they are the only couple who has danced in the same song again and again and each time their performance has gotten better and Khuda Jaane they performed thrice..and Jiyien Kyun..they have already performed twice..

124) During ArSha Interview...When Amar is talking Shakti keeps looking at Amar and ..When Shakti is talking Amar keeps looking at Shakti...Basically, they can't take eyes off of each other...

125) All their pics together are BANG ON! Picture perfect
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126) Who is the good looking guy in DID 2 : Most number of votes ..that is 75% vote was for AMAR. ...and among girls 75% for Shakti...Now, what should I say to this? Co-incidence ?? or something else? 

127) There is another poll for AMAR's BEST LIFT in DID2: 83.87% votes was for the very infamous Khuda Jaane lift...(Amar did so many lifts in DID 2 with other girls as well. His throw lift with Kruti was also Amazing, with Alisha was also fantastic, but, why do people like him only with Shakti? Sochne Waali baat hi nahi hai yaar!! Its DESTINY) 

128)  Shakti totally deserved all the votes and deserved to be a winner in DID2. AMAR however deserves all the votes in the acting department, and is a TOTAL Winner in D3. He has come so far along from episode 1 to episode 60+.. The  THAPAD scene.. WOW man WOW!.. Shakti excells in Dancing. Amar excels in Acting. I think its always great to have diversity when you are in a relationship with somone in the creative field. There will be more security with Projects! 

129) AMAR and SHAKTI can keep Jumping into  the POOL whenever they want to get a break from Mumbai ki Gharmi! The only problem is they both look so hot so hot so hot in the pool.. that the water in the Pool might EVAPORATE because of all the HOTNESS!!.. Yeah.. That cld be a poblem! Hmm

130)"Good looks, good personality, star quality, great dancer and the graph...DID has made him."-Terence on Amar...he has all the qualities...Shakti what are you waiting for lol listen to your guru ;)
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131)Amar only gives Shakti the right to slap him hard in real life to make the scene look good. This guy can do anything at any risk whether it comes to dancing or acting.  

132) Today's episode, when Kriyansh walked down the stairs on to the dance floor, the crowd moved back. This also symbolizes Arsha in a way.. When Amar and Shakti get down to the dance floor, Everyone Needs to Take A Step Back.!!!!. Afterall, India's HOTTEST dancing couple are ready to set the GROOVE!.. WOA... All the more reasons to hook up. Thats the impact they have on us . When Arsha takes to the dance floor, we just take a BACK SEAT and DROOL!!!

133) Quoting Kumjoo, her post from another thread "Now, AMAR ..What Can I say?? I still remember in DID2 ..he was a simple guy..who had inferiority Complex in the beginning...He felt inferior about himself..and look at him now!! Its just unbelievable...
@SHAKTI: There is NO greater person in this world who can take control of her/his weaknesses and makes them into his Strengths! He is a TRUE MAN!

134) Amar may not be Extraordinarily Good looking like MOST other HUNKS in T-Town, but then even SRK was not the most Good looking either when he entered B-Wood, but  Yet we fell in love SRK.. because he has that X-Factor.. AMAR too has that X-Factor in him, that if luck is on his side, has every possibility of him exploding into a SUPERSTAR!.. If it can happen to SRK, it can happen to AMAR!!!- 
@Shakti. Well You can be Gauri 2 with a difference because you will always be a dancing queen along with becoming his queen.. WAH!!
136) All the Girls are Awwing over Amar and wants to keep him with themselves, but they can let him go only in one condition, if he hooks up with Shakti. 

137) I think ArSha has the most Loyal fans anybody could have. Fans have been following them Since last year. I don't think a lot of us would be watching D3 with this passion if there was only Shakti or there was only Amar. We watch D3 with such great passion just because ArSha are together and their Chemistry is making us go Crazy and killing us. Chemistry aisi hai toh, we like to be Killed. 

