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He amazed of hr beauty,hr eye lashes,her cheeks,her lips prfct,ya prfct to kiss,he came close to hr lips,bt stopped,he gazed at hr,lift hr in hz arms smiled to looked at hr innocent face,nd take hr to hr room.He made hr laid on the bed,covrd hr with da blanket,he was lost in hr beauty,he wanted 2 watch hr whole night like this,he smiled nd said good night princess,nd left.
Next morning,gulaal was sleepng,she was lookng gorgeous while sleepng,her hair creasing hr cheeks,irritating hr,he blow on it,she tried to remove hr hairs with the help of pillow to rub hr cheks on it,he again blow on her,she again rub hr cheeks,he was enjoying watchng hr.He just want to spend hr whole life,by just teasing hr like this.Her expressions,her body move she was looking more beautiful in anger.He came close to her,she could now easily feels hz hot breaths on hr cheek,she thought it hr dream,she was smilng,thinkng hm vasant.Thn she felt a hand on hr forehead,very affectionatly he was moving hz hand on hr 4head.She could feel the warmth of hr body,frm hz hand.Bt very soon she realized tht its not a dream,she hurriedly opend hr eyes nd found kesar sitng on the bed.Her heart skip a bit,she hurriedly get up, corect hr dupata nd coverd hr body till hr neck with a blanket,nd asked in a scarey tone,mm...aap?...Yahan,..itni subha subha.

K:with a smile he said,subha k 9.00 bj rahe hain,or aap ise itni subha keh rahi hain,he stand up nd said,well...Ramu kaka ne btaya k kal b aap kafi sleepy rahin,nd abi b raat se he so rhi hain,if m nt wrong?


K:he interupted,nd said main bs yahe dekhne aya tha k apki tabyat to theek hai,kahe bukhar to nahe,ab pain kaisa hai?Nd apke 4head ki chot,ziada hurt to nae kr rhe?

G:nahe,m ok,bs back mein thora sa pain hai,or meri leg,she tried to move hr leg bt it was hurtng so much,she screamd loudly,"ouch!.

K:u ok?He put hz hnd on hr leg,nd was lightly rubng it with fingers,

she thought smthng nd asked,

g:mein library se yaha kese...?mm...i mean,

k:he removed hz hand nd said,wo jb mein raat ko shoot se lauta to ap waha so rhe the,i thought ap waha un comfortable raheinge, to mein apko yahan lay aaya.

G:she got confuse to hear this.She thought "gulal agr sch mei ye aisa hota to ye tujhe apne room mei b to lay ja skta tha,na ghr mein koi servnt tha,sirf mei or ye bilkul alone the.Upar se mein to waise he injured hun,bhag b nae pati.Phr b isne!

She was silent,bt thn she said 2hrself,nahe gulal itni jaldi kisi natejay(result)par mt pohach.Dnt 4get tht lion is the most dangerous animal bt wo b kabi kisi zakhmi (injured) chez ka shikar nae krta.I thnk tjhe abi ise thoda waqt or dna chahiye.

K:kahan kho gae aap?He waved hz hand infront of hr eyes,I k9 ur angry that kal tmhe sara din bore hona para,mein bht dair se aya,bt kya kru shoot jo tha.Ok m sorry,he hold hz ears,plz.

G:smiled nd said its ok,

Jst thn kesar's phone rang,a numbr of hz manager flashed on the screen of hs cell,he said xcuseme plz.Ek kam kro tm tb tk fresh hojao m jst w8ng here 4u.He started talkng nd she went to washroom,

k:yes mr.Sinha

s:sir wo apke pa(personal asistant),ki call aae thi,he iz nt coming 2day also,no problm mr.Sinha,unki maa bemar hai,


k:no problm,jo details hai aap mujhe de dijiye.I'll handle,u dnt worry,

he ended the call,he looked at the wall clock,it was 9.20,he thought wo ab tk aain q nahe, bs aney wali hogi,

gulaal came out of the washroom,she was tryng to walk wd hr one leg,by liftng the facture one up.

Kesar saw hr nd made hr sit,she was drying hr face with towel.

