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My Jigar Da Tukda (RTMC FF)Last partpg45 (Page 32)

ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged
awesome update...Clap
a romantic one...Embarrassed
anu...she embarrassed  veer...this girl is really too much...LOL
n veer always disappoint her...n what they are discussing about...Shocked...hey bhagwan inhe koi aur topic nahi mila...Ouch
n anu u r not a behave like a mature girl...
lpved their bike ride...too good...
update soon...
luv u...Smile

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 1:52pm | IP Logged

cute n romantic part..

loved the couple..

thnx for the pm...

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Riyaa16 Goldie

Joined: 19 January 2012
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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 1:20am | IP Logged
sorry 4 late comment Sleepy

i loved it thoroughly
awesum part
thanks 4 pm

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fatzfathi Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2010
Posts: 763

Posted: 11 February 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
hello dear..sorry again for not cmmnting..tis story is very diffrnt from ur other one..i loved d flash bck mre..i cant understand onething..the ananya in the flashbck seemed to b a very decent, strong n sweet girl..ten how cme she bcame addicted to alchohol now?? any mre surprises left to disclose regarding tis???

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ananyashera Senior Member

Joined: 06 February 2011
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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged
nice one dearEmbarrassed...

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 7:36pm | IP Logged

Part 20

Valentine Special HeartHeart HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

Ananya while sitting behind on the bike "but I don't want to go back"

Veer "its getting dark...its almost 9:00 Ananya...please don't be silly"

Ananya "then drive slowly"

Veer "of course not...i have to reach college and then you drive off your car and I will pick my car"

Ananya "you are mean..."

Veer "no Ananya...i know what I am doing"

After some time...

Veer "i will give this bike tomorrow start your car and go home"

Ananya looked at Veer annoyingly "fine...and you go to hell" she went towards her car and raced towards the road...

Veer shook his head in vain "she can never think sensibly"

he knew Ananya is annoyed with him and he very well knew she will become difficult for him now...but he could never see her angry...he thought something and smiled...

It was late night...

Ananya was lying on the bed when she received Veer's message... "my Any should not get angry...come outside..."

Ananya smiled at first and again frowned...she went towards her window and saw Veer's car outside her main gate...she thought of getting out of the house...but again a wicked idea came into her mind... she called the gateman...

gateman "yes Ananya baby"

Ananya "just go at the back of the house...i heard some noise from there..."

gateman "alright baby...but here"

Ananya "you don't worry...i am keeping an eye on the gate..."

gateman immediately went towards the back of the house... Ananya called him inside... Veer felt uncomfortable "why don't you come outside"

Ananya "if you want to meet me then come inside...otherwise just leave"  he went inside...again he had to climb the window...

As he entered inside...Ananya turned her face on the other side of the room...then quietly walked towards the window and closed it...

Veer "are you still annoyed??"

Ananya "no...why have you come here??? look at the time it's you are not scared??"

Veer smiled and curled his arms around her waist from behind...

Ananya turned immediately "no don't touch me" and moved towards the bed

Veer came near her... "look what I got for you" he smiled

Ananya raised up her eyebrows "i don't want anything..."

Veer "really...ok then I will drink it myself" he took out a bottle of vodka and orange juice... Ananya looked at him... she was tempted but still didn't wanted to talk to him...

Ananya knew Veer won't drink...he never liked drinking...its only because she likes and he got it for her...

Veer "come on Ananya...every year this day you never forget to drink it...look at the time..."

Ananya turned to look at the clock it was 12:00... she opened her arms towards Veer and hugged him tightly... "oh you remembered...Veer...i ...i am so happy..." she looked at him... "i am sorry for..." Veer " come enjoy your day..."

Ananya "you are missing something..."

Veer "what???"

Ananya came closer to him and placed her lips on his gently then looked into his eyes... "happy valentines..." Veer pulled her closer and embraced her tightly in his arms...then kissed her passionately on her lips...Ananya closed her eyes while she was lost in Veer's arms...

Ananya slowly dragged him towards the bed...she was lying on top and kissing him... "i love you Veer" she said and kissed him on the neck...he closed his eyes...her hands reached the buttons of his shirt, she opened his buttons and kissed him on his chest... as her hands were moving to touch him...he hold her hand and opened his eyes...then pulled her closer "Ananya don't do that" he whispered...

Ananya "i always get lost when you hold me...i forget all boundaries...i only see you"

Veer hugged her... "Ananya I love you a lot..."

Ananya "then why don't you let me come more closer"

Veer "you are already closer Ananya...i have accepted you from my heart and soul.."

Ananya "i know...but you can also accept me from my heart, soul and body"

Veer laughed " don't let a chance go...come on now...lets celebrate our fourth valentines day together"

Ananya was sitting on top of Veer... "i won't get up."

Veer "oh Ananya you are too heavy for are sitting on my stomach since last half an hour..." he said teasingly...