138) How many artists can get so loyal Hardcore fans? I am sure not many. Coz I know a lot of time if fans come to know that their most loved couples have different boyfriends and girlfriends then they let go off thinking , ya!! its their personal life...Par ..ArSha fans toh lage pade hai collecting points why they should Hook up. Whatever hurdles come in between like C and P, we forget it all and move ahead with our mission. ArSha has the best fans in the whole world.

139) Amar is the Mr. Right for Shakti and Shakti Ms. Right for Amar. Witnessing the perfection with which he does things either dance or acting, I am 500% sure He will go to extreme to keep Shakti Happy all the time throughout the lifetime.

140) Since both are in same profession, they can better understand each other's work schedule. This will not create differences between them because of communication gap (if any) that occurs when life becomes hectic with work, home and babies. 
141) Shakti has a bigger family, she has the habit of living with lot of people around in the house. Amar also has bigger family, so if Shakti gets married to Amar and goes into his house she will not have problem living with bigger family. 

142) (Ok.. I am giving out a few SRK references here.. but Its valid)
 SRK came to Mumbai. He stood at Marine drive,stared at the city line and said.. "Someday, I want to rule this city". AMAR too came to Mumbai with similar dreams.. Today...I see him achieving this dream!!!
@ Shakti- You can trust in him, that he will NEVER stop Dreaming. He will make sure all his Dreams become a reality! and if you hook up with him, maybe he will make all your dreams a reality too!.. 

143)(Oh this was never added as a point, but we only discussed it.. Adding it now)

 Geeta Ma Said.."AMAR ka dil itna saaf hai.. that If I had a daughter, I wouldn't think twice before saying... AMAR will you marry my daughter?".. AWWWE imagine a judge saying this on National TV! I agree with GEETA COMPLETELY!. I am pretty sure she said this because she saw the ambition in this village boy! WE SEE IT TOO! Shakti CANT YOU?

144) Shakti has admitted that Amar is the most entertaining guy on sets. He indeed is very entertaining, can see that in BTS videos and IForum videos. So, Shakti, what else you want? Amar is a complete Package of Good Looks, Great Body, Beautiful Smile, Expressive Eyes, Excellent Dancer, Awesome Actor, Entertainer, Caring, Humble, and above all " A GOOD HUMAN BEING" 

145) To Amar- DUDE: If you tell us you are not attracted to SHAKTI, then you are LYING!!!!! 
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146) I think you are with Charlie because you THINK you see Certain Glimpses of Shakti in her???? Sorry to be so BLUNT.. but its the TRUTH. You want Shakti, make your move NOW! Dont settle for a SECOND! (I know its Harsh, but fans always speak the Truth )

147) Amar has always been Happy for what Shakti has achieved. He has always been supportive to her. Even in his last message to audiences from DID, he asked his Fans, who voted for him, to vote for Shakti after his elimination. Thats the sweetest gesture one can give to another being a competitor. Shakti, wake up!! 
148)When you type Amar and Shakti in google...the first thing that comes up is Amar and Shakti dating. Its a sign for sure...everyone including the internet wants them to be together

149)Terence sent them on a date to get the chemistry for Khuda Jaane...another sign right there that they should go out. 

150)All their performances have left a mark with the audience. Meaning that when fans think of Khuda Jaane and Jiyen Kyun they think of ArSha. These two songs are theirs and no one else can touch them or make any impact. Both songs and dance are full of love, emotion and passion...two of my all-time favourite songs and they are pictureized on my favourite couple. I bet these two songs are on Shakti and Amar's Ipods for sure
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200 points and counting

151) There are products in market that have brands with their names 
This is a rare co-incidence. How many couples have their names in products?? Not many, but ArSha has it.

152) If according to Terrence Sir, holding hands and looking into each other eyes has created this kind of  ROARING CHEMISTRY !! then I wonder what more M E G I C it wld produce if they are actually DATING!!.. . You know...

