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VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 135)

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Originally posted by Karnika4ever

too good i just started to read n luved it can u plz pm ur next updates 

Thanks Karnika for taking your time to read. Glad you like it and I will pm whenever I updateSmile

Originally posted by nisha33

please please please continue soon. PLEASE!!!!!!!

Sorry nisha for the delay, next update coming really soon.Smile

Originally posted by purplepixie

WOW!!! Just read all the parts in one go!! well i had read the initial parts a long time back... but lost track...finally i found it!!! 

your writing renders me speechless yaar!! i mean how do u manage to capture even the smallest of feelings of everyone????

great going!! I am sooo in love with your ff...

plz pm me ven u update!! m sending u a request!!! n plz plz plz update soon...


Thank Pal for taking your time to read and commenting. I was really happy to see ur comment, will def PM when I update the next part.Big smile

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Originally posted by HALA.S


Thanks Hala...Smile

Originally posted by Radharaday

 rev4eva u r such a talented writer ... i have never seen a written work better than yours ...I dont have words to compliment you Clap like i m speechless after reading your story ..Continue soon and all the best 
Pm me when you continue Thumbs Up

Thanks Radharadav, your compliments are juz too sweet. Thank you once again & will PM you when I updateSmile

Originally posted by maaneet93

very nice :)

Thanks galSmile

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Originally posted by 09cutie

hey i loved itSmile

Thanks galSmile

Originally posted by deepzloveVirman

plzzz conti. soon

Next part coming really soonSmile

Originally posted by michi_93

Amazing writing!! Love it :) please continue soon:)

Thanks galSmile

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Originally posted by Virman05

Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!! TongueTongueTongue
Can't wait till you write more!!!!!!!!!!TongueTongueTongue

Thanks gal... next part coming soonSmile

Originally posted by jesmin.farjana

hello there...Smile
i m actually new to ur story but have read a few parts n seriously loved them.they r amazingClap
will soon read all of them Big smile
can u plz add me to ur pm list????Smile

Thanks for reading them gal, will PM you when I updateSmile

Originally posted by niharikap24

 pm me though wen you updateSmile

Thanks gal, will PM u when i updateSmile

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Originally posted by nisha33

waiting for your update! please please please update soon!

Nisha, next part coming soonSmile

Originally posted by Karnika4ever

waiting for the update 

Karnika, next part coming soonSmile

Originally posted by leafmaria

I just read all of the chapters together, and they are amazing. 
Continue soon. 

Thanks for reading them, next part coming soonSmile

Originally posted by Mjht_kmh

HOLY!!! This is so great!! i LOVED reading this and can you PLEASE update soon. :) I lovvve this!!!! Tongue

Thanks so much reading them, next part coming soon. Hope u like tat as wellSmile

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Hi All,

Finally I'm back with another update after a long long time. Hopefully you have not forgotten about it. Btw sorry for keeping most of you wait for so long, had to rewrite the part several times before I could post.

Part 19

The rays of dawn caressed her face; she welcomed and embraced the new day in her life with smile and hope. She promised herself that she will welcome each day with smile and hope as she didn't know whether she will be able to see tomorrow. Her eyes immediately searched for Virat. The sight of him brought smile to her face; he must have fallen asleep while he tried to rekindle with his long jilted books. The study light was still on, the book lays open across his broad chest while one arm supported the book, the other resting comfortably on the opposing upper arm to cradle his head. He looked handsome even while sleeping; it was bliss to see him sleep soundly as she could have imagined the sleepless nights he endured because of her, her hands longed to reach out to him, to caress him and feel him but she couldn't. The treatment and strong dosage of medicines and drugs has weakened her body over time but not her spirit nor determination, so her eyes trailed and caressed Virat's face instead of her fingers. Suddenly Manvi's room door opened, stirring her. The nurse was about to greet Manvi when she immediately signaled her to be quiet and pointed to Virat sleeping. She knows that Virat is a light sleeper and even the slightest noise will wake him up. The nurse smiled and nodded, she tried to work as softly as possible; she helped Manvi off her bed and freshens up. "He hardly sleeps whenever he is with you" the nurse whispered to Manvi. "I know, I can't recall when was the last time I saw him sleeping. He is always awake when I fall asleep at night and when I wake up the next day morning" Manvi replied. "You are so lucky to have someone like him who loves you very much" the nurse added. Manvi smiled but hoped that she could love him back as much as he did.


