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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated (Page 102)

Chandani2392 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
I think I died and went to heaven! Please continue and add me to your PM list I love it!!!

Tishuu Goldie

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Posted: 02 April 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged
This is omg just awesome
Beautifully written and sooo well presented
I read it all in one go and i am speechless
Omg omg
This is... I have no words to explain how wonderful this is
The emotions are so well portrayed and i could picture each n everything whilst i read each update
You're doing great and would love to read more
Keep it up

P.S ur index is slightly out
For most parts u have linked it to the page after the update but for the last 4 maybe its a couple of pages off. U may want to check tht


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rev4eva IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 April 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Hi All,

Apologize for the delay in this update. I guess it has become my norm to delay each update but couldn't help it due to my commitments. I will definitely reply to all the awesome comments soon. Till then please read the long overdue update. Sorry if there are any grammatical / typo / spelling errors. Didn't have enuff time to proof read.

Part 16

"Jitna haq mere hain, uthna be haq tera bhi hain Manvi paar" those words kept playing in his head, from her statement he knew that his Bhabhi was aware of their relationship. He was relieved that she didn't question him or objected it. He finally gained his courage and stepped into the room where his Bandariya was lying lifeless. Manvi looked pale and she was hooked up to several tubes and wires; there was one for the oxygen, IV drip and some wires that linked to the ECG machine. The irregular beeping sound made Virat very uneasy. He slowly pulled the chair next to bed and sat down."Manvi..." he finally called her name softly but she lay still; she didn't flinch nor moved a muscle. His fingers slowly trailed her delicate face, tucking the loose strains of her hair behind her ears when he felt her body was cold. He panicked for a moment, he touched her forehead and hands and they were equally cold. He was about to call for the doctor when he saw Dr Shashank entering for his routine check. "Dr Shashank, Manvi's body feels so cold. Is she ok?" he panicked. "We have used cold packs to lower her body temperature a few degrees. The cooling allows the body metabolism to slow down, to preserve and protect the cells. She will be alright Virat" Dr Shashank assured him while studying her report. "She is progressing well" he added as he finished with her reports. "When will she wake up?" Virat asked anxiously. "She will when she is physically and mentally ready Virat. The medicine will help her to ease her pain." Dr Shashank reassured him and left the room.


Jeevika's faith on God was put on test again but she was not ready to give up. She was confident that neither her prayers nor her faith will go futile. "Bhagwan ji, please give me the strength to endure this obstacle. I have accepted the fact that Manvi's illness is inevitable game of fate but I will not surrender her life to fate. Mannu is my responsibility and I can't stand helpless while watching her slip away. Please don't let me fail my responsibility and promise that I have made to my parents. Please let my bone marrow matches hers, so that Mannu gets a second chance in life. I hope I can light up her life as how my diya lit up her diya in Rishikesh." Jeevika bowed and pleaded in front of the God. From the day Manvi was diagnosed with Leukemia, Jeevika has never failed to visit the Mandir and showered God with her tears to fulfill her only one wish; her Mannu.

"Bandariya, this silence and deep sleep doesn't suit you jaan . Jalti uthna. Tumari beena, mera saaz lena bauhat muskyil hai. I miss you so much Manvi. These few hours without you have made me realize that I can't live without you. Mein tera beena nahi jeev pahugi Bandariya, so don't you dare to leave me or scare me like this" tears choked him as he spoke. Virat held her hand tightly for support; even her mere touch was able to ease his pain. He continued to chat with her on how the garden and nature missed her daily visit, her laughter and her company with the hope that she would wake up from her deep slumber and reply him. Jeevika returned from temple and joined Virat. They spent the rest of the day talking about Manvi. Jeevika shared her childhood memories with Manvi with Virat. They knew Manvi would be able to hear their conversation and the sweet memories of their childhood will be the best catalyst for Manvi to wake up.


Neither Jeevika nor Virat wanted to leave home, they both decided to spent the night with Manvi. Jeevika held Manvi's hand close to her heart as she rested her head next to Manvi's. Jeevika had to finally give in to Virat insistence to rest while he will stay vigil. The night passed but he was unable to even close his eyes for a minute, he was worried she would slip away if he did. Virat stroked her hand gently trying to relieve the pain of the needles and tubes protruded her delicate hand. His heart ached to see her covered with tubes and wires as he knew she was never able to even endure the prick of a needle. He suddenly felt her fingers flinch; Virat was not sure whether it was his imagination or reality. As if confirming his doubt, Jeevika immediately got up. They both exchanged glances and turned towards Manvi. "Virat, I felt her movement" Jeevika exclaimed. "Haan bhabi, I also thought I felt it but not sure whether it was my illusion" Virat replied. They both looked at Manvi for further improvement but there were none. They were about to conclude that it was mere delusion when suddenly they heard a faint mumble. Manvi slowly opened her eyes; she removed her oxygen mask and weakly called out "Di...".Jeevika was elated to see Manvi conscious again. Virat finally felt his life coming back to him; he wanted to hug and tell her how much he missed her and loved her but decided to refrain himself. After all, it was Bhabhi's right, he also knew that she would have wanted the same. Virat excused himself to get doctor to check on her but neither of them actually heard him. The sisters were in their world of their own.