153. Amar and Shakti just happen to end up in every function together like little masters finale and even if u noticed during vaishnavi's performance on jaana tu meri kya hai it was amar's voice in the back that means hes been living in mumbai for a while he must have met shakti a few times 

154)Both Amar and Shakti look the best with straight hair 

154. In dance india dance 2 after shakti comes back with her mj band saajan was sitting next to amar then after the host talked and the camera went to the contestants shakti is sitting there!!!! EVEN THE DID CONTESTANTS WANT THEM TOGETHER!!! (and no it wasn't like they used a previous scene and put it there) 

155.The day Jack got eliminated on did and after he had done his performance every time the camera went to the contestants arsha were talking to each other!!!! Now i don't know what they were talking could be jack's performance but it could be something else... 
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156) Amar and Shakti's first attempt at acting was not D3. Check this limelight video from DID 2.

At 1:17, they are ACTING pretending to listen to music hahaha in an attempt to promote the product~. SEE Destiny has given so many hints. A year later, they are both promoting other shows, and products!. Lols D3 was baaye haath ka khel, because look how convincing they were in this segment. I wanted to buy that COOL LOOKING MOTOROLA PHONE

157) (I got this point idea from KJ's post on Sharon's boots thread)
Shakti will have to watch her weight constantly for atleast the next two years.. KYON?Well After all  USKO AMAR  HI JO UTHANE WALA HAI! 

158) Well, I think they need to hook up, almost every member in this thread thinks they need to hook up. All of their videos are their proof why they need to hook up. All their performances on stage, their Scenes in D3 are the proof of their Hook Up.  And if not enough, sare Kayanath thinks they need to hook up.

159)Both are independent--Amar doesn't rely on his parents but makes his living on his own (with the help of Dharmesh) and Shakti is very independent herself...they share similar lifestyles...they are financially stable.

160)In Dance Ke Superstars...Shakti is not even there on the show but Amar is always linked to her no matter what. Shaimak who wasn't even a part of DID, but mentioned that when you think of Amar you always see him dancing with Shakti and no other girl. 
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161) Shiamak told Amar to go into acting as he expresses his emotions so well after the line about Shakti. Its like destiny brings them together even if they aren't together and destiny was stating something right there. When he mentioned how Amar is always seen with Shakti there was a connection by destiny and then he mentioned Amar taking up acting. There was a connection between Shakti, Amar and acting.  

162) In the 75 complete celebration vdo ArSha lukd sooo MEJICAL nd ROAKING nd wen dey were standing CHIPAKKE 2getherdey really looked made for each other...for the first time with KSG beside dem ArSha were the ones from whom my eyes cud not shiftDay Dreaming

163 )  In Dance ke superstars Shaimak davar and master marzi said that Amar is a gifted and talented danceer and EXCELLENT IN CONTEMPORARY  and as we all know Shakti's style is CONTEMPORARY.

164) We see them Fighting on D3 every day... Well I just want to say.. that you two look SUPER HOT even when fighting..DARN.. they even look hot when they are just giving reactions and not talking.. (like the library scene in tday's episode when Kria is sick)

165)Amar is super hot when he is dancing aggressively...any girl would go fida over his hotness.
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166) BOROPLUS award!.. You two looked like you were there on a DATE!.. WhY.. because just look at ROBIN's DP... It says it all!.. You two look sooo adorable!!!!!! In everyfreaking way!.

167) DID brought you two together. Kunwar was eliminated from DID on 16 April 2010.But i guess destiny wasnt willing for kunwar and shakti to be separated. It took its time but exactly a year after on 11th April 2011 D3 started.

168)Amar has such an adorable laugh:: (2:03-2:05 and 2:26-2:28) He is such a fun and loving one can get bored of him...he gets along with even strangers 

169)ArSha love being sarcastic with eachother...when you watch the friendship day video...when she mentions he is always irritating her both of them go HAHA (so cute). In the tellychakkar interview she says he is always angry and the whole megic thing...they always love pulling each other's leg.

170)When Shakti and Parvez finished their performance on the day Big B came to dance india dance for teen pati shakti ran to amar to hug him first because she was so excited and amar looked so proud of her IT WAS SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!SHE RAN LIKE SHE WAS IN DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGA!!! hahahha
261829 110938138999891 100002511173081 109197 1672158 n
171) Amar and Shakti always gets mentioned together...its like they are inseparable. When Amrita and Amar were in the bottom two and Amrita got eliminated...Amar stated how he thought only 2 girls...Amrita and Shakti that showed what dum girls have. Btw.. in this video he looked so hot when he said those sweet words. 

