Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Dil mera churaya kyun? (VirMan)

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I don't believe this! Pinch I didn't reply to all the comments I got for my last Shot (but I will once I have enough time and nerves!) and still the updeat for my FF is up Confused Sorry, to those who are waiting - will try to updeat on weekend! Embarrassed

At the beginning, this Shot's a bit slow, but read it till the end if you wanna have some "hot" scene Embarrassed And leave a comment or a simple "like" - this might be continued w/ another part, who knows? I could imagine another part, therefore it's posted seperately LOL

Dedicated to Misha&Luma

Dil mera churaya kyun?

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

Leo F. Buscaqlia


Virat blinked a few times, before he opened his eyes, fully. There was a burning pain present in his left shoulder, which hit him with such an intensity that he hissed painfully. With this ache, the memories from the day before came back to his mind, as well. The one day, he had decided to visit this specific person in Rhishikesh. Mainly, because he had found out about her being ill ' really ill. And of course everyone tried to hide this fact from Jeevika, yet, he had seen his Bhabi's restless behaviour and worried expression, since Maanvi didn't pick up her calls.

Therefore, he had gone to give the Bhandriya a little watch. Though, she had pretend to be all right and healthy, he wanted to drag her to the doctor because he had told her once that if she didn't get better, he'll do so. Seriously, the girl's temperature was everything but normal! And since their family doctor had already made some tests he had thought it was best to show her him. But who could've thought about everything turning that ugly?

Their heated argument...him being too distracted with Maanvi's nagging...something driving in front of them...the hoops alarming squeak...shouting...Maanvi, who was sitting at the co-driver's seat, looking at him shocked and pale -an image which had burnt into his mind-...him loosing the control...the blankness...someone calling his name...numbness...


He was brought back to reality, in which he was laying on a bed. One glance around the room told him that this was actually an hospital room with all those white walls and it even smelled like medicines or something along the lines. Then, after several seconds, Virat noticed the source which had waken him ' and raised both his eyebrows in surprise.

There was a head resting on his shoulder, silky dark hair falling down on his half-bandaged chest and tickling a little bit of his bared skin. Someone was sleeping beside him, someone whose face he didn't have to see to recognise the person. Strangely enough it was, and yet sometimes it sufficed to feel the presence and one knew instinctively who it was. So did he. Though, he was wondering why the Bhandriya was here? Sleeping? At his side?

It's quite uncomfortable, laying like this, he thought grimly, yet didn't move even an inch. He just looked at Maanvi's hair which was also covering her face, and brushed it away, intuitively. It disturbed him. But what he was seeing now made his heart pound painfully, why ever. Maanvi's forehead was bandaged, a slight red point still visible.

"I'm such an idiot." Virat muttered quietly to himself. Why couldn't he have concentrated more on the road? Be more careful? Maanvi had been ill, already, and now even injured! How was he going to explain that to his Bhabi? Or Maanvi's Beeji who had sent her with him because she agreed to whatever he said?

"Chep? Your hand's heavy."

Startled, Virat took his hand back (he didn't notice that he let it rest on her cheek) and watched a sleepy Maanvi raising her head. She blinked a few times, maybe to get an orientation, before she locked her gaze with his. And all the sleep was gone ' he could see it vanish at once and make place for something that made him forget his pain; concern.


Maanvi frowned since she didn't really understand why this Chep was smiling at her ' and that too like this. Softly. His face made the expression that he was all relaxed, though she had a hard time believing it. Looking at him, his condition, she was damn sure he had to have one hell of pain! After all, he was injured from shoulder to chest and his whole left arm ' everything bandaged, only his chest half-bandaged, therefore his stomach was bare. She swallowed hard, her eyes checking his wounds again and again.

Why? Why did she had to behave like such a stupid? Virat had good intentions, he simply wanted her best and she...she had been struggling against the help offered to her. Even when Beeji had asked her to visit a doctor she had pretended to be okay, just to avoid more worry for the family and especially her Di. Though, she had been feeling weaker day by day, she didn't give in and had made sure to not tell anyone. Besides Dabbu, who had found her unconscious in her room, no one had known about her condition.

