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Her Secret Santa (MG) page 27 - see Mod note pg 29 (Page 8)

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Originally posted by zahra15

this is awesome...n the best thing is that even am a hard core reader of mills n boons novel.. :))).even now am reading one one with three different stories...winter weddings...hehe...n am sure to be loving this ff of urs..TongueSmileWink

plzzz continue soon n plzzz add me to ur pm list... :)))

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Hi Guys!! Before I leave for Bangalore... this is a small gift for you people from me...Smile Hope you enjoy it...


     " You have to come," Rajji wailed, pacing the library of the main house in long, franctic steps. " We promised Maan that you would come."
     Geet shrugged. " I guess you will have to unpromise him then. You know better than to make plans on my behalf."
     She selected the book she needed and turned, shooting her sister a cool look. " Especially without consulting me first."
     " But we could not ask," her sister argued. " Maan caught us by surprise with his request. He announced the entire family had to be present at this meeting tonight and then walked off. Believe me, it did not leave any room for discussion."
     " I am sure he meant the Limelight portion of the family," Geet said, seizing on the probability with ill-concealed relief.
     Rajji shook her head. " Not a chance. According to the information we have been able to gather, Maan Singh Khurana is the most exacting person anyone has ever met. He made it clear that he expected all the Handas present tonight and that's what he meant."
     Geet frowned, wishing she knew enough about the man to argue the point. Unfortunately she did not. Besides, her sister might only be twenty but she had the uncanny ability to asses a person's strong points and flaws with pinpoint accuracy. It was a skill that her father exploited with ruthless disregard. If Rajji said that Maan Singh Khurana expected all the Handas to show up, then chances were excellent that's what he meant. Geeet nibbled her lower lip. The question she would like answered was... why???
     An image of rapacious green eyes leaped to her mind- eyes that currently graced the fierce black dragon in her latest series of sketches. Sh had plaaned on adding a dragon to her children's book for over a year now- she had even written the story that would introduce him to her readers. Buit she had never found the right model for such a dangerously elegant creature.
     Until now.
     She scowled at the plant book she held. The frustrating part was that she had spent all of last night and half of this morning working on the project. But no matter how hard she had tried, she had been unable to get the dragon right. Even after dozens of sketches the essence of the beast continued to elude her.
     " geet, please say that you will come. This is important."
     " For you Limelighters, it's always important." Geet retorted absently. Maybe it was the body. Maan Singh Khurana had a lithe elegance about him. A grace to his movements that she had difficulty adapting in her paintings of the larger, more cumbersome size of a dragon. Perhaps if she tried sketching him in flight it would work better.
     " No, I mean, this is reallly important. Dad's been trying for two solid years to gain Maan's attention. He's... he's put a lot of money into the campaign."
     That caught geet's attention. " How much money??" she questioned sharply.
     " A lot. But don't you see??? This time he's made the right decision. Maan's attendance last night proves that. He's interested. If we can obtain even a small portion of his business for our PR firmit will be worth every penny Dad spent. We'd be set for life."
     Geet's lashes flickered downwards, concealing her expression. How many times had she heard that line before?? " Why do you suppose Maan wants me there??"
     Rajji shrugged. " Who knows?? He's just like that."
     " Like what??":
     " I told you. Careful. Exacting. Through. Unbeliveably percise. That's why it has taken so long to attract his interest. He likes to examine all the possible angles before he makes a decision."
     " What's so tough about making a decision?" Geet questioned in genuine confusion. " You just do it.,"
     " Well, not Maan Singh Khurana. Unlike normal people, once he reaches a decision he never changes his mind."
     " Your'e kidding. Never??"
     " Never. I guess that's why he works sos hard to get it right the first time."
     " How very black-and-white of him." Geet shot her sister an impish grin. " Personally I need more of a elbow room. That's why I like all that colourful area in between. It offers so many interesting possibilities."
