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"True, we love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness." EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The above quote is for  all of us who are mad about Maaneet...Who r mad about Gurti...Who are mad about this epic called "Geet hui Sabse Parayi" Embarrassed...And there are plenty of reasons for our madness WinkTongue...Today in this Den I want all of us to come out with at least 10 reasons of why we are so mad about Maaneet and this show ,..,Why we are so much emotionally attached to this show ..Why ??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
I will give my 10 reasons here which made me mad about Maaneet in the form of my 10 most favourite Maaneet moments in the show Embarrassed...So here I go Tongue..
1)The memorable meeting of Maaneet in water:This is the scene which made me go OMG for the first time in the show Embarrassed ;I m yet to witness such a perfect life-saving scene in any daily soap on small screen yet Embarrassed ;I m sure this is where majority of us fell madly in love for this tall handsome dusht danav Maan Singh Khurana the moment he removes his shirt ,jumps in the water and picks Geet in his arms and tells her "Chup bilkul chup" BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing ;The ease with which MSK carries Geet out of the water is what makes the scene so damn intense and perfect BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing..Everything from acting to direction to camerawork was excellent in this scene StarStarStarStarStar...
2)The Epic Kurbaan Hua moment:This is one song sequence which can be termed as one of the classics in the history of Indian television because I dont think anyone ever can repeat this magic of Kurbaan hua ever on small screen ClapClapClapClap ;What made this song epic was the sizzling passionate and breathtaking chemistry between Gurmeet and Drashti which made us all hyperventillate LOLEmbarrassed ,the fabulous choreograpphy in the song which made the whole sequence 100 times better than the original sequence in the film Embarrassed ,the whole set up of the song which beautifully depicted the sexual tension and intense passion between Maaneet for the first time  Embarrassed ,the flawless camerawork and the perfect white and black combo costumes given to the leads StarStar StarStar...My favourite step in the sequece is the final part "poori hui yeh dastaan ..jab tum shuru hue mein khatam hua ..kurbaan hua" in which MSK sits on his knees ,Geet takes a round around him and then MSK stretches his legs and Geet bends down fully resting her back on his legs ..this was a WOWW step indicating Geet's submission to her Maan and such symbolic dance step I m yet to see in any film or daily soap StarStarStarStarStar
3)The Behne De passionate Hug moment:This was the first passionate hug of Maaneet and that too came in water which has always connected Maaneet in a bond together Embarrassed ;The song selection was perfect here and the moment which initiated the hug when Geet is shown finding comfort in MSK's arms after remembering her painful night with Dev was such a touching and intense scenario created by the CVs for this epic hug ClapClapClap ;Also  loved the way this hug was picturised in rain and giving so much detailing to the way MSK is hugging Geet here with his one hand on her head which indicates that he will always remain her saviour and protect her always and his other hand on her waist which indicates the intense passion and desire which he was feeling for her that moment...
4)Teri Deewani and Kehna hi Kya moments :I hv placed both these scenes as my fourth favourite because both have beautifully depicted the realisation of Geet's love for Maan in two different ways and so its difficult for me to actually keep these two scenes separate in my favourite list LOLEmbarrassed ;Teri Deewani makes Geet realise for the first time that she is in love with Maan while Kehna he kya makes Geet realise for the first time that she is getting physically attracted to Maan as well EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;I dont think any daily soap has ever shown a dargah sequence in such beautiful divine manner the way GHSP showed it with the teri deewani number with Geet looking at Maan in such a divine way EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and I dont think even the original Jodha Akbar could show this scene so sensuously the way GHSP showed this whole scene of Maan doing his tai-chi moves while Geet is passionately lusting and desiring looking at MSK's physique EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
5)Wheres the party tonight and Pee Loo moments:Again I cant differentiate between these two magical moments and so hv placed them both as my fifth favourite as both show a similar scenario of passion ,desire and heartbreak in two different ways but both r equally engaging EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;Wheres the party tonight depicts passion and desire resulting in a passionate hug but results in emotional heartbreak when Geet rejects MSK's indirect proposal of coming close to her because of her past baggage  Cry while Pee loo depicts a man's extreme desire to own his woman and shower her with love and happiness but the outcome is again an extremely emotional heartbreak when the woman in return tells him that she is pregnent instead of a "I love u" Cry ;While passion results in heartbreak in both cases ,what makes both these sequences epic is the way its picturised with perfect song ,perfect choreography and some scorching hot chemistry between Gurmeet and Drashti EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..
6)Magical moments of Maan trying to seduce Geet in shirtless avataar(First engagement scene in front of moon and MSK coming out of bathroom) :Once again I m placing two similar and sensuous scenes as my sixth favourite as in both we see Geet feeling the sexual tension here since MSK is in all seductive mode in his shirtless avataar trying to mesmerise his lady BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing ;The first engagement scene in front of moon is a perfect combination of passion ,desire and a divine bond when MSK picks up Geet in his arms ,rests her on the jhula and later puts the ring in her finger in front of moon while Geet is left all mesmerised with her man's charms EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and the other scene indicates wild passion and desire that Geet feels for Maan when he comes out of the bathroom all wet ,pins Geet against the wall in seductive way and almost forces her to confess her feelings or else he is not leaving her BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing..In both cases its the man seducing and mesmerising the woman which is something I witnessed for the first time in a daily soap as its always the other way around ..right ?? TongueWink