"Mannu, kuch mat bolo. Don't strain yourself." Jeevika instructed her while adjusting her oxygen mask and Manvi obeyed it. Tears of joy were flowing from their eyes in exchange of the words. Virat returned with the doctor to check on Manvi. Manvi requested for her mask to be removed but the young doctor strictly declined her request. "You are not supposed to strain yourself Manvi, you are still weak. Talking will exhaust you and only Dr Shashank will be able to decide when your mask can be removed. Is there anything else I can do for you?" the doctor asked. "Dr, I'm feeling hungry and my throat is very dry. It felt like I have been sleeping for days. Can I have something to eat or drink?" she asked weakly. Jeevika and Virat smiled the moment they heard Manvi complaining about hunger. "You will still be under liquid diet for time being, will get the nurse to bring something to drink." he replied and left the room. "Bhabhi, tum yeh bhooki sheerni koh handle karo. I will be back." Virat said as he followed the doctor out. Virat discussed about Manvi's condition with the doctor and sighed in relief the moment he was informed that she is out of danger. He quickly updated Viren of Manvi's progress. Jeevika was helping Manvi to slowly sip the water as Virat enters the room. "Hope I'm not disturbing meri pyari bhabi-behna moment here" Virat teased as he entered. "Virat tum bhi na!" Jeevika motioned him to join them. He finally met her gaze, instantaneously they were both lost in each other's eyes. Their eyes spoke the volume that words couldn't and Jeevika noticed how her Mannu and her devar were lost in their eye lock and decided to give the lovebirds some time alone. "Virat, could you please request for the driver. It is almost 5 am; I want to go home to freshen up, then go to the temple. Need to fulfill my mannat for Manvi." Jeevika requested. "Bhabi I will drop you home" Virat volunteered. "Nah Virat, you stay with Mannu. I will be back shortly, and then you can go home to rest. Theek hai?" Jeevika asked him. "Joh hukum Bhabi" Virat replied with grin. He was yearning for some private moment with his Bandariya.


Jeevika kissed Manvi goodbye and told her "Mannu, I will be back soon. Phir mein teri class lelunghi" she joked leaving both Manvi and Virat confused. "Class? Kyu Di" she asked. "Hum saab logoko itna pareshaan karne ki liya. Don't you dare to repeat it again!  Ab mein jao aur tum mere pyara devar ko aur pareshaan mat karo" she told her and left. "Virat, I'm sorry" Manvi finally spoke breaking the silence between them. Virat shushed her but she refused to listen. "Mera waja tum, di aur saab log toh kitna pareeshaan hain." she continued. "Manvi, suno... Aaj tum kuch mat bolo. Sirf suno. You are back and that is all that matters for me. You can't imagine how every minute passed when I saw you lying lifeless there. I was suffocating without you, my world stopped the moment you went unconscious, my world lost its music when you stopped talking and my world was dark when I couldn't see the spark in your eyes and my world was cold without the warmth of your smile. Manvi, no words could describe what I went thru without you. I didn't even dare to blink my eyes, worried that you would slip away from me. Manvi, all this while I wanted to be your pillar of strength but today I realized that you are my strength. I can never imagine a world without you, I need you Manvi... I need you in my life; I need you to be with me as I walk down my life journey. You are not only my partner in crime but also in my life. "Virat finally poured out his emotions that were bottled up for hours while tears streamed down his cheeks.

Realization hit him the moment he saw Manvi in tears and he quickly refrained himself from getting emotional in front of her. It was definitely not the best time for Manvi to get emotional. "I'm really proud of you Bandariya, you were truly my Jhansi Ki Rani today when you fought till the end. I knew you were not willing to give up this battle as you promised and neither are we going to let you give up" he added. Her delicate hands trailed over his rough unshaven face, brushed the tears and tried to erase off the sadness in his face. "I love you Chep" she confessed in low voice as she removed her mask, there was so much she wanted to say but she was out of words. Those were the only words that she could manage. "I love you too Bandariya" he replied. "Virat, tum kuch waqt kiliye rest karo. Mera chinta choodo,ab mein theek hoon. Please mere liya" she pleaded softly. Virat was not ready to let her off his sight in the name of rest neither could he deny her wish. He reluctantly agreed and rested his head on her bed while Manvi caressed his hair softly. Her touch relieved him off his inner turmoil and he drifted into deep sleep after so long.

Feel free to express your comments/criticism and feedbackSmile

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rev4eva IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 April 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
PM's will be sent out later... Sorry once again

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MTBT_12071316 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 April 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Hey its jst amazing means wow!!!!! U deserve a boquet of flowers...anywayz superb writting nd cntinue soon

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ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 April 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
M nt talking 2 u... M hurt.. Bye...

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innocentmanvi1 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 April 2012 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
rev i waited and waited alll long for the update i guess u forgot to pm me!!! i am so hurt but dont do i next time plz anyways loved the part!!! continue sooon

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wanderlust09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 April 2012 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
as usual dear...yt nothr wonderful update...StarClap
havnt updated since loong rite...bt wz worth waitin...
luvd the way u xpressed internal turmoil dat virat wz thru seeing his mannu in dat condition...Unhappy
waitin 4 the next update...plz dont keep us waitin 4 loong...waitin 4 our mannu 2 recover soon...Smile

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