Soft whispers roused Virat from his slumber; he couldn't recall when he actually dozed off. He stretched and his half opened eyes searched for Manvi and he panicked when she was not on her bed. His worries faded away and he sighed in relief as he saw Manvi and the nurse coming out of the bathroom. He immediately greeted her with his smile trying to hide his worries but his expression didn't go unnoticed by Manvi. "How was your attempt to woo back your long-jilted law?" Manvi asked Virat after the nurse left. "Well, it was quite difficult initially but I managed it well. I have to say it was definitely easier compare to you!" he replied while giving her his trademark eyebrow raise. "Mr Virat Singh Vandhera, What in the world made you think wooing Manvi Choudrary would be easy?" Manvi question him back. "Well I have to say that I really underestimated my Bandariya" he admitted while letting Manvi enjoy the triumph of winning over him. "Virat, tum theek hai? Chandigarh's upcoming lawyer is letting go of his argument so easily, letting me win so easily" Manvi smirked at him. "What makes you think I'm losing Bandariya?" he quizzed her back. "Duh! If I win, obviously you lose nah" she replied him back. "That depends on how you define my victory. If you consider winning the argument is victory then I lose but my true happiness, ultimate victory is bring the smile on your face, the spark in your eyes, the glee in your voice. For that, I'm ever willing to lose to you for the rest of my life" he replied her leaving her speechless. She was again floundered for words, the spark in her eyes were slowly overshadowed by her tears. "Aaah ahhh, no rona dona ok. I think the medications have mellowed down my sherni into a drama queen or more like rona queen lately" he said as his arms encircle her into hug.


"So what do you feel like doing today? Miss your nature talk?" he asked her, breaking the silence lingering between them. "Virat, I want to go to the Mandir" she replied. Virat was surprised, "Manvi, I can't take you out from the hospital. Dr Shashank will never agree to it and you are not..." he stopped. "Not fit" she completed for him. "Virat, I know..." she answered while breaking away from his arms."I'm not asking you to take me out of the hospital; I heard that there is a small Mandir within the hospital. Take me there" she pleaded to him but there was no reply. "Virat, you can't bring everything to me and one of them is this. I know God is everywhere but I want to talk to Him in his place, in his Mandir. After all it is a huge wish that I'm going to ask him today" she added. Virat never hesitated to fulfill any of her wish but he hesitated for this. Fate was playing its game by bringing him back to the same place he questioned His existence when he discovered Manvi's illness. Now she wants him to accompany her to the same place and he knew what her wish will be. She has never asked anything for herself from God all this while and today is not going to be any different. She is going to wish for him and his happiness. "Virat... Please... "she pleaded again, breaking him away from his thoughts. He nodded, finally giving in to her wish.


Manvi was excited as he wheeled her to the Mandir, the place that he avoided for months. His faith on Him slowly faded along with the hope in his life and slightest faith left on Him shattered completely on that very day he heard about her illness. He let her spend some time in solitary in the Mandir while he waited outside; he managed to excuse himself in the pretense of attending a call. He decided to wait till she is done, the same way he does whenever he takes his Ma to the Mandir. The Mandir was not majestic as compared Rishikesh but it gave her same serenity and rejuvenation of her soul and body, she felt surge of hope rising in her. Manvi couldn't thank God enough for blessing her with so much of love and affection despite her illness, for showing her that there is more to life besides Rishikesh and her Di after her parent's demise.