7)Maaneet fake engagement and Jewellery scene moments:Both these scenes are my 7th favourite here as both have beautifully depicted the inner turmoil and desire of Maan and Geet during pre confession days  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;The fake engagement scene was one of the best executed scene ever in GHSP in terms of set up with candles ,in terms of costumes with Geet looking deadly gorgeous in red saree and MSK looking killer Embarrassed ,in terms of killer dialogues where MSK proposes Geet in the most passionate manner to become his fake fiance and when she refuses he seductively goes near her and tells her that "u r in love with me" ...aahhh the scene is still making me hyperventillate EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Everything was perfect in the scene including the last lifting up when Geet is hurt in her foot and MSK lifts her up with full authority Embarrassed ;The jewellery scene was equally sensuous and passionate the way MSK removes her jewelleries and tries his best to seduce her and to make her confess all her feelings there but hats off to Geet's control power here in both cases LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;The use of the mirror in jewellery scene where both Maaneet see each other's reflection was very creatively done ClapClapClapClap
8)Maaneet epic tent date confession moment :This was undoubtedly One of the best confessions ever shown in any daily soapClapClapClapClap ;I dont think anyone ever can forget this dialogue which Maaneet told each other here "Zindagi ki har subah tumse shuru hogi aur har raat tumpar khatam hogi" StarStarStarStarStar And this is where Geet puts the taaveez on Maan and gives a forever stamp to their relationship with the most intimate hug EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;Best part about the scene was its simplicity ClapClap ;There was no real decoration or cliched props used in the scene like how normally its done in any proposal scene was a complete unique set up of a deserted island with a tent just where Maaneet met for the first time EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...What made the scene epic were the excellent dialogues and Gurmeet-Drashti's flawless acting and chemistry ClapClapClapClap
9)Maaneet marriage ,apple and partial Suhaagraat moments:The most awaited on-screen marriage of the year was hyped a lot all over in media but it did meet those high expectations completely as it was by far the best executed marriage sequence on small screen StarStarStarStar ;The best part about the entire marriage sequence was the way it focussed on every minute expressions on Maan and Geet's faces while the rituals and pheras were going on and one can see so much love and respect in each other eyes while both r taking pheras and reliving those moments EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;My favouirte moment in the marriage sequence is when MSK touches that flower in Geet's hand on his forehead as a gesture of showing respect to their relationship and also indicating that he will always give her a princess treatment Embarrassed ;Apple game scene right after marriage was very sensuous and very unique after-marriage ritual scene compared to what we see in other daily soaps Embarrassed ;The scene depicted perfect foreplay after marriage and how both were desiring for each other secretly while trying to eat the apple Tongue;Perfect execution of the whole apple game scene ClapClap ;Then the partial suhaagraat is one of the hottest I hv ever witnessed on small screen as it not only showed the physicall intimacy but it also used some terrific sensuous word-foreplay here which made the scene so damn hot and passionate ClapClap ;MSK playing with words and his fingers all over Geet's neck and ears while Geet hyperventillating with desire and then that hug of desire and passion was just perfect ClapClap..For me its difficult to rate which one is the best ..Marriage sequence or apple game or the partial SR scene and so I hv put them jointly in the 9th position of my favourite Maaneet moments EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
10)Maaneet passionate foreplay moments(Snake and ladder game scene ,Karwachauth dressing up scene and Kurta scene) :Maaneet after marriage too saw some really fresh ,unique and passionate foreplay scenes where the scintillating and mesmerising chemistry of Maaneet/Gurti made us go in swarglok(heaven) so many times LOLEmbarrassed ;Out of all such scenes ,three tops my list ...One is the snake and ladder scene after marriage when both Maaneet r trying their best to control their sexual desire since Geet was preggy but ends up getting physically intimate while playing the snake and ladder game and then somehow again gets back to senses EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..the scene was beautifully executed and enacted by Gurmeet and Drashti ClapClap ...Second was the Karwachauth dressing up scene where Geet wears the saree in front of MSK and then MSK seductively dresses up Geet in front of mirror EmbarrassedEmbarrassed,Best part about the scene was MSK putting the waist chain of Geet which was so sesuously shot EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Third was the Kurta scene when Geet comes out of bathroom wearing MSK's kurta and then MSK gets all naughty with her asking to return back his kurta and goes for a almost kiss as well Embarrassed,the whole physical intimacy in the scene was very aesthetically shot and made us all half dead that day LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Overall these foreplay scenes are one of the best post marriage scenes and so I rank them all equal in my list EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
So these are my top 10 favourite Maaneet moments which have made me mad for the couple and see I do hv 10 solid reasons to become Mad na WinkLOLTongue...Would love to hear all your reasons why u all r mad for Maaneet too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Well apart from these 10 moments ,there are several other moments too which are my absolute favourites like mahii mahii song sequence ,RTM sequence ,outhouse tom and jerry moments ,green-room confrontation scene of Maaneet ,ghar laute Geet moment in HP, their second tabela CON moment ,Teej moments post MSK's memory loss, MSK-Geet floor romance in one of the recent episode and so many other mahii moments of Geet which if I start to rate will never end I guess LOLLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...And this is the magic of Maaneet which never ends as everytime we see them ,only one wish comes out from our heart and its "YEH DIL MAANGE MORE" EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...So why not listen to our heart's wish and fulfill it too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Last but not the least  all I will say is that every good thing has an End but every end has a new beginning too lets look out for that new beginning now Smile...GC-DD themselves said they will b back with a bang lets make sure their words come true,and both r indeed back together with a bang in new season Embarrassed...We can certainly take all yesterday and today's SBS/SBB/TV9 Segments as an inspiration to fight for this show's second season seeing the attachment of the actors ...
And I know today is Geet's last episode but noone will cry ...we hv a mission in hand remember this Cool
Episode Take  

