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VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 64)

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Originally posted by KaranKundra4Eva

Awweeeh! I think this is my fav Virman FF! <3 
It's so adorable,  cute and just amazing!!!! 
You're such a good writer! =D 
PM me when yuuh update! =)

Thank you so much dearie... Will definitely PM you yaarSmile

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Originally posted by ..luv_shahid..

rev rev rev Hug
firstly m sorry for the late reply...n girl ur amazing...u're making me fall in love with VirMan even more...
update soon Embarrassed

Thank you so much dearie... Glad that u took yr time to read and commentHug
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Originally posted by Jessica.Patel

Originally posted by rev4eva

Originally posted by Jessica.Patel

OMFG i read your story from part 1 to 9 in one shot yesterday night and i got to tell you its AMAZING !! please continue soon its mindblowing  Heart

Aww thanks for taking yr time to read all the parts. Glad that you liked it.Big smile
ive never read this type of sstory LOVE IT omg running to read part 10 :D <3 ur amazing :D <3 keep it up :D

Thanks dearie... Glad you liked part 10 as wellSmile
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Originally posted by maria0123

i can continue reading it you have done an awesome job loved it you can get mesmerized wid ur story

Thanks dearie... Glad you liked itSmile
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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Hi All, Thank you so much for taking your time to read and leaving such lovely comments. Really appreciate it alot. Sorry for the delay in update as I was stuck with this part. Couldn't really weave all the scenes together. Special thanks to Jit for her tips and encouragement. Not sure whether this will live up to your expectation and medical terms used are from my search online. Apologize if it is inappropriate.

Part 11

Finally after 3 weeks, Virat succeeded in his first mission. He has been working discreetly as he wanted the see the expression in his Bandariya when she saw her surprise. Finally he walked to her room, taking a deep breath, hiding his excitement and opened the room door. "Tum... I thought it was Di! You always come in the evening na" Manvi exclaimed as she saw Virat walking in instead of her Di. "Is that a way to greet someone who takes so much of trouble to visit you? Anyways I have sent Bhabhi out for a surprise date with Bhai. So you will have to bear with me the whole day" Virat answered. Manvi's disappointment vanished the moment she heard her Di and Jiju went on a date. Ever since she was admitted, her Di was always with her and hardly spend time with Jiju. She was always feeling guilty about it but today Virat relieved her from that. "When was the last time you left this room of yours deft footiya?" Virat's question broke her from her thought. "Woh... Uhmm... I can't recall. Why do you ask" she replied trying very hard to think whether she has ever left the room on her own. She can't think of any unless it was for some scan or test. "Ab chalo, let's go for a walk in the park. The hospital has a very beautiful park, so sad that you have never enjoyed it. The weather is beautiful today, chalo" Virat urged her to follow him. Manvi hesitated but she followed him behind. She was also yearning to breathe the fresh air, see the beautiful sun, hear the birds chirp; watch the trees dance to the beautiful hymn of wind. She couldn't believe how she survived so long without them. Virat slowed his pace as he realized Manvi was slow due to her weakness. "Why did you slow down Chep?" Manvi asked as she caught up with Virat. "No Bandariya, just to make sure you are not out of my sight. I recall Bhabi once said you jumped out of the clinic window to escape. I don't want to spend the rest of my Sunday looking out for a runaway Bandariya in Chandigarh city" he replied with smirk. They both know the reason, she was weak. Virat didn't want to show her that he was worried about her health. He always acted as if she was only suffering from a mere cold not some fatal disease. Virat was right; the garden was indeed very scenic. It was so refreshing to be close to nature again. Although it was nothing close to Rishikesh but the moment she breathe in the fresh air, she felt so energized. The cold breeze blew against her face, she felt as if the nature was welcoming her. Virat silently stood watching his beautiful Bandariya. "Manvi, you want to sit? You have good view of kids playing at the playground from that bench. It is my favorite spot", he told her pointing to the wooden bench nearby when he realized she was standing too long. Manvi nodded and followed him. "Chep, this is your favorite spot? Do you come here often? "She asked him. She was surprised that Virat enjoyed watching kids play. "Almost every day, I never realize time flies whenever I'm here." he answered her while watching the kids play. "I know exactly how you feel. I used to enjoy myself admiring the nature in Rishikesh. Sometimes it feels like they understand you; whenever I'm sad, the breeze tries to console me while when I'm happy, they cheer and rejoice the happiness with me. After so long, it feels good to be back with nature again", Manvi replied. They sat there for almost an hour, suddenly Virat's mobile vibrated. He saw a text from Viren, it says "Everything ready. Buzz me when you're ready". Virat smiled and replied "Coming". He turned to her" Manvi, let's go back. You have been out very long, don't want you to catch cold." he told her. "Virat, will you bring me here again tomorrow?" she asked him. "If you promise to behave, then I will consider" he replied while helping her up. "Thank you!!!!" she grinned in joy as she walked back to her room.