Ananya smiled and bend towards his chesther long hair were rubbing on his chest... Veer started laughing... "why are you laughing..." she asked

Veer "cause your hair's tickling me...let me close the buttons of my shirt"

Ananya "no..."

Veer "why not??"

Ananya smiled "let me do one thing"

Veer "what???" he said impatiently

Ananya bend down and kissed him on his chest... Veer could feel her soft lips...he closed his eyes to capture this moment...he loved her more than anything else...her touch made him frenzy...but he opened his eyes after a short while...

"Ananya...what about your drink??" he said

Ananya immediately got up ... "oh I forgot it"

Veer got up and closed the buttons of his shirt... "now get a glass"

Ananya "just wait here...i will be back...don't cough or sneeze..."

Veer was waiting for Ananya when he remembered their first valentines day...


It was still snowing and quite cold outside...Veer saw outside the window of the hotel in Manali...

Ananya "you know Veer...i proposed you today"

Veer "yes...and I came to propose you"he smiled

Ananya "its a special day know its Valentines day"

Veer "oh yes...i didn't thought about that..." Ananya sneezed...

Veer "i think you should change...please get of this t-shirt and wear something warmer...why did you come out with this t-shirt???"

Ananya came closer "when you are in don't remember anything...i just wanted to tell you that I love you so much that I went running down in this snowfall"

Veer hugged her... "now please change otherwise you will catch cold..."

Ananya went inside to change while Veer was busy making coffee...

She came out after sometime...

Ananya looked at him and smiled... "Veer...i couldn't stay away from you...i know our parents don't like each other but I couldn't stop myself from coming near you"

Veer "same here...i was missing you badly..." he came closer and gave her a cup of coffee...

Ananya had a sip... "i have heard if you drink alcohol then you don't feel cold"

Veer "yes"

Ananya "have you tried alcohol before??"

Veer "no"

Ananya "shall we try today???"

Veer "Ananya????? alcohol?????" he was looking surprisingly at her...

Ananya "what happened...i said alcohol not poison" she smiled and hugged him... "oh Veer...i will only drink with you...i please lets have some...i want to taste it"

Veer "alright"

they ordered some vodka and orange juice...

Veer "now let me mix some vodka in your orange juice"

Ananya "what???? are you mad??"

Veer "why???"

Ananya "get a side...i will make my drink..." she poured half glass vodka and little orange juice...

Veer "its too much alcohol...don't drink that..."

Ananya didn't bother and gulped the whole glass inside in one go... she made a terrible face "oh my God...its so bitter"

Veer was shocked the way he saw her drinking... "how could you Ananya???"

Ananya was pouring one more drink... "now you drink"

Veer "no way...look at you...arre Ananya...don't drink more..." he tried to pick the bottle away...

Ananya "i promise Veer I will drink only in front of you and you in my whole life...please have a sip for my sake...just one..."

Veer had a sip and made a bad face "how could you drink it...its horrible..."

Ananya kissed him on the lips... "promise will gift this vodka every year on valentines day..."

Veer "you can have something better than this horrible drink"

Ananya "please Veer..."

Veer "alright...but you won't drink much" they hugged each other...


Ananya again whispered "Veer...Veer" he came out of the flashback...

Veer "yes..."

Ananya "what were you take the glass..."

Veer "nothing...i was thinking how you got addicted to this drink..."

Ananya "hmmm...are you scared now???"

Veer "scared!!! of what???"

Ananya "i go out of my senses when I know some people don't even know what they do when they are drunk"

Veer "what do you mean by that"

Ananya smiled "i...i don't mean anything...its a fact, a drunk person can never be scolded for anything he or she does"

Veer "i still don't understand...will you explain nicely"

Ananya "well for example if I kiss you when I am drunk, it means its not me..."

Veer "then ???"

Ananya "you can't say anything to me...because I was drunk and I couldn't realize that I kissed do you understand"

Veer "hmmm...i am understanding little little now..." he said with a raised brow.. "but you don't worry...i won't let anything like this happen"

Ananya "Veer...what will you do???"

Veer "first you try something weird then I will tell you" he said while running his fingers in his hair... "ok I will meet you tomorrow in college...and we can plan something..."

Ananya "you are going now...i am drinking and you are leaving"

Veer "you enjoy your drink...i will see you tomorrow..."

Ananya pulled him closer...


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Riyaa16 Goldie

Joined: 19 January 2012
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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
omg!!!what an update! Tongue
im speechless Smile
just amazing,mindblowing,superb
waiting for nexp part
pls pls update soon
thanks 4 pm Wink Clap

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sonalimurat Senior Member

Joined: 23 April 2011
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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
ohh... Dhanvi ,
thank u for giving such lovely valentine giftHeart
I awesome part dear
n that flashback , Veer n Anu's  cute n lovely moments
 what is Veers lan on next day    hmmm
continue soon!

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