K:acha suno,mmm ek minut,he than brought some shopng bags 4m the bed side table nd said,ye kuch dresses hain mein kal apke lie laya tha i mean apka bag to...,apke pas kapde waghera chezain nae thi to i brought them 4u.Bt ap kal so rhi thi to...,

Like every lady of the world,she got exited to saw shopng bags,she took out the things from the bags,all the dresses was very nice nd expensive also.Then she told hm to take one out f them 4 hr 4today.He took out blue sleevless frock with churidar nd transperant dupatta.Nd with pearl embroidery on it.She smiled nd said ok aaj mein yahe pehnunge,

k:aap change kr lijiye m w8ng 4u on breakfast table.He stand up nd was abt to left,an idea struck on hr mind nd she hold hz wrist nd said woh...

K:kya hua?He moved back kuch chahie?He asked in a very careing tne.

G:wo meri back mein, hath mein pain hai,she looked shyly on the floor,mm... I dnt thnk mujhse hoga,can u plz help me in changing the dress?She looked at him nd said plzz.He raised his eyebrows,tried to undrstand the situation nd thought for a moment nd said ok!

He went to the balcny,peeped down to saw smthng may b,nd closed the glass doors of it,he also spread the curtan of the door,nd walk to the main door,may b he was abt to close it.Gulaal's heart was bouncing,she thought ab kya krun,kaise rokun ise,phas gae na gulaal,ye to sach mei kamina nikla,she closed hr eyes nd startd to pray to god.Oh God plz bcha lo...!Her eyes opened in few seconds with a loud noise of kesar,he was peeping out of the room nd was saying "Ramukaka jo nurse abi ayi hain plz unhe room mein bhej dijie".She was shocked to hear this,she bcame again normal,nd thought thank God kuch bola nahe mein ne iske samne.She breath deep.A nurse came,for whom kesar was w8ng,nd was pepng out of the balcony to saw that she hd came or not?

K:gulaal meine subha hospital call kar k inhe tmhare checkup k lie bulaya tha.He thn greet maria(nurse)nd requestd hr to help in changng da dress nd left.Gulaal was in deep embarrasment,she thought"yeh kia hogaya,meine kya smjha tha,or kia hua,ab mein usey kaisay face krunge,she changed hr dress wd maria's help.She wore matchng bangles,earrings,pendant,she brushed her hairs,apply gloss on lips.Nd now she was looking gorgeous,

she came out of the room on whel chair,with nurse,

m:sir inhen temprature to nae hai,bt wound abi tk heal nae hue hain,i suggest tht u should take hr to doctor to chnge the plasture,nd she made gulal sit on dining chair.Nd left,while having breakfast,gulaal collect hrself nd said:m sorry,even thank you,

k:he kept hz spoon,smiled widely,nd said mem can i ask u ap itni formality q kr rhe hain?I mean...Whr ru syng this?

G:wo...Aa..aap ne nurse ko bulwa lia,nd mere barey mein itna socha,thnx alot,ghar mein sarey male servants hain,nd koi nae tha jo meri help kr skay,bt mujhe aap pr bharosa tha sirf islie he main ne..,na jane aap mere bare mein kya soch rahe...

He inturreptd in between nd said:plz gulaal ur makng me embarras,apki ye halat meri waja se hai,to apke lie itna krna to mera waise b farz bnta hai,nd m nt thnkng anythng wrong abt u,even im too embaras k meri waje se aap itni majbor hogae hain k..,plz,plz gulaal jst 4get this,nd mein aayinda apke mun se koi aisa formal word nahe sunna chahta,

G:theek hai,i promise u i wont disapoint u,bt for ths i hv a condition 4u,

K:he asked in amusement,oh realy,kya condition hai?

G:uske lie u must hv to be my frnd,frndshp mei no sory no thank u,

K:with a wide smile on hz face,he said ok apki ye shart man laite hain,then they both shook hands,the touch of hz hand made hr heart bounce,nd she withdraw hr hand. After breakfast,

k:lets go princess,


K:hospital,for ur checkup,then he brought hr to car,for taking hr to doctor,On the way,in hz car, she was may b trying to search something,bt donot found anythng,neither type of lipstick,chappal nor any chain,she thought he is a celebrity gulaal is ki car ki cleaning to roz hoti hogi,or koi ek gari thori he na hoge is k pas,tu b na gulaal pagal hai, tujhe yhan kia milega!Hospital arrivd

Next scene,

gulaal was lying on the stretchr,while kesar ws sitng on the sofa,in doctors cabin.

Dr.:Kesar ji zkham abi tk bhare nae hain,thora wakt or lagey ga,the gud thing is tht they hv started to heald,

k:ya thts gud,nd any type of medicine,tht u wants to priscript?

Dr:nahe,bs wahe medicine continue rakhain,nd mis gulaal u realy need care,bt aap chalne ki koshish kia kijie,vrna baad mein bht pain hoga.

g:she noded hr head in approval nd smiled.