     " Not Maan Khurana." Rajji reiterated. " None of those colours exists for him. I don't even think that they are in his vocabulary. He's the most ruthless, intimadating man I have evr met. And those eyes of his!!!" She shivered. " It's like looking into a sea of ice green. They freeze me solid."
     No, they did not freeze, geet corrected silently. They mesmerized, holding her while they searched. Searched for... Her brows drew together. Searched for... what??? Why had he been looking at her so intently at the party?? " I would still like to know why I have to be there," she murmered. " I am not a Limelighter."
     " You were."
     A wintry coldness settled into Geet's tone. " Briefly. Since I am not with the firm any longer, why insist I attend this meeting?? I have no influence over how you three conduct business..."
     " DO you plan to hold that incident against Dad for ever?" Rajji questioned in distress. " It was horrible, I admit. But it worked out in the end right?? After all you received Grandma's inheritence. That went a long way towards compensating you for that fiasco, didn't it??"
     Geet fought for patience. " Grandma gave me the cottage and exactly one thousand dollars."
     " So you've said. But if thta's true.." Rajji frowned. " Where does your money come from?? You never leave the cottage to go to work, and yet-"
     Geet averted her gaze. Her secret idntity was becoming more and more difficult to be kept hidden from her family. Unfortunately if they ever found out, she would lose the precious anonymity she'd enjoyed these past few years. " The rest of you received the main house. It was a fair didvision." geet finished with careful deliberation. Thankfully the reminder served to deflect her sister's attention.
     " We get to keep the main house as long as we don't invade on your privacy." A reluctant smile quivered at the edges of her mouth. " I can't even knock on your door with the fear of violating the will."
     " You can knock." geet rplied mildly. " You just can't come in without invitation."
     " look- Could we get back to the point of this conversation? Will you come tonight??? "
     " i am thinking."
     " Could ou think a little faster?? You are not Maan, okay?? Just give me a simple yes or no answer. We need time to invent an excuse if you refuse."
     Geet sighed. Her choices were clear. Since her family would nopt dare risk encroaching on her privacy, she could refuse their request and stay at home without worrying about a herd of Handas descending on her door. grandma's will had seen to that. Or she could attend this little meeting her father had arranged and suffer through whatever unpleasant surprises he intended to spring. therte was one distinct advantage to that plan of action.
     If she went, she'd have another opportunity to study maan Singh Khurana. Only this time it would be up close and personal. Sh could analyze his various expressions, watch him move, pin down the exact shade of those odd green eyes. Geeting better accquainted with Maan would breathe life into her still sleeping dragon. The temptation proved too great to be resisted.
     " Okay, I'll do it." she said. " What time?"
     " Si- Er, five-thirty. And for heaven's sake don't be late!!" Rajji made a dismissive gesture. " although why i bother to tell you, i don't know. it's like asking the sun not to shine."
     " it's rather pointless," Geet conceeded. " But if it makes you feel any better, it is not deliberate. Honest. i just loose track of time."
     " I don't know how that is possible." Rajji grumbled. " It's not like you have anything else to occupy your thoughts. All you do is hide out in that cottage of yours and paint." Aglint of curiosity shone in her dark eyes. " Atleast i assume your'e painting. Not that youv'e ever bothered to show us the results."
     " Trust me. You would'nt be interested," geet replied with careful nonchalence. " Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to hie out in my cottage some more."
     " Atleast leave the phones plugged in so that we can reach you." Rajji called. " Please??"
     Geet lifted a hand in acknowledgement as she left. Cutting through the sprawling garden at the back of the house, she headed towards the small cottage tucked at the far end of the property. Surrounded by a huge ivy-covered wall, it perched on the edge of lake Washington. She adored her hideaway and thanked Grandma everyday for her unexpected benevolence.
     Afetr Geet had left Limelight, she'd been adrift, not quite sure which direction her life would take. That question had been settled with one decisive conversation with her Grandmother.
