Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 19 -Updated

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Hi everyone, this is my first attempt to write something. This scene has been playing in my mind for days. I just wanted to share it with all of you. Didn't know whether it should be OS or SS as I m not sure of how far my imagination can flow. Pardon me for spelling, typo error.

Part 1

She cursed the traffic for delaying her. Of all the days, it has to be today where she has to be stuck in this bad traffic. She has been looking forward to see him after 2 weeks being away. She wanted to be there to welcome him but nothing works the way Manvi wants, she thought. I think it is a curse that came with the manufacturing fault when God created me. Her thoughts were disrupted by her mobile's vibration. Her smile faded away as Kadambari chachi spoke, she was silent throughout the conversation. She only managed to murmur " Ok chachi" and ended the call. After the call, she felt that her presence with him was a necessity instead off pleasure. She kept checking her watch every minute, every minute passed so slowly.

Finally, the authorities manage to clear the heap of logs that was blocking the traffic. She sighed in relief as the car started to move. By the time she reached home, it was almost 9 pm. She was stuck on the road for more than 3 hours. Her eyes scanned every corner and nook of the house for him while she was answering Beeji for her delay, she knows that she will definitely irk Beeji but she couldn't be bothered of it now. It was him that was she was bothered about not anyone else at this moment. Beeji would have been given Manvi a lecture on how disrespectful it is to look away while talking to elders; somehow she understood Manvi and told her the magic words.  " Manvi beta , Virat  tera kamra meh hain". The sound of his name gave her a jolt of excitement, she is personally surprised with the effect he has on her. Manvi nodded and walked towards her room, although she wanted to run to him but she refrained herself. She didn't want to show everyone how badly she misses him. As her walking pace increased, she could sense all the eyes looking at her and her cheeks started to turn red.

She slowly turned the knob of the door to surprise him but she was surprised herself. She expected him to be anxiously waiting for her but instead she saw him sleeping. His head was resting on the bedhead. He has changed to his white kurta and he looked so handsome and divine at the same time while sleeping. Manvi walked towards him and her hand was about to reach out for him but she stopped. Although her heart yearned to touch his face, caress his cheeks, lips and slid through his hair, ruffle it but she didn't want to disturb his sleep. He was sleeping so soundly as a baby, her baby. She stood there silently watching him sleep, and then moved away to the window. She stood by the window looking, gazing at the starry skies enjoying the cold breeze. Her conversation with chachi in the evening is still playing in her mind.

Suddenly he felt the cold breeze brushing against his face but at the same time he sensed warmth in the atmosphere. He didn't have to open his eyes, from the warmth in the air; he sensed her presence in the room. His lips curved to a smile as he slowly opens his eyes to see his angel. He missed her so much during the 2 weeks. He recalled teasing his bhai dreaming of his bhabhi everywhere before his wedding but he never realized that he will sail on the same boat during her absence for the past 2 weeks. He opened his eyes only see her standing by the window gazing at the sky. Disappointment replaced his smile when he saw her gazing the sky instead of him, "Didn't she miss him as much as he did?" He expected her to welcome him with her warm hug and seal it with a kiss but it was Dabbu who welcomed him while his mouth was stuffed with ladoo. He broke almost all the speed limit that he can recall after his long haul flight, heated argument with Dadaji just to rush to her but she was not there to welcome him. He anxiously waited for her in her room till he felt asleep waiting and now she is busy star gazing. "Manvi, you are gonna pay for all this disappointment today", Virat smirked to himself as he slowly got up and walked towards her.

She stood there, immersed in her own thoughts. The cold breeze was blowing her silky hair; she looked so gorgeous in her pink salwar that held her petite figure and revealed her flawless body curves. Damn it, his anger and disappointment vanished into thin air as he was mesmerized by her charm.

Virat slowly wrapped his hands around her waist and planted a kiss on her neck. Her body jerked when his lips touched her skin, his electrifying touch disrupted her deep thoughts. She felt her cheeks blushing and she pulled his arms tighter around her.