Then they left 4m the hospital,kesar stopped hz car infront of an icecream parlour nd asked hr to come,

g:bt yahan?

K:Ya i k9 tht its lunch tyme,bt us se pehle icecream to kha he skte haina,lets come,

g:amm ok,

they enterd into the parlour,sat on the table with the window,

she was lookng happy cause most of the time she came the same icecream parlour with vasant.

K:hmm...Kya bat hai kafi khush lag rhe ho,

G:nahe kuch nahe,waise he,wo mujhe icecream bht pasand hai na,

K:hmm,thts vry gud,to phr to aap he ordr krainge,

he called waiter,waiter came,nd asked the flavour

g:2 cup of choclate icecream,with caremal, raspaberry syrup nd crush pistachio on it.

Waiter noded hz head nd left,

kesar phone rangs,

k:han han,bs,bs mein 10,15 minute tk phch rha hun,ya ya,nae mein raste mei nahe hun,bt kaha na i'l b ther in jst 15 min.Plz w8 m jst cmng ok, bye,

she thought jo insan apne bchao mein bhi kisi se jhut tk nae bol sakta,wo bhala aisa kaise kr skta hai,waiter came nd served icecream cups,nd left.Gulaal was in deep thought,

k:kahan kho gaen?Ru ok?

G:han,nae kuch nahe,


G:she took the cup nd start eating icecream,wile eating kesar noticed icecream mark near hr lips n hr cheek,bt she was eatng continuesly,kesar told hr apke cheek par icecream lgi hai,she tried to remove bt didnt reach there,kahan?She said,

kesar put his finger on hr cheek,they both were lookng in eachother eyes,his eyes wr so deep,tht she may easily lost,his soft,warm finger touch hr like now she would b melt by the warmth of hz finger,like an ice cream,he then removd the mark softly with finger.Nd said saaf hogaya,he sat back on the chair,bt now gulaal was feelng so diffrent,felng so change,either she wanted him to touch hr again or even dnt wanted to see hr face again,she was felng so depress nd annoy,some type of cold she was feeling,she spread hr dupatta 4m hr neck down to hr upper body,

k:ru ok?Ru felng cold?

G:plz kesar ji dnt mind,bt,i want 2go home right now,meri tbyat kuch thk nae hai,she said in frustation,

k:ok,bt,icecream to finish kr lo,

G:nae bs mujhe abi jana hai,aap,aap apna cup finish kr lain phr chalte hai,

he stood up,nd said chalie

G:nahe,i mean m sory,ap plz apna cup fini...

K:nahe realy,not coz of u,wo actualy mujhe choclate se alergy hai,i like only vanilla flavour,

G:to phr apne kaha q nahe?Mujhe lga...

K:he smiled nd said kbhi kbhi jo log apko ache lagte hain unki pasand se khana acha lagta hai,nd said chalie he started walkng,gulaal was coming behind,in her own thoughts wt he said?Wt was his last words in parlour,she heard a noise,nd saw a crowd,crowd around kesar,ofcourse he is a celebrity!Or expect b kya kia ja skta hai,she thought.He was gvng autograph,gulaal was not so far she could easily saw tht autograph he was gvng,he was dng only signature,hz female fans were just dying for hm,and gvng flying kises.Bt he just ignred them,nd sat on the car,in exitment they didnt notice gulaal,whn they all went,gulaal sat in the car nd drove home.She was in deep thought of all the incidents hv hapend.Nd then

Gulaal's FLASHBACK across in hr mind,she came the same icecream parlour with vasant,they were so happy,gulaal was in top nd jeans with a pony,she was lookng like a cute cheeky girl,vasant calld waiter nd asked for 2 cups of chocolate flavour icecream with caremal,raspabery syrup nd pistachios on it,waiter left.

G:yeh kia vasant,why u orderd chocl icecream,i want vanilla,itna tyme hogaya hai humare relation ship ko bt u still dnt k9 my choice,

v:arey nahe darling,i know,bt why ur nt thnkng k itna time hogaya hmare rs ko bt ab bhi humari choice ek nahe hai,common yar,wt the hell is vanila,choco status wale log khate hain,dkho ab tum bht jald,mrs.vasant mehra ban jaogi,so plz change ur self yar,be practical,or waise bhi koi kisi k lie apni pasand,apni aadatein,sirf tb change krta hai jb wo usse pyar krta hai,baqi dkh lo,jo tmhari marzi

G:han han thk hai na,meine mana kb kia,i can do any thng 4u,cause i realy love u vasant

v:me too,

then she ate choclate icecream with so effort nd now she like choclate only coz of vasant.

