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My Jigar Da Tukda (RTMC FF)Last partpg45 (Page 41)

Freethinker Goldie

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Part 25

Veer pulled back "stop it" and walked away...

Ananya "Veer...please wait...i am sorry..." she followed him "please Veer...i won't slap you again...i...i was stupid..."

Veer didn't stop "Ananya...our paths are different...still we can't meet...our parents won't let us meet anyway..."

Ananya thought something... "leave that to me"

Veer stopped... "what will you do??"

Ananya "first let me kiss you"

Veer "Ananya...what is this??"

Ananya "this is my love" she embraced him tightly in her arms...


Mitali "but did this happen??"

Ananya " know I didn't realize before...but now its true..."

Mitali "i am shocked Ananya...i didn't expect this from you...what have you done???"

Ananya "i am sorry Mom...i ...i know I have committed a crime...but now I can't help it...i have told you everything..."

Mitali "how will I tell this to your could you do that have ashamed me..."

Ananya "mom please do something...otherwise my life will be spoiled..."

Mitali "don't worry...i will do something..."

Ananya was smiling... " worked..."

she called Veer "give me your Mother's no"

Veer "why?"

Ananya "you ask lots of give"

Veer "fine..."

Ananya took the no...

she spoke to Shilpa "this is true aunty" she started crying...

Shilpa "please don't cry..."

Ananya "what should I do Aunty...what is my fault...tell I that bad that I have to suffer and..."

Shilpa "no...i will talk to Veer first..."

she kept the phone...

After some time...

Ananya came to see Veer '. she knocked his door...

Veer opened the door "you here"

Ananya "wake up and listen...if your mother asks you anything just say yes..."

Veer "yes...for what??"

Ananya "you ask lots of just say yes...she will call you any moment..."

Veer " and your plans" he ordered some coffee when his Mother called him...

Veer "hi Mom"

Shilpa "how could you be so careless Veer???...i didn't expect this from you"

Veer "but mom..."

Shilpa "let me finish dare you cross your limits with a innocent girl??"

Veer "mom...what did I..."

Shilpa "Veer...i didn't expect this from you..."

Veer "but mom...what are you saying??"

Shilpa "i am saying what is have made Ananya pregnant"

Veer "what?????" his coffee spilled out from his mouth...

Shilpa "now stop acting...tell me the truth..."

Veer looked at Ananya who whispered "say yes"

Veer was scared but he had to say ""

Shilpa "aren't you ashamed of yourself while telling your Mother this news...Oh God what should I do now..."

Ananya again whispered in his ear...

Veer nodded his head but she insisted... "Mom...i...i think you must talk to Ananya's parents..."

Shilpa "what else will you think I can have dig my grave Veer...your Father will kill me..." annoyingly she canceled the phone...

Veer screamed at Ananya "are you out of your senses...i made you pregnant!!!"

Ananya smiled and kissed him on his lips "you look so cute when you are angry"

Veer "stop tell me why did you lie to everyone??"

Ananya "because this was the only way by which we can get together..."

Veer "what if they found out that you are not pregnant??"

Ananya "don't worry they won't...and if you are so worried that I might get caught then we can..."

Veer "its not funny Ananya..."

Ananya "who says its funny..."

Veer " on earth do you get these ideas are ridiculous Ananya"

Ananya "everything is fair In forget it..."


Mitali thought over and called Shilpa...

Shilpa "hi Mitali...i was about to call you..."

Mitali "Shilpa...first of all I am sorry if my family has hurt you..."

Shilpa "please don't be sorry..."

Mitali "i...i want to tell you about Ananya and Veer."

Shilpa "i already know...and I am sorry for what all happened...our children didn't realize what they were doing..."

Mitali "now we must rectify their mistake...i will talk to my husband and convince him"

Shilpa "i will also talk to Veer's Father and tell him everything..."

Mitali "i will be happy to let Ananya marry Veer..."

Shilpa " I don't understand why our families were fighting...when our children were in love"

Mitali "i will call you tomorrow"

Shilpa "yes...bye"


Veer "stop it Ananya...this is not good"

Ananya "this is not good...that is not are too much are so boring"

Veer "i am worried...i don't know what will happen when my dad gets to know about this...and did you turn off the heater...??"

