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Happy Birthday My Behna (Z-TV, Z, Zehra/MK.GH) (Page 5)

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Happy Bday Z!

Hope you enjoy the day!Big smile

We have interacted in the Den only recently but really appreciate your nice comments!Clap

And remember your Bday is the day BSK was cool is that!

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nirvanica15 Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Hey Z
When you make a BDay wish, wish for season 2 WinkROFL

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Chotii* ~ Roshni ~ **Dakoo_Minzy*roseinbloom

*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 October 2006
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Happyyy B'day huney!

god bless Big smile  Hug  you are a wonderful person.. Embarrassed

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-Selcouth- IF-Stunnerz

Chit-Chat Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
happy birthday z Party Party Party Party


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Chotii Goldie

Joined: 01 August 2006
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Arrey!! Zizi!! Tera budday??? Oooh La La Oooh La La ab tu jawaaan ho gayiii!!!


I hadn't a clue that it was my sunshine's birthday - I have to wish you a belated birthday, and an awesome one at that!! I hope you had an amazing day, full of plenty of fun with tonnes of excuse to wiggle your butt for a quick birthday jig every 20 seconds.

Zizi, you're SUCH a darling! You're so much fun to have a chat with, to admire Maaneet or GurTi or sirf Maan or sirf Geet with lol. I wish so much happiness to continuously be filled into your life. You're such a superstar who I've been lucky enough to call a friend on this forum.

Wishing you the bestest things in life  - obviously, that includes your very own M. S. K/ Maaneet Lovestory lol. You're a doll and I hope you remain your wonderful, warm and funny self forever!!

SO MUCH LOVE always and forever,

Have a beautiful celebration cos ooo la la ooo la la, tu hai meri fantasyyy!! Now blow your candles cos oo la la oo la la, sab ko cake kaane ki hai jaldi!!!

Vaddi vaddi pappiyan te jhappiyan!


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* ~ Roshni ~ *roseinbloom

roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 November 2010
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged

Thankyou all for the birthday wishes. Honestly I am overwhelmed at the love you guys are showering me with .. I was pretty depressed last night after watching the last epi .. but then many pointed out how I share my Bday with BSK and I thought .. gosh what a great present Maaneet gave me Cry LOL .. I mean what could be better than sharing my Bday with their little cholu molu bundle of joy right? Embarrassed So again, thankyou so much everyone for your wishes, may you all smile always Hug

