Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-14th Dec 2011-Ahem Leaves To Office

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Haiguys...cograts for sns to break the record..and enjoy todays fab epi


The epi starts with dhaawal coming downstairs and is suprised to see urmi and goes to her. Urmi pats his cheek lovingly and says that she came here to take them back(
guys...this is called reall buttering..learn kinjal and rashi dear)

Kinjal immediately says she wont go(and no one will listen to shut up) and koki gives threatning looks. Kinjal says that urmi will harm her and will burn her and all are shocked (u should have said that in the first place idiot).

kinjal says that whatever she is saying is true as once she heard with her own ears that urmi is saying that the kesorosene gas being placed in the kitchen. All are shocked (how many times wil u get shocked yaar) Rashi remembers the previous

kalakari and koki asks urmi what is kinjal saying and urmi gives her best and best shamless smile and acts as if remembering something and tells kinjal that this is what she told to rashi and rashi gives her a dont involve me look. Kinjal hopes rose but the next moment comes crashing down

when urmi explains that the gas was kept for killing rats and coackraoches (they kill rats with gas..what happend to hit and rat poison...confused yaar...or is it recession in rajpal)

and tells kinjal that why would she harm her...she is not a saddist(really!!) but she is her mother(ewww unbearable comparision...koki wil do sucide immediatedly)

Koki tells kinjal she wont listen to anything and to pack her things (Hitler moma) and kinjal is desperate and sees dhawal and goes to him (dumbo hubby to the rescue)

she asks dhwal how terrified she got that day, and does he remember that and dhawal says yes(dumbo saved kinjal) but adds that it was her misunderstanding which urmi cleared now and they have to go to their house back as its not good to stay in in laws a long time and he have to start his bussiness again(dumbo crashed kinjal)

Koki praises him that he should concentrate on his work and tells kinjal to pack and kinjal is flared and asks koki wont she worried for at all (good point actually) and koki gives a threatning look and asks her to stop her drama and tells her that she wont be troubled in rajpal anymore(is that called a threat).

urmi smiles and curses koki and rashi smirks..(Happy for her..small devil going away)

and koki continues that daughters should stay for 2 days in their houses and looks at rashi and rashi smiles vanished. and tells kinjal that their inlawas is their real houses and urmi tells her to go and pack and kinjal leaves in anger unable to do anything(finally accepted defeat..peace..)

Koki calls meethi and tells her to go and give kichdi to gopi but rashi tells her that she wil give, but koki tells her that meethi wil give (first she used to run after rashi to make her work, and now running after her to stop her work..what yaar koki) and rashi gives the bowl to meethi and feels bad and urmi notices this(Oh god..evil eye..started)

koki tells rashi to take urmi to gopis room as she might see her niece too(did she ask..?) and dhawal says he wil go too and rashi takes them(
is it necessary for kok to keep them together..this women sometimes behaves in so odd ways)


Gopi is resting and sees ahem reading a file (then why to stay at home..) a knock comes and ahem asks them to come nd meethi comes and tells that she brought kichdi and ahem takes it(why cant she give,...dont she have any hands)

Here dhawal and urshi are coming and urmi tries to speak to rashi about the downstairs incident but dhawal interrupts them and urmi tells nothing and to proceed(for the first time..dhawal did a good thing). Ahem hears a knock again and asks them to come

and the shaw family arrives. (the dumb, donkey and the dracula)

Ahem gives his famous ahemloic look to them which i have to bear this extra party also..

Ahem asks how come u here and urmi tells him that she is hear to take dhawal and kinjal back(good ridance)

urmi asks gopi how she is and gopi says fine and urmi tells gopi to take a lot of rest and get well soon and tells that she wil get well soon as its her blood which is running in her body (this women is impossible..)

gopi smiles (idiot) and ahem gives her a what nonsense u are talking look immediately and rashi immediately senses the fire alaram and hints urmi to lets go.

urmi sees the red alert coming from ahem and tells gopi that she wil go. dhwal tells ahem that they are going and tells gopi to take a lot of rest and get well soon and they leave(how sweet dumb fellow he is)

Ahem breathes a sigh and tells gopi to get up and eat(How can she dumbo...forget again..what wil i do with him yaar)

gopi is again struggling and ahem sees her and realizes that he should help her and makes her get up and sit.

dhawal tells urmi that he wil go and help kinjal (nahhhin..dont go yaar pls) and urmi falls on rashi immediately and asks are the modis troubling her(u are troublng her)

rashi is about to tell urmi but immediately changes her mind and tells nothing at all and she want to live her life now in a straight path(way to go rashi..keep it up)

urmi is shocked and tells her that she is only asking her and leaves angrily.

