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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 74)

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rockinggirl555

Finally!!!!!! He confessed. I can't wait for the next update, please continue soon.

Thanks dearie... Next part coming soon, will PM you once I updateSmile

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 5:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -YellowMoon-

i liked it. that was really good. do update some more.

Thanks yaar, really glad you liked it. Next part coming soonWink
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Originally posted by missingremix

I simply loveddd this update..virat is so cute n caring..manvi u lucky girl!!
D vadhera family (minus dadaji n bua) scene was also very cute..kadambari chachi is such sweetheart..brothers' bonding that u show has always been amazing..i really really liked their scene in this part..now coming 2 d part i liked d most in this update..no guessing needed..its d ending..i love such intense scenes..virat finally confessed *jumping wid joy*..u write such scenes so beautifullyDay Dreaming i so wish d CVs show something like this on d show!!
Super eager for nxt part..update soon plzzz...Tongue..n pm me ven u do!!
Thanx for ur pm this tym!!

Thanks dearie for such lovely comment. The brothers share a nice and mature bonding although they don't openly express their love for each other but they are just like the behna's. Looks like I have made most of you happy with the confession, now I m not sure how is the reaction for the next part. Next part is coming pretty soon and will definitely PM you when I update yaarSmile
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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by maria0123

virat confessed i feel likeSmile dancing awesome you are our only hope to see them fall in love keep writing plz super loved it

Thanks Maria for the lovely comments... I guess you will be over the moon if the confession scene happens on screenWink I really happy that you liked it so far, will update the next part pretty soonSmile
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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preethis

Fantastic update.. finally virat confessed his feelings... waiting for next part...

Thanks dearie... Next part will be coming soonWink
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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by snehamaanvirman

when will we get part 12

Coming soon yaar, will post it by tonightWink

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged

Hi All, Thank you all for taking your time to read and leave your lovely and valuable comments. I realized that most of you sighed in relief that Virat has finally confessed his love to Manvi. Never realized that I have been dragging this so long like typical serial but really sorry yaars. Looks like this update may also disappoint most of you but please bear with me. This time, I m sure lots of joote and chappals will be aimedWink

Part 12

I LOVE YOU Manvi... Damn it, do you understand that!!!! I LOVE YOU!" those word struck Manvi off guard, something that she least or would she say never anticipated... People say love makes the world go round but not for Manvi Choundary. She felt the whole world has stopped when she heard those words from Virat.. She couldn't believe her ears. "LOVE...Is that what it is called? The unknown feeling that was growing deep in her was LOVE?  Despite Virat's anger, his emotions were so evident in his eyes, his confession was genuinely sincere; it was definitely not sympathy but it could be pure affection, care, concern, friendship and everything else in the dictionary but why should it be LOVE? Manvi delved herself. She couldn't gauge what was going through his mind; he was facing the window which is indeed a blessing as she is not ready to face his gaze.

Virat couldn't bear to look at her; he cursed himself for what has just happened. He rehearsed his confession for days and now he has ruined everything.  The moment he saw Manvi's expression, he knew the answer. Her expression and silence has spoken for itself but what else could he expect from her at this moment. "She was already in pain and scared, and here I'm being such a moron. No idiot would have confessed the way I had" he cursed himself. He totally despised himself for putting Manvi through this agony.

Finally she gathered her courage and called out his name softly "Virat... "."Bolo Manvi" he replied in solemn voice as if he knew what was coming but he was still facing out the window. The definition of love in my life is Di, Nobody can replace her place in my life... Virat, I'm sorry. If..." Virat stopped her before she could continue. "Manvi, I don't want to replace Bhabhi's place in your life. Everyone knows nobody can replace that place, the love that you have for her. I just want to be a small part of your life, someone whom you can share your sorrow and pain with and someone whom I can share my happiness with." Manvi was speechless, she felt his pain in his voice, and she didn't know what could console him and heal the pain that she has caused him. There was eternal silence in the room; Virat didn't want to worsen the situation. She is already in pain due to biopsy; I can't afford to hurt her any further he thought. Virat excused himself and left Manvi's room, he needed solitude to regain himself and there is only one place that gave him that.