172)Amar and Shakti have made D3 so popular that they have proven they are indestructible. If you look at Vandana and Binny who got leads in shows, their shows ended after a couple of months. While, the power and chemistry of Amar and Shakti have made this show such a hit. Just imagine what they will do if they end up together. 

173) Shakti it seems reserves after the performance hugs and lifts only for Amar. She is super duper comfy with amar. But v never c her hugging other contestants after she performs duet with them. Eg - parvez and Jack. In the duet with jack (hip hop style) even after getting a grand salute from mithunda shakti held herself stiff so jack wasnt able to lift her!!

174)In DID,Shakti did many duets, but with Amar it was always different. They hugged after every act...she danced with close friend Punit and Jack...but no hug. They were so chipko during DID...I wish they continue to be chipko on D3. It's nice to see how the reserved Shakti is only chipko with Amar and no other dancer in DID.

175. When shakti comes back to sit with amar (after bhangra act with Jack) and they hold hands ALL THE CONTESTANTS ARE LOOKING AT THEM AND SMILING as if they know that somethings even punit and binny!!!
300760 134117266686382 100002643292695 160872 307115701 n
176. Now how many people can have chemistry during a KABBADI MATCH how many couples have had chemistry during a kabbadi match: rishiji and neetuji/arman and ridhima/ and arsha that is all that needs to be said Smile

177)Amar impresses Shakti with his non-stop kabaddi dialogue...that she taps his shoulder and grabs onto his fingers. Shakti is so comfortable with chipko Amar all over her.

178)Both are so competitive that they even compete in kabaddi dialogue...and have fun doing it.

179)Uff the scene with him falling on her in the kabaddi act...WOW. I mean Shakti is so comfortable with Amar and Amar only. She would never be comfortable with any other dancer/actor on top of her like that. 

180)Shakti and Amar love to stand beside eachother in every BTS
262200 114196295339062 100002460775119 139439 5898959 n
181) Both are so humble and do not want to be in the spotlight 24/7 like most actors. In the friendship video when they are all singing D3 song...Amar directs Archie to include the others that are not in the camera. While in the kabaddi segment...Shakti is getting everyone involved as they too are much a part of the show as ArSha. 

182. When Shakti was doing her kabbadi thing at saying it vicky just like interupts a little and kya look diya amar ne uska yaar it was look dont flirt with my girl yaar he just looked him up and down it was soo cute!!! and after vicky pokes her amar moves closer to shakti! many people might say it was for listening  to how many times she said it but he could have done that in the beginning couldn't he? why just then?Wink

183)It is so adorable how Amar leans in to listen to Shakti in the kabaddi video. He is always all ears when Ms. Mohan is talking...and he always agrees with whatever she says. She mentions how they are finally wearing the same costumes and Amar starts talking about how cool the costumes are. 

184) Then baba re baba you gave me another one amar likes to annoy shakti alot and tease her and its still sooo cute now that you've mentioned vicky has to now get permission to tickle shakti i see...Wink

185) Amar and Shakti has a deep connection to letter D
          D - Dance
          D - DID
          D - D3
          D- Destiny
293296 200965956630857 100001523611230 558669 7591263 n
186)Amar and Shakti are connected to Geeti and Uma choreographers from Footloose. Shakti mentions how she use to watch them during her school days and in DKS I remember one act (I dunno if they did all them) they choreographed Amar's act...both have similar social network.

187)Both have been to each other's house...I saw a pic of Amar with the DID girls and Shakti's sister Keerti all seated at the table (please do correct me if I'm wrong on this one). Shakti went to Indore and ate roti at his house :)

188)Both love wearing sunglasses and taking pics

189) After Amar was eliminated from DID2, he requested all his Fans to vote for Shakti because he considered her victory as his own. Guess What! Amar's fans ended up voting for Shakti in the grand finale. Shakti was therefore able to win DID 2 by beating her Fierce competitor by only 4000 votes!!!! If you look at AMAR's official FB page, he has atleast 4000 fans!!.. So I guess it is fair to say.. that SHAKTI ke Jeet ke peeche bhi AMAR ka haath hai!!! 