 "Virat, my room is this way... Where are you taking me?" she questioned him as they were walking the opposite direction. "Bandariya, I'm confident on my sense of direction. Chup karo and just follow me. I come here every day, I know where your room is located" he answered her. For a moment, she believed Virat and really thought she has even lost her sense of direction. Virat stopped and announced "Now, here is your room Bandariya. Go get in, I will join you shortly" he told her. "Virat, my sense of direction may be bad but this is definitely not my room. I'm not suffering from amnesia." Manvi protested. "Manvi, this is your room... If you don't believe, open the door. Go on..." Virat insisted. "Fine, I will prove you wrong Chep" she challenged him while opening the door. "Surprise!!!!!!" everyone cried as the door opened. Manvi was shocked to see her Di, Viren, Vanshika aunty, Shlok, Kadambari chachi and Inder chachu in the room. The room was different from the rest of the rooms in the hospital; it was in painted in baby pink. There was a huge photo of her Di and her taken during the wedding hung on the wall. Her favorite red roses were beautifully arranged in crystal vase on the table. There was a family portrait of Choudary's and a picture of the sisters at Riskhikesh on side table next to the window along with a bottle of water labeled Mummy Papa with a small rudrashaka mala adorn on it. Her favorite teddy bear was also there along with the other hospital equipment. Tears rolled off her cheeks, she couldn't believe her eyes. She felt Virat's hand on her shoulder, awakening her from what seems like a dream. "Bandariya, are you still going to argue that this is not your room?" he asked her. Manvi was speechless. Jeevika welcomed her in to her new room and told her "Manvi, this is your new room from now". "Di, yea saab mere liye? I can't believe it!" Manvi finally spoke. "Hah Mannu, yeh saab tere liye. All the credit goes to my best Devar" Jeevika announced. Manvi couldn't believe her eyes or her ears. "Chep did all this for me!! But why? "she wondered. Manvi held Virat's gaze and her eyes spoke the volume that she couldn't express and Virat acknowledged it with his smile. "When Virat suggested this, I recalled how you hated typical hospital room. How you complained that it will make even a healthy person sick. So I immediately agreed to the idea, we pulled some string with the Vandhera's influence and here we are today... So how do you like your new room my dear Saali" Viren asked. His voice broke their eye lock. "Jiju, Di... No words can express my feelings today. "she sobbed. "Uff theri, I thought Manvi will be jumping in joy but we ended up making her cry" Kadambari chachi's comment made everyone burst out laughing. Everyone was busy showing Manvi around her new room while Virat leaned against the door watching his Bandariya. He would do almost anything to preserve the smile in her face forever. A tap on his shoulder brought Virat back to reality. He realized Dr Shashank was standing next to him. "How do you like your new room Manvi" Dr Shashank inquired.  "Dr, Like it??? I love it!!! It feels like I'm actually at home." Manvi replied in joy. "That's great to hear" Dr Shashank replied. "Dr, we actually owe you a big thanks. None of this would be possible without you." Viren thanked Dr Shashank. "By the way, there is good news for you Manvi!" Kadambari chachi announced. "Wow, what is the good news Chachi?" Manvi asked. "Well, remember Viren fought the case for the poor against Jaiswal? The Bar council of India has recognized his work as well as his other cases for the poor and needy. They are honoring him an award in New Delhi on Wednesday. Your Jiju will be featured in national TV and newspaper, just like superstar Manvi" Kadambari happily announced. "Wow, Jiju... That is such great news. Actually they should have been awarded you long time ago but at least they realized now." Manvi rejoiced while hugging him. "Jiju, make sure Di is with you when the press interviews you. I can't wait to tell the whole Riskhikesh that Di is on TV. Chachi, I won't be around but need you to make sure Di look extremely stunning. Vanshika aunty, please make sure you cast all the evil spirit off my Jiju aur Di after the function. Shlok make sure you take lots of pictures of the event. Chachu, please make sure the press walla don't ambush Jiju and Di" she continued. "Oye Bandariya, aur hukum haye? You have turned my whole family at your service. Have you covered all or anything else left for me?" Virat interrupted. "Oh, I don't entrust such important task to Chep like you!" she chided him. Virat smirked at her comment. Dr Shashank signaled Viren and Virat to join him in his room as he walked out.