And then this Chep arrived out of nowhere and wanted to drag her to a professional doctor, after checking her temperature. She had freaked out that moment, because she had feared that along her family her Di, too, would come to know and worry. Looking at it now, it had been really idiotic. If she hadn't been so stubborn, if she hadn't distracted Virat non-stop while he was driving, just if...yeah, than they wouldn't have been stacked in this situation.

"Hey?" Virat's alarmed voice brought her back to the present, making her to face his worried expression. "Why are you crying?"

Appalled, Maanvi touched her cheek and realised it was completely wet. Crying? Why was she crying? And why didn't she notice, earlier? Crap!

"I-I don't know." She wiped her tears away and still there were more flowing, even though she didn't want them to. They just didn't stop! Why?

"C'mon, now." Virat seemed to be unable to cope with the current happening, his hands moving fore and back, not knowing what to do. Obviously, he wanted her to not cry any more, yet had no idea how to do so. And Maanvi wasn't much help for him, because she couldn't calm down. Finally, he held her hands (which were trying to wipe the tears away) in his owns, forcing her to look straight towards him. "Don't tell me you're crying for me? That's so not you." he chuckled. "Besides, tears don't suit you ' they make you look ugly."

Maanvi just stared at him, sniffling quietly, and nonetheless, she was able to form a little smile on her lips due to this attempt to lighten the situation. Okay, it was a bad attempt, but still nice.

"Idiot!" She pushed his shoulder playfully, yet regretted it immediately when Virat grimaced painfully. "Sorry!" Instinctively, Maanvi jumped up from her seat, causing the chair she had been sitting on to fall, and touched his arm, stroking it gently. She didn't even know why, it was a reaction. "You're an idiot, you know." she talked on. "Did you have even on idea what I went through, a few hours ago?" She wanted to speak and distract herself from what she was doing. "I feared you...you..." her voice cracked, the rest of his sentence swallowed by her.

Virat caught her wrist and made her sit right beside him on the bed. His touch felt so warm and calming, that she relaxed all of a sudden. Raising her head, she met his gaze out of this damn brown eyes which exuded softness and warmth.

"So, the ded footiya was worried for me?" he teased her, smirking slightly at her blushing. "And that's why you cried? Stupid. I'm fine as you can see."

Maanvi sighed. "Yes, that I can see." she muttered. "And...well, am sorry." Wow, she her second sorry within minutes. "If I hadn't been so childish, all this wouldn't have happened...I don't know why I behaved like that. I didn't want to go to a doctor, because...I was afraid...Di could've come to know...and all...but now it's worse!" Her bad conscience had prevent her from sleep along with worry.

Laying his forefinger on Maanvi's lips Virat made her bubbling stop and shook his head. "And here I was thinking this all was my fault."

Surprised, Maanvi arched her eyebrows. "But w-"

"Ssht." Virat cut her off mid-sentence. "Now, I'm talking Ms. Talkative." he winked at her. "We simply agree on that no one's at fault, 'kay? But you know, you can make amend for your slap, earlier."

"How?" she asked suspiciously because of the somehow evil smirk of Virat which got even brighter at her question.

He pointed towards his shoulder. "Blow."

Taken aback, Maanvi stared at his shoulder, unsure if he was joking or not. Seriously? Chewing on her upper lip, she thought about it and looked around to make sure no one was here, before she bent forwards, parting her lips and gently blowing her breath out. Thank God, her hair was hiding the intensive red creeping into her cheeks.

"Now, higher, please. Throat." Virat instructed furthermore, making her flinch slightly.

Gulping, Maanvi did as said, trying hard to ignore the loud pounding of her heart while her breath brushed Virat's throut. After all, this was just to redress her stupidity, right?

"Higher." he whispered against her ear, goosebumps spreading on her arms.

When Maanvi did this, he turned his face more towards her, making her lips touching the corner of hit mouth. As shocked as Maanvi was by this, the more she was when Virate turned even more towards her, his one hand wandering into her neck and the other around her waist, so that he pulled her nearly on top of him. And his mouth closed with hers.

She squealed surprised, her hands pushing against Virat's chest, automatically. And then, Virat's lips moved slightly against hers, making an weird feeling explode inside her. Like a fire, not a hurtful one, but an amazing, good-feeling warmth ' ecstasy and joy were running through her. She leaned into the soft touch of his lips, sighing pleasurably, while he was holding her against his own body. No thoughts. No musings. No questions. No doubts. Just the moment. The feelings. The hold. The comfort of each other.