190) Continuation to point 189...
 because SHAKTI WON, she  became popular and was approached for D3! AMAR has come into this world with DESTINY on his SIDE!. Although he didnt win,  he made it into D3 with much ease!. Universe tweeked Shakti's destiny in a way that she would also make it there with him~! 
It is  AMAR's DESTINY that  is helping SHAKTI indirectly!!!
293955 263668126986062 218096428209899 1074912 477106 n
191)Even in FANFICTIONS ARSHA creates d same MEJICAL nd ROAKING chemistry which thousands of ppl hav fallen in LUV wid nd r still falling watching them dance nd act 2getherDay DreamingDay Dreaming

192) Dis called DESTINY or wat...ARSHA is always connected in sum way or the other...d last tym we saw both of their IF ranking was one after d oder...nd last week Amar was at 49 nd Shakti at 59 both were connected wid d no. 9...dis week Amar is at 52 nd Shakti at 62 nd both are connected wid d no. 2Embarrassed

193) Even during the DID competition amar was cheering shakti's name right before the chaliya performance and the camera was focused on punit and amar and punit is clapping for shakti but amar is there shouting,"GO SHAKTI" how sweet and shakti was cheering loudly before his performance with kruti and parvez in yeh raat...they're so suportive of each other :)

194) When Mithunda was dancing with shakti on jhonny jhonny amar shouted the loudest and clapped the loudest you could hear his voice over the shouts from the crowd i thought that was sooo sweet and when shakti was done dancing with mithunda she went and stood next to amar and they shared a look how cute yaar 

195)  ANALYSING DID 2 further!
If AMAR had entered TOP 4, all AMAR fans would have VOTED for AMAR.. ALL Shakti Fans would have VOTED for SHAKTI.. The votes would have been SPLIT and ULTIMATELY Dharmesh would have WON!!
248828 231118613568278 219728781373928 1057931 5969869 n
BUT because AMAR was not in top 4.. all of his FAN VOTES went to SHAKTI!! and AMAR+SHAKTI fans combined BEAT Dharmesh's fans!!!! AND because SHAKTI won.. she made it into D3 because of her popularity.. and she met AMAR AGAIN! Its all Destiny!!

196) Shakti has so much trust in amar that she can leap from anywhere and she knows amar will catch her and even terrence had said this when arsha did the satrangi re dance and terrence says in the beginning shakti took a leap of faith where you have to trust ur partner to catch you and agar relationship mein trust ho then its very hard to break from it which is why  arsha's relationship is going to go the top!!!! Smile

197)Amar knows that there is no point in arguing against girls especially showed in the video just admit that girls are right and zindagi achi tara sey jayegi even in the did limelight episode he was the only guy who said that girls should be getting votes along with shakti and binny SHAKTI IF YOU DATE HIM THINK OF HOW HE WILL TREAT YOU: ANSWER: LIKE A PRINCESS guys im telling this guy is made for shakti and shes made for amar!

198)Guys i dont know if this is a point or not...but i had to post here it is...
have u noticed that when shakti or amar perform with anyone else...there is lack of coordination...i mean their steps are not on the same time...(though the difference is of only a few seconds)...for example shakti's performance with parvez...u know the wall one...and also with jack..the hip hop one...!!! and i have not watched much of amar's performances...but in his act with amrita,the quick step one...though there was coordination coz that dance is based on that...but there was a lack of chemistry...!!!!!!

BUT...when ArSha dance together...there is no such problem...all their steps are perfectly on the same time...and i dont need to say anything about their i..???

199)Guys did it occur to anyone that when in did shakti used to perform the camera used to focus on amar 'atleast once' before and after the performance...and vice versa when amar performed...!!!