All this while, there was only one definition for love... Her Di...Her Eternal Love. How can someone else replace her Di? Has she emotionally gone weak? Have her priorities in life changed? Have her love for Di faded over the days till there is there vacuity in her life to be filled by someone else, by Virat... Manvi's inner voice questioned her.

"Why did he fall for me? What did I do to make him fall for me? How could he fall for me?" She wondered. Thousands of questions were running through her mind. There was clash between titans in her; her mind against her heart. Finally she decided that she can't let it grow any further, it has to be crippled now or else it will destroy both of them. Virat was once devastated due to love; he won't be able to go through again. She don't even know whether she will ever wake up alive tomorrow, how can she promise him something that requires a lifetime commitment. He deserves someone better, someone worthwhile for him, someone who could give him nothing but only happiness. She blamed her destiny which always robbed her of love, first it was her parents, then her Di and now him.

Virat sat at his usual spot, he was lucky it was empty. The earlier incident replayed in his mind over and over again. Tears rolled off his eyes whenever Manvi's expression came in his mind. He took out the box from his pocket, the box that he was carrying with him for days waiting for the perfect moment. He opened it and wondered whether it will reach its rightful owner, will it ever be adorned by those beautiful and delicate finger, will his love accept his token of love. He recalled his search for the perfect gift for his Bandariya.

Jewelry Shop:

Sales Guy: How can I help you Sir?

Virat: Hmmm'..Looking for something special for someone special

Sales Guy: Anything specific in your mind? Is it for confession, proposal or commitment? 

Virat: Hmmm more like all 3 in one... A ring is what I have in mind

Sales Guy: Would you like it in Silver, Gold or Platinum?

Virat: Platinum

Sales Guy: Sir, with or without Diamond?

Virat: Diamond

Sales Guy: Perfect, will show you our new exclusive collection that is perfect symbol of everlasting relationship.

He shows Virat a range of best collection of diamond rings that was available, all the finest cut and design available in Chandigarh.

Sales Guy: Sir, this is one of our finest. Fine cut solitaire, so special and exclusive that it is impossible for any girl to decline it. Something every girl would want to flaunt on their hand and leave the rest in envy.

Virat : Definitely not mine. She despises them. Errr I want a diamond ring but the diamond should be felt not seen. More like a hidden diamond in the ring.

His Bandariya is definitely no typical girl who can be flattered by expensive designers, diamonds or jewelry. She is simple yet priceless; a true diamond within. He wanted to propose her with something that signifies her. The shocked look on the sales guy's face clearly indicates that he has labeled Virat as eccentric and if not for the name Vandhera, the sales guy wouldn't be contemplating whether to entertain Virat or not.

Sales Guy: Sir, you want a diamond ring but the diamond should not be visible?

He was looking so perplexed as if Virat just spoke in Klingon language and he is trying to decode it

Virat: Hmmm, Yes... More like an invert of the typical ring. Looks like any other plain band but only the person who is adorns it and I will know about the diamond.

** Virat replied while wearing the expression that shouts out that I'm-not-insane-just-trying-to-be- unique-and-romantic-dude

Sales Guy: I'm afraid we don't have anything near to what you have in mind off the rack. Maybe I can request you to share what you have in mind with our in-house jewelry designer to see how we can fulfill your request.

The sales guy offered his best resolution and Virat agreed. A moment later, a guy in his late forties appeared with sales guy. Virat described what he has in his mind to the designer, the guy smiled; immediately understood and agreed to design and personally make it. "It is my honor to design such an exquisite piece. She must be a lucky girl, would love to meet the lovely young lady one day if time permits. By the way young man, I will also engrave your personalized message on the ring, please leave your message with the sales personnel" he told Virat before leaving. Virat shook his hand in gratitude and turned towards the sales guy was still looked stumped.