     " You're finally going to fulfil your dreams." Grandma announced two short months before her death. " You're going to paint. And oyu are going to paint full time, not just when Mohinder gives you the oddd moment free. It's what you've always wanted and I am going to see to it that you have had a chance to succeed."
     She had been as good as her words. She'd set up a studio for geet in the cottage and insisted that the sketches and story ideas that had been accumulated over the years be sent out to the publishers. Unfortunately she had not live long enough to witness geet's success. It had been a devastating loss. In fact it wasn't until her will was read that geet realised the full depth of her Grandma's love. She had been left the cottage to use as a studio. And a stipulation had been included that will ensure privacy while she worked towards her goal. No one could enter the cottage without permissionor they'd loose the main house to charity.
     A sudden gust of wind tugged at her curls, whipping them into a frenzy. Wrapping her arms around her waist, geet ducked her head against the frigid air. The December morning felt raw, the steely grey clouds overhead heavy with the threat of rain. Next time she'd remember to grab her rain slicker. Atleast she'd try to remember. Mundane things as such tended to slip out of her mind. she'd lost count of the number of occsions she had been caught in an unanticipated downpour and in Seattle unanticipated downpours were always anticipated.
     Sh arrived home the instant the skies opened. Darting inside, she slammed the heavy oak door against the elements and breathed a sigh of relief. Angelica mewoed a greeting, leaping from a nearby table to rub with feline affection against her leg.
     " hello, sweetheart, I have messages, do I?"
     The cat purred in acknowledgement and Geet glanced at her answering machine. Sure enough the light blinked with unmistakeable urgency. The first six calls were from Rajji, each more pressing than the last. Fortunately geet had taken it into her head to go in search of a book on broad leaved plants. She liked to make the bckground elements in her paintings as accurate and detailed as possible. Her apperanace at the main house had spared Rajji the hassel of coming down and pounding the front door. The last message on the tape was from her agent, raving about the sales figure on her latest children's book.
     " Hello, Muskaan Chadda. Oops!! Sorry, I just remembered. You don't want me leaving your pseudoname on you answering machine." Pinky sighed. " I hate these etupid contraptions. I'll bet you have the phone turned off agin don't you?? Anyways... i don't know what it is about elves and faries and trolls, but your books are flying off the shelves. those illustrations are pure magic. Hey, I have an ider. Have you ever given any though to painting dinosaurs??? They are still popular with the buying public. Or how about dragons??? Can you do dragons by any chance??? just a thought."
     " Now that's a cosmic coincidence," Geet murmered.
     " Anyways, call me. Okay?? Cioa babe. Talk to you soon"
     Geet grinned in satisfaction. " Pretty cool, Angel. Who would have though three yeras ago that we'd make such a big splash??? Bless Grandma. If it hadn't been for her..." A momentary darkness settled over piquant features. " She gave me back my life. Didn't she sweetheart??"
     Angelica's ears twitched and geet decided to take that as an agreement. Walking to the back half of the cottage with the cat at her heels, she carefully secured the door between the 'public' section where she netertained the ocassional visitors and the 'private' areas.
     It was her that she became her alter ego- Muskaan Chadda- authour and illustrator of some of the mosty popular series of children's books currently in the market. Three years ago the first Muskaan Chadda books had hit the market where it became an overnight sensation. Since then her popularity has seen explosive growth. It had proved a mixed blessing. Although it provided her with the independance she desperately craved, it also brought a notoreity she hated. So far, she'd managed to keep her identity a deep, dark secret. So far. With any luck at all, she could keep it that way for the next thirty to forty years.
     Stepping into the studio, Geet felt her tention drain away. This was the one and only place where she felt truly at home. She studied her surroundings with a tiny smile. pinned around the cavernous room were a series of sketches- every last of them of an enormous black dragon with haunting green eyes.
     " Hello, Nemesis," she wishpered.
     Angelica meowed plaintatively, fixing the beast with a suspicious gaze.
     " You are not sure of him yet, are you sweetheart?" geet tilted her head to one side contemplating her work. " Give it time. Soon, he'll be awake and breathing fire. Very soon now. And then you will find him as attractive as I do."