200)Kabhie kabhie i feel as if Amar and Shakti forget that they are in character and actually become their real selves like we saw in the love the way u lie song where amar said Shakti instead of Kria and Shakti's reaction was still the same...COME ON NOW THEY HAVE TO LIKE EACH OTHER IN REAL LIFE
253531 131543203592659 118553418224971 234090 2926716 n

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250 points and counting

201)Vandana and Amar were actually paired to be together in the first round but due to destiny Amar and Shakti were paired together (proof is in did superstars, Vandana says this) DESTINY WANTS THEM TO UNITE GUYS 

202)They both have best pirouettes :) Shakti does them a lot and amar best in my opinion was the recent one in love the way u lie sequence!! he looked soo hot..
203)Both love the support that they get from one another. In the Khuda Jaane act, Shakti thanks Amar for being so supportive. While, when Amar choreographed Hum The Woh Thi...he mentions in the article "Shakti was very supportive, and we performed well together again."

204)Both love to challenge their abilities. In D3 Amar choreographed a dance overnight and Shakti and him learned it in a couple of hours and ended up doing it in one take. Our triva person on here mentioned how they do a lot on the spot improv...shows how talented they are.
205)Adding on to the improv part...they are very loyal to their work and will do anything for D3 which after DID2 is their second family.
312104 213510538714457 141003102631868 551119 875823681 n
206)Amar is chora of Indore and Shakti is hot babe of Mumbai so opposite atracts they fullfil eachother lacks or dearths by belonging to different worlds...

207)ArSha both love the pigeon...they even clicked pics with it. Meaning they both love animals 

208)When D3 was celebrating its 50 episodes and they asked Amar where Shakti was u could see the smile on Shantanu's face when Amar said Shakti wasn't in india like he knew amar was missing her how sweet yaar and i think i even heard Vicky chuckle too Wink

209)I watch BIG BOSS .. and guess who the two celebs are.. SHAKTI kapoor and AMAR Upadhya!! They are both males, but what is the co-incidence that there are two ppl in BIG BOSS house this season where their names are AMAR and SHAKTI?? 

210)And and when its morning.. the song that plays is AMAR hai SHAKTI.. SHAKTI AMAR Hai... Its a song frm AMAR-SHAKTI movie from the yesteryears.. Youtube it.. you will hear that song!
246643 231141090232697 219728781373928 1058142 3822120 n
211) They both complete each other as in the location video Shakti waits for amar to complete the sentence and in threesome video Amar turns towarda Shakti wen he says D3 mon-fri waiting for Shakti to complete it hence this proves that they also knw that they are incomplete without each other<3<3

212) Shaktis birthday video: both are wearing emerald-ish green shirts!!!! and they both look super hot!!!! 

213)When Shakti talks about having a great bond with everyone she pauses for a second, AND LOOKS AT AMAR, and AMAR SMILES now what just happened there for a second...
214)When Shakti is cutting the cake Amar isn't there but as soon as she is about to feed the cake to somebody Amar is immediately there..this is either a camera thing or he came into the view when she was feeding the cake
215)Okay after she gives amar a bit of the cake (itna pyaar se) she turns back around and amar reaches to get cake and Shakti stops.. she just stops and waits for Amar to get the cake and feed her
293658 117439581694209 100002845041035 81710 1494231031 n
216)When Amar is feeding her cake Alisha is trying to look at Shakti's face and wasn't like she was getting cake she was looking at Shakti's face just to see her expression( yeh mere Arsha mind chal raha he haha)
217)Even in real life we have reel moments haha at 1:46 theres a moment when Shakti is feeding cake and Amar reaches out for the cake and their faces are so close together if this was a Kriyansh moment then there would be like hawa and then Kria would have blushed and turned around which is what Shakti did mainly cuz she had given the person cake but... JUST GO WITH MY IMAGINATION hahahha
218)When Sam starts singing Shakti bhudi hogayi hahah kya turn kiya Shakti ne seedha Amar ko dekha and amar goes nooo hahah kya defend kar rahe ho apne pyar ko yaar (maybe masak me but GO WITH ME HERE)
219)NOWWW... about those post its up there on the wall did anyone notice what they said one was like forget many things in others but never forget their names...another was your smile is the light in your window HOLD ON HERE first these were all written with one type of handwritting and second of all don't these sound at least a little romantic just a little...( COME ON GUYS YOU KNOW YOU WANT HIM TO BE WRITING THOSE :) )
220)When her birthday was approaching at 12 am she was in the theatre with Mukti and her parents had also wished her now who do u think had wished her third???? because she wasn't going to say who from the way she just stopped at her parents, and then her sisters, then...who could it be???? i bet her friends must have been there those friends...someone just might have...(y'all can use ur arsha minds now haha)
317805 290311497663810 211915295503431 1086988 1416117605 n
221)Hahaha idk if this is a point but someone wrote on the card get drunk and then get lucky on ur b-day now... who is Shakti supposed to get lucky with or is there someone that this writer knows that they want Shakti to be with? hmmm

