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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 90)

Khushnav Senior Member

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged
I swear by god Rev, You have got to be the best writer on IF! Its VERY rare that someone leaves me speechless but you..you do that every single damn time! I couldnt think of a better expression to describe this masterpiece :Its almost heaven for sure! I'm honoured, honestly, to be one of your readers and most importantly one of your friends..*Hugs*

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rev4eva IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged

Hi all, I'm really sorry for the delay in updating the next part. I was actually lost on how to continue, so please forgive me if it doesn't make sense. 

Part 14

 "Virat, I'm done with my scans. Now it time for the needles. Are you coming?" Manvi's voice stirred Virat off his thoughts. "So fast?" Virat quizzed her in amazement."Chep, kaha kogaye tum? It was almost an hour since I left for my scans Buddhu. Are you coming or not?" she scowled at him. "Agar mera beena tum yeh saab karsakthe, toh jao?" he smirked her while she shot him you-will-pay-for-this look. "Ok meri jaan, shanth ho jao. I was just kidding. I was just lost in our old memories here, that I didn't realize time flew so fast until you nudged me off my thoughts" he replied her as he held her hand and walked in for the blood test.  Manvi inhale and exhale so heavily to overcome her fear the moment she saw the needles. "Bandariya, why are you performing rhythmic breathing? You are not here for delivery only for blood test, so stop practicing Bhabhi's prenatal class lessons here" he told her. Manvi was startled with his comments; she felt blood gushing to her cheeks in anger and embarrassment.  Dr Shashank and the nurses were having a tough time controlling their laughter. Virat volunteered his arms for Manvi to plunge her nails while they draw blood from her. Manvi took a deep breath, gave Virat a jeering look and finally announced "Dr Shashank, I'm ready. You can take my blood." while trying to look brave. "Manvi, we have taken enough blood that is required. Do you want us take more from you?" Dr Shashank chuckled while Virat burst out laughing. "Kya? Kaab?  When did all this happen?" she gasped in astonishment. "Oh, we took it when you were immersed in your anger, as per Virat's signal" Dr Shashank explained. Manvi was speechless; she endured her dreadful fear without even realizing it. Then came the most painful session for both Virat & Manvi, it was time for biopsy to extract her bone marrow sample. It hurts Virat every time to see her in pain during the procedure and how Manvi suppress all the pain within her as she knows her slightest cry or moan would break him into pieces.


"Manvi, we are done with all the tests, the report should be ready by tomorrow evening. You should rest for at least an hour before going home. By the way your old room is available; our patient was just discharged yesterday. Do you want to rest there? " Dr Shashank asked her. "That will be great Dr." Virat answered on her behalf. Virat slowly helped her to the room as she was in pain. The moment they entered the room, old memories swamped them. The room interior was still maintained minus the photographs and her personal belongings. Manvi rested on his lap while he stroked her gently like a baby. "You feeling better Manvi" he finally broke the silence. "Yeah, I'm much better now" she answered.  "Virat, it feels so different to be back in this room? It seems like everything happened yesterday but it is almost a year now na" she continued. "Haan Manvi, these four walls holds too many memories for us, the place we found our love, our meaning of life. Those beautiful moments that will be cherished for lifetime. Now you try to get some rest, I will be here" he assured her. Virat drifted back to his flashback while Manvi rested in his lap.


******* Flashback************

Jeevika, Viren,Vanshika along with Beeji and Dabbu went to temple early in morning to pray  for Manvi and arrived early at the hospital since it was Manvi's chemotherapy. None of them were surprised to see Virat there except for Beeji and Dabbu but neither of them questioned him.  She was glad that she had her whole family with her as her pillar of strength except for Madan chachu, Pinky Chachi and Badi Beeji who left heavy heartedly to Rishikesh after her birthday celebration. The whole family prayed for her while she endured the most dreadful treatment. Although Manvi was on mild chemo but the effect of chemo was evident. She was weak but pretended to be strong for the sake of everyone. Everyone was in solemn mood but it was only Dabbu who was trying to cheer his partner in crime, his favorite Di while her Jiju and Virat were in serious discussion. Even in the midst of his discussion, Virat never missed to glance at her in midst of his discussion to ensure she was alright. 


