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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
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VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 48)

Shruti21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
again u filled my eyes with tears...awesome girl...u left me wid no words...i was waiting for ur update...
total how many parts r dere..??

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Nehal92 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Marvellous update!! :)) update soon :))

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tina_1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged
amazin part...loved it !!

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innocentmanvi1 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rev4eva

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments and encouragement. Here is the next part, hope you like it.

Part 9

Virat was mesmerized by the smile. Both Virat and Manvi were startled by a knock on the door, none of them knew how long they were both lost in each other's eyes. A tall well-dressed man walked in to the room accompanied by a nurse. "Arey wah, I think there is going to hurricane in Chandigarh today. What do you think sister?" he asked the nurse while smiling. The poor nurse was visibly confused with the question. "I'm Dr Shashank, Manvi's doctor" Dr Shashank introduced himself while extending his hand to Virat. Virat was about to extend his hand, and that was then Virat and Manvi realized that they were still holding hands, sealing their lifetime agreement. Manvi abruptly let go of her hand, freeing Virat from her grip. "Glad to meet you Dr Shashank. I'm Virat. In fact I wanted to meet you earlier but you were in OT." Virat responded while accepting Dr  Shashank's hand shake. "Oh yes, sorry about that. It was a sudden emergency" Dr Shashank answered. "Dr, why did you say that there will be hurricane in Chandigarh earlier?" Virat asked confusingly as Dr Shashank was about to study Manvi's record. He realized that even the nurse was also waiting anxiously for the answer. "Oh, that... Well for the first time, I'm seeing Manvi Chaudary smiling. I never thought she knew how to smile." Dr Shashank replied while leaving Virat and nurse to burst out laughing.  Manvi was blushing, the paleness of her face was fading, and her cheeks turned to rosy pink. Virat was happy that the cold and icy Manvi is slowly melting. "I think the White Witch that was possessing Manvi was unable to stand the warmth of this room and decided to leave" Virat joked back. "How dare he call me White Witch!!!" Manvi was fuming in anger and cursed him mentally but she was unable to deny that she was melting in his warm smile. Virat sensed that she was cursing him from her expression, so he playfully leaned towards her at whispered "Kuch kaha tumney?". Manvi just shoot him a killer you-will-pay-for-this-look which Virat responded with his devilish grin.

Dr Shashank silently watched their antics from the corner his eyes and smiling to himself. "Jeevika was indeed right, Virat is the person "he thought to himself.  "Very well, today's progress is pretty remarkable. Looks like my new treatment have started its jadoo" Dr Shashank smiled. Manvi never bothered about what medicine or treatment was given to her, she just swallows whatever was given. Little that she knew that her new medicine was none other than Virat. "So Dr, Bhabhi was telling me that you wanted to discuss with me something? Are you free to discuss now or later? asked Virat in his serious tone. "Now would be good, Manvi is my last patient for my rounds today. We can discuss in my cabin if Manvi gives me permission to hijack her visitor for some time?" asked Dr Shashank while looking at Manvi for approval. "I will be grateful if you could hijack him forever" Manvi answered back. Virat mocked at her before following. Dr Shashank explained thoroughly on Manvi's condition as well as answering Virat's questions pertaining to Leukemia.