After watching the episode I m feeling numb right now ...Feeling as if someone is separating my heart from my body ...Everytime I watch a romantc episode ,I go in swarglok , today also I feel like going in swarglok and staying there forever with my Maaaneet CryCryCry...

Right from the starting scene today ,they made us all emotional when Maaneet hugged each other and started reliving those golden moments in their life and those flashes shown to us made me cry in frustation just asking one question to star one and 4Lions "WHY WHY WHY" CryCryCryCry ;I could see GC-DD actually feeling nostalgic in this scene while remembering those golden days of their journey CryCry
Once again Barry stood out with his dialogues today as he dint use the cliched dialogue of "Mein maa banne wali hoon" for Geet but used a more classy way of making Geet say that a new happiness is coming in their life and his dreams r finally coming true with him becoming a papa and she becoming a mommy ClapClapClapEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Loved the way Geet gave this good news to MSK and loved the way MSK lovingly holds his cheeks and tries to sink in the happiness he got ...Very natural realistic reaction shown here and not the typical filmy ones ClapClapClap
Maaneet giving the good news to family and then Preeto demanding gifts from MSK was also a good scene Embarrassed..
The hospital scene made me cry my heart out as I feel someone is just snatching away my baby forever CryCryCry;I could see DD had a lump in her throat while crying and even GC was trying hard to control his emotions and act but well their tears ,their emotions looked all very real CryCryCry ;They both were celebrating the new life which they were holding in their hands but in reality both their hearts were crying loud from inside with the pain of its ending CryCry ;When MSK takes the baby in his hand and Geet in his arms,it looked as if Maaneet's relationship and journey has just begun CryCry ;
Even Maaneet in each other's arms confesses that this is a new start to their relationship and they will always keep this love alive forever ...its like almost hinting the viewers that we will come back soon if u keep our love alive CryCryCry ;Dialogues by Barry clearly indicates that Maaneet r not yet ready to finish their journey but they want to make a new start from here on CryCry...They want to keep the journey going ...but well something r not in their hands as well CryCry...
Hats off to GC and DD for making the hospital scene look so real can clearly say that its not acting but the real emotions both r going through since they knows its the last shot CryCryCry...
I hv nothing more to say and I will keep fighting for Maaneet and Gurti who themselves dont want their journey to end so soon Cry
Episode Rating:10/10..Flawless touching Episode ...GC-DD ,Barry-Sundeep ...Take a Bow StarStarStarStarStar
Last line by Maaneet  in the episode "Maan-Geet ki daastan har zubaan pe rahegi" ...Its indeed true ..Maaneet ..A journey that never endsSmile 

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I am not here to cry over the ending of the show because I believe that every ending is a new beginning. And we Maaneetians/Geetians have a task at hand ' season 2. Approve If you want to cry Cry, please do but do not lose sight of our goal - Maaneet in season 2 or on a new show. Cool We succeeded in keeping the show running for this long, lets now try for a season 2 or another show.Big smile Our tears should not weaken us but they should serve to make us stronger and more determined to see our favorite jodi back together on screen. Approve

Despair and frustration are not the place you want to be in right now. We need every single on of you to make this mission a success and I hope all of you will participate.Star Network holds all the rights to Geet so if we get a sequel it would have to be from them.  If you want to see Gurti together again, this is our last shot. So tell me are you ready to work? It will be hard because we will have a lot of people ready to demotivate us and call us fanatics and what not. But if you are a true Maaneetian you will want Maaneet on screen again and we can do this if we work together.

1. Call Life OK and tell them that we need Maaneet/Gurti in Geet season 2 or a new show.

2. They will ask for your phone number and email because they are running some kind of a survey. Give them your number and your email. Then call from a different number and repeat the same procedure. Get all your friends and family to call

3.Email the channel requesting the same. Numbers count. The more emails they get from different people (read different IDs) the more of an impact we will make.

4. Start spamming the new channel's page requesting a show with Gurti and especially Geet season 2.

5. Do not let the negative forces get to you. If someone is trying to demotivate you talk to someone who is positive.



This has been an amazing journey. I have learned a lot along the way about how the industry works, made some really good friends, been ridiculed, laughed at, had misunderstandings with people and most of all had a whale of a time. This show has been my way to work off my stress for almost eighteen months and for that alone I love this show.Embarrassed

This forum is unique and I am honored to be a member of the forum. I am also highly honored to be a member of the devils den and a devil.  My craze for the show reached new levels when my sister and I spent our own money discussing the show on the phone, not counting the endless hours spent chatting in the den and on FB about the show and how to save it later on.  Now I guess I will focus my energies on trying to get a new season of this show. Approve

I will always remember the day after my birthday as the day Geet went off the air. Thank you for this belated birthday gift Star One and more importantly 4lions Angry. You may have left no stone unturned in your quest to end the show, but the fact that the show stayed this long is a testament to the fan power of this show. If we could keep the show on the air this long, we can fight people to get a second season. Wink Thumbs Up

Unlike the people who are celebrating the end of the show and calling us fanatics, I believe in respecting people's sentiments. My message to all these people - you may not love the show but show some generosity towards those who do and who are actually unhappy that the show is going off the air. Agreed that the show was a sad shadow of its former self but it was much better compared to lots of what is out there now for people to watch. To those who campaigned to end the show and are now celebrating the end of the show, bask in your glory, you got what you wanted. I do not care what your twisted reasons were for ending the show, but you lost in the end just because the show went on this long in spite of your never ending efforts to kill the show.

I would like to give a special salute to DD and GC who brought Maaneet to life. You are the best. Through all the nonsense that the show's makers put us through, your commitment never wavered. Hats off to you!!!!! I would also like to mention Adi Sir aka Praneet Bhatt who was another actor who never wavered in his commitment to the show. I wish all of you all the best for your future.

To all my devil friends, it has been great coming to the den and spamming and I hope we will all come in the future and spam too. We can discuss about our fight for season 2 now. There will also be no rules now I hope but being devils we will behave with decorum. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this journey so wonderful. This is not the end of the journey, it is just a break. We will fight to bring them back together again.

I would like to thank each one of you for putting up with me individually but then I remembered that I put up with all of you too Tongue ROFL ROFL. So we have to put up with each other again as we start our new mission - Geet season 2 or Gurti in a new show. Halla Bol Thumbs Up Big smile

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This is a post by our very own Devil Faria(Boogleton.Schiz)...I m posting it on her behalf so that it remains in first page itself


GHSP- It's legacy will live on forever, in memories and in our hearts...