After a while, Virat and Viren excused themselves and went to Dr Shashank's cabin. Dr Shashank explained to them that although Manvi has shown vast improvement recently but her illness has been progressing rapidly as well. "The next option would be chemotherapy but I would also like to perform trephine biopsy to get her bone marrow sample. It is better to start looking for a suitable bone marrow donor incase Manvi is unable to cope with chemotherapy. There is no definite danger but I just want to be prepared" Dr Shashank explained. "Dr, when are you planning to perform the biopsy?" Viren enquired. "I have scheduled it on Tuesday, any problem Viren" he asked. "Oh, we are scheduled to leave to Delhi on Monday night. Someone needs to be with her ... "Virat cuts in before Viren could complete. "Bhai, you don't worry. I will stay back with Manvi. Don't tell Bhabhi or anyone about the procedure. You know what I mean right? Anyways I'm not into those boring functions Bhai " Virat said. "Viren, you don't worry. We will take care of Manvi. In fact Virat, you don't have to stay back as well." Dr Shashank assured. "No Dr, I will stay back. I have read about trephine biopsy procedure online. Manvi is afraid of needles, so you will definitely need me to pacify Manvi." Virat tried to convince Viren and Dr Shashank. "Theek hai Virat, you stay back with Manvi. I will manage everyone at home" Viren replied with his approving smile while Dr Shashank nodded in agreement. "Bhai, I'm sorry and thanks" Virat told his Bhai as they walked out of Dr Shashank's cabin. "Sorry aur Thanks?" Viren questioned Virat. "Sorry for not being there to celebrate your success and thanks for understanding me" Virat answered. "Since when you started being so filmy with your Bhai... Of course I understand you. That's what brothers are for.. " Viren replied while playfully punching Virat on his hand. Viren has begun to sense Virat's affection towards his Saali; the indication that his little brother has finally moved on from his past craved a smile in his face. Virat sensed that his Bandariya wanted to speak to him but she was distracted by everyone else so he purposely left his phone behind in her room. Everyone bid Manvi goodbye and left. On their way out, Virat pretended to realize that he left his phone in Manvi's room. He gestured the rest to leave as he will join them later at home. Vanshika understood her son's intention so she suggested that they leave first. Back in her room, Manvi was feeling helpless. "Virat has done so much for me, I didn't even thank him. How stupid could you be Manvi!!! You thanked Di, Jiju and even Dr Shashank but how can you not thank Virat?" she mentally cursed herself when she saw her room door opened. "Virat!!!!! Tum... "she gasped in joy as if her prayer was answered. " Haan mein and close your mouth else machar anthar chayenga "he joked." I forgot my mobile, so came back to get it" he lied. Virat walked towards her side table to collect his mobile, feeling slightly disappointed that she hasn't said anything to him besides her surprised expression. He was about to walk away when she held his hand. His lips