Virat realized that it was almost 8 pm when he stepped out from Dr Shashank's room. He never expected it to be so long, he decided to check on his Bandariya before leaving home. He slowly opened the door, realized that her room was dim; he saw her sleeping like an angel. He was tempted to kiss her goodnight but refrained himself. He just stood at the door entrance and whispered softly "Good night Bandariya" and was about to close the door when he heard a faint voice.  "Virat... Is that you? ", he was stunned by the voice. He stepped in the room and closed the door behind as he was surprised that Manvi was still awake. "Oye  Bandariya, you are still awake? Where you expecting anyone else?" he asked. "Nahi Buddhu, I was actually waiting for you and somehow dozed off, this medicine really makes me sleep the whole day. For a moment, I thought you have left after talking to Dr Shashank" she replied in her low tone slowly opening her eyes. The moment he heard that Manvi was waiting for him, his heart did a somersault in joy. Virat pulled the chair closer to bed while Manvi sat up straight on her bed. "Kya hua Bandariya, I thought you were waiting to get rid of me earlier. Aur aab mein kya sunrayi, you were waiting for me?"  Virat smirked while raising his brow. Manvi was lost for words; she bit her lower lip in regret. She didn't mean a single thing that she said earlier requesting Dr  Shashank to hijack him forever. Realizing Manvi's helpless state, Virat decided to stop pulling her leg. "Acha woh baat chortho, now tell me why were you waiting for me? Kuch bolna chata hu" he asked leaning closer to the bed. "Hmmm I wanted to tell you "Sorry aur Thank you", Manvi confessed. Virat gave her his trademark smile and asked "Sorry aur Thank you!!! Mausam theek hai Bandariya? Acha bolo sorry kissiliye aur thank you kissiliye Bandariya? "."Hmmm sorry for being rude to you earlier, shouting at you and thank you for everything else. Talking to you made me clear the fog that was clouding my mind. I really feel better today Virat." Manvi replied. Virat was touched by her words, "I also owe you an apology as well as thank you. Sorry for my anger outburst and thank you for making me realize my mistake and helped me out of the past that was haunting me. Looks like we are even today." he replied with a smile. Then suddenly he recalled something and his smile faded, Manvi was confused as his smile faded. "Manvi, there is something that I have been bothering me for long, only you can tell help me clear it and I want honest answer. I need to know what exactly happened that night when I burst at you with anger. I was so blinded by my anger, that I can't recall anything that happened.  I had sleepless night trying to recall what happened that night but I couldn't.  Ma told me that she found you in pool of blood; did I do that to you Manvi? Did I hurt you Manviii..." suddenly he felt her finger on his mouth. "Shhh, Virat don't blame yourself for whatever that happened that night. You are an angry young man but definitely not capable of hurting anyone. For the first time in my life, I was terrified with the anger in your eyes. You left after a while but I was still in shock. Then I had my dizzy spell. I recall hitting on the vase in the terrace as I lose my balance and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital. I passed out due to my health, nothing to do with you." she finally gave him the answer that freed him from the guilt that was plaguing him. "Sach?" he confirmed. "Arey baba, mere kasam" Manvi reconfirmed his doubt with an assuring smile. Virat sighed in relief, "Ok Bandariya, I better get going before the guards throw me out. You can continue your beauty sleep deft footiya. He got up to leave when Manvi held his hand to stop him.

"Chep, Can you bring Di tomorrow?" she requested him. "So you want ME to come tomorrow with Bhabi" he asked with a mischievous grin. "No mera matlab, I want to apologize to Di for what happened today." she tried to cover up. "Oh, so you want Bhabhi to visit you tomorrow not ME? Ok I will ask the driver to drop Bhabhi at the hospital tomorrow" he answered while pouting his lips as if he was hurt. "Woh  mera matlab nahi Virat..." she tried to recover from her vocabulary malfunction.  "Toh kya matlab tumara? So you want me to come tomorrow or sirf bhabi" he tried to look naive and confused. "Aggghhh...You are such a Chep. Stop twisting my words and listen to me. I want to talk to Di tomorrow, whether Di comes with you or some driver makes no difference for me. Samja Chep" Manvi fumed in irritation. "OMG, have I awakened the Sherni?? Relax Bandariya... I promise Bhabhi will be here tomorrow. Aab me jao meri ma?" he raised both his hand on air in defeat. He drove back home with smile fixed on his face throughout the journey while Manvi slept peacefully after a long time.

 Jeevika was sitting in her room with the bottle of ganga jaal that was presented to her by Mannu for her wedding. "Mummy Papa, Please forgive me. I have failed to fulfill my promise to you. I promised to look after Mannu but I don't know where I went wrong. Mummy, you have always told me that Mannu was sickly child but I failed to realize it. Maybe I should have insisted her for her check-up whenever she was sick. If you were around, you would have definitely dragged her to the hospital. I was ignorant and now I'm paying the price of my negligence with Mannu's life. Maybe this is the reason why she is moving away from me and getting closer to you.  Mummy Papa, please give me another chance. I have overcome my grief over your lost because of Mannu, but if I lose Mannu now there is nothing to hold onto in my life. She is my only remembrance of both of you" Jeevika cried her heart out to her parents, hoping they would hear her from heaven. Jeevika was lost in her thoughts when Viren entered the room. She didn't even realize that he was back until she felt his hand on her shoulder. "Viren ji, aap? Sorry I didn't even realize that you were back." Jeevika replied while trying to hide her sorrow and tears but Viren is capable of sighting Jeevika's slightest change. "Jeevika, Jeevika... relax." he tried to calm her down. He made her sit down; he sat next to her, wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Kya hua Jeevika, phir  Manvi kuch kaha?" he asked her. "Virenji, I don't know whether the illness or the medicine has made my Mannu so bitter." Jeevika starts sobbing that she is unable to complete her sentence. "It is just matter of time, everything will be alright Jeevika." Viren consoled his wife. It hurts him a lot to see Jeevika and Manvi in this state but he still stood strong for the sake of his wife and his saali. He is prayed for miracle to happen as he is not only losing his saali but also his wife. The couple is disturbed by the knock on their room. "Let me get the door while you wipe off your tears, tum bilkul achi nahi lagate Mrs Vadhera" Viren told her as he walked towards the door. Jeevika nodded while faking a weak smile.