I really can't decipher what to write, I'm sitting here with a heavy heart on the verge of breaking in to tears. More than the show, one thing for sure is, I'll definitely miss coming here everyday and discussion the show with all you lovely devils. Even though there shall be a weekly DD, it's just not the same, is it? The greedy part of me just doesn't want to let go, I want GC and DD to only work together as Maan and Geet, I want GHSP to continue forever and I want the den to last...but alas! All good things must come to an end.

Our last hope is Geet season 2, returning to our screens but how successful will we be in getting it, and how successful with the show be? Nobody knows, and all we can do is hope for the best. Do keep calling the offices and give them your feedback, but please, please be polite. It's definitely not nice to receive threatening calls from crazy fanatics.

What GHSP is for me...

GHSP is no longer just a show; it's become a part of my life. When I wake up, even before getting our bed I first log on to I-F to check the happenings in Geetland. The next in my list is to check the Devils Den, as all the discussion and analysis happens there and lastly I check all the FFs (a special thanks to all the amazing FF writers our there, who continue to feed my imagination). The last thing I do before I go to bed is catch up with the latest episode, no matter what is in it, and quickly skim through the den once more. It has led me to discover so many things, I honestly didn't know that there were fan sites and forums based on Indian TV or their were so many fans- I shun myself for thinking Indian serials were just for old house wives who spend all their time watching TV. I hadn't even heard of Fan fictions or VMs before coming to I-F. I've met so many talented people here, it's unimaginable to think without GHSP I wouldn't have known of any of this. I can't think of day without it anymore. My life will become so boring and mundane without it. Sometimes I feel like strangling the creators of this show to death because they have truly ruined every other show for me, I can't watch anything without comparing to this.

Sometimes I feel glad it's ending, for one – my social life and educational life should improve when this ends (LOL) because I'm neglecting everything, all I want to do is just sit down and stare at these two. I have become an object of mockery for all my friends, because if you just mention Maan and Geet in front of me, this SUPER HUGE grin just lights my face. Secondly, the show deserves not just a good ending, but a great ending that leaves a memory that we can look back at and think what a brilliant show it was. Even though the show is not doing so well right now, when I think back to what my day will be like without it I forget everything. I forget the loose script, the bad direction and sometimes painful plot and my love for MG just overpowers everything. I shamefully say, I am completely and utterly addicted. Maan and Geet have become like a drug for me, I'm intoxicated and I can't see anything beyond them, and it's going to hard and painful to get rid of the addiction.

It's quite silly that I thought GHSP wouldn't end, and it would continue forever, silly, silly me.


Why I fell in love with the show...

There are so many reasons why I love GHSP, and it'd take years to list them so I'll just mention those that I can remember right now (not necessarily they are more important, because everything in GHSP is special for me). The main reason for my obsession over GHSP is its uniqueness. The boss-secretary thing has been done to death, it's the cheesiest formula for a hit romance story yet GHSP brought freshness to the whole thing. The underlying dark plot, the complex characters (which sadly haven't been fully discovered), the sequences, the romance to the camera work, lighting, and all other technicalities were just flawless.

Right from their introductory scene, these two iconic characters caught millions of hearts. An over night phenomenon, they swept the whole nation away! The sizzling chemistry between them set all screens on fire, and continues to do so even today after 1 and half years. This wasn't the typical 'love at first sight' or even 'hate at first sight' it was just plain indifference. They were strangers, really didn't give the crap about the other, and it was completely natural. He was hiding from the world, and she was trapped in a dark abyss with no light. She hoped for a better future and he was running from it. Two completely stark contrasts.

The story began in the small town of Hoshairpur located in Punjab. He was looking for a lost brother (?) and she was running from trouble. They met accidently but fate decided this would not be the last of their encounters. They were constantly thrown together, and connected by a simple tabeez. It was also God's will for them to be united.

Maan Singh Khurana. Just three words, yet it has so much power. MSK was dark, brooding, sexy, egoistic, enigmatic, filled with attitude. For many, he was the man of their dreams. Known as Dhak Dhak because he made all female hearts go Dhak Dhak. He was the perfect man for every lady right? NOPE! For Geet Handa he was Dusht Dhanav- an evil demon! He was rude and heartless, with utmost disregard for everyone's feelings. He's mean and cruel; in fact he even pushed away a helpless girl running a way from goons. It wouldn't be wrong to call him stone hearted. The word weak was not in his dictionary. He was running away from the world, staying here and there, in jungles and plains camping away from civilisation, but why? Sadly the question had never been answered.  MSK has always been an enigma right from the start and even know many layers are yet to be discovered. Something or someone triggered him to withdraw to himself and become the cold man everyone thought he was. But only one woman could see past the cold exterior- Geet Handa.

Played by the super talented, super sexy Gurmeet Choudhary. GC has done justice to such an intense character and gave MSK so much more depth. His eyes speak volumes; they are so much more effective than a million words and are always swarming with emotion. GC hasn't just played the role of MSK, he became the character. He was the one who made Maan Singh Khurana, and without him it wouldn't be possible. GC is known not only for his acting skills but for is super body too. He has become every woman's dream, single girls only sought after men like him and married women spend more time drooling over him rather than their own better half! His perfectly toned abs, long lashes, delicate hands and pure masculinity that he reeks of have become our sole object of desire. He's consistently stayed at the top as the most popular actor on IF.

Long story short, you can hate him (which is very hard to do so), you can love him (DUHH!!!) but you can't ignore him!