@Behna: Tune mujhe rulaya Cry .. khushi ke ansoo of course Cry and you spelled my name Zehra instead of Zahra so katti with you Cry LMAO jks .. LOL
Ok I don't know how to thankyou .. so I won't say it .. but I will say everything else. You are the bestest of friends, my Behna and I would never trade us meeting through GHSP for the world .. honestly being your friend has not only been a rollercoaster of an experience and emotions .. but it's taught me a lot of things as well. You're an inspiration because you're a fighter, you speak your mind even if it's the harshest of truths .. and you never back down. You confide in me and that is probably the greatest privilege I have of being your Behna .. so thankyou for being there for me and for being such a wonderful friend Embarrassed Hug
And yes because of your wishes and for pointing out that I share BSKs budday I will make sure to keep that special bond with my Maaneet with me .. love you <3 Heart *MUAHH!*
And yaar it's ok .. I wouldn't blame anyone for not remebering considering this week has been so heart-wrenching and like a punch-in-the-gut for all of us .. even I forgot for a while that my bday was coming up in all the depression that took over us .. but I got through it for Maaneet! OMG *blush* you are praising me way too much .. and I cannot believe I apparently sound mature Shocked LOL .. well I'm 19 now .. gonna turn Buddhi (acc to you)  next year when I leave my teenage years and go into 'ties' .. haila life moves at SUPER-PHAST SPEED (MSK style) Shocked ..
OMG THE RETURN OF THE PICHWADA BURN EMOTICON ! ROFL Thankyou thankyou thankyou for bringing it back *khushi ke ansoo* .. I missed it Cry LOL gosh.. memories.. I remember you used it at least once everyday or else it was like your quota wouldn't be complete LOL hayee tu bhi na Behna Tongue
Thankyou so muchhh Shivu .. thankyou for dedicating a thread for me .. I was pleasantly surprised.. didn't expect it in all the hulla over the show's ending but you came out with it .. and I love you for that <3 Embarrassed Heart Love you always, keep smiling haan :)
Your Idiotic Devilish Sistaaah Cool
@ swathisatya: Thankyou so much hun Embarrassed 
@ Munni Re: Awwiieee thankyou so much! <3 And haan ..actually it's funny cuz Junior MSK ne bohat accha din chuna paida hone ka .. not me .. I mean he came after me didn't he ROFL LOL but yes I will forever remember my BSK was born on the same day as me <3 Embarrassed Thankyou Bahuria <3  
Your Mausi Saas Tongue
@ Swan: Thankyou so so much for the wishess! Loved the card Big smile Hug Keep smiling always :)
Awww thankyou for such colourful wishes jaan loved it! Embarrassed  Aww here we go again with the tears of joy.. honestly Rosh I say the same to you .. NEVER EVER change and always stay the same .. I love the way we share our feelings about everything and that they always turn out to be the same .. whatever moment or aspect of GHSP that we like .. we happen to say and like the same things.. and express them in the same manner as well .. that's why you're my Twin <3 Big smile 
Honestly Junior MSKs bday being shared with mine is the greatest gift I could've received on such a gloomy day .. I will forever cherish that moment with me <3 Embarrassed 
OMG AWWW hayeee you dedicated GurTis cake cutting and Bday celebrations to me .. it feels so nice to see that they're celebrating for me and with me Embarrassed LOL .. love em and LOVE YOU for that .. it sure did bring a smile on my face.. Heart 
Thankyou so much for the wishes Rosh and don't ever change or go away .. love ya! <3
Your Twinnie Embarrassed
@ Shrezuuu: Hug Haha yeaaa it's my Budday Tongue  I know everyone mentioned that and that just made me ten times happier though it was the last epi .. that one factor just brought a smile to my face.. and Junior MSK is chooo chweeet ahh <3 I think we met because of your creations LOL I mean I couldn't resist commenting on them because I always gush at your amazingly fantastically gorgeous stuff that I gushed openly and very often hence we got talking and the rest is history LOL ..
No problemo hun I only encourage those who I feel deserve it and you are surely one of them!
OMGGG YOU MADE ME A SIGGIE FOR MY BDAY!? Shocked Embarrassed Day Dreaming Awww thankyou thankyou .. best present EVER .. hayeee I love it love it love it .. its gorgeous and I love the way you wrote Z on it in cursive.. hayeee thankyou .. Maaneet <3 Blushing No problem.. words fall short but I don't care.. one word would've done for me but you made me a sigg! Ahh love you! <3
Of course I won't forget you and nu-uh I'm staying in this forum forever LOL
@ Ninaaa Big smile: OMG HAHA your wishes and comments are making me smile till it hurts.. I will certainly do all those things you mentioned and dance on my bed haha ..
Aww thanx for the extra special wishes and you are making me blush now LOL So I shall go and do all the things you told me to do hehe LOL 
Thankyou so much my gushing-over-Maaneet partner Embarrassed
@ Nirvy: Thankyou hun for the bday wishes and actually the fact that BSK was born on the same day makes me feel a bit better about the whole situation Embarrassed 
@ Kulz: Thankyou so much hun and do I? Awww happy bday to your sister then Big smile tell her a really crazy Maaneetian sends her wishes her way LOL
@ Lavz: Thankyouuu so much hun!! Embarrassed Big smile
@ Hima: Thankyou my prediction budd! Love your posts and never change! Thankyou again Big smile
@ Dee: Thankyouuu for the wishesss Embarrassed
@ Shreyu: Thankyou hun , keep smiling Big smileEmbarrassed
@ MISHHH!!!! Awww omg I'm so sorry I have no idea who I have and have not told about my bday apologies for that D'oh yea thanx to Shivu :P