"Did you miss me Bandariya?", Virat whispered slowly at her ears in his husky & sexy voice. Manvi's eyes sparked, her cheeks blushed while she was drifted away to paradise by his touch. Manvi regained her control, "Chep! Missing you ? Are you crazy? I was enjoying the most peaceful moment of my life for the 2 weeks." Manvi answered him back in her normal tone. She wanted Virat to be jealous, "Did you miss me, Chep?"  Virat knew this was coming, after all who knows his Banderiya better than him. "All the girls were drooling over me for the past 2 weeks, after all who could resist Virat Singh Vandera! I totally forgot that I was married to a Banderiya until I reached India", he answered her with his devilish grin on his face. Manvi's face was red, but this time she was not blushing but angry with him. "You are such a Chep!!", she said angrily while turning to face him. The moment their eyes met, both of them knew how madly & badly they missed each other. Manvi wrapped her hands around his neck and said " I love you, Virat". Virat held her tighter and replied " I love you too Banderiya". Then he realized something amiss in her, "Kya hua Manvi?", Manvi tried to hide her emotion by closing her eyes and looking down while she replied him, "Kuch nahi chep". Virat cupped her face, brought it closed to his and whispered to her in a serious tone " Manvi, I'm not buying it. Don't try coz you know you can't hide anything from me". She silently agreed, her eyes slowly open and Virat was shocked to see the teary eyes. " I'm sorry Virat, chachi called me earlier and told me about your confrontation with Dadaji. All this wouldn't have happened if I didn't insist on you personally fetching me from Rishikesh. I didn't know about the change in the case schedule. I mean it is your first case, I'm sure Dadaji and Jiju wanted to make sure you're well prepared for it." She couldn't continue as tears choked her and Virat placed his fingers on her lips. "Shhh, there is no need to be sorry baby. Even if you didn't insist, I would have come down personally to fetch you. Dadaji's taunting is not something new for me. I will handle it, Manvi. Don't be silly to put the blame on yourself..." He was annoyed with Chachi for blurting it out to Manvi but knowing her nature, he knew she didn't mean to hurt Manvi. "Hey wait a sec, are you doubting your husband's capability to handle the case??? I have to agree that I may not be as good as bhai but trust me Manvi, I can handle it. You trust me na?" he asked her. She hugged him tightly and whispered "I trust you with my life, Virat". He knew she meant it and smiled. He slowly carried her in his arms and kissed her forehead. "What are you doing, Chep?" Manvi asked while still holding tight to him. " I'm gonna show you the consequences for not missing me when I was away. Are you ready Banderiya?", as he carried her to the bed. "I'm dying to know... " Manvi said smiling. His kiss made her forget everything; they were both drowning in the ocean of passion. Her head was resting on his chest when he whispered" How was the consequence?"... "Almost heaven" she whispered back.

Precap: Manvi was half awake when she felt Virat was sitting on the bed, immersed in his thoughts. "Why are you awake so early, jet lag? " she asked him. "No baby, you go to sleep" he answered her softly but in serious note. She opened her eyes and saw him scribbling something on the notepad. " Virat Singh Vandera, are you taking notes on how to improve your kissing skills" she asked with a confused look. Her question surprised Virat and he broke out laughing.

Your criticism, comments, joote and chappals are most welcomeSmile

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amazing yaar..mindblowing Star..i was itching to read something on the virat-dadaji thing..so thanks for fulfilling my wish. LOL pm me when you continue the precap! Wink

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Originally posted by -Talli-

I Loved It, Loved It, Loved It.. Seriously It Was Superb.. The Precap Is So Funny.. Do Continue Soon And Please PM Me When You Do..

Thanks , glad that you like it. I was pretty worried on the outcome. Will PM you when I update the next part.Wink
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loved it yaar...pls continue soon...cant believe its ur first try...its lovely yaar..

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Loved it alot...Pls PM me wen u update...

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Originally posted by IndigoBlues

amazing yaar..mindblowing Star..i was itching to read something on the virat-dadaji thing..so thanks for fulfilling my wish. LOL pm me when you continue the precap! Wink

Megz, happy that you liked it. You are one of my inspiration to write, gave me the courage to write one myself.  I really wanna see some strong scenes between Virat & Dadaji as well, will try to include more in nxt update. Will definitely PM you when I update.Smile
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I looove it  :D  Can you please PM when you update?

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Amazing! Continue soon! Smile Do PM me when you update next part!  

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