Hey guys!!! well this is not the end of the surprise... I have another coming up... keep waiting...Day Dreaming

Love Sulogna

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part 1..
nice update dear...

here is maan as santa for u...

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part 2
nice update dear...
geet's character is very interesting..
loved it...
continue soon..

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Hey this is the second and last update of the old year... will update again after coming from bangalore... till then... take care and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...Smile 


     At precisely six o clock Mohinder handa opened the massive front door of the Handa mansion. " Mr. khurana, I am please dthat you could make it." he offered his hand with a hearty grin.
     Maan shook his hand, lifting an eyebrow as he entered. " Did you doubt I'd come? I did arrange the meeting."
     " Quite right. I just meant-" Mr. handa cleared his throat and gestured down a long hallway. " I think you will find the library a convinient place to discuss business. Plenty of room. We can get comfortable and answer any questions you may have about Limelight International." Taking the lead, he thrust open the first door they came to.
     Maan entered the room and glanced around. As Mr. Handa had indicated, the library had been designed for comfort while offering absolute business efficiency. An impressive array of books lined the walls while an imposing oak desk dominated one end of the room. The Handas utilised the other half as a sitting area. Discreet lighting illuminated plush chairs, a couch, an extra wide coffee table and a wet bar. The liquor cabinet stood open, glasses and bottles at the ready.
     The hard sell would be accomplished there, Maan realised with a touch of cynicism. As though to acknowledge the fact Mr. Handa's son and youngest daughter hovered on either side of each couch, waiting for him to join them. Once seated in he would be neatly hemmed in by the Handas. His eyes narrowed in displeasure. Only one component was missing. A very small, very important component.
     Maan turned to confront Mr. Handa. " Your entire family is not here."
     " Er, no, I expect Geet will show up any moment now," Mr. handa edged closer to the sitting area. " in the meantime, why don't we-"
     " We'll wait."
     With that Maan strolled to the bookcase and began an intent study of the contents. A wishpered, distinctly agitated conversation ensued from the general direction of the sitting area. No doubt they were arguing over who would go and fetch Geet. Before they reached their decision, a sudden flurry of activity sounded behind him. He turned in time to see geet breeze into the room and her family start en masse towards her. they stopped in their tracks the instant they realised how their actions may be interpreted- or misinterpreted.
     " Sorry, I am late," Geet announced casually, oblivious to the undercurrents swirling around her.
     Her gaze fastened on Maan and remained there. She studied him with the same direct intensity that he often gave his own pursuits. It filled him with an absolute certainty, an instinctive knowledege that the others in the room no longer existed for her. For this brief moment in time, he had become the center of her universe. His eyes narrowed as he assesed his reaction. As someone who worked hard to avoiid attracting unnecessary attention, he'd never been the center of anybody's universe. To his utter amazement, he discovered that he relished this feeling- relished it far more than wisdon dictated.
     " We haven't been introduced," he stated.
     A delicious smile tilted her mouth. " NO we have'nt" she had piled her wealth of curls on top of her head instead of confining them at the nape of her neck. As she approached, a multitude of escaped ringlets bounced in joyous abandonment about her slender neck and angled cheekbones. She held out her hands, saying simply," I am Geet."
     He captured her hand in his. " Maan Singh Khurana."
     She had strange eyes, the colour quite unusual. One moment the irises appeared sharply brown and gold before exploding with brilliant green and grey highlights. It was as though her every thought had its own unique colour combination. Fascinating. Quite Fascinating.
     " Okay, I am here," she announced. " Just out of curiosity... Would you care to tell me why you asked me to come??"
     He stilted, wondering if his expression revealed his surprie at the directness of her question. Damn. He hoped not. " I wanted to meet you," he answered just as directly.
     " Why?"
     " Geet, for crying out loud," Mr. Handa interupted with a groan. " Could we atleast sit down and have a drink before you start in on the man."
     " But-"
     " You will have to excuse my daughter, Mr. Khurana." He dropped a restraining hand on geet's shoulder. For all their slender elegance, his fingers threatened to crush the fragile bones trapped withing his grasp. " She's not renowned for the tact."
     For the first time in more years than he cared to remember, Maan acted without thinking. He snatched Geet from her father's hold into his own sphere of influence." Excuse us for just a minute. I'd like to speak with your daughter," he said, his voice taking on an unmistakable edge. When Mr. hnad continued to stand there, Maan added pointedly. " Allone, if you don't mind."