Ananya "yes...this room looks cold now..."

Veer "are you insane...its so cold outside and you have turned off the heater..."

Ananya sat on the couch next to him... "you just keep on complaining" and pulled him closer

Veer "leave it..."

Veer looked in her eyes "this is not good...i mean..."

Ananya "this is good..." she closed her eyes...


Shilpa "you won't understand...she is pregnant with Veer's child...and try and think about the girl...what wrong has she done??? its Veer who is responsible for that...Ananya told me on the phone that Veer forced her to get into this relation"

Khuswant "let me talk to Veer first...i will break his bones...he knew very well that we will never support this relation and still he did this"

Shilpa "what's the can't change anything"

Khushwant "what do you want me to do??"

Shilpa "i have already spoken to Mitali...Ananya's Mother..."


Ananya looked at him...she was about to leave...

Veer didn't know what came over him and he pulled her into his lap and circled his arms around her waist. Her mind grew cloudy as she felt his breath on her neck.

He nuzzled his head into her shoulder. His head was swimming, drowning in her.

He breathed in her scent and felt his desire building. she pushed herself deeper into his embrace.

His breath on her neck, his arms on her waist. She hugged his arms that held her so tight.

He couldn't control himself any longer. He breathed her name and starting lightly kissing her neck. Shockwaves ran up and down her spine at the feel of his lips on her bare neck.

He moved up and started nibbling on the sensual points of her ears. She let out a soft moan and pushed herself deeper into his lap. Veer was possessed with his desire for her.

He un-circled his hands from around her waist, and in one swift motion forced open her closed legs, which rested on top of his own. She let out a gasp and he moved his hands up her inner thighs, continually kissing and suckling her neck.

His hand moved up under her shirt to her taut stomach and journeyed further up, teasingly brushing his fingers against her hard nipples.

Ananya "Veer" she moaned, "I want you. I've wanted you for so long."

Ananya's desire was overwhelming. She quickly turned herself in his lap to face him. She straddled him, wrapping her legs tightly around his thighs.

They stared deeply into each other's eyes for a second, his hands caressing her back. He lunged in to kiss her and she coyly moved her head away. She wanted to tease him.

She started nibbling on his neck as he had done to her. He let out a soft moan at the touch of her lips on his neck, and grabbed her bottom and pulled her tighter against him.

She continued bathing his neck with her tongue and moved up to his chin. He couldn't stand it any longer as the tip of her tongue moved in a line from his jaw to the corner of his lips.

He kissed her long and deep and she kissed him back just as passionately, her fingers entwined in his dark black hair. She rocked herself against him. He wanted her now, he had to have her now.

He circled his arms around her bottom and stood up in one swift motion, never removing his lips from hers.

He carried her over to the bed and sat down, her legs still circled around him, her lips still devouring his. They were drowning in each other, the heat radiating off their bodies was intense.

Veer turned and lay her down on the bed, moving himself to hover over her. He wanted to kiss every inch of her body. He ached to explore every bit of her. Their kisses were fire, soft lips and cool tongues...

He quickly rid her of her dress...leaving only her sheer panties behind. He pulled himself back just to gaze at her beauty, to devour her with his eyes. The fire he felt was mirrored in her eyes and she gazed back at him, beckoning him to her again...

He nibbled on her lips as her hands caressed down his muscular back to his firm buttocks. Starting at her neck he moved slowly down her body tasting every part of her...

'.Slowly he traced a path with his tongue from her taut stomach down.

He placed soft kisses on her most sensitive area...She had never felt a sensation so overwhelming, never believed such a feeling was possible.

Her fingers gripped strands of his hair and her whole body was quivering at his touch. Her body's responses were no longer her own. Ananya completely controlled

her body's reactions.

His touch shocked her senses, his kiss fueled her desire, his gaze touched her soul. She was lost to him and feared nothing...

He moved back up to kiss her and she tasted herself on his lips. She was ready for him... she wanted to feel him... she needed to have him.

He lay himself on top of her...ravishing his lips with hers, What was he waiting for, she thought. She was in agony and needed to feel him.