 "Bhagwanji, the more Di and Virat shower me with love; the stronger my desire to live grows. Please grant me a chance to repay at least an ounce of the love that they are showering me. Virat pretends to be strong in front of me but who knows him better if not for both of us Bhagwan ji? He breaks and shatters every time I flinch in pain yet he fakes a smile just to make me feel better. What did I do to deserve such a guy in my life, his whole life revolves around me, he decides to pursue law just to prove to the world that he is worthy for me, he dedicates his music to me. He makes me feel so special. Unfortunately what did he do to deserve someone like me, a girl who is uncertain of her own future, whom in returns gives him nothing but pain? He tries to convince me that my memories and love is sufficient for him to carry on but it is not fair Bhagwanji. Everyone deserves happiness and love in their life, especially Virat. I'm not a Mahan here but a typical possessive girlfriend!  There is no way I will let go of Virat to another girl, I won't wish for another girl to fill my place because we both know there is no one else like Manvi Choudrary. So Bhagwanji, there is not much of choice besides letting me live a bit longer. Long enough to see Di and Jeeju celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, see my nieces and nephews growing up and getting married, long enough to drive my Chep crazy, long enough to see who gets the first wrinkle, who grays first; either Virat or me, long enough for Virat to be bored of me. For once, I'm wishing something for myself for the sake of Di & Virat. Bhagwanji, I hope you get the message nah... Ok enough of my ranting; Bhagawanji, looks like both of you have some issues as well else Virat won't pretending to answer his call for so long so it is time to patch up you and Virat" Manvi communed with Him.


Virat has seen his ma, chachi and even his bhabhi praying but Manvi was nowhere close to them. It felt like she was having a chat with her long lost buddy instead of praying. Well again, how could he expect the usual from his Bandariya. Suddenly he sensed that Manvi was looking for him, so he rushed to her side. "Shall we?" he asked while he was about to wheel her back. "Virat, ruko." she called out holding his hand. "Since you're in the Mandir, aren't you going to pray?" she asked him. "Nah Manvi, it is ok." he tried to shrug off her question but she was not ready to let him go. "Tum duno ki beech jagada hua?" she asked him. Her question caught him off-guard, "Hum duno?" he reconfirmed whether he heard her correctly as he pointed to both of them. "Uff, hum duno nahi. Tum duno!!" she corrected him pointing to Virat and Him. He knew that she has caught him red handed and was already scrutinizing his expression. Although he knew there was no point lying to her but he decided to try his luck anyway. "Manvi, I may not be in such a good terms with Him compare to you; to have a long casual chats but there is no such thing as fight between us. I mean me and Him; we just deal things differently." he lied. "Acha, you expect me to believe that?" she snapped back at him.


Virat knelt down next to her, held her hands in his and finally spoke "Manvi, there have been series of incidents that happened in my life that which made me lost my faith in Him. That is all, no dramatic fight like you imagined. "Virat, can I ask you something?" she asked him. Virat nodded and she continued, "Series of incidents in your life made you lose your hope on Him but are you telling me nothing happened in your life after that to reinstate your faith on Him? Or where you blinded by your anger that you failed to see it? "she questioned him. He sensed the tartness in her voice but he didn't have an answer for her questions. "Virat, if anyone between both of us had the right to be angry at Bhagwanji it will be me not you. Yet, am I angry? No! It is not because I trust him blindly but I always believe that everything happens for a reason. It may seem unfavorable initially but everything happens for good. My parents left me when I needed them most but in return he gave me something equally precious as them, my Di. He gave us Badi Beeji, Beeji, Chacha, Chachi and Dabbu who loves me and Di unconditionally. When Di got married and left, I thought I lost my best friend, my Di; that was when He gave me you. You were the next very person who understood me after Di; you were my best friend, my partner. When He gave me cancer, when I was in verge of giving up; He gave me hope, He gave me love, and He gave me you Virat. Even at the worst moment of my life, He gave me the best. The only difference, I tried to see the positivity that emerged from everything which you refused. So I will only be grateful to Bhagwanji no matter what happens, even at my last breath..." she completed her sentence even before he could stop her.