Two simple words wrecked The Maan Singh Kurana's perfect, organised (not to mention VERY mundane) life. Geet. Handa. This girl is a beautiful gentle breeze; she's a full fledged tornado. Geet Handa only knew how to love, and her love was and still is contagious. Despite growing up in a male dominating society, facing cruel unjust punishments for now fault of her own, being stripped off her innocence by a man she trusted with her body and mind, she was still optimistic.

She fought all evils, removing all thorns from her way she cleared the path for her and unborn child. She was left to fend for herself in this cruel world, her own family disowning her almost killing her. Geet Handa was the personification of strength and determination. Her character inspired so many women across the globe to make a stand for there selves and fight for their rights.

 After escaping from her cage the young Geet flew to Delhi and once again met with the rude stranger who she encountered back in her home town. Unfortunately for her, she accidently got a job in that particular office- what could she do? Fate had already decided these two individuals were meant to be. She once again proved that her determination and willpower can overcome all challenges, GH persevered and never let down.  She quickly and efficiently learnt new things and made a stand for herself in such a competitive environment.

He couldn't help but fall for her innocence, her purity and her heart made of gold. They were both wounded souls needing love and affection to cure themselves, and only the other could do that.

Geet Handa is probably one of the strongest protagonists shown on Indian TV, an obedient daughter, an affectionate mother, a passionate and loyal lover, and last of all a wonderful human being.

She is played by the one and only Drashti Dhami. One of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the tellyword- actually, THE most beautiful and talented actress. The woman can portray every emotion whether it's love, passion, despair, grief, sorrow, joy, anger or mischievousness. DD has stolen every man, and every WOMAN's heart. Yes, women drool over her. How can they not? Her acting and looks compel you to love her. Her sexy back, and curvaceous figure, her dimples, rosy lips and those big doe eyes have captured us all. She's also consistently ranking as the top Indian actress, and also has the highest fan base on I-F. Numerous fan clubs have been based just on her back! Crazy, I know but the girl has put us all under a spell.

These two actors have perfectly portrayed Maan and Geet like no other actors possibly could or will ever be able too. Their onscreen chemistry set every screen on fire, and created MAANEET.

Maaneet have become the ideal couple. Meeting under strange circumstances, there relationship wasn't a smooth ride, and it faced many hurdles and a bumpy ride yet they overcame all hurdles and united as one. From indifference, to utmost dislike for the other they somehow overlooked the stark contrast between their personalities and merged into one. On the outside they were two completely different individuals, but inside they were just two hurt hearts in need of some love. They have surely matured as a couple, got over their problems like any other, and resolved their issues. Even now, they are still two completely different personas but they have learnt to compromise and accept the other. They have proved their love for each other and their undeniable chemistry time again and again in ageless, unforgettable sequences such as:


I commend the GHSP team for creating such impactful song sequences, with absolutely mesmerizing choreography, and amazing song choices. The songs aren't very common in serials, ranging from the yesteryears till songs for the present day.

Maan and Geet have undergone all the stages of love and the team has crafted their story and presented it to us beautifully.

Hub – Attraction

There was always an undeniable attraction between the too. A soul connection of some sort, they always found the other like two magnets. On Geet's first night at the office Maan unconsciously tucked her hair her behind her ears, and why? He didn't know the answer himself. He was always attracted to her innocence as she was too his sheer power. They were well aware of their attraction for the other and tried to fight it on many instances, but neither succeeded.




Attraction soon turned to infatuation for them both. She soon became a necessity for him and she was all he saw. When she wasn't there he would only see her, every thing would remind him of her and for Geet too, only Maan occupied her thoughts.



Ishq – Love


Of course simple attraction and then infatuation turned to love, and that too the purest of it's kind.  There has been no love like that of Maan and Geet's. Overcoming and removing all thorns, they cleared their path and made a way for themselves to live a life filled with only affection and passion. Maan and Geet's love doesn't only limit to husband-wife or lovers, but they're each other's best friend, protector, parent and soul mate. No outsider could ever break through the strong resolve of their relationship, because they have always had full faith and trust.


Aqeedat – Reverence


Geet has always had utmost respect for the man. He's not only her lover but he's her teacher, her God, inspiration, and both her parents. She has always respected Maan's decisions and has always followed what he says. For her nothing goes beyond Maan. For Maan too, he's always taken her ideas and thoughts into account. We've seen this multiple times in the office track were he has motivated her to work independently and offer her  ideas.


Ibaadat – Worship


For Geet, Maan isn't just her husband or her lover; he is her God in every sense. She's mentioned numerous times that she can forget to take her Babaji's name but she can never forget to say Maan's. Maan gave her a new life, like God, when she had no one. He gave her chance to live, to explore the world, to fight for her rights. He was her knight in shining armour, her protector; he saved her from the brink of death numerous times and gave her a chance to revive and live.


Junoon – Obsession


On many occasions and instances we've seen their obsession for the other. During the 'tere mast mast do nain' sequence Maan mentions that he can't see anyone else touching her or even looking at her because she is his and only his, and Geet to states Maan only belongs to her. Long before they confessed their love, they had an obsession over the other. Neither liked any other person interfering because only they had a right over the other. We also see this in Manali when a family unwillingly arranges Geet to be betrothed to another man; Maan obviously can not stand this and stops the nonsensical ceremony claiming Geet as his.


Maut – Death

Every great story comes to an end and the love story of Maan and Geet has finally culminated. The ending has approached and it's to say farewell to our beloved show and couple. However GHSP will forever continue to live in our memories and hearts. The fire Maan and Geet have ignited from the very first scene will not die down, we will continue to fight for our show and this is definitely not the end. Death is just a new beginning.


We'll Miss you GHSP...

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-Mayu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Okay SO I back from Jyo Mumma's SwarglokEmbarrassedAnd Pesh-e My 5 reasons to Fall in Love with GHSP!Embarrassed

1.DD- Man I was hooked on her character as Muskaan in DMG and I left DMG after she left! I wanted to see her back and what a ROLE to come back! A role of a strong dtermined Sherni! Hatt's off to DD for Making Geet Possible and Living Geet!