Gosh don't worry if you thought of Halla Bol I mean that's how we all met and became a family isn't it Embarrassed? I will never forget our halla bols on Wassup and making GurTi win in everything and them actually being told about it.. that's the biggest accomplishment I've made to the GHSP world I think Big smile and you peeps were always with me and had my back and made it happen! How could I ever forget that? And I have been going MIA for a while .. but right now I am on a break from uni so you shall see more of me haan Cool .. OMG lmaoo I still remember all the veggie talk and then the infamous number of rishtaas happening on that thread UFFF LOL .. you peeps are a riot... we went from halla bols to creating ginormous families instead LOL and you and your lantern love is something that I shall never forget TongueLOL ..
Aww thankyou for the VMs Mish love em .. Embarrassed .. and yes I see two troublemakers Sheryu and Rosh on top and bottom haha LOL
Thankyou once again for the special wishes hunnn Embarrassed Love you !! <3
@ Rosh: THANKYOU so much!! Big smileEmbarrassed Love you and keep smiling and don't be influenced by Mishh's lantern love  LOL
@ Anji: Thankyou hunn my GurTi lover Embarrassed awww we all wish that and I wish your dreams come true ! <3 Don't worry we shall fight Big smile
@ Sammy my clone LOL Come hither Hug
Thankyou for consoling me last night .. awww you made a colourful post just for me!? KKA: Cry first time I'm seeing you use so much colour .. its gorgeous! <3 ..
Awww I make you smile .. girlll YOU and your presence lightens up my day! There's not a single day where I want to miss your takes, your writing, and just your opinion about everything .. especially Maaneet Tongue .. your writing style is like a magnet.. that's the only reason we met in the first place so I thank YOU for being so creative and finally coming out of silence and writing .. I would've totally hated missing out on meeting such a friend like you! Embarrassed
OMG my hyperventilation .. HAHAH LOL You have a way of putting it better in words than me but if you find my OMG-ness fun then I shall continue LOL ..
Thankyou so much hun <3 Love you! Heart
@ Harneetluvsksg: Thankyou so much Big smileEmbarrassed
@ Zahra: My name/bday sharing buddy Tongue Glad to be part of such a coincidence.. I hope you have a fantastic bday and thankyou for ur wishes Embarrassed
@ Ansah Begum: Thankyou ji for the wishes .. party is in GHSP form where else :P Maaneet had such a cholu molu cutie baby so its time to partay Big smile 
@ Vrush: Thankyou Big smile
@ Jyo: Thankyou so much!! Embarrassed Hug One of the reasons I joined IF is cuz of you .. I just loved reading your analysis in the Den so glad to finally have come out of hibernation and started my own IF journey and becoming friends with the coolest person, the coolest mod Big smile Stay your bindaas self always .. and never lose that amazing positivity of yours! Love you! Embarrassed
@ Sia: Thankyou hun for the wishes.. glad you started chatting in the Den and hope to have more fun times ahead over there as well Embarrassed
@ Saba: Thankyou so much Big smile
@ Twinnie Zee!!! HAHA yep this thread and all of GF.. I mean MAANEET HAD A BABY!! And the most ADORABLE ONE AT THAT! Big smileEmbarrassed Aww I am so glad I met you too <3 Ahhh I just love your posts.. they more or less convey my feelings about everything .. and your amazing persona adds to it .. stay your amazing self and never lose your smile .. thankyou love for the wishes <3 Embarrassed
@ Alwa my Halwa: Thankyou for the wishes.. I wish to interact more with you even though our show got such an unfair ending .. but I shall look forward to more from you esp in the Den .. love you always .. stay your intellectual self Embarrassed
@ Reya: Aww thankyou so much .. love your writing and stay that way -- creative -- always Embarrassed
@ Sanju: Thankyou hun!! I am glad we met in the Den .. found a great friend in you and you share the same sentiments as me about everything which I love Embarrassed Keep smiling always Big smile
@ Dakoo_Minzy: Thankyou hun .. awww *blush* you're an amazing gal yourself .. don't ever change <3
@ Mallu my OMGGG buddy: Thankyou love the for the wishes Embarrassed Stay your bubbly and OMG self always .. never change and I wish you continue to post in the GF .. Embarrassed
@ SAZZZ!!! EEPS! You came back just for me (I think LOL) .. awww thankyou hun for the wishes! <3 No worries.. and it's not belated yet it's still the 15th here Big smile 
OMG here I go with my banshee laugh! ROFL I will always cherish your humorous ways .. and also your creative side as well (which I hope someday makes a return .. esp for MAANEET .. because even though GHSP has ended Cry I would love to read more about them through your writing Tongue but whenever you're comfortable Embarrassed)
Awww you're being way too kind right now .. I am just so so glad that we met.. I think it was through Sammy.. or something .. but yes something to do with our fetish for the Jeep had to do with it for sure! LOL Our crazy ways and all .. I will always remember them.. Btw I love how you call me ZiZi .. you're the only one who calls me that and I feel so special Embarrassed LOL <3
Aww thankyou *tearing up* .. I just wish we stay the greatest of friends and that you keep coming back to the GF .. never think of leaving haan! Big smile Awww thanx for the song dedication (makes it more special cuz Geet danced to it today but with someone else ShockedLOL)
Your Zizi Embarrassed
@ Boogzie: Thankyou hun for the wishes.. Keep smiling and I am glad we became friends through the Den .. stay your whimsical self Big smile 
Ahhh!! FINALLY replied back to everyone .. I think I'm well on my way to getting carpel tunnel LOL But it was all worth it because you peeps are just so kind and wonderful that I feel like hugging you all and dedicating a joyous song to you .. <3 LOVE YOU ALL! Thankyou for the heartfelt wishes, you made my day extra special and well worth it <3
Love to all,

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ChotiiSamanalyse* ~ Roshni ~ *..shreyaa..

Boogleton.Schiz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
FINALLY replied to everyone on page 5 =D
Thankyou all once again <3

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Chotii* ~ Roshni ~ *

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