Manvi was glad that Dabbu stayed back in Chandigarh as it was his college break. She missed her Dabbu, her punching bag. No matter how much she bullied him, tortured him but she adored him equally. Despite his identity crisis whether he was their third sister or their Bhai, he was the one of the best sibling anyone can have. Till today, she failed to understand whether Dabbu is indeed a Dabba or is he pretending to be one. At times, he can be so clueless, so naive, so easily manipulated and lured with food but at times, he is so mature, so understanding, caring and protective over his sister. He was their self-appointed bodyguard. Most of the time, it seems like he voluntarily allow her to manipulate him just to see the smile in her face. She clearly recall the moments where he was watching her back while she and her Di  sneaked to meet Dr Manan, how he handled the situation when she tried to stay away from the  wedding and how he was never lenient when it came to her health and medication. Dabbu's non- stop bakwas made Manvi forget her pain, "I guess it runs in the blood. Both Dabba and Dabbi can just go on and on like beena break ki gaadi as how Virat regards both of them." Manvi thought to herself and smiled.


Dabbu was reluctant to leave but Beeji insisted that Manvi needed to rest. Jeevika wanted to stay with Manvi but Manvi managed to persuade her otherwise. She knew Jeevika will be devastated to see her in pain, so she managed to convince her Di that she was perfectly alright. Jeevika left with a heavy heart but her worries vanished when Virat assured her "Bhabhi, Main hoon na. Why fear when Virat is here. I will accompany Manvi today. Beeji and Dabbu will feel awkward without your presence at home. I will keep you updated Bhabi" he told her as he accompanied her to their car. Jeevika was relieved with Virat's assurance and left for home. She knew Manvi was in good hands. Virat rocked Manvi to sleep in his arms, neither one uttered a single word. The silence filled the night; for once they both enjoyed their silence which conveyed their feelings that words didn't. He stayed with her till wee hours to ensure she is really asleep before bidding her goodnight and leaving home every night. He was the last leave and the first to arrive every day, Manvi starts her day with his smile and ends her day in his arms.


Manvi was scheduled for 8 cycles of chemo and each cycle of chemo lasted for a week of treatment and two weeks of recovery. Slowly the side effects kicked in as she went through her treatment. She was vomiting and feeling nausea all the time that she could hardly eat. She was beginning to lose weight but still stood strong with her will to overcome it. No matter how weak she was, she insists on her daily visit to the garden. She pleaded so badly that Virat was unable to resist. Initially he helped her to the garden and eventually she had to be aided by wheelchair. It shattered him so badly to see his Bandariya in such a state but she never failed to smile every day and that made him smile as well. The positivity that she emitted with her smile made everyone else smile; she was their pillar of strength instead. Viren was worried for Jeevika but her determination was remarkable. He was surprised that she was so strong and her faith on neither Manvi nor God has faded.


"Virat..." she called out softly while he was cradling her to sleep."Hmmm bolo Bandariya" he replied softly. "Kuch nahi, just felt like hearing your voice" she lied. Virat sensed the hesitance in her voice, he made her sit and tilt her delicate face to meet his eyes; "Kya hua Manvi" he asked her while trying to read her expression. Manvi was unable to control herself any longer; she hugged him tightly and cried her heart out. Virat was confused but he wrapped his arms around her and stroking her hair while he let her wept her heart out; vent out all her emotions that she bottled in herself. "Mujhe darr laghta hai Virat" she finally spoke while still sobbing. I'm really scared Virat. I have tried to pretend to be strong but deep inside me, I'm very scared. When I look at myself in the mirror, I hardly recognize the girl that I see in the mirror. Just look at me Virat, gone was Manvi Chaudary; it is only..." "Shhh, aur  kuch mat bolo Manvi" he shushed her. "You are still the same old Bandariya that I knew. Your  eyes still has the same jadoo, the same glint when I saw you for the first time through the partition in  Riskhikesh, your smile still melts my heart and soothes my soul, your touch still makes my  heart skip its rhythm, your voice, your laughter is still the most divine music to my ears. You are still the most beautiful person to me Bandariya, and you will still be the most beautiful person to me even when you became Dadi to my grandchildren. Tum hamesha mere khubsoorat  Bandariya lagengi" he told her. "Even when I have wrinkles on my face, lose my teeth like the witch in snow white story" she asked again with a sly smile. "You were never an angel Bandariya, Bade Beeji told me the very first day that you were a daayan. Wonder what spell you cast on me, I will still love you even if you look like any witch from Shlok's fantasy collection" he assured her. "Ouch, that hurts! He pretended to be hurt as she playfully hit him. "What was that for?" he asked her. "For calling me a Daayan!" she replied back. "Hare wah, you asked whether I will still love you if you look like a witch, and this is what I get for giving you an honest answer. Kya zamana hai mere Bhagwan" he mocked her back. "Virat, jokes aside, I have this weird feeling, and not sure whether is it fear or something else. Whenever I see other patients during the chemo session, it freaks me out. Sometimes I feel like giving up, I don't even know whether there is any more strength left in me to continue but I still carry on for Di and you. I see small kids going through so much of pain at this tender age, I really  wonder how can they bear so much of pain when adults like me are struggling to bear it" she  told him. Virat wonders how she still manage to put other's pain and suffering before hers even in this state. Her selfless nature indeed makes her one of her kind. "Virat, why does God make us go through this? Why must anyone ever suffer this pain? Kya kasoor hai hamara?" she asked him.