     " i didn't realise- i didn't mean-" Wiht a muttered excuse, Mr. handa crossd the sitting area, exchanging confused galnces with Brij and Rajji.
     " Are you alright?" Maan asked in an undertone,brushing a gentle hand across her shoulders.
     " Dad, didn't mean anything be it." Geet said just as quietly, fixing him witha  speculative look.
     He understood that look. It asked why he'd interfered, why he'd reacted like a protective lover, instead of being the total stranger that he happened to be. And the only response he could come up with was... damned if he knew. " Your father doesn't know his own stength."
     She shook her head. " He'd never deliberatly harm me. But he is under pressure tonight. And when that happens he sometimes forges that i am not built aloong the same proportions as Brij and Rajji."
     " It's time he remembered."
     Inquisitiveness gave her eyes a misty grey hint. " Is that way you're here? To remind him??" 
     " No." he relaxed his guard enough to smile. " Would you believe that I came to meet you?"
     " Me??" She shook her head, laughing softly. It was a husky, full-bodied laugh, and as with everything else about her, it held irresistable appeal. " I find that hard to believe though as a line it definitely has potential."
     " I'll work on it." He had himself back under the control- a very tenous control, true. But it should be enough to get him through this meeting. " shall we join the others???"
     She peeked around him towards the sitting area. " They are looking rather frayed around the edges," she murmered. I hope you are planning to put them out of their misery."
     " i will be quick. i promise."
     He walked with her to the couch, blocking access to the chair the Hadas had left vacant for Geet. " Shall we get started?" Maan said. " i have a dinner engagement at seven."
     " have a seat Mr. Khurana," Mr. Hnada said with forced heartiness." What can I get you to drink??"
     " Nothing thanks. I won't be staying."
     Rajji stirred. " Mr. Khurana, perhaps you'd tell us why you arranged this meeting. Are you interested in using Limelight's services?"
     Maan hesitated for a fraction of second. Until this morning, he'd have been lying if he siad that he was in need of a PR firm. Fortunately, he'd been approaced by a man who fit the bill. He'd most likely have turned the request down too if it hadn't provided him with the perfect excuse to approach Limelight. " i am interested in giving Limelight a trial run." he announced.
     " we're listening." Mr. hnada said all business.
     " I have a client who's starting up an investment company and needs the sort of creative publicity only a top notch PR firm can provide. Fair warning, he is a rather particular client."
     " Particular as in difficult?" Brij asked with his father's frankness.
     " Let's just say that he needs special attention," Maan replied, not in the least offended by Brij's candour. " If you are successful, I'll know your firm has the skill to handle my other business requrements." He lifted an eyebrow. " Are you interested?"
     " We are interested." Mr. handa responded. " When do we get started?"
     " I will fax you the details the first thing in the morning." he spared a quick galnce at his watch. " And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go. Geet, I'd appreciate if if you'd see me out."
     He could see the protest dawning in Mr. Handa's expresssion. Before it could find voice, Maan snagged Geet's elbow and walked to the door.
     " We're leaving?" she asked amused.
     " We're leaving."
     She didn't say anything until they reached the front door. he found that intriguing. Most women would have demanded an explanation. But not Geet. Instead she walked beside him, her gait light and easy, her expression curious yet patient. She glanced up at him and smiled. It wqas an open, appealing smile, filled with an electrifying vitality.
      How the hell had Mohinder Handa fathered such a changeling?? he could not help but wonder.
     At the front door, she hesitated. " Considering what i know of you personality- which I admit, is not much- I have to assume you had a reason for asking me to show you out."
     " Yes."
     She tilted ger head to one side. " Care to clue me in?"
     " Would you have dinner with me?"
     She blinked in astonishment. " Dinner?"
     " That's the meal you consume at the end of the day." he explained gravely. " Sometimes two people share it. Are you familiar with the custom?"
     Humour flickered within her gaze. " Somewhat. When do you have in mind?"
     " Now."
     " But you told my father-" Comprehension dawned and she laughed. " Sorry to be so slow. You caught me off guard.
     It would be easy to get used to the sound of her laughter, he decided. All too easy. " You haven't answered my question. Will you have dinner with me?"
     She took a minute to consider, studying him with a disconcering intensity. " Is this a business dinner or personal?"
     " i imagine it could go either way," he answered honestly. " Which would you prefer?"
     " I am not sure." A new array of colours sparkeled within her eyes, shaded Maan had begun to associate with the more mischevious aspects of her personality . As though to confirm his suspicion, she pulled open the door and caught his arms in hers. " Why dont we find out?"


