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My Jigar Da Tukda (RTMC FF)Last partpg45 (Page 31)

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 5:58am | IP Logged


that was really amzing n cute update..

simply superb..

loved it..

thnx for the pm...

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 5:53pm | IP Logged

Part 19

Ananya and Veer both were studying hotel management course as they very well knew their parents would force them to join their business...both of them were good students...their life changed a lot when they realized their parents are big business rivals...but still they forgot everything and just remembered that they cannot live without each other...their friendship continued and their parents became more severe was blooming on one side and on the other side hatred was spreading around...

In the college...

Veer "i know Ananya...but I will try my best to convince my parents..."

Ananya "Veer I can't even imagine my life without you...we have to do something..."

Veer "i know...and we will..." he hold her hand...

Ananya "ok forget this sad know I don't like talking over this topic...lets go somewhere..."

Veer "where???"

Ananya "hmmm let me think"

Veer "anywhere accept the disc...i am bored of that place now"

Ananya "fine...we can go for swimming"

Veer "enough of swimming...i have a better idea...we will go for a long ride...but...but not in the car..."

Ananya "then???"

Veer "bike..."

Ananya " my God that is so exciting...i love bikes..." she looked at him... "how come your brain started working like my brain???" she laughed...

Veer "but we need to borrow a bike...i don't have one..."

Ananya "i think you should buy one bike Veer"

Veer "i know...but now we have to go...i will buy it later..."

Ananya "hmmm alright..."

Veer asked his friend Ronit for his bike...

Ananya "leave it ….look at his old style bike...Veer why can't we have nice sexy bike..."

Veer "Ananya where will I get one now??"

Ananya "i don't know...but I want a nice bike...just as sexy as you" she gazed at him...

Veer smiled and embarrassingly looked other side...

Ronit "Ananya my bike is very good"

Ananya "Ronit please don't mind...but I want some other bike..."

Ronit looked at Veer "Mr Veer have jumped into a huge well without only handle your Ananya ...i am leaving" and walked off...

Veer "Ananya you shouldn't say like this...and on top of that you said I am sexy "

Ananya "i didn't say anything wrong...his bike looks like an old man without sticks and you are sexy Veer...very very sexy" she came closer and Veer moved a little away from her.

Veer "Ananya...this is college..."

Ananya "so if I care..." she came more closer

Veer "ok wait...we were talking about the bike"

Ananya stopped "oh when are we going Veer??"

Veer "wait let me think...i can talk to some hire company...that can give us a bike for one day on hire"

Ananya "good idea...lets go"

After some time...

Ananya "Wow...i love this bike...please drive faster...i want to see its speed..."

Veer "no I can't do over speeding..."

Ananya "stop stop..."

Veer halted... "now what???"

Ananya "get down..." she said...

Veer got down "what happened Ananya???"

Ananya quickly jumped on the bike... "wow I will drive"

Veer hurriedly said "no no Ananya...its not a child play. You don't know how to drive..."

Ananya "so hold me from behind and I will start the bike..."

Veer couldn't argue in front of her... " drive...but first listen to my instructions..." he told her few things...

Ananya "i am all get ready to fly now..."

As she started driving...she stopped next minute...

Veer "what happened??? why did you stop??"

Ananya "cause you are not holding me dumbo...hold me tightly..." Veer curled his arms around her waist...

Ananya happily said " that"

Veer frowned and took a long breath... "lets go now"

Ananya started speeding ... "i am loving it..." the road was all empty...they went through a narrow path... "Veer...this is such a nice experience...i can never forget it" suddenly she saw a man passing by...she turned back to look and the bike lost its fell off...making the two fall on either side of the road...

Veer annoyingly looked at her "what was that????" he turned to look behind "so that interrupted you from driving???"

Ananya "Veer please can I have one??"

Veer "enough much ice cream will you have.?"

Ananya "Veer please... " she said while pulling his arm …..

Veer "fine...but I don't want to eat that"

Ananya smiled and ran towards the other side of the road...she quickly asked the person to give her chocolate ice cream...

She came back happily towards Veer... "hmmm its yummy..." she said while licking it from a side... "you want to taste it??"

Veer was looking at the bike "no thanks" he said annoyingly

Ananya "are you angry??"

Veer "Ananya, when will you grow are still in school...please stop these habits of eating things on the roadside..."

Ananya "never...i love this ice cream...its much more nice than the ice cream in my hotel"

Veer "thank God...nothing happened to the bike..."he looked at her licking the ice cream... she looked beautiful...her hair came in front and she continuously pushed them back with her other hand... Veer came closer and moved her loose strings at the back of her ear... she gazed at him

Ananya "you want to kiss me" she smiled

Veer "no...i don't want your hair to interrupt you while you are eating"

Ananya gazed at him lovingly... "i can keep on looking at you the whole day...without blinking my eyes..."

Veer "lets you sit behind...and eat your ice cream..." he started driving while Ananya sat behind him...

they went little far when Ananya stopped him "stop stop..."