 "Bhai, I hope I'm not disturbing you and bhabi?" Virat enquired when Viren opened the door. "Bilkul nahi, come in Virat", Viren invited him in. "Virat, tum kaha thee itna der hogaye?" Jeevika questioned her Devar with love. "Woh bhabhi, I was at the hospital. Manvi ki saath", he answered. "Hospital??? Manvi ki saath? Saab theek hai? You came back with me from the hospital nah?"Jeevika shot Virat with her questions. "Bhabhi ruk joa aur thoda saas lelo , Bhai, save me!"  Virat pleaded. Jeevika realized that she got carried away the moment she heard Manvi's name. "Sorry Virat!" she apologized but Virat stopped her. "I was just kidding bhabhi. I went back to the hospital after dropping you. Well it took me some time to pacify woh deft footiya and knock some senses to head. Aab sab theek hai  aur ek khush khabar bhi hai. Your pagal Mannu wants to see you tomorrow." Virat answered. "Mannu wanted to see me? Sach meh? Did she say anything else? ", Jeevika was so excited with the news that her Mannu wanted to see her. "Bhabhi, I'm a mere messenger. Aur kuch nahi janta mein", Virat smirked. "Aww  Virat, thank you so much. You don't know how much it means to me", Jeevika rejoiced with the news, Viren and Virat couldn't recall when was the last time they saw the genuine smile on Jeevika's face. "Virat, tum kuch khaya? You have missed dinner as well?" Jeevika inquired with concern. "Arey wah, Mrs Vadhera you forgot to ask me about dinner but just because he brought news about Manvi, he gets special attention. This is not fair Jeevika. You can't neglect your Patti who has been dealing with a difficult client all day" Viren pretended to be hurt, Jeevika was troubled with Viren's comment. "Arey bhai, tum bhi na. Bhabhi ko  hamesha pareshan karte rahungi. Oh Bhabhi, I'm damn hungry!!! Bhai, you only dealt with one client but I was dealing with a bhokhi sheerni the whole day! Ek bhokhi sheerni is equivalent to 100 difficult clients" Virat tried to defend Jeevika.  Viren pulled Virat's ear while scolded him "Don't you dare to call my saali "bhoki  sheerni and I'm sure you must have been disturbing her the whole day. If she ever complaint a single word against you tomorrow, you are dead meat bhai" Viren joked. "Bhabhi, save me na" Virat pleaded while running behind Jeevika and placing his head on her shoulder. "Virenji,  I will also not tolerate anything against my Devar" she said while patting his head. "Now that's like my bhabi" Virat cheered.  Jeevika supported Virat while joining him "And that's like my Devar". "Ok, I will bring dinner over to the room. We shall have dinner here, will be back in 10 mins." Jeevika announced while leaving to get dinner. "Bhai, thanks alot. Finally I saw the smile in Jeevika after so many days", Viren hugged Virat. "Anytime bhai."Virat hugged him back while recalling the smile on his  Bandariya's face as well. Finally all three had their cosy dinner in the room. The trio felt as if their fading hopes were rejuvenated that night. Jeevika was elated about Mannu; she felt as if her prayers were answered, Viren was contented with Jeevika's happiness while Virat couldn't wait for tomorrow to meet his Bandariya again.

Feel free to express your views/comments/criticism. Really appreciate them. Smile


rev4eva!!!! i loved ur os!!!! i am new member plz add me to buddy list and do pm me also!!!

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preethis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 10:39am | IP Logged
awesome update... really liked it.. awesome i could visualise the scenes.. it was superb... finally ray of happiness...
waiting for next fab...

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-RabiaKSGKaJen- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
greaaat part; jusst loved ihh soo muccch. haayyyee ii lovvee virman. arwwwh theiir sceness are jusst beautiful. update sooon cant waiit <3

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shehroon_riaz Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Fabulously amazing update. Loved to see the bhabi-devar relationship :)
How they joke around with each other. And then them eating together. Loved it!
Please continue and thanks for the PM :)

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 11:08am | IP Logged
omgg this ws yet another brilliant update from u dear...totally written n portrayed very well...i soo soo loved this...thnx for d wonderful virman scenes...HugHugHug

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