Car stoped with a jerk,nd she came out of hr thoughts.

They reached home,he tok hr out with his support,she kept hr hand on his shoulder nd tried to walk,kesar put hz hand on her back to held hr bt whn he noticed tht gulaal is feelng difrent sensation,he removd hz hand,he made hr sit in living room on the sofa nd said mujhe shoot par jana hai,u better do rest,mei chalta hun,

G:with smile said ok,

k:he turnd nd started walkng,bt stoped,turn back nd said "aaj hum sath mein dinner krainge i promise aaj dair nahe hoge,w8 4me,my princess"bye, he said nd went,leaving gulaal in confusion.

She was so depress,all the incidents,words of vsnt,words of kes were echoing in hr mind,she said to herself,tujhe kia hogaya hai gulal,ye kya soche ja rahe hai,ajtak vsnt ne kitni bar mujhe chhua hai,bt mujhe kbhi kuch mehsus q nahe hua,aaj ye ehsas q ho rha hai uske chhune se,why hz touch was so difrnt,stop it,enough.Ye tu kia soch rhe hai,how could u compare vsnt wd kesar,no,no way,mt bhul ye teri dunya nahe hai,teri dunia sirf or sirf vasant hai,bs 3 mahine or mei phr apne vsn k pas chali jaunge,kes to dur dur tk kahe nae hoga meri life mein,lekin mein ye 3months kaise spent krungi,2he din mein mera ye hal hai,oh vasi m realy msng u,hr glance then fall on phone,han mein cal krti hun vsnt ko,mera cel b nae hai mere pas,par agr kesar ko pta chal nahe,use pta nahe chale ga,jis k pas apne servants ki holidays ka hisab na ho, k wo sallery he cut nahe krta,m sure us k pas phn log chk krne ka b time nahe hota hoga,she then with courage,dialed vasants numbr,bt no one was answering,she tried again,bell was gng,nd she was so tense cause of no response...

Hope u like itSmile,whn u do not coment,i realy feels tht ur not interested,Smileplz frns do not hesitate,nd tel me should i continue or not??Inform me if u dnt like it,i'll stop,coz i k9 m nt a gud writer.AYUSHi!...

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i really loved this was fantastic.the conflicting emotions were great.

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Hi Ayushi...nice name. 
The story is well written so far. As I have said earlier, this story is different and of course it is interesting..Seems like Vasanth is a bit selfish, I doubt he loves Gulaal, I do think Gulaal has come here for Vasanth, and he is making  Gulaal do his his love is not true..this is what I feel..and its good in a sense. Kesar already feels that she is like the princess in his fav story...much is there hidden about him...hamara Kesar brat ho saktha hein lekin bura nahin hein..Gulaal ko bhi jaldi yeh samach main that day she will be in a great turmoil and uss din ke signs aaj se dikhayi de raha hein..his presence is having this much effect on her even at the mere second day in his house...I feel like they two are unknowingly being pulled towards each other...
Kesar already begun to see a personification of the princess of the story, which is other wise a replica of his own life in her, though subconsciously , and here Gulaal is already in turmoil...hope she soon realises Vasnth's love is fake, but better never  than late...

Will be waiting for ur updateSmile

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Ayushi,lovely nameSmileThis was a wonderful fav scene is the ice cream incident.chalo Gulaal is getting to know the difference between the practical Vasant and the romantic Kesar.That was good.and Gullu ke plans ek baar phir se fail ho gaye because of the nurseLOLthat was very funny.I am loving the slow but steady bond that is developing between Kesar and Gulaal.Please do update soonSmile

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Ayushi...I am really loving this progress in the cream scene n her sudden confusion abt her own reactions to kesar is very continue n update soon...

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Ayushi Just read all the chappis in one go..Progress of the story is interesting..Just curious to knw what has landed Gulaal in this delimma and what is exactly their plan..Do continue..Big smile

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nice chapter. updt soon 

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hey ayushi Big smile very nice update, loved how the story is progressing n how the friendship is building betweek gulaal n kesar, but this mystery... who is gulaal? who is vasant? n whats their plan actually? y r they... or should i say y is vasant after kesar n what does he want to find out through making gulaal his pawn Shocked looking forward to the future chapters now, update soon Big smile

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