"Tell me," Veer whispered in her ear as he pushed himself harder against her.

She moaned in his ear.

Veer "Tell me what you want"

Ananya "I want you," she breathed.

Veer "Tell me."

Ananya"I want you inside me."

He kissed her hard while pushing himself slowly in until they both were one.

Ananya "Oh God."

None of his dreams had prepared him for the exquisite feeling he felt. He stayed motionless and stared into her eyes. Before he continued, he wanted her to know. To know how he cared for her, how he trusted her, how he loved her.

Ananya "Veer"

She gazed back into his eyes and caressed his cheek with her hand.

Veer "i know, Ananya."

He kissed her deeply as his hips began moving slowly.

All thought was lost, all she could do was feel him inside her. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as their bodies moved in sync. They were one, sharing lips and breath and body.

He licked her lips and whispered her name and she felt herself reaching the threshold.

He knew she was close and could not hold himself back any longer.

Veer brushed his lips softly against hers.

Words were not needed, as none were suitable to express the contentment they both felt. He kissed her forehead and lay down beside her holding her tight against his chest.

They lay in each others arms, their minds both sharing a single thought...


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ridzzi Goldie

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Yes veer leave all the things on anu…………..couz I think you will never going to set back things at place……………things like this only anu can handle……………..Wink

N anu………… god this girl is too much………….pregnanat………..goshhh……….poor veer………..LOL

I really took pity on him………….his girlfr8………….is really out of the world…………….ROFL

God knows what veer's father is going to do with him………………Ouch

But finally mitali n shilpa are regrating on what they did with each other…………….n realizes that they are not doing it right by separating their children……………..Tongue

N veer n anu………….finally anu succeded to seduce veer………………Embarrassed

Loved the scenes b/w them………….that was so romantic……………Blushing

Continue soon………….

Luv u…………Smile


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samantha1987200 Senior Member

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Amazing... too hot to handleEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Pz update soonSmile

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Riyaa16 Goldie

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Embarrassedthanks dii for updating this one...i really want thisTongue

now update is fultooo fatak n awesome as always...Clap

n hottyyy hotttyyy updateEmbarrassed

Veer stopped... "what will you do??"

Ananya "first let me kiss you"(naughty anu...Embarrassed)

Veer "Ananya...what is this??"(this is love LOL)

Ananya "this is my love" she embraced him tightly in her arms...(wow so sweeet)

awww ananya is pregnantShocked...what a idea sirjiROFL loved anu very much in this sceneBig smile

and their moms also agreed for their marriageClapgreattt

hope...sab thik hoOuchaage...

Veer "i am worried...i don't know what will happen when my dad gets to know about this...and did you turn off the heater...??"(oh god veer bhi na ladkiyo ki tarah tension leta h)

Ananya "yes...this room looks cold now..."

Veer "are you insane...its so cold outside and you have turned off the heater..."

Ananya sat on the couch next to him... "you just keep on complaining" and pulled him closer(really yr...)

and last ahm ahm scene...awesome amazingEmbarrassed

tooo hottt n romanticBlushingBlushing

yeh veer ko kya ho gya tha LOL

lovely update diii

u r great writer Big smile just love ur descriptionTongue

update soon...can't wait for nextSmile

thanks for pm

luv uTongue

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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really a big thnx di4 uding

loved it like hell
anu is just mindblasting

veer is really lucky to hav her, all time entertainment
she is just too much

good atleast moms agreed n evn dads will.

last scene
wat cud i say, 
if i say u will say dat i say to much

u wee damn good here.
thnx for such a lovely damn dashing, hawttt...

loved it di.

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glossyglassy Senior Member

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Absolutely scorching!!!! Blushing BlushingBlushing

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sonalimurat Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Hii Dhanvi di
sorry for late commenting
Very Nice Update
loved it thoroughlyTongue
ohh Anu , What an idea dear " awesome Clap   Clap  
now there will be no tension fromur parents Wink
n Anu n Veer scenes are so ROmantic  Embarrassed  Embarrassed  Embarrassed
How could Veer Resist Anu so far ...hmmm Wink
waiting for their wedding  Tongue
update soon
lov u Star

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sweetnandu Goldie

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too hotEmbarrassed

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