Sales Guy: Sir, please write the message you would like to engrave on this paper.

Virat scribbled on the paper and handed it over. The guy took the paper to reconfirm the message with Virat.

Sales Guy: Sir, you would like the message on the ring to read "I Love You Band..." Sir, would you like to recheck the message, there seems like some mistake.

Virat: There is no mistake; it should read as "I Love You Bandariya" Spelling would be B-A-N-D-A-R-I-Y-A

Sales Guy: Understood and noted on the spelling for Bandariya as well

He looked as if he will lose his sanity if he deals with Virat any longer. Virat made his payment and left with his smirk on his face. "Oye  Bandariya, what have you done to me... You made Virat Singh Vandhera look like a total Bandar in front of that guy. Your love is making me go crazy but I'm enjoying this feeling'. Bandariya meri Bandariya" he thought to himself. The thought of Manvi immediately craved a smile on his face as he walked out of the most exclusive jewelry shop in Chandigarh.

Coming back to his senses, he saw the ring again and wondered whether he will ever be able to admire the beauty of this ring on his Bandariya.  "Indeed a beautiful ring "the comment startled Virat as he saw Dr Shashank behind him with 2 cups of coffee in his hand. "Mind if I join you?" he asked. Virat gestured him to join in, Virat was relieved that his tears have been dried off by the cold breeze. Dr Shashank sat down while offering him a cup.  Virat closed the box and slid in to his pocket and accepted the coffee. "So when are you planning to confess to Manvi?" he asked Virat. "Manvi!!!  Was it that obvious? Virat asked. "I'm not sure how obvious it is to the rest but I definitely saw the spark of love the first time I met both of  you together, perfect jodi" Dr Shashank replied. "I'm not sure whether it is still applicable now. I mean I was rehearsing for perfect and romantic  confession for days and today I might have been the only moron who has confessed his love in the most barbaric way." he answered while clenching  his fist in anger. Dr Shashank placed his hand on Virat's shoulder, "Relax Virat... A planned confession may be fancy but it may not reflect the genuineness of your feeling. Let it happen when it is meant to happen. Nothing should be planned when it comes to love. So tell me what went wrong?" he asked while sipping his coffee "Well, I burst out my feelings to her in anger;  she was shocked , instead of blushing she went so pale as if my words have drained off her blood from her body and her silence was enough to enlighten me." he replied with utmost pain in his voice. "She didn't say NO right?" Dr Shashank asked. "She didn't spell it out but she made it clear that there was no place for love in her life besides Bhabhi. I stopped her from continuing as I don't think I will be able to endure her rejection nor the reasons for her rejection" Virat poured out his heart. "Virat, give her some time, she is going thru hard times now, it maybe very difficult for her to accommodate love as she is juggling between life and death. She may be a very strong girl but at the moment she is physically and emotionally down.  Your love may seem like sympathy for her at the moment. She will need time to understand your love and realize her love for you." he tried to make Virat understand. "Love her with all you have without any expectation, the power of unconditional love will not fail you. Don't stop showering her with your love, don't try to bind her with your love, let her free. The power of love will bring her to you, when she comes; no force in the world will be able to separate you not even death." Dr Shashank continued. "Really?" Virat asked with a ray of hope in his eyes. "I have full faith in the power of love as it brought back my mine to me when I thought I have lost it forever." Dr Shashank assured Virat. "Dr Shashank, aap ka bhi love story hai?" Virat looked up at Dr Shashank with astonishment. "Hah Virat, but I will share my love story later when time permits else both of us may end up sitting here the whole night.  Trust me it is that long and complicated." Dr Shashank smiled as he replied. "Ok Dr, I better get going. God knows uss Bandariya ka dimaag peh kya  kya chalraha hai. I left in a haste earlier, hope she is not up to something stupid" Virat announced as he got up. "Dr Shashank, thank you very much. I have gained trust on the strength of my love and the clutter in my mind is cleared now. I will continue to shower her with my love without any expectation even if it takes lifetime." he replied and walked towards his Bandariya's room. "If Buddha got his enlightenment under Bodhi tree,  Virat Singh Vandhera has attain his enlightenment in this garden on the bench, first enlightenment of his life now on his love" he thought to himself and  smiled.