curved to a smile, he slowly turned towards her. "Virat, I just don't know how to thank you. I mean pehle the garden walk, then this room and then good news about Jiju. My day couldn't have been better without you. Issiliya Thank you very much Virat" she thanked him whole heartedly. "My pleasure Bandariya. Aur hameesha iss tera rehana, this smile should be there always" he replied. "Now go get some sleep, you had a tiring day today" he told her. Suddenly, he went close to her ears and whispered, "If you notice, your new bed is large enough for two now"  then he walked away with his mischievously smile leaving her speechless and blushed. Virat tried to sneak back to his room quietly but he failed. Swamini bua called him as he passed the study. Virat saw Dadaji, Swamini bua and his Bhai in the room and from their expression he gauged it was something serious. "Virat, yeh bilkul mera umeed nahi tah. How can you not put your family before others?" Swamini bua questioned Virat. Virat was puzzled, before he could respond; Dadaji spoke. "Swamini beta, how many times I have told you? There is no point having any hope on him. Neither is he capable nor responsible in fulfilling anyone's hope. Uspe umeed rakhna chodo." he taunted and left the room. Virat's jaw tightens, his fist clenches in anger but the moment he saw Viren's goofy expression his anger slowly subsided. "Bhai can be the world's best lawyer but he is indeed a lousy liar. He must have cooked up some lame story to convince Dadaji and Bua to allow him to stay back in Chandigarh. What surprises him, no matter how lame it is Dadaji and Bua will fall for it just because it comes from Viren." he thought to himself. "What excuse did Bhai actually told them?" he wondered. "Virat, do you think that your friend's wedding is more important than celebrating Viren's success in Delhi with the family?" Swamini asked again. "OMG Bhai, friend's wedding... How can I justify" Virat wondered. "Woh bua, I promised to be the best man. I couldn't back out at last minute nah... I mean a promise is a promise Bua!" Virat finally spoke. "Joh tum theek samja Virat" Swamini answered and left. She didn't want to hurt him further as she knew he was already hurt with Dadaji's remark. Although she doesn't openly express her affection towards him like Viren but she always had a soft spot for him since he reminded her of her late brother. Virat peeped out of the door to ensure Buaji and Dadaji was out of earshot before he spoke. "Bhai!!! Friend's wedding??? Viren Singh Vandhera the renowned lawyer of Chandigarh could only think of this!! "he cried out in disappointment. "Sorry Bhai, you know how I can't lie to Bua or Dadaji. It was so last minute and this was the best I could think off. Luckily they believed it." Viren sighed in relief. "Bhai, Thanks again. Sorry you had to lie because of me. Our mind and soul will be there with you even if we are not present there to celebrate your success" Virat assured him. "No worries, In fact, I don't want them to blame Manvi for this as well. It is my responsible to be there with her, I and Jeevika owe you a big one Bhai." Viren replied.