Virat had nothing to argue, everything she said made sense. She saw silver lining behind every dark clouds and rejoiced it while he failed. He may agree that Maya and despair she caused him actually molded him, guided him to his true love, made him see beyond the materialism, grasp meaning of life and love. Manvi's illness revelation was a reality checks for everyone especially him. Despite the fact that her cancer did bring them closer, salvaged him of his haunting past, thought him meaning of life yet he couldn't succumb to reality and the fear of losing her. Although he has not said it loud but he couldn't imagine how his life would be without her. His silence tormented Manvi, "Virat... "she called out his name, breaking him from his thoughts. Virat looked up at her blankly. His silence made Manvi realizes that she maybe the reason. "Virat, I just hope that you're not angry with Him because of me. If that is the reason, I will never be able to forgive myself for it. Samjha?" she snapped him back to reality, Virat then grasped that she was truly hurt behind the anger that she is trying to fake. He firmed his grip on her hand, "My mind was fogged with my emotions, thanks for clearing it for me as usual" he explained. "Then, say sorry!" she instructed. "Ok meri ma, I'm sorry!" he professed while holding his ears down in apology to her. "Uff, you are a complete Buddhu. Not to me, to Him!" she said pointing to His direction. "I have heard of devil's advocate...What are you! God's advocate?" he chuckled. "Do as I say or ..." she stuck her tongue out. Virat shook his head in disbelief; he turned towards Him and mouthed "I'm sorry Bhagawanji" as he held both his ears down in apology to satisfy her. "Ab khushi?" he asked her and Manvi nodded. He then wheeled her back to her room; both of them were immersed in their own thoughts. Virat pretended that his faith was reinstated just to make Manvi happy while Manvi knew that he only did that to make her happy but nothing has changed between him and Bhagwanji yet she was happy that she took the first step. She was sure that Virat will understand and change his perception sooner or later.


Shortly after their return, Jeevika, Beeji and Viren arrived at the hospital. Although Beeji was surprised to see Virat with Manvi but she kept mum. The smile on her granddaughter's face was far more priceless that anything else for her. The brothers were about leave; to give the ladies the privacy they needed when Dr Shashank arrived with a wide grin. "Great to see all of you here, I have good news for all of you." he announced. "The results just arrived and we are lucky that we found a match for Manvi. Jeevika's is a perfect match with Manvi, I just need to run a few more test to finalize everything. Viren and Jeevika, I hope you can stop by my cabin later so that I can explain the procedure and the rest of the formalities in detail" Dr Shashank explained. Jeevika was beaming in joy and tears of joy were flowing from her eyes, Beeji knelt down to say her gratitude to God while the brothers hugged in relief but Manvi was quiet. "Dr Shashank, can you please explain everything here instead of your cabin. I would like to know everything about the procedure and the risk" Manvi's question startled everyone especially Dr Shashank as she was never so intrigued on her treatments and risk before. Virat sensed the seriousness in her voice and he knew instantly knew what was brewing in her mind. "Manvi, due to the close match between Jeevika's and your DNA, I'm positive that it will be successful" Dr Shashank explained. "Dr, I was referring to the risk for Di. I want to know every single detail of the procedure and the risk for Di" she explained herself leaving everyone else speechless.


 Jeevika tried to intervene but Manvi was determined with her decision, "Di, I will not agree for this procedure and treatment until I'm sure that you will be alright. I will not agree for the transplant if it endangers you or may cause future complications. Di, I rather ..." she stammered when Virat interrupted. "Baas Manvi! Don't you dare complete your statement" Virat retorted. His barbed tone sent shivers to Manvi and the rest in the room but Manvi tried to look unaffected. "Dr Shashank, can you accommodate Manvi's request?" Virat continued trying to suppress his anger in his tone but Manvi could see the fury in his eyes. She knows Virat was vexed with her talking about her death twice today but nothing will precede her priorities with her Di even if it is her life.


Dr Shashank agreed and begins to explain; everyone listen attentively to his explanation except Virat. Although Manvi didn't meet Virat's gaze, she knew that his gaze never left her and his gawk was dissecting her moves. "Manvi, the procedure is known as allogeneic stem cell transplant; where the stem cells come from patient's family who has the closest match. Bone marrow transplantation and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT) are two options to restore stem cells. Donating bone marrow is a surgical procedure done under general or regional anesthesia in a hospital. Doctors use needles to withdraw liquid marrow from the back of the pelvic bone while the donor is under anesthesia. PBSC donation is a non-surgical procedure where PBSC donors receive daily injections of a drug called filgrastim for five days, to increase the number of blood-forming cells in the bloodstream. Then, through a process called apheresis, a donor's blood is removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that separates out the blood-forming cells. The remaining blood is returned to the donor through the other arm" Dr Shashank concluded.