2.GC- I never knew that after a Portrayal of Ram; GC can pull of MSK in full style! But I was shocked When I fell in Love with MSK and GC was just Fab is an understatement Embarrassed I watched Ramayan! And as MSK he made me Hyperventilate with each of his scenes!

3. The Pairing- A fresh Pairing always works and Its so True! I never Thought that GurTi can be so Mesmerizing; so Charismatic and So ElectrifyingBlushingBlushing

4. New Concept- A new concept like this was the First to be shown on TV!Big smile

5. I love the GF Members!ROFL

Episode Analysis

I am just into Maaneet land after the Episode!Embarrassed The start to finish was just Perfect!ClapClap

I could see DD and GC trying to hide their own Pain and Act Maaneet partsCryCry

The Morning scene when she tells him that she is Pregnant was Looked so Pure I dont know! And the Reliving of Maaneet's Memories was a Torture; every scene reminded that I am no longer going to see them againCryCry DD GC were just OutstandingClapClap

The scene where Maan makes Geet drink milk is just too Emotional; he has the right to be angry with her and every right to make her smile. Exactly what he did; you dont drink for yourself but for OUR baby!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

The Hospital scene made me Cry Buckets!CryCry It was Sooo Sooo Emotional; the Happiness shining from their faces to have your own child; the Tears and the Pain; everything! I loved that little scene when Geet kisses the childs feet and looks upto Maan to tell him Chote haiEmbarrassed I remember me doing it for my BhanjaEmbarrassed

Now Moi GETTING Beryyy Emotional!

A hugs Round of Applause for DD/GC For making Maaeet Iconic!ClapClapClapAnd Barry I take a Bow ManThumbs Up

Love you ALLHug

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
I am going to follow our Modji's instructions and list ten reasons I fell for this show (of course this is the tip of the ice berg but all things must come to an end eventually, like Geet Cry and this post LOL)

I am going to do this a little differently by listing what I about the show I fell in love with in chronological order:

1. Maan's Jawline, and he LOOKED at her Embarrassed

As many of you know, I found the show very late in the game. My first episode was Geet's Mu Dikhai, when I thought this was another saas-bahu show which had just started with the marriage! Shocked Don't throw things! I was innocently flipping channels, how should I have known that that one moment when Maan's jawline made my finger pause on the channel button would change my life forever! I watched the episode and saw the scene where they have the light on-off nok jhok and loved the fun! Geet couldn't sleep and was dancing by herself and Maan LOOKED at her and I never looked back. I remember just staring and thinking, WHAT WAS THAT? I went back, looked up the premise of the show, realised how wrong I was about it and read all the recaps on the SO website in one night after that. That is when I fell in love with Maan.

2. Geet the Seductress...RAWR Wink

So the next few episodes I saw were Geet trying to seduce Maan, in the bathroom, on the bed etc. I was so impressed at this forward and dominant woman! I loved it when she confronted Maan directly about why he was staying away from her and didn't hesitate to give her own back. That is when I fell in love with Geet.

3. Maaneet's Fight and Apology

Ok so to be honest, I still wasn't aware of the epicness of this show at this point. I saw the part where Geet is sitting with Dadi and thinking that Maan doesn't love her anymore and I was like, yawn, snore how typical. Sleepy But then! She found out in the very next episode from the doctor why Maan had been staying away and I was so taken aback by how quickly and with how little damage the clarification had come. That was the moment I knew this show was not like the others. And then the fire hug and that apology scene. I was so touched that Geet confronted Maan to apologise the same way she had confronted him to fight and they actually talked and had a mature, loving emotional conversation. I was bowled over! That was the first scene I ever looked for on youtube to watch over and over. That is when I fell in love with Maaneet.

Ok I don't know how to describe this feeling, I only know that you all feel it when you watch Maaneet. It's that feeling when your stomach feels like it is being squeezed and it's when you are watching something romantic to the point of being painful. For someone who had only felt that feeling from short, far apart scenes in movies, Maaneet was like a soul attack! I would spend hours with my stomach flipping and my heart racing, watching old scenes of these two. And the best part was that it never stopped. Even today, I was watching old scenes and I felt the same effect. I feel so connected, so involved in their scenes that I actually have physical reactions to them! This made me watch more and more, in no particular order and I would just sit and watch for hours.

5. India Forums
Hello! Yes I am talking about you. Big smile It was around Feb. that I started silent stalking the forum. I felt like I needed to talk about the episodes and how brilliant they were and how wonderful Maaneet were and I saw you all and everybody on the forum doing that here and I was so happy to read through your reactions until it became a habit to see how you all would react to an episode. I didn't make my first post til June, but that was only because I only opened up when I didn't see anyone else saying what I wanted to say which didn't happen til then. Faria, Mayu and Z, I just checked and you guys were the first people to comment on my first post so thank you for so auspiciously starting my IF journey! Hug It is the people here and the kind of audience and discussion that GHSP attracted that made me love the show even more!

6. Maaneet, ever faithful
I loved that nobody ever came between Maaneet and their love. From day one (I am counting Maan's entry as day one, because let's face it, it was LOL) their story only consisted of one another. The most serious threat was probably Adi ROFLI loved that I could watch this show peacefully without ever worrying that Geet and Maan would be separated another person and that made this show special and different for me! They never doubted one another and they never strayed because they were so absorbed in their story. Any conflict was internal and character based and that is once again a unique aspect

7. All of their Moments and Dialogues
What can I say? This couple has had some of the most unique and innovative scenes I have ever seen through which they conveyed sensuality and purity simultaneously. They have made mundane objects so special for me! And I have to thank Barry equally for these moments! His words! I would love to write more but I am running out of time! Confused

9. The BR Track
Ok. The biggest reason I love this track so much was that it was the only really great thing I saw happening on the show after I started watching it. I always regret that I was not a part of the golden days fever, on the forum or even on my TV so I was so happy when the BR came because they were doing something great with the show, after it became my show! I regret that it didn't continue but I will always cherish those episodes for the potential, the touching moments, Geet's clothes and the strength and understanding of Maaneet.