The next day, Jeevika, Viren, Vanshika and Virat visited Manvi in the hospital before leaving to Delhi. Manvi was unaware that Virat was not following them. Jeevika left with heavy heart but Virat assured his Bhabi that he will keep an eye on Manvi in midst of the "wedding" that he is supposed to attend. The next day morning, Virat left early to the hospital as Manvi's test was scheduled in the morning and he knew she will be scared. He slowly opened her room door to find his Bandariya sitting curled up on her bed, her face was pale, eyes tightly shut and her hand was twisting the pillow in fear, just as he imagined. He slowly walked up to her and touched her shoulder. Her body jolted in shock, she slowly opened her eyes to face her most dreaded fear needles instead she found her Chep. "Tum theek hai Manvi?" he asked her when he saw her fear stricken face. "Mein... Mein... Theek hai Virat... "she tried to hide her fear but her eyes told the opposite. Virat pulled the chair next to Manvi and sat. He held her hand and tried to comfort her."Manvi, there is nothing to be scared. It will be slightly painful but I'm sure my Sherni will endure it." he tried to assure her. Manvi managed a weak smile but deep inside she was still scared. The nurse interrupted their conversation and indicated that it was time for the test. Manvi held Virat's hand tight as they followed the nurse for the biopsy. "Don't worry Manvi, Main hoon na teri saat. Why fear when Virat is here" he whispered to her and squeezed her hand tight to assure her everything will be alright. Although Manvi was under mild sedative, he knew the pain was unbearable. She held his hand tight throughout the process, her grip and her tears explained the pain which she refuse to confess. He wished he could absorb all her pain but he was helpless. She slept the whole afternoon due to the pain; Virat was at her side all the time. She finally woke up in the evening and was surprised to see Virat at her side, lost in his thoughts. Finally it strikes her that Virat should be in Delhi with the rest of his family to celebrate her Jiju's success." What is he doing her in the hospital, the function is tonight and everyone left yesterday night. Why did everyone leave without him? Did Dadaji stopped him from attending?" she wondered to herself. She tried to get up but the pain was horrendous. Her moan stirred Virat from his thoughts, "Manvi, Do you want something? I will get it for you. Try not to strain yourself too much" he told her. "I was just trying to get some water" she told him. Virat helped her to sit up and handed over the water to her."Virat, aren't you supposed to be in Delhi with Di and Jiju? What are you doing here?" she asked him. "Oh damn, she actually remembered." Virat freaked out with her question. "Oh, I missed my flight yesterday" he lied. "But all of you were together, how come you missed your flight alone?" she probed him. "Off all days, why is she so alert today? Oh Damn! Where are my lucky stars when I need them the most" he cursed himself."Woh Manvi, I forgot my tickets at home, so I had to rush home to get them. By the time I reached the airport, I missed the flight. Due to holiday season, all the other tickets were fully booked. So I had to miss Bhai's event" Virat tried to convince Manvi while avoiding her eyes. "Virat, I know you are lying." she accused him. "Manvi, I'm not lying. I missed my flight and so I'm stuck in Chandigarh. I decided to accompany you in the hospital instead of rotting alone at home. That's it!" Virat snapped at her. "Virat you should be Delhi not here...And how did you know about my test today. I only got to know it last night after everyone left? Are you hiding something from me?" she probed him again. Virat felt cornered. "Manvi, Dr Shashank called last night to inform about the test. That is how I knew about it. Stop imagining things and get some rest, you are weak." he replied her. "Virat, I know you well enough to know when you are lying and when you're not. You can't even face me when you are answering? That is so not you!!!! It is Jiju's big day and his whole family should be there with him. How can you do this to Jiju? How would everyone react if they know that you are here? Answer me Virat! Why?" she demanded for an answer. "Manvi, just drop the topic here. I'm not in the mood to argue with you" he snapped at her. "No, I will not drop the topic until you tell me the truth. Answer me Virat! Why?" Manvi argued back. "Damn it Manvi, enough of all this nonsense! At this moment, my presence here is more important than in Delhi. That is it, I don't want to discuss this any further" he shouted back. His jaw tighten in rage, he was unable to tolerate her interrogations any longer. He turned to leave the room when he heard a loud cry. Manvi collapsed while trying to get up, his heart skipped a beat. He ran to her but she refused his help. She was angry at him, she tried to push him away but she was too weak. He carried her and placed her on the bed carefully. "What the hell are you trying to do? I told you to stay in bed Manvi. "he commanded her while trying to maintain his cool. The anger in his eyes was evident to Manvi but she was not ready to give up. "Why do you care Virat? What do you gain by making me indebted to your sympathy!!" she replied controlling her tears. Indebted...Sympathy... those two words were enough to provoke the anger that he was trying to control. "Fine! You want answer; I will give you the answer. There is only one answer to all your questions... I LOVE YOU Manvi... Damn it, do you understand that!!!! I LOVE YOU!" he finally confessed.             

Feel free to express your views/comments/criticism. Really appreciate them and long comments are really welcomedSmile







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yeyey me first
amazin part..virat really loves her sooo much...room... walk...test.
m glad he confessed 
hate dadaji nd bua sooo much

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Clap Hey another fabulous update and my favorite till date s he confesses...not a slow methodical or well planned proposal on a date...but a spontaneous over flow of emotions which just tumbles our of his mouth!!!!

And what he did for Maanvi with the renovated room thing ws another beautiful touch...i literallay had tears in my eyes when i read that part...

You really capture emotions very well dear!!!

Kudos to you...do write more and eager for update

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