222) In the shot Kria doesn't look like she's having maza watching Rey push his friends and act thodosa strict, but off screen Shakti on the other hand is having maza watching amar ohooo kya baat hai "hai bahut maza ara hai rey ko (laugh) apne friends ko utake phek raha hai (laugh) hahaha
223) Acha..Sshakti kehti hai ki kria ko acha nahi lag raha hai ki koi hot si ladki rey par line mar raha hai (par...tumne ab tak nahi dekiya ko bhi feelings Rey ke towards except for look looks tho...ab kria ko acha nahi lag raha hai yah fir tumhe acha nahi lag raha hai...)
224)EK MINUTE EK MINUTE!!!! Shakti"mein na jo itna kam kia aur ab voh agayi hai aur legayegi Rey ko!!!"! HOLD ON HERE Kria ne abhi tak ko bhi kam nahi kia Rey ko patane mein tho...Shakti kya baat hai tum sach mein Amar ko...(bas guess hai baba)
225)(same line as above) Rey ko leygani ki bata ho rahi hai!!! abhi tak tho vo dono mila hi to hai lekin asli zindagi mein before this shoot...1. 1st meeting with new cast member 2. line rehearsals 3. dance rehearsals 4. shooting for entry etc. etc. so... ab huma pata hai ki kitni baar mil chuka hai Wink
294703 290311267663833 211915295503431 1086980 1380277929 n
226)Now people are probably thinking ki Shakti ne tho usko hug bhi kiya birthday episode mein lekin...why was she standing all the way at the door and...she, Amar, Shantanu, and sneha weren't there at the singing of the happy b-day but Amar and Shantanu came to feed her cake from that group and Sneha was not at the shoot that day but that girl didn't feed her cake and neither did Shakti back...hmmm 
227)Amar ne bhi kaha tha ki kria ko thodi si jealousy horahi hai now many will say ki ha usne kria ke bare mein bola but he had also winked when he said that (iske 2 matlab ho sakta hai alot of people are going to say yeah but Amar winks a lot or u'll say hai Shakti ne usko jalaya tha Karan ke saath ab uski baari hai Shakti ko jaalana) u guys can choose the way u want it to be
228)Amar ne kaha tha ki itna simple nahi hai vo tho aap logo ko patha hai (jee bilkul hum logo ko bhi patha hai ki shakti ko jalana ke baath itna simple nahi hona wala hai...patana be padega)

229)Amar and Shakti both have a habit of sticking their tongues out. Watching BTS videos...when Shakti forgets a line or feels embarrassed she always sticks out her tongue. Amar does that when something funny happens.

230)Amar has clicked with both Neeti and Mukti...Shakti's sisters like Amar.
321528 290311440997149 211915295503431 1086986 2007838774 n
231)My analysis of a pic of Mukti-Amar on ZNKD...he was either there for choreography or to support Mukti. Nevertheless, ArSha always find each other.

232)In the lift tutorial video...Shakti says, "I totally trust him, he has never dropped all the choreography" No one can lift her like he does.

233)Shakti acknowledges Amar's muscles.."You can see all these muscles...thanks to me" They are such flirts LOL

234)"She is going to teach you and you are going to follow me" adding onto point 223...they never miss a chance to flirt with each other.