"What about the side-effect and risk Dr?" Manvi enquired. "Well there is no medical procedure which is risk-free but from my experience, all my previous donors are back to their normal lifestyle within a month after the procedure. Anyways bone marrow donation is done under anesthesia so the donor experiences no pain during the collection procedure but there may be discomfort after the process which may vary individually. Most marrow donors experience some side effects such as lower back pain, fatigue, stiffness when walking, and bleeding at the collection site. Whereby PBSC donors may experience tingling sensation around their mouth, fingers and toes as well as mild muscle cramps. This is caused by the anti-coagulant (blood thinner) used in the apheresis procedure. These symptoms are easily treated by slowing down the procedure or giving the donor calcium. Less common side effects of the donation procedure are a decrease in the blood platelet count, lightheadedness and nausea. " Dr Shashank explained patiently to Manvi. When Manvi and the rest had no further doubts, Dr Shashank excused himself and left; leaving Manvi and the rest to digest the information. "Manvi, I have researched about the transplant and the success rate is very promising and trust me it is not going to harm Jeevika in any ways" Viren assured Manvi and left the room, dragging Virat along with him. Viren knew that Virat's resentment may intensify if he stays any longer.


"Manvi beta, everything will be alright. I will not let any harm near my two angels" Beeji finally broke the silence that was hovering the room as she hugged both Jeevika and Manvi. Jeevika was grateful that her prayers have been answered and she was determined to take all risk to make the transplant successful while Manvi decided otherwise. "Manvi, stop being mulish, I have been praying for this moment, a second chance for you. I rather die while saving you rather than regretting for the rest of my life for missing the chance that I had. This is my decision Mannu aur tum kuch nahi kahungi, meri kasam" Jeevika commanded Manvi. Virat never returned to her room till late evening, after Beeji and his bhabhi left home. Manvi was immersed on her iPad when he walked in; she only realized his presence as he kissed her forehead and gave her a faint smile. He got back to his books, letting her continue her surfing. He continued staring at the same page blankly, his mind was cluttered and nothing was making sense for him. "Virat, can I use your laptop for a while? Dabbu accidentally took my charger home and my battery is going to die off soon." Manvi's request woke him off his thoughts. Virat noticed the weariness in her as he helped to setup the laptop for her. "Manvi, you look tired. Why don't you take some rest?" he suggested. "Nah Virat, I'm perfectly fine. A bit more research to do, then I will rest" she promised. "Manvi, the procedure is completely safe for Bhabhi. She will be perfectly fine, trust me" he assured her.


Virat, I really need to be sure when it comes to Di" she replied him. Her answer miffed Virat, "Manvi, is that how much you trust me and the rest of us? Do you think I would stoop so low to jeopardize Bhabhi's life and Bhai's happiness just to save my love? I would rather walk together with you to face death than this. Our love has only thought me to me selfless not selfish. There is a folder on my notebook named 'Treatment'; it has all the clinical study, research and other information. If you still doubt that someone might have fabricated the content to make it favorable, then you can search them online" he raged out his feelings that was bottled up the whole day and walked out of the room. Manvi's was prepared to face his rage but what broke her was the pain she felt amidst of his outburst. She knew his outburst was out of his endless love for her, the very same reason behind her behavior and protectiveness over her Di. Manvi slowly browsed through the folders in Virat's laptop, she was thunderstruck to see endless list of files about Cancer and the treatments. It seems like a mini archive of Cancer research institute within his laptop. She slowly went through one by one, reading and trying to understand the content.

Please feel free to leave your comments, criticism and your thoughts about it. Thank you and sorry for the delay. Btw special thanks to Shivani for the awesome siggie she made for the FF. I have posted it on my first page.

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I m just speechless...Clap
it is out of the world,almost heaven Smile
so beautiful,so mature,so intense Thumbs Up
plz cont soon & thnx 4 d pm Di.Hugcan i call u Di?Smile

PS:i read d parts later & all r equally mind blowing

sorry 4 commenting twice.actually i was so lost in ur writing that forgot that I have reserved it before  Embarrassed

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loved it yaar!!
i liked the last part where he judt lets out his anger...
update soon..
thanx for the pm

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