     " Well, I'll be the son of a-" Mr. Handa allowed the heavy drape to fall closed. " Seems you were right Rajji."
     She smiled dispassionately. " Of course i was right."
     " Walked off with the girl like he owned her." mr. Hnada's brows drew together as he analysed the possible ramifications. " So now we know wht the wants. But whta about her?? Never could figure out Geet's thinking on anything.."
     " She went with him, didn't she?" Brij inserted. " She wouldn't do that unless she wanted to."
     " Unfortunaltely, we can't count on that lasting." Rajji said. " You know Geet."
     The three of them fell into an unhappy silence, recognising Rajji's remarks as a indisputable fact.
     " So what now?" Brij asked.
     " Now we treat Geet the same way we would an uncooperative business associate." mr. Hnada replied grimly.
     Rajji's expression cooled. She didn't like the sound of it one bit. " You can't be suggesting blackmailing??"
     Her father winced. " You always were far too blunt, Rajji. I prefer to think of it as... persuation. Gentle persuation, if possible. We will find a way to convince herto go along with her plans. Explain the advantages to her."
     Brij snorted. " Yeah right. Knowing Geet, i am sure that they wll work."
     Mr. Handa acknowledged his son's sarcasm with a chilly smile. " Oh, it will work."
     " How?" Rajji demanded. " If we tell her to turn left she will choose every direction except left. She's totally unpredictable. She doesn't even do the oppositye of what we ask. She just does somehing different."
     " There's no point in trying to secong guess her." Mr. hnad agreed. " There's only one way to deal with Geet..."
     " Which is?" Rajji asked apprehensively.
     " We find the right angle."
     " What do you mean, 'the right angle'?"
     Annoyance falshed in Mr. hnada's dark eyes. " Don't be obtuse. You know whta I mean. Everyone has a weakness. We just need to find Geet's"
     " then you are talking about blackmail."
     " Fine." Mr. Hnada snapped, slamming his fist on the liquor cabinet. The bottles and glasses clattered discordinantly.
     " I'm talking about balckmail. I am talking about finding out what she's been upto for the past three and a half years. Brij, do the background check."
     " Rajji, I want to know her strenghts and weaknesses. Her vulnerablities. I want anything we can use to make her see the advantages of continuing a relationship with Maan."
     " Dad-"
     " I don't want to hear it." Mr. Handa interrupted coldly. " I don't like forcing her hand, any better than you do. But then we don't have a choice. Do I have to remind you how much is at stake???"
     " No, but-"
     Mr. Handa cut her off again. " You're worrying about nothing Rajji. Geet wouldn't have gone with maan if she wasn't interessted. All, I am asking is that she stay interested long enough for us to strike the deal with the man." his tone turned aggrieved. " Is that soi much to ask?"
     " For some." Rajji turned away, wrapping her arms around her waist. " For some, it is like asking the impossible."

Well, this was it for this year... meet you next year...Smile

Love Sulogna.

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Originally posted by maaneetmaahi

part 1..
nice update dear...

here is maan as santa for u...


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Author: Veiledbeauty   Replies: 29   Views: 21232

Veiledbeauty 29 21232 31 July 2009 at 8:04pm by Veiledbeauty
FF: Santa Cruise Pg7 Pt5 Updated 13/11/20

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safeplacetoland 53 5011 01 July 2009 at 5:01pm by safeplacetoland

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