Veer "no first tell me what??"

Ananya "how can I eat ice cream and hold my skirt at the same time..."

Veer "you have two hands Ananya..."

Ananya "my skirt is lifting up with the wind...i have kept my one hand on the right thigh but what about my left thigh...i am eating ice cream with my left hand..."

Veer "then throw your ice cream...because I am not stopping"

Ananya "fine...then let my thighs be visible to the world...that's what you want...i won't throw my ice cream at any cost"

Veer stopped the bike... "you are just too much...finish your ice cream fast..."

Ananya was sitting behind and eating her ice cream... "almost finished..."

Veer turned his head behind...he saw her fair knees and her skirt covering till her thighs... he saw a drop of ice cream on her left thigh...Ananya was busy finishing her ice cream...when Veer bent down towards her left thigh and licked the ice cream drop... she immediately opened her eyes wider with a shock... "Veer"

Ananya looked at him "you kicked my thigh...??"

Veer "i licked the ice-cream on your thigh..."

Ananya was having the last bite when she dropped the ice cream on her thigh... "then what about this ice cream..." Veer again turned and look at her fair thigh...and smiled...

Veer "you did this now"

Ananya "what ever...if you can taste that have to taste this ice cream as well"

Veer "you are mad...i was tasting your thigh not ice clean it fast..."

Ananya annoyingly "why don't you clean it"

Veer smiled and bent down again...but he rubbed her skirt on her thigh... "see its clean..."

Ananya annoyingly looked on the other side...

Veer "shall we go now??"

Ananya fumed angrily and got off the bike... "you go..."

Veer "what happened Any??"

Ananya "don't you call me Any..." she pointed towards Veer

Veer "i just love when you are look even more beautiful..." he kissed her finger tip...

Ananya moved her hand away... and stood on the side of the road facing away from Veer...

Veer curled his arms around her waist tightly from behind... Ananya smiled and turned towards him... "you know how to convince me??"

Veer kissed her on the cheek... "now lets go..."

Ananya happily sat behind him...the bike roared off the beautiful path which touched a valley... "wow its so beautiful Veer"

Veer "but less beautiful then my Any"

Ananya smiled... she moved closer and bite his ear from behind...

Veer "don't do that otherwise I might loose balance"

Ananya didn't stop and repeated again...

Veer "let me stop the bike and I will tell you how to bite"

Veer stopped the bike near the valley...Ananya quickly got off the bike and started running towards the valley...

Veer ran after her "wait Ananya...i won't leave you this time...enough of you biting I will show you..." both were running until Ananya was completely out of breath...she stopped right under a huge tree... Veer came in front her...

Ananya looked at him "wait...wait...let me breath"

Veer "why should I wait??? you can breath...who's stopping you...but let me do my work"

Ananya tried to push him …..her hands were on his chest... but he didn't move instead he came more closer... he bent his head in between her neck and shoulder and saw her bra strap peeping out... "i thought you like pink color..."

Ananya looked at her top...then touched her strap on the shoulder... "oh this color"

Veer "i rarely see it...but I remember I saw twice before...once it was light pink and second time it was dark pink and today its deep red"

Ananya laughed " Veer you are so even remember the color of my bra...dumbo its always a matching color..."

Veer "matching??"

Ananya " I am wearing red top today so its red bra...last time I must be wearing pink..." Veer gazed at her...

Ananya "why are you looking at me like that??"

Veer "your cheeks are also red..."

Ananya laughed "my sweet Veer..." she hugged him tightly... then kissed him gently on his lips...

Veer "lets go and sit there..."

Ananya and Veer hold each other's hand walked towards a small lake...they sat near the lake for long time...until it was getting dark...


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maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
Too cute they always fights and love like this

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sonalimurat Senior Member

Joined: 23 April 2011
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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
tooo much cute part
loved veer n Anu Heart
They are so cutee couple
update soon dear...

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smilee17 Groupbie

Joined: 13 January 2011
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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
cute couple n totally romantic part...!!!

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 April 2010
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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 1:30am | IP Logged
this was the best bike ride...
i hav ever read.
amazing, super exiting bike ride.
i loved it...
i mean ur both stories r total contrast to each other...
but they both r superb and very self.

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
awesome part
loved it

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prahelika Senior Member

Joined: 13 December 2011
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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged
lovely update dear...Smile
veer and cuteDay Dreaming...veer is a dignified gentleman reallyApprove...
it's really fun to see how any tries to seduce him and he feels embarrassed...LOL
poor veer...u r too innocent for naughty anyEmbarrassedLOL
loved that ice cream...any thought at least now veer will do something ahem ahem...but he disappointed her againLOL
waiting for the next part...Day Dreaming
dhanvi plz give us a much more romantic and sensual update on 14th plz plz plz...i know u update this ff only twice a week but plz this time give us an ud on 14th dear...Smilei would have requested the same for tum mere ho too but the story is on a tragic point now and doesn't look like nandu is gonna cum back this soonOuch

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