235) In the tutorial of the Dil Dosti Dance step Shakti doesn't remember what word to say she's like," and you place your hand on your...pause" and then Amar goes dil and she smiles and so does Shantanu looking at both of them i was like oho!!! Shantanu bhi keh sakta tha but Amar ne kaha ( i just found that very sweet)

312957 290783280933143 226080454070093 1187501 547787185 n

236) In the first behind the scenes episode where they're showing all the mistakes and stuff aHEART SHAPED balloon comes up in between Amar and Shakti and stays there for like as long as shakti and amar stay in that position and then when they move away ITS STILL THERE come on now thats like baghwan ka ishare yaar!!!!

237)Amar tells "Girls you have to be flexible like...Shakti the Great" You can tell that he is a fan of her flexibility Wink

238)Watching the tutorial video it is so cute to see how much they keep smiling. Every time he lifts her up both have a smile on her face...they are so happy to dance together again...even if its only for 4 mins

239)Shakti and Amar love to wear their signature necklaces. Amar with his dog-tags and Shakti with her thin chain with the small pendant. 

240)The way Shakti lovingly touched amars face after their Satrangi Re dance in DID <3 haii kitne pyaar se <3
320058 246886562029831 180934071958414 793743 1930105871 n

241)They both have 2 vowels in their names <3
ShAktI and AmAr or KUnwAr
meant to be <3

242)Again in the Satrange Re dance: the crowd starts cheering like crazy if they just touch each other and the rest of the time when they r dancing.. the crowd is quieter  so the definitely loves them together more than we like them by their self 

243)Okay guys i don't know if this is a point but...when Punit and Shakti are dancing on rishte... in did then in the middle of the song there's a symbolism point where Punit goes to Binny and Shakti goes to GUESS WHO...AMAR but its not just that look at the way she goes to Amar and look at Punit she is like running to Amar with a big smile on her face like she's happy to go to him in the middle of her performance i just thought that was realllyyy sweet :)

244)"Aur ab koi bhi chote kapre pehne wali Rey ko utake lagayi wo...not possible" EK MINUTE DOES THIS REMIND US OF ANYONE? i think asal zindagi mein bhi... ohooo rest of Arsha fans samj gaye

245)Wow im on a breakthrough OKAY GUYS AT 5:06 ON SHAKTI'S BIRTHDAY VIDEO AMAR WALKS HER TO HER ROOM(there were no other d3 boys behind) and then Vinti grabs her and walks her to her room with her eyes closed NOW...WHEN SHAKTI OPENS HER EYES AND SEES EVERYTHING AMAR IS SMILING AND THEN WALKS AWAY GUYS AS SHAKTI GOES TO READ THE CARD WITH HEARTS I WONDER...IF THE FIRST ONE SHE READ WAS AMARS...I THINK KI MERA JO SHAK HAIN VO POORE HO RAHA HAIN ( positive Amar did do something in decorating the room! )
249319 121808127900539 120489451365740 193728 790612 n
246)There are Many many FFs on ArSha... How many ff writers write on real life jodi... damn i think very few...leaving the reality show writers!!!! (...its always on reel life jodi) 

247)Guys watch closely at 1:24 when Shakti goes to give the lady cake the lady points to amar and probably says give it to him first dude! wth unless they feel something for each other or they're actually DATINGGG!!! why would she say that? (use ur imagination guys).

248)On the video on india forums showing Siddharth Malhotra( the D3 producer)'s birthday there is a a bit where Shakti is dancing and you can see right in front of the camera Amar turns around, looks at her, and smiles. Even he can't ignore the fact she looked hot and dances awesome! look at 13:30 and on and you'll see what i'm talking about.

249)When u go on youtube and watch an Amar or Shakti solo video... the related videos are always atleast one...if not more of their performances together!!!!!

250)Both have become excellent actors...who would have thought these dancers can turn out so good and the show is over 100 episodes. Keep roaking and creating the megic because you guys made D3 what it is!Party 

249559 122194211195264 120489451365740 196078 4316392 n

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