8. The Leads
There is nothing I can say about these two that would ever measure the immense respect I have for them! They have remained so professional throughout it all, the fans, the media...everybody wanted a piece of them and yet they went on doing their work with sincerity and integrity and so they came out of this series, where you cannot fault them in even one scene. I wish them all the best for the future

10. Technical Jargon

I think GHSP is the first show I have ever watched that has me discussing direction, screenplay, dialogues and sequences. I had never known of the existence of BD's before this! I have to thank GHSP and the forum for introducing me to all these technical aspects of the Indian television world. I have really started to watch TV in a much more educated way now!

Anyway, no tears because like Hrishikesh Gandhi said, don't be sad that it's ending, be happy that it happened. And I sure am! GHSP gave me hope for life, love and totally melted the cynic inside me, though I remain cynical on the outside. LOL

So to GHSP I dedicate this classic song:

Na Hai Yeh Pana, Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona Jane, Kyun Hona Hi Hai
Tum Se Hi Din Hota Hai, Surmaiye Shaam Aati, Tumse Hi, Tumse Hi
Har Ghadi Saans Aati Hai, Zindagi Kehlati Hai, Tumse Hi, Tumse Hi
Na Hai Yeh Pana, Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona Jane, Kyun Hona Hi Hai

Aankhon Mein Ankhein Teri, Bahoon Mein Baahein Teri
Mera Na Mujhmein Kuch Raha, Hua Kya
Baaton Mein Baatein Teri, Raatein Saugatein Teri
Kyun Tera Sab Yeh Ho Gaya, Hua Kya
Main Kahin Bhi Jata Hoon, Tumse Hi Mil Jata Hoon, Tumse Hi, Tumse Hi
Shoor Mein Khamoshi Hai, Thodi Si Behoshi Hai, Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi

Aadha Sa Wada Kabhi, Aadhe Se Jayada Kabhi
Jee Chaahe Kar Lu Is Tarah Wafa Ka
Chhode Na Chhoote Kabhi, Tode Na Tute Kabhi
Jo Dhaga Tumse Jud Gaya Wafa Ka
Main Tera Sarmaya Hoon, Jo Main Ban Paya Hoon, Tumse Hi, Tumse Hi
Raaste Mil Jaate Hai, Manzile Mil Jaati Hai, Tumse Hi, Tumse Hi
Na Hai Yeh Paana, Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona Jaane Kyun Hona Hi Hai

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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
I truly don't know what to say today. Today is the last day of this show and i feel like i'm losing something precious. GHSP has been an integral part of my life for the last 18 months...Life is not going to be the same now. I have to get used to life without it...Ouch But life goes on. Tomorrow is another day...another beginning!!! There's still a chance of getting Gurti back together. Together we can make it happen. We can at least try...the outcome is not in our hands but at least we can say we tried...Big smile

Jyo's post took me down memory lane. There are so so many memorable, cherished moments of this show. For the first 8 months this show was a class apart from the others...every episode had something which touched the heart. Even a run of the mill scene looked unique and special...Clap
These are some of my most cherished moments. I never get tired of watching them over and over again...Embarrassed

1) The scene where Maan lifts up Geet in the lake. I think this is one scene universally liked by all. The sheer magnitude of the canvas is brilliant. Who can resist the not so charming prince saving his damsel in distress..LOL

2) The scene where Geet comes to tell Maan that she'll sign the papers if he agrees to give the number of the agent. Our sherni Geet gives it back to Maan Singh Khurana and the man is stumped...LOL

3) The scene where Geet confronts her family and breaks all ties with them. This was where Geet truly emerges as a fearless sherni ready to take on the world. After this her life took a drastic turn...for the better...Embarrassed

4) The first time MSK was caught stalking...LOL Ishhh kya looks diye hai bande ne...he was completely mesmerized by her...Embarrassed

5) Kubaan Hua...Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming There are no words to describe how perfect this sequence was. Gurti looked like a dream in it...Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

6) Entire Hum Tum sequence. It had the perfect blend of comedy and passion...Clap Very beautifully executed and acted sequence.

7) Behne De...the first time when MSK realizes that he's changing and the first real hug between Maan & Geet...Embarrassed

8) Teri Deewani...the first time Geet realizes that she's falling for MSK...Embarrassed Such a beautifully conceptualized scene...Clap Clap It had a feeling of divinity and purity about it. A reflection of how pure Maan & Geet's relationship was...Embarrassed

9) Kehna Hi kya...uff what passion...Blushing Blushing Never in the history of Indian TV have they showed such a kind of scene...Simply breathtaking!! And i can guarantee that only GC & DD could pull it off...Clap

10) The tent confession. The most unique confession ever shown on TV...Clap ''Zindagi ki har subah tumse shuru hogi aur has raat tumpe khatam''...this line is apt for what GHSP meant for us...Embarrassed

These and many many more memories of Geet will always remain with me. I have watched many shows in the past but none of them have had such an  impact. My virtual life has revolved around this show for the last so many months and now i feel lost...Cry Maan and Geet epitomize the word ''LOVE'' and as Barry rightly penned..''Maan-Geet ki daastan har zubaan pe rahegi'' Cry Cry

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Lily201 Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged

There are so many things to be said about a show that I loved,revered so much -it would take an arsenal of words to describe each and every facet of all these characters that reside in my thoughts,memories and heart.