Hetal asks urmi to eat and go(
what happend to her..she seemed so strict at the start now melted..hetal is a ice cream guys..)
and urmi tells that she already made the lunch and wishes all and leaves. Kinjal turns back to see koki annd leaves angrily( timeee)


Ahem keeps the table at her lap and tells her to eat nd gopi is looking at him with round wide wide eyes(how can she eat idiot..her hand is he proved that he is kinjals brother)

ahem gets a call (again.someday i wil break his stupid cell phone..) and ahem asks is the work done and gets angry immediately and shouts why(which means not done..)

He sees gopi and silently goes out(atleast he have concern of her mental peace for my mind) and starts blasting the caller asking why he hired them if they cant handle the meeting.

koki comes and hears him. Ahem is telling them that he wants the deal to be finalized today and he cant come due to some house pbms(is gopi a pbm?..i hurted..) and cuts the call and turns to see

mommy hitler looking at him and koki comes to him and asks what is happing here and tells him that it is happening beacuse he is not going to office (then where are others)

and ahem looks at gopi and koki understands (did she asked u to stay..dont blame her unncessarily,,,see poor frightned girl looking at u with such big big eyes)

koki tells ahem that no one wil be negligent in taking gopis care and she know that he is worried for her and all these days he cant concentrate on his work due to gopi is in hospital (then what was he doing changing so many suits nd working in lappy...placing gta)

But as gopi came to home now, he too should start go to office(koki got a point u see..) and starts concentration on his work. AHem says she might be correct and koki tells she is correct and asks him to go office for the mid day.(poor employees...they are dead today)

ahem agrees and again stops looking at gopi and koki tells him that she wil make gopi eat(Kya...cant that damn call come after 5 min..kya yaar cvs)

ahem nods nd koki tells him that she liked ahem taking concern of gopi so much (is that called taking care...what a definition) and ahem is pleased and goes to change and koki comes and sits beside gopi and makes her eat.

Ahem the magic man gets changed and comes and tells koki he is going and koki nods. He then looks at gopi who is busy eating and waits for a bye bye..but it wont come as gopi is hell bent in keeping her head down.

koki again looks at ahem and ahem understoods that he have to open his mouth..and tells gopi that he kept the medicine here and wil bring a bell to her to call someone if needed( where did this bell come from..arrey simply say bye yaar)

koki tells him that they are here so get out..i mean to say to go and ahem finally leaves without any option left and gopi looks at him leaving with big round round eyes(why is she staring so boldly she getting sleep)

koki comes to kitchen and tells hetal the recent update. Hetal is happy for gohem as slowly they are coming closer and understanding each other which is necessary in their relation (yeah real slowly..somebody do the fast forward pls)

koki nods and hetal thanks thakurji for making everyhting all right and koki is worried for kinjal and prays to kanaji to give kinjal some brains and to make her a good Dil and wife(Never...) and hetal tells her to trust on her upbrinig(i dont)

Rashi comes and asks her standard question..can she help and hetal tells no need. Rashi gives her offened look again and asks koki and koki says no need and tells rashi to go and water the plants or sweep the floor(is she a servant)

Rashi nods and tells that if they have some work in kitchen then tell her(did another slab fell over rashi too..)

Koki gives hetal a look and hetal starts saying rashi...and shooks her head at koki pleadingly(yeah we know u are softy ice cream)

koki shakes her head and tells rashi that they decided that rashi shouldnt take the responsiblilty of kitchen anymore (is this the mega plan...are they afraid that rashi wil mix rat poison in their foods or sleeping pills)

The epi ends on rashi confused face,


rashi is telling gopi to see star plus if she gets bored as nice programs comes in it(agreed)

and koki comes and sees them and gopi immediately gets frigtened and hides the remote and rashi is crying and frightened too and is explaining that she told gopi to watch as she is getting bored. koki looks at gopi. (what is their if they watched tv..and is their a tv in gohem roomm,..where..where..)

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Thanks for update shaina.

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ANJ4 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Wow , this is quick .   the best part of the show is reading you comments.   I am going to read it tonight and enjoy it and laught so hard , remmeber laughter is the best medicine...   I just quickly breeze thru it... have to go to work.

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siri2006 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Nice update.  Thank u

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Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged
thanks for the update shaina..

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swetha_ch IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
the dumb, donkey and the dracula ROFL  Perfect description

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famzii05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
thanks for the nahin hai to kya hua, magically it will come like always!

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Hot_Indo_Chilly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Gopi getting scared for watching that's way too much domination!

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