Her question struck him like lightning, left him in dumbfound as tears stroll from his eyes.  Manvi felt drops of tears on her, she tried to look at him but he hugged her so closely in his arms, so that she won't be able to see him in tears. She hugged him back to absorb his agony."Manvi, I don't have answers for all your questions. I'm not sure whether anyone else will have the answer for it but I will promise to ask Him when I meet him one fine day. You will have to bear with me till then coz  I'm not leaving you nor I'm letting you leave me anytime soon; at least for another 100 years.  Samjha mere jaan!" he told her as he cupped her face in his hand. "Manvi, I know the pain that you are going through is unbearable but I will assure you that it will not be forever. I will do whatever it takes to end this and promise you the happiness that you deserve. I just need you to trust me, be my Jhansi Ki Rani and never ever give up the battle. Main tujhe kuch nahi hone donga" he assured her. "Virat, I trust you with my life" she told him. "Ab tum soh joa, raat kafi hogaye Manvi" he told her."Virat, will stay back with me tonight? I don't why but I feel very lonely and scared Virat. I can't tell this to Di, you know how pareshaan she will get, uskhi waja Jiju  be pareshaan hoga" she explained to him in her pleading tone. "Mein rahonga tumara saat, don't worry Manvi. Mein hoon na, ab tum soh joa" he placed a kiss on her forehead and assured her. Although Virat was happy that she confided her fear to him but he was equally worried for her. He hardly slept the whole night thinking about Manvi and her sudden fear.

Feel free to express your views/comments/criticism. Really appreciate them and long comments are really welcomedSmile

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rev4eva IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Khushnav

I swear by god Rev, You have got to be the best writer on IF! Its VERY rare that someone leaves me speechless but you..you do that every single damn time! I couldnt think of a better expression to describe this masterpiece :Its almost heaven for sure! I'm honoured, honestly, to be one of your readers and most importantly one of your friends..*Hugs*

Aww Mia, it is such a pleasure for me. Your are an awesome writer as well and I m running out of words to praise your work gal. I'm officially your fan and really happy to be your friendSmileHug
-Antu-_-Aslan- IF-Rockerz

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lemy Groupbie

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 9:53am | IP Logged
loved it!! loved it!! loved it!!...Big smile

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inlvwithehmmbh Senior Member

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 9:58am | IP Logged

brilliant!! too good and emotional!! I'm becoming you fan more and more as u update... Every update is so good that i can't stop reading it... and as u know i have read all the 13 parts tgt more than once and now 14!! woohoo!! the day i read it all tgt again, i'll be so excited for part 15!! hahaha!!

LOVE YA AND ALL YOUR UPDATES!! *hugs*  Thank you!! 

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niha12345 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
so here comes another beautiful update by a very talented writer..
luved it a lottt..
pain makes people one which is clearly seen here.
virat 's concern and the pain manvi is enduring has been beautifully written by u
heart touching update..
luved it
thanks for the pm
please continue soon

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preethis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 10:05am | IP Logged
awww lovely part dear loved it.. quiet emotional no words...

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