Geet said to Maan that fate had inscribed her existence in Maan's destiny with permanent ink,that it wouldn't fade off even for next seven lives...
Well such is the prowess of this magnificent journey called GHSP-that its going to be cherished way down the memory lane for me.
They will always be alive for me -there's no putting "stopper" to their story and just imagining to be apart from them feels like something is threatening to break out of me -something greater than sorrow like lava forces itself out in a volcano.
Maaneet -I love you from cockels of my heart and no way do I feel like letting you go-and who else will know other than peepz like us-who've been with you throughout this roller-coaster ride.
I don't know the exact reasons-whether the channel re-vamp,PH-decision making or other factors that cut short our GHSP-experience but as a plain viewer I stand firm in my opinion GHSP team-with talents like our Gurti,Praneet,or behind-the-screen maveriks like Sundeep Sharma,Barry Dhillon,Hrishikesh Gandhi & Raju Singh-who've been holding the fort till the end--deserve a season 2.
They've created pure visual magic-thats went straight in our hearts-its too early for farewells-we want much more-oh yeah!!
I'd also like to thank-all those who've been from the initial stages-here's a few I remember-Nissar Parvez,Noel Smith,Vincent Franklin,Swati Pandey,Mrinal Jha,Richa Yamini,Pawandeep Kaur,Neeshi Ozza,Mukta Dhond ...
Thank you for your dedication-GHSP wouldn't be same without you on board...
Kudos to all of youClapClapClap
Have a great year aheadBig smile
There're some we begrudge-for leaving the ship to sink untimely-but neverthless their contribution in golden days can't be overlooked- so thank you4 Lions,Endemol, for bringing a fresh concept like GHSP & Gurti to portray the inimitable Maaneet.
Adios Star One-thanks for bringing fab shows like Sarabhai v/s Sarabai,DMG,MJHT & of course GHSP-they've created their own nicheStar
Episode Analysis:
Indeed the journey of Maaneet's past to a future full of possibilities was etched beautifully,from their gifting the dream of a bundle of joy,a baby-to materialising in reality was a sentimental transition.
Maaneet's talk with cradle in front  and that recapitulation was wonderful-filled with the first rescue Geet from river drowning ,to Geet tearing the land papers,Hum tum night,KH seq,first office meet up,marriage phera scenes to their post marriage scenesEmbarrassed
So a final message of no gender bias was laid out-in last epi-and atleast pesky Nano was given one meaningful job to carry out.
After a lot of time I found Maame's antics funny-and Adi sir while praying for Geet & baby was genuinely adorable,touching...
The baby was too cute & so were Maaneet's emotions for the angel -who'd carry their story of love,faith & fate's call with himEmbarrassed
Last words :Maaneet's lines rung true-"hamari kahani kayam rahegi Maan"-thats our beleif too for a "nayi shuruat" as Maaneet saidBig smile

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged

I never got attached to any show in my life like I am to geet. Do not know what and why it is but it feels very close to my heart, today last episode make me feel  as if some one very near and dear to me going away. But I will  make the same near and dear to come back in my life i.e. my maanet.  They have to come back as lead pair  on the screen and I will go to any extent for it. I mean it. I will give my best and maximum effort to make it happen.  May be today we are watching last episode of Geet. PH is sure happy about it but in my views  FAN power has won. PH tried since march to shut down the show, they tried their best to spoil and kill the show starting from making devil as saint, but they were unsuccessful. Yes agree show is ending but show is not ending because TRP was down it is ending because of thr REVAMPING. There fore WE FAN STILL HAVE upper hand. WE have defeated PH in their own game. So guys HALLA BOL and keep on fighting. Have your fighting cap on and jai bajrangbali bolte hue lage raho.


This is consumer era and WE are NOT GOING TO GIVE UP at any cost.  We will make sure we get lead pair back on the screen





humko aise viase na samjhe

hum woh log hai jo, jaha LAATH maare vahaa paani nikaal sakte hai.

channel better not underestimate FAn ka power



Now  a little reality check about why having after such wonderful fan base, excellent actors as lead pair and talented director, skilled dialogue writer why we have to fight for our beloved show.

ONLY and only PH is responsible for it.  They had an opportunity to cash with lead and fan base  lekin they had lost it. The truth is they never wanted to go for it. They put their energy to insult and hurt fans or calling them demanding, they wasted their energy to shut down the show by getting Moron Mahesh Pig head Pandey in the show.Only them are  responsible for the mess and are totally liable to end the geet. 


I will not blame the channel, as for them popularity matter and If I own the 4 lion then I would jump on the mauka to get new show with skilled lead pair and strong fan base on revamped channel and would not go for V. I will support fan and not mock or insult them on geet FB page. anyways but it would be not them. They got what they wanted. I will never watch any of their show PERIOD As a matter of fact, Ph should rename their name4 Lions se 4 Snake

sach mein saanp hi hai dhoodh pilao phir bhi dasenge.

they basically have cut their own root.


pata hai na. sandle wood tree pe snake rahte hai aur usko hi khokla karte hai basically they cut who support them or shelter them yeh Ph bhi aise hi hai, so 4 sankes name fit them perfectly.

we fans put them on Top

they are what they are beacuse of fan and now they are insulting and hurting and throwing us like dhood mein padi makhii. Isliye  soco  baabaji unki kaise bhali kar sakte hai?? Nahi baabaji itne insensitive ho hi nahi sakte, baabji unlogo ki Kabhi BHALI kar hi nahi sakte. Hai na babaji.


Life okay without GC/DD no way how life could be oky with out them so forget about it.

abput 4 snake, I want SHOW but I do not want 4 snake as PH.  so unka toh koi bhi show mein dekhne se rahi.

they are most unreliable, unfaithful, not trustworthy, unprofessional, unethical PH on the Mercury, venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, slattern,  Uranus,Neptune ,pluto Sun and Moon.


I am strong believer of the KARMA. 4 snakes ke KARMA will come back to them. I also believe dua se jyaada baddua asar karti hai.


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