He walked into her room and sighed in relief as she was still on her bed but lost in her thoughts. The misery in her face was obvious. Manvi was frantically searching for answers in her mind that she didn't realize Virat's presence there. "Manvi, tum kuch kaya?" Virat asked her. Manvi was startled by the question, she gathered her courage to look up, to meet his gaze and reply him "I'm not hungry Virat". To her surprise, she found him busy setting up his laptop instead of crucifying her with his gaze. "I thought so! Well, you can't eat your medicine with empty stomach. I have ordered sandwich for you" he replied while still setting up his notebook. "Aur tum Virat? Tum kuch kaya" she asked with concern. He smiled at her question; he sensed both concern and guilt in her voice. "Not yet, not really hungry but will grab something later" he answered still looking at his notebook. Manvi was unable to read his expression; he acted as if the whole incident didn't take place. There was no anger, no pain, no frustration, no hatred in his face, it was very calm. "Finally, everything is ready." he announced looking up at Manvi for the first time since he returned. "I manage to get a favor from an old buddy to cover Bhai's event and provide us live streaming. Now you can watch you Jiju in action live from here" he disclosed his plan to Manvi. Virat walked towards her bed, Manvi felt her heartbeat increased rapidly in response to his closeness. He placed the notebook on her bed; then pulled the chair closer to the bed and sat on it instead of the bed as she anticipated. Manvi insisted in sharing her dinner, her sandwich with Virat as they watched the full coverage of the event. She knew if he didn't eat with her, he would never eat. Her eyes got teary as she watched the whole event and was grateful to Virat for making it happen. Viren and Jeevika called right after the function to update her but they were surprised that Virat made the impossible possible for Manvi. It was almost 11 pm, when Virat finally shut down his notebook, gave Manvi her medication and was about to leave when he heard her calling him.  "Virat, I'm sorry about what I said earlier today'" Virat interrupted her before she could complete "Oye Bandariya, stop torturing yourself with guilt. There is nothing to apologize. I have no regrets of what happen today, the timing may have not been perfect but I meant every single thing that I said Manvi. I love you and will still love you no matter what but I never said you should to reciprocate back immediately. I will wait. Stop analyzing the incident too much or try to avoid me or make me hate you coz none of that is going to work with me. So give the dimaag of yours some rest.  Good night Manvi. I will see you tomorrow. Ab mein jao?" he asked her with his trademark smile. His words didn't free her from her guilt but it gave her a sense of relieve. "Good night Virat and thanks." she replied back. Her lips curved into a small smile, the first genuine smile on her face for the whole day. He took his backpack and left, although he initially planned to camp over at the hospital but later decided otherwise. They both needed their own space and time to overcome the awkwardness between them.

Feel free to express your views/comments/criticism. Really appreciate them and long comments are really welcomedSmile

BTW, I decided to googled for the ring I had in mind and was surprised to find that it does exist. Do check it out to get the idea.



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hey revs..Embarrassed remember moi? LOL MIA nowadays coz of exams, plus losing interest in show. Ouch 

but still...love your work..this is actually what i would have enjoyed currently, lol.LOLWink 

yeah, one suggestion, please separate it into shorter paragraphs, me+long paragraphs zyaada banti nahi, haha. LOL

also...just loved the convo between virat and jewellery guy and virat's confession...'No mistake in the Bandariya' that's definitely what i would have ensured in virat's place.LOL love demands a little bit perfection na? LOLTongue

continue writing..

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