When Virat's hand started to run up and down her back, Maanvi opened her eyes, suddenly (when did she close them?) and pulled away, a bit. She was breathing heavily, still sitting half on him, and looking into Virat's face ' who, too, was breathing quickly. He frowned as if he was trying to realise what happened right now, himself, and yet he didn't let go of her.


Startled, both of them looked towards the door where the doctor was standing, eyeing the two of them uneasily, before he entered the room. He smiled shyly at them. "Am I...um, interrupting something?"

"No!" Maanvi cried out, pushing Virat's hands away and standing up, quickly. Her blush even deepened.

"A-anyway." the doctor said, chuckling quietly. "I informed your family, Mr.Vadhera." he told Virat. "I told them to not worry and that you and your wife are perfectly fine."

"Wife!?" Maanvi choked in horror, feeling like creeping out any moment.

Now, the doc seemed really confused. "Sorry, aren't the two of you husband and wife?"

"Of course, we are." Virat said for the first time, interrupting Maanvi even before she could reply anything, so that she was glaring daggers at him. "She's just a bit shy to be called someone's wife." he winked amused at her and Maanvi just snorted.

"Oh, yeah, that happens quite open." the doc nodded and turned around to leave. "Oh, and please don't overstrain yourself." he winked at them, chuckling.

And Maanvi, still in shock of what happened, didn't want to think about what was going to happen. This doctor told the Vadheras that she was Virat's wife? Swamini-bua would kill her.

"Oh, shut up, Chep!" she snapped annoyed at Virat who was laughing ' laughing, to cry out aloud! "And what did you think by doing this?"

"What?" Virat asked innocently. "Telling him you're my wife?"

"Don't play games, you know, what!" she said, frustrated.

"No, tell me." he smirked evilly.

"Ah! You know, you-you k-...you know!" Shit, she couldn't say it! She just couldn't!

"I'll tell you the day you dare to speak it out." Virat chuckled and she knew instantly, he was serious.

"I hate you." she muttered, before sitting down on the bed again and folding her arms on her chest, child-like.

"And I love you, sweat-heart." Virat teased her, furthermore, playfully and she just snorted, though her heart beat excitedly at the words and she had to smile. Stupid heart, why was it stolen that easily?

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It is super adorable update Nori!!!  

Thank you & love you so much for updating today.   


Awww my janoo is so caring, rushed to Hrishikesh when he found our doll is ill    He was forcefully trying to take her to the doctor & ended up on hospital bed shirtless     


OMG OMG naughty Viraat loved the way he tricked her & got close    ...hayee almost on his bare top...and and   


Yes Mr. Dr, you are interrupting something  ...loved cute nok-zhok between Mr & Mrs. Viraat Vadhera.  


And that I love you part & last line  ...dil mera to chura liya tere update ne



Ps. Sorry for commenting late..mere Boss ka timing bhi perfect hai        

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super adorable

the last line of the OS just echoes the title Smile

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Amazing! I especially loved the last line!Wink  Please continue very soon...You are a great writer! Do PM me when you update! Big smile

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BlushingBlushingBlushingOMG OMG Nori loved itHug
Its Amazing!Aww Naughty Virat ahhh that too ShitlessDay DreamingManvi u lucky girl u have Shirtless Virat Vadhera in front of u aur tum Nakre kar rahi hoShocked
Agar main ya Misha hoti tho ErmmmBlushingROFLI will read this one again tomorrw for sure haha!!LOL
Kya baat hai sis aaj kal bahut Naughty Naughty cheeze likh rahi hoWinkSangadh ka Asar dikh rahi haiROFL
Thank you so much for writing this OSHugnd Sorry for pestering u last two daysEmbarrassedSmile
Pls pls pretty pls continue this oneSmilend then we will request another Hawt oneWinkLOL

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Originally posted by -Misha-

What?Confused24hrs reservationLOL

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Wow I dunno way else to say to describe sumthing so extraordinary
U wrote
It so perfectly gosh I loveddd it this was just amazing u did a superb job loved the last line and the doc and virat made me crack
Up loveddd it plz
Me wen u continue this or write another one

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so beautiful